Sunday, August 19, 2007

My motherly instincts

Oh...i'm so in love with babies..lately i've been noticing my motherly instinct is so strong that i smiled at babies. This morning, while attending mass in my parish church i can't concentrate cos i was smiling at baby A, then waving at baby B and while the priest was giving his sermant?..surmonn?...shoot..oh yah..his sermon, i was admiring another baby for being a good boy rest quietly in his mother's arm. that moment i was blown away in adoration.

Then, while window shopping for Faz baby's gift in Baby Gap in Midvalley..i was so crazy about all of them but sad to say mahal sgt. But this friend of mine wanted a Baby GAP nyer prezzie for her baby.

And, yesterday, while waiting at the traffic light i remembered i was waving at a baby in the other car. Thats how bad my motherly instinct lately until later today i saw a pregnant mother with swollen feet and she looked so tired. And that swollen feet stopped me from thinking of babies for a moment and i thought maybe not so soon :) but in a split second my motherly instinct says "how can i resist that cute little hands clasping mine"...oh so heavenly

But the way, our dearly friend Yan has just delivered a baby girl named Nurhumaira Auni on 4-Aug. She told me the feeling of being a mother is so unbelievable and no words could ever describe that...see..i need to keep up!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

London bridge is falling down...

What i had done last few days:

- reach home from work not earlier than 9.30 every day
- only got the receipt from MP for my wedding reception deposit payment (after like 3 weeks..., lets just hope my guests don't have to wait for that long for their food)
- spent the weekend at Yett's crib in Subang and we managed to main masak2 with Mary the gojes..
- print sticker for the wedding favors and sticked them on all of the wedding favors already yay!

alamak, LOST dah start...i'll be 'lost' if i miss watching the show. chiao...and yah i demamlah today :(. good timing huh? its friday tomorrow...wasting my weekends.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Today, i was home early... err.. partly because i choose to go home early and i feel sick to my stomach staying in the office for too long. I'm wearing specs now as a result of staring at the monitor for too long (i didn't say i was doing my work, did i...maybe i was just staring!), let just not making it worst.

What happened to me today? What's with the crap? See, i'm in the middle of preparing the company's budget. And i have lots of files, excel files of course stored in our shared folder. And, me being so over-competent completed my tasks for 3 days in just a day and today decided to complete another task. So, task 1 was left untouched until i finished my task 2 around 4.45pm. Then at 5pm, i was happily opening the folder looking for my task 1 folder just to run the figures to update it should my colleagues amend anything. cari punya cari punya cari..i couldn't find it!!Crap!!So, i asked my colleagues if any of them has relocated my files..and to my super suprise my manager told me "i remembered i remove a file"...what a super fat CRAP!!!yup, u got it right..he REMOVED as in DELETED my file!!!and what was annoying me was when he tried to question me whether i really had completed it...and..and..he blamed me for not telling him about the file.WTMF!!!mcm ini punya org pun ada ka?!I replied "yeah right!!why didnt u asked me before you remove a file in the shared folder?". Its a damn SHARED folder and not yours-alone folder!!He promised to get IT to recover the file for me..all i can tell him was "yes..u better be!" while packing my handbag at 5.45pm!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Maybe i'm too excited...

Well, i've been planning to have a reunion party for my batchmate of class '97. Maybe i was too excited about it or maybe it is kind of last minute notice. I've booked a venue that can fits 110 people and as at now less than 10 confirmed their attendance, ok...those people are included yours truly.How pathetic is that!!lol!!Not to mention, those people are my close friends which i normally see every year..REUNION lah sgt..

Maybe some of them are just busy with works (ermm..i guess i lg busy kot!), or maybe busy with their kids...i don't know. But, i really want to make this reunion thingy happen. I've got all the venue and menu ready but i'll be a dead meat if there's nobody!Then, i'll might just have a poolside hen's party (lg pathetic!!)

Anyways, it is difficult to contact ur long lost schoolmates...but, thanks to Friendster. I somehow managed to track at least 92.15% of them...(dun question how i came about that ratio..i'm so into numbers lately!!). But, how to make the party really happen ar?

Monday, August 06, 2007


I was away to Melaka last weekend for our company trip. The trip was awesome. And our room was super awesome!!!we were so lucky that we were given the club level rooms. here are some photos of our room.

i had no idea why was i sitting like that!

both me and my roomate dare not to step on this!!the truth is still in there..hahaha.

And so happen that Melaka was the host for Youth cup. We sempat saw AC Milan team and MU sampai the hotel masa we all dah on the way balik. tp, tak kenal anyone pun. The youth cup is under 19, tp they looked like they are in their mid leng chai sumore. and my colleague was aking me to go and take photo with them and all i said was "aiyo..i malu lah!!" hahaha...apahal?!

(ni yang paling sporting..)

And, i sempat main table tennis at the hotel sports centre. pastu pg steam bath...nice........

I won, this for my lucky draw..

I'll post more photo later. i'm so sleephyy now...nitey nite..

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hectic..hectic day...

Fuh...finally Wednesday's over. But, the budget is not done yet..not too soon. WTVlah...but the most important moment of the day was when i said "bullS**T!" to my boss for giving me a "they-themself-dunno-if-they-need-it" task. I think my blood pressure is now as high as the ceiling. really...not good aye..

And for the first time in history i feel like i don't have a cell phone cos it doesn't ring for the whole day, not even an sms was in!!even Den didn't disturb me today..tq ppl, i promise you this won't be long.

I'm having headache looking for photographer now. i want to have a pre-wedding photoshoot...a super natural one.i don't want any thick make-up and with the graphic background. I'm exhausted doing this planning alone and at the same time working my a** off at the office.I'm tired..too tired...zzzzzZZzzz. oopss...chiao!!

P/S: Blueswormys:thx for the invitation but i'm off to view the ballroom that weekend. Gi pekena mi kolok jap!!


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