Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I wanted to blog about baby Adam from home but the internet connection seemed to be cam %@$#! My bro, Valen just got a baby boy, Adam V.J Baya on 25/09/07 weighed 3.16kg. I can't wait to see him. My bro was so excited cos finally he got a boy after his two girls.

And Adam shared his birthday with baby Gordon, my friends Estia's and George's 2nd son.

Cam tak bestlah pulak blog from office..mental tersekat. :P

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blue is boring...

I'm feeling blue right now...wait...former PM masuk spital lg? ok, i was blogging while my back facing the telly. D**n boringlah this sunday, actually every sunday also like that lah...cos, tomorrow is monday and i hate monday. who likes monday anyway, rite? I found myself making plans for weekends as early as friday the week before. how pathethic? i must admit that i've been lonesome and therefore been bothering the gals in Subang to tag along with me to the bridal studios to usha the pre-wedding photoshoot, next week to teman me to trim and re-color my hair..well, Yett is truly a best friend.

Yesterday, we went to 4 bridal studios in SS2 and typical me whom cant take things easily, had a bad migraine since lunchtime. i really cant help it but i need to get the quotation for the pre-wedding photoshoot for submission to my "Finance Minister". See, if you can afford a wedding planner, it is advisable to have one. The headache from the wedding planning is so unbearable. Can't wait to get it over with..and enjoy the desert rose life. Doesn't matter how life will change after that..

Btw, i have resigned from my job so as to have a full-time wedding planning. Semata2 u said? no, i have to be with my Finance Minister as in be by his side, physically... after the wedding. It was such a hard decision to make as i would love to stay and develop my career and i can see that something big is about to come by next year...but, i need to sacrifice my career. takpelahkan...

oklah, nak mandi

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kuching trip...'s been awhile..mcm ni lah if semangat hangat2 taik ayam nak berblogging. The truth is i'm always home late. By the time i reached home, i'm so lembik oredi, tak kuasalah nak update blog pulak kan :)

Yeah, about my Kuching trip. I was supposed to fly on 6/9/07 at expected "everyone-can-fly-airline" delayed the flight to 9.45pm. Kinda relieved that it delayed cos i was working that day. Jadinyer, takyah nak rushing from office. After leaving my car as my MIL place, she hantar me to KL Sentral..naik bas jerlah. After checked-in and stuff, masuklah departure hall and board plane at 9.45pm. The flite to Kuching takes about 1hr45mins. After flying for about 1hr, the pilot pun announcelah (i thot nak announce..u know the normal announcement...wheather bla..bla...ketinggian..yadda..yadda..). But h*ll no! He was announcing that we are having technical problem!!!and..and...we have to turn back to KL...betulla tu TURNED BACK!!i was cursing like nobody's business. When we reached LCCT at around 12.30am, they asked us wait at the departure the chair yg i sit while waiting to board the plane td still panas jer. Tunggu..punya..tunggu, suddenly "...our plane are rescheduled to fly 7am next morning"!!MEMANGKAN!!!Dorang pun servelah nasik lemak yg almost 1hr we waited for...dahlah tak sedap!ke, sbb i was so marah...they arranged accomodation for us lah, sib baik. So by 1am, bus pun dtg hantar us to Nilai Hotel (some kind of budget hotel lah kat Nilai tu...)

Reached the hotel by 2am. Checked-in, i got my own room. Habis mandi etc..ingat nak tido tp tetiba cam scary pulak. Now i remember, i have never spent a night alone in a hotel room!!tp, i was too tired i dozed off gak, until at 4.30am the reception call informing that the bus will arrive at 5 to fetch us to airport. Then, pastu naiklah flite kol 7am, sampailah di Kuching dgn jayanya. sampai2 jer pg salon cuci rambut...sajer!pastu g makan mee kolok then meet up with the hotel for the reception arrangement and later church pulak. penat, that night mmg i pengsan..

To emphasize on how "reliable' the airline flite to KL was delayed jugak!tp, Kuching airport efficient sikitlah..they "ampu" us with KFC!!!

My room at Nilai Hotel

The bride-to-be doing her work!

The cake-like ballroom

My babe, Audrey shopping at Pasar Satok (best!!)

Mmg rezekilah pulak, my fren Fazrina gave birth to Nur Qaseh Qyra while i was there!!

Can't wait for my version of Mark Hamilton or Arlene Faith, ahahhah...

The beauty of orang ulu chicks..phewwit!

dahlah...nak mandi..

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Yeah, merdeka celebration. was kind of boring. me and the girls stayed at home, watching tv, sipping carlsberg and watching tv again and sipping carlsberg again...hahahah. then, we managed to catch the fireworks from the Rave party in Sunway from the porch. sipi2 jerlah...i've not been updating my blog since every weekend or should i say almost everyday i'll be spending my time lepaking at my friend's place in Subang. I missed the time where we used to share an apartment. sempit2 pun takpe janji happy. Now that i have the whole apartment for myself, life's feel so dull! Mind you, they have Dato' Mustafa Maarof as their neighbour.

Wedding preparation...yeah still cracking my head with it. Going to Kuching this thursday to check on the reception venue and church. Got my make-up artist already. Then, planned to visit Vogue studio in SS2 for the pre-wedding photoshoot the week after that. I'll either fet my wedding dress tailor-made or get it from the studio itself. But, the dress that is offered in the package is normally cam 'bagus'. if i were to tailor-made then after the wedding what am i supposed to do with it. maybe i can just sell it back to the tailor eh..oklah, dah sakit kepala lah thinking about this wedding thingy..


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