Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm tired...

Mom called last Wednesday and informed that the priest won't be able to do the wedding blessing on our planned date. I wasn't prepared for that. Luckily, it is still few months away, and we have got Plan A to fall back to. Meaning, teh church blessing will only be done somewhere next year, March. Wedding is really a big thing, and i have a hard time to do it all by myself. And to make it harder, i'm not anyway near Kuching to get the church and hotel bookings. That's mean i have to travel quite often. *Sigh*..

Yesterday, my boss told me, "what am i to do without you?" heheheh...i'm that important meh? And she was saying it in front of another colleague. And this another colleague asked "you're leaving? you are just getting married mah? y have to resign?" So what? Some people just don't understand, do they?

Well, i'm just tired. I have not have the whole weekend for myself for 2 weeks already...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

When you're gone

"How i miss you when you are gone..i cried to bed every night and woke up in tears. I mixed you favourite drinks in your favourite cup thinking you might be thirsty. i hid your guitar, thinking that might help to keep you off my mind for at least a second. I'm so incomplete without you. Been wondering what you have been up to at the other end of the earth."

My other half went off to Bahrain for his new employment. It was just yesterday, we bid farewell at KLIA. Since the family was around, i was quite cool and tried hard not to cry. I saw another lady was sobbing while resting her head on her man shoulder. Well, i told myself, i wont want to be looked like that.

Being apart from him is not easy for me. I'm all by myself, from settling our bills to checking the car..cukup air ke tak..tayar ni nak kena isi angin ke tak..u know stuffs girls wont do if boys are around.

Today i went to church alone. Maybe Lord God will give me strength for me to carry on for at least half a year more. I did feel relaxed and more calm after that. At least the priest tells some joke. And i managed to sing my favourite hymn.

My future FIL forwarded me his sms early this morning and i also received his reply to his sms. My future FIL is so good in words that i touched my heart and again i cried. Ni bukan cry main2 tau...really sobbing. Went to Tesco after that, met my Banting friend, alamak forgot her name. oh yah..its Niza. Then, future MIL lak call to ask if i'm ok. Big bro, Arthur was so worried about me staying alone and remind me to let him know if anything's wrong. Thanked God for all these lovely families. Mom was worried for me since the first day i told her about him going away. And she is even worried when i told her that i might be following him after the wedding. Mom, i'll be in good hands.

My employers knew about my intention to follow him. Told them that i will be going for sure. So, get ready *wink*..mcm lah aku ni penting sgt dkt kompeni tu kan. maybe ptg gak kut, cos i'll be leaving ngam2 hujung tahun. saper nak buat year end closing, saper nak adjust next year budget..ha tu, new chart of accounts tu, tgklah aku sempat siapkan tak sebelum aku pegi..ahaha...tak tahu. Well, people if you are reading this, i need to have my life back...about you guys queries whether i can work there or not, thanks if your concern is really on my working prospect. But if it is not, well i know what i'm doing and even if i dont let it be cos i have been doing funny decisions since forever...muahxhxhxh!!


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