Saturday, October 07, 2006

The sweetest thing

Its been awhile since my last post. Work's too demanding, with travelling consumed most of my times of the day. Nobody to blame though, i asked for it! Nippon, aren't you gonna hire me? I wanna work in my hometown!!

Actually, it is late now. I suddenly feel so emotional about my study years. About those guys that i had crush on, or guys had crush on me. When i was in form 4 or 5, i had a guy bestfriend. There was this one day, he told me that someone in his circle of friend has a crush on me. It was nothing to me cos he knows that i am seeing another guy, my junior hehehhhh...Then, one day he confessed that he wants me more than just a friend and he gave me an A3 sized card (handmade). I was so angry cos it thot we are doing great as friend, i ran out of the classroom with him trying to explain and begging me to forgive me for telling the truth. But, it was so sweet (a bit dumb alsolah) of him that the next day he didn't show up at school. Teachers asking me his whereabouts which at that time i didn't give a damn (still very pissed off)..until about 2 days after that he came to school and attend our inter-class debate to see me. i was the MC. i was sitting in front of the classroom and i can see him standing at the back of the room, just stared at me. i pretended not to see him until he actually took a red marker and started to draw a broken heart shape on his white t-shirt. Omigosh...malu betul i at that time. And, he shaved off his hair nak tunjuk frustlah kut..come to think about it..kinda sweet tho..anyway, things doesn't went so well between us after that

And another one, this is the really the sweetest thing a guy has ever done to me...i had always like "watching" him during our pre-U years. Quite fair but i had never really talk to him. Just simple 'hi's when we bumped into each other. During our final exam, he was sitting behind me (few seats to the left).it was a 2hrs paper. after 2 hrs all of us rushed out from the exam hall. Then, i heard someone called my name. Just imagine how butterflies are flying in my stomach when i saw it was him!!He gave me a piece of paper, asked me to open it when i'm in my room. I was so flattered when i openned the paper and actually he drawed my picture.


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