Monday, April 17, 2006

U make me sick...

Can't wait to get out from this f***ing place. This job i'm doing is totally not cool, and i'm totally not in the mood to work on Monday and ppl bother me already early on Monday's morning..shite!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I miss Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang

While waiting for Sinned to fetch me today, i search for my beloved high school in the net. So, i found some kind of statistics (to be proud of of the best school in Sarawak) and i found some bloggers are from the same school as me. They are both my super senior (graduated in the 80's) and my junior (graduated in the new millenium i guess). When we used to study there, we hate the school so much, actually not because of the school itself but due to the fact that the rules are non-sense and ridiculous. Moreover, i'm staying in the hostel. Gosh..i'm smiling while writing about this. The memories are so sweet. Last August i went again to the school with my two great friends aka ex-schoolmate also. Every corner of the school reminds us of something. We went like "sitok kita selalu lepak dolok...", "aik..kenak aku rasa dewan perhimpunan tok dah kecik?", "eh..dah ada bas sekolah dah kolej nek tok"..and i still can find my own mural painting at the do we call the dewan with the a/cond again??...ala..lupa lah. So, i painted a red fish with a pouty lips..oh my...i wanna go back to school again.

Well, the school had produced lots of politicians, engineers, doctors, teachers, accountants and etc. I'm none of the above.Well, i thought of becoming the last one, but i can't find myself as a good accountant. I don't wanna do it for the sake of the name but for job satisfaction. i just can't find it in there. Thank you KTDTHJ (such a long name for a school?) for the education, the hostel food..hey talking about hostel food. I stayed in:
Merak: '93 - '95
Camar ( front of Nuri):'96
Nuri: '96-'97
As far as i can remember we had 'karipap' for breakfast and chicken curry for lunch on Friday. Why can i only remembered this day's menu?Cos, i was hostel prefect and i need to 'serve' the female students for their meals..we may not have the tastiest food back then, but i am always thankful for it and always thought that it was damn good!!except the 'ikan selipar goreng'lah. i dunno what was that fish called but it was so damn liat!!and one more thing, thank you to Pakcik Jet Bodek (the hostel cook when we were in F1-F2) and Pakcik Maun (the school guard). Gosh..i can just write a book on this school. And one more thing, my school was blessed with a wonderful scenery. It was on a cliff and you can actually watch sunset from the was quite creepy in the evening though..

Sinned is here...gotta go


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