Saturday, October 11, 2008

Latest update on the baby

i just came back from my 30weeks+ routine check up from Dr Teo. ok, he is really fast. like FAST fast. still baby is too shy to open up the legs. so, still can't confirm the gender. but, the head is already down there, yay!!anyway, we don't mind about the gender as long as everything is fine, that's more than enough.

dear baby, mommy can't wait to meet u!!!i'm so head over heels with you already :P

Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm back!!

well, i have safely reached miri on the 25th. been doing nothing. only visiting high school friends during raya. other than that, i just stayed at home. babysit my nephews and nieces (yes, with the 'S'). i always thought that i like kids but when they are out of control, i get stressed out. but, what do you expect of kids, no matter how much you scream at them, they just dont understand and keep repeating the same irrirating wails and cries. and today, one of the boys accidently knocked his head (hardly) on my growing tummy. luckily, kena tepi jer. but still the pressure was there. i was praying hard that nothing goes wrong. i told MyLO that mommy is so sorry for being so careless.

i'm in my 29weeks+ right now. the baby is doing great, i can feel the 'sharp' feeling of either from the ankle or elbow. sometimes it could be quite hard that i have to rub my tummy. guess it is getting less spacious down there by now. hopefully in 10 weeks time we'll meet MyLO.

remember about one of my sister in law who is a nurse. so, i went for my routine check up on the 29th. i went out with her at 7.30am and planned to call my cousin to fetch me back later. little that i know i'll be waiting for almost quarter a day. my other sister in law told me to just go to a private clinic where she normally did hers. but, i said 'no harm trying'. duhh...that would be my 1st and last visit. my back ached from sitting for too long. at now, i'm typing standing up. my back is killing me. till then..

Friday, September 19, 2008

Till we meet again...

Today would be my last day online. i will be starting my 'nesting' in a place where internet is not available. wish me all the best for the princess arrival in December. i shall go online from time to time when i have the opportunity to do.

So, wishing all the muslims Selamat Hari Raya in advance!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Shower

So, the shower on last saturday, 13.09.08 went on smoothly. thanks to all the lovely aunties that made their effort to come, especially Iena, Ninie, Pu3 and family and Mimi cos they were fasting.

and thanks for all the gifts...really really appreciate that! i had swollen ankle that day, actually it started the night before because on friday, me n Iena went to Mid Valley to get her wedding present (i know, sgt2lah overdue). before that i was at Perodua Service Center in PJ for 3 friggin hours waiting for them to service my car until Iena came to rescue. otherwise, i'll be 'mati kering' like she described it.

anyhoos, we did had fun during the baby shower didn't we? let's see whose next in line?

Why didn't i think of THAT?

I was chatting online with my 2nd brother this morning as i told him about my plan upon my arrival in Miri airport. see, i have 2 big bags with me (hopefully not overweight), of which 0.5/2 is my stuff and the rest are the baby's. and i have to carry my laptop along. there are laptops at home but everyone will be needing theirs to do their works.

so, back to the story. i told Julian that i have informed my cousin, Brenda to help me to lift the bags from the conveyor at Miri airport, since she is working at the airport. then he said, either that or he can try to ask permission to enter the arrival hall or BETTER still get the MAB ground staff to assist me. then it strucked me that "ya lah kan, how come i didn't think if that?".

normally upon touch down of the plane, the flight attendance will announce something like "If you need special assistance upon arrival, please contact our ground staff". and i think i'm eligible for that with my condition. then, he (my bro) added "if u want to sit on a wheelchair also they'll let you"...hahaha.

Gosh, come to think of it. Is my brain starting to rot already since i have not being productive in thinking of solutions ever since i quit working? NOOOO LAH just slipped of my mind.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today, me and MyLO went to the ramadhan bazaar at the stadium. Nothing much actually. The same foods but at a slightly higher price. MyLO had:

- cendol
- nasi kerabu
- popia basah
- otak2

MyLO seronok sangat makan cendol, kuat giler turning.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Home finally

I'm finally home but DTB left to Bahrain yesterday. so, it is just me and MyLO. so far, we have started our makan2 spree. with laksa sarawak on the very first day we reached KL from Chiang Mai. Done with Yong Tau Fu, sushi, mamak fried rice, nasi goreng USA etc.

overall, we r doing fine. MyLO is getting actively kicking n turning and is able to response after noise. especially mommy's and daddy's voice!!!but since yesterday night i have to tell MyLO that daddy is not around anymore...sob..sob..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Shower

Suprisingly some people do not have any idea what baby shower is all about. i don't want to say much. go google...hehe. mine is gonna be hosted by my close friend at her place in Subang.

too much of my regrets that i have no choice but to have it done during Ramadhan. and due to that, some of my muslims friends might not be able to make it. well, i have to be back to my hometown end of sept which is still Ramadhan. so, like i've said...i have no choice. therefore, the shower will only be an afternoon tea party. only finger foods and drinks.

but again, talking about RSVP.. again *sigh*...

Monday, August 25, 2008


1. i'm still down with my bad flu as at today. running nose n sore throat :(

2. dlm demam2 semlm tu pun, suddenly i had the craving for 'kuih ketayap'. suprised that i now know how to cook kuih pulak kan? i'm suprised too. mcm tu la kalau duduk far from ur homeland and being pregnant. terpaksalah belajar buat sendiri. merengek dkt hubby pun tak guna. ye lah, mana nak carik?

actually i did snap the kuih photo but apa tah masalah blogspot ni, takleh nak upload photo lak.

3. almost done with the packing.

4. i cried tak hengat when reading this well known wedding photographer blog, Saiful Nang about his newborn princess, Orked. can't imagine my own in this coming December. and i have this habit of crying uncontrollably when it comes to babies. tears of joy.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Mmg bolehkan...!!??? lagi 4 hari aku nak fly balik KL, aku demam. ni mesti pasal gi berpanas jalan2 dkt souq last night...haihh...pagi ni bangun jer nak sakit tekak. sekarang ni dah tersumbat hidung.

caner aku nak gi jln2 kat chiangmai? caner aku nak makan durian? huauaaa...dahlah abang aku dah belikan tempoyak. takkan nak 'bertentang mata' je dgn tempoyak tu? pastu penat2 gi chiangmai, dok lam bilik je ke?

wish me well peeps!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Aku takut...

hari ni nak blog dlm bahasa melayu lah.

saper tengok 'Kekasihku Seru'. haa...walaupun aku jauh di perantauan, aku masih layan drama2 tempatan ni. selepas kepala aku ter'pening' sikit dengan drama 'Ezora' yang semakin menkonfiuskan tu, malam tadi baru aku terhegeh2 nak tengok 'Kekasihku Seru'...

bestlah citer tu. seriau kan? ke aku jer yg berperasaan mcm tu. sbb aku mmg terkenal dgn ke'chicken'an aku, haha.

*aceli tadi pagi2 aku dah taip banyak sangat. citer pasal aku ter'scary'kan diri aku sendiri masa buat laundry dkt bawah n goreng nasik pepagi. tp internet sialan ni terdisconnected, sampai tu je la yg masuk draft. pendek kata, aku takutlah tgk citer tu*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She has no choice but to love SAPE'

I know it is too soon to plan or DREAM about how i want my daughter to grow up. but one thing for sure, we want her to love music. not so much of spending her weekends booty shaking in the club or what not. more to instrumentals and the like.

DTB has planning to bring her to his gig. but i don't like the idea of the smokes. talking about my baby's health. it may look cute but NO!

i would love to see my kids to be able to play SAPE' (don't know? go google!). and to be able to perform the orang ulu dance ('ngalai') and speak the language. i hope that the famous Sape' player who was performing during our reception in Bau (DTB kampong) last March is available to teach them. i want them to know if not become experts in their cultural arts. i know how to 'ngalai' but not playing sape' because sape' is normally played by man. but, it would be cool to see a rose among the thorns...i thought so.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Let Me Go Home

*image courtesy of*

10 more days to go!!!can't wait...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just As Lovely

My apologies if i ever bored anyone with my entries about my pregnancy. But, whose blog is it anyway? the way, this affair will only lasts for 9 months or so. every single friends who is already a mother told me to enjoy my pregnancy as when the little angel is born, you'll definitely miss the being-pregnant moment.

At her 21weeks in mommy's womb (oh yeah, we are expecting a girl, as the doctor sees it la..), she is really an active baby. when we went for our check up and did the ultrasound to see her gender, she was moving around. just as the doctor wanted to explain to us on her body parts, she'll wiggle. and, during the 3D scan, she was doing her hands exercises, sucking her tumb and cover her face. this time, i didn't cry because i was too amazed and felt funny at the same time.

we are now be able to 'watch' her show from the outside. DTB doesn't feel left alone already. we'll just watch the tummy goes ups and downs, sometimes it goes like a wave. Just As Lovely i must say. my least favourite moment is when she is getting too naughty and kicks my pubic bone. rasa nak terkencing je tau...being as big as a big banana and weigh around 10oz, it really makes me wonder how strong a baby could be from the movements. see from this ultrasound copy, the parameter just can't fit her full body anymore :).

and we started to picture how she'll look like. there are moments of "i want her eyes to be like yours, hair like mine etc...". but no matter what, most of all, just like any other parents we want her to be a healthy baby.

as for me, i'm feeling great. still trying to learn to sleep on my side. my stuffy nose does bothers me a lot. it gets dry. the weather of course does not help much. i can't wait to be back home and smell the rain :P

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Super Lazy Bum

I have to confess that i have abandoned this blog. No updates kan? alah, tp i know only 1 person who is a loyal reader and i see her online frequently also, so i guess that's fine kan babe?

i'm in that super lazy mode again. maybe i am too excited that we are going home in 2 weeks time. i thought so but when i packed the baby luggage last night, malas jugak! i didn't even bother to unpack the stuff out from the box to add more space. sampaila luggage tu ngam2 jer nak tutup. then, DTB asked me:

"where are you gonna put ur shoes, handbags, souvenirs lagi?"

being a lazy bum, i told him "why don't you try arrange the stuff?". and he did. throw all the boxes. dismantle the breast pump and put the baby bottles in the steriliser and then had the baby clothes or blanket as a shock absorber (takutlah pecah kan..). tadaaa...reduced by half the original size. and i haven't start to pack our clothes yet.

and the shower invitation is ready. tu pun dgn terbaring2 nak buat sbb malas..again. and DTB kena finish it up.

oklah dah start malas mode balik..till then. nantilah i send the invitation through e-mail yah..

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Of 28th birthday

well, this year's birthday is the 1st birthday as a wife. not much different tho, :). celebration? just a simple one since i'm that kind of person that doesn't want a 'gempak2' one. DTB brought us to Chilis. i had this:

Rib Eye Steak

he had this Grilled Salmon. takpe Hon, nanti we balik KL we have your sashimi k. sian nak sgt makan salmon.

and i got these..

tq love...btw, masa dpt dress tu, i was like:

Me: besarlah..(cos normally i wear 'S' and this one is 'M')
DTB: u try 1st
after putting it on,
Me: eh, just nice.
DTB: see, u r getting 'bigger'.

same goes to my steak. the serving was mcm biasalah huge kan.
Me: u wanna some?
DTB: tak
Me: nanti i cant finish
Me: sayangnya sikit jer lg my steak
*chomp...chomp...*'s gone!

after dinner, we went to Marks n Spencer (dkt2 situ jer), to window shop for MyLO stuff tp mcm biasa mak MyLO ni yang over. i saw MNG was on sale. DTB pun sporting gila nak belek2 the sale shelves cos i can't reach the top level. end up, got myself 1 sweater n a cardigan.

To those who remembered and cared, thanks for your wishes and thoughts (e-mails, sms'es', facebook, friendster etc.). love u all to bits!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Of kicks and vivid dreams and baking

oh what a long entry title. it's been a while since my last entry i noticed. i'm doing fine with the pregnancy and stuff.

well, Pu3...MyLO started to kicks or more like, i started to feel the baby kicks on Tuesday this week (22/07), right after lunch. it was surreal!!! mine was stronger than just the "blops" or "popcorn popping feeling" or "goldfish bubbles" etc. it felt like some kinda gentle push from the inside. and sometimes it goes stronger that i sendiri kadang2 terkejut. i noticed the pattern yesterday evening. MyLO will be actively kicking when there are noises around. the noises from the tv, the noises the kids made while i watch DTB played futsal and even when me and DTB was chit chatting (oh yeah, we can go that loud :) ). and...and after every lunch or dinner. DTB said the baby could be 'disturbed' thus feel uneasy with the 'food processor' inside, doing the grinding. well, i don't have any idea why. the first time it happened, i was like:

Me: gosh, i think the baby just kicks
DTB: mana? mana? (and straight away put his palm on my tummy)
Me: ok, it's gone
DTB muka frust. Pu3, you are right, they are jealous. and yesterday morning, he 'claimed' he can feel the kick when putting his palm on my tummy while i was still asleep. when i feel that the baby kicks 'furiosly' i'll just take a walk around the house cos i read somewhere in the net, when you walk, the baby will somehow lulled to sleep from the sways. i think it's true, cos after that the kicks stop.

it's really good that pregnant women read a lots of pregnancy related articles. i, on the other hand will read the weekly pregnancy development just to make sure i'm on the right track. by now, i'm learning to sleep on my left hand side (which is supposedly a simple thing to do but trust me, it's friggin hard to adjust when i'm so used to sleep either on my back of on my right hand side).

talking about sleep, it's a little bit 'tiring' when i woke up cos i'll normally will have vivid dreams. last two nights, it was about me and groups of friends being chased by an ugly scary witch who tried to grab us in a cramped space with me in front. then, yesterday night i dreamed about me in a village with a friend and it turned out that red eyed zombies are going after us. and last night, it was about my teeth are falling off. ALL OF THEM!!! as i gargle, my teeth will just fall one by one!!! as what i read, this vivid dreams are normal and there's no point thinking what do they mean.

i just noticed that i baked 3 times last week. vanilla muffins and 2 types of kek lapis sarawak (kek asam manis [which i replaced the asam manis with mixed fruit jam] and kek mata kucing [without the mata kucing and horlicks replaced with ovaltine]). rasa puas hati sangat after each bake and DTB requested to pack some for his tea time in the office.

ok, i think that's about it. and btw, we still don't know the baby's gender, not until next saturday check up. until then, have a fantastic weekends ahead everyone!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

To MyLO with love

Dear baby,

as the ticker on top of mommy's blog stated, you are 16weeks today. Mommy is too curious as to when will mommy feels your kicks. mommy's tummy is not that 'so bulgy' too and that too worries mommy. as compared to Aunty Loo's and Mummy Jess tummies, mommy's the smallest. mommy is worried that you don't have sufficient food hence you don't really grow. but, mommy's obstetrician said you are doing quite well. your weight, heartbeats, size and overall.

Mak Wie just told mommy that you are not gonna be the only xmas baby this year. Mummy Jess is also expecting and due few days after mine. so, you are gonna have a cousin of your age and if we are lucky enough we can have the same birthday for both of you. mommy hope and pray that you'll stay healthy in there and just to let you know, daddy has booked our tickets home. soon you'll taste the 'real' malaysian food and we'll grow together.

till then, give mommy some gentle (not too strong) kicks when you are ready. Mommy and Daddy will see you again on 2.Aug. and please don't be too shy and hide away. we don't want you to end up wearing that pink ballerina romper that mommy has been eyeing on if you are a boy, do we :)?

Loves, hugs and kisses,

Sunday, July 06, 2008

A hot sunny weekend in LPOD

Last friday, which was a weekend here in middle east, we went to The Lost Paradise of Dilmun in Al Areen. Quite a journey, say about 30mins from home. dah tu signboard tak byk. but one thing dkt sini, mmg susah nak sesat...yah..S.U.S.A.H. sebab, your surrounding adalah flat land of padang pasir. so, dari jauh lg dah nampak and jalan dia lurus jer. pasal tu kot tak byk signboard.

So after buat some cekodok for breakfast, off we went with our friends, a couple from Chennai, India. Mr&Mrs Manoj (Meera). The rates:

Entrance fee: BD13
Towel rent: BD2
Locker rent: BD2 (deposit: BD3)
Food: BD6 (for 2)

*nak convert: 1BD = RM10 (+-)

being the largest water themed park in the middle east, The Lost Paradise of Dilmun has lots to offer. but, being 4mths preggy, i can only enjoy the beach and the float ride. tu pun masa swimming dkt beach kena jaga2 sbb mamat2 arab tu mcm tak pernah jumpa air. siap ngan somersault dkt2 ngan org. tah how many times the lifeguard had to warn them. DTB was having fun with the slides etc. and he was worried that i was not having enough fun. he keep on saying "i wanna have the slide ride with you". but how la...maybe next time with MyLO.

the weather was friggin hot and dry. when the wind blows it feels like you are standing right in front of a kitchen blower or like you are standing next to the roti naan stove. so, once in a while i went to have a shower. they placed shower points at every stations. by noon, i was feeling too heaty and too tired. padahal tak buat apa2 pun. we went back home at 6pm and by then, i can feel my face was burning inside but suprisingly tak sunburnt. thanks to the sunblocks.

finally some photos..more photos in ur picasa album:

At entrance with Meera

The Dilmun Beach

The float for the slide ride

The relaxing float ride - Qasar Enki

The slide for kids (Mesopomania). but the adults yang went crazy because when the 'big bucket' is fulled with water it will spilled. The adults includes Moi and DTB, twice :P

Jgn marah, even the tukang sapu pakai Crocs ok! original! semua pekerja kat sini pakai Crocs.

That is not my watch. It is the plastic watch-like entrance tag which you can load value in to pay for your towel rent, locker rent and even to pay for your food.

muka gembira sebab dah nak pegi lunch

pokok kurma yang tumbuh melata pastu tgh berbuah lebat. tgh musim kurma n it is almost ramadhan.

Moi tgh penat n kepanasan. n notice my cute 4mths belly. kecik je lg...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


First we'll talk about physical changes. at my 15 wks+, i'm 45kg+. so the 'extras' go to:

- B's

- tummy (kinda bulgy already n i love it!!maybe 10% baby+uterus n the rest is mmg buncit, but i'm pregnant n who cares rite?)

- waistline (can't fit into my jeans anymore and maternity jeans is still far to huge to wear. so, that leaves me with my yoga pants)

- thigh (i remembered it was already there before but now, from 'it' to 'them'. i'm talking about the f*t)

no more pimples, acne attacks or what not anymore, no matter how many peanuts candy i had. the widening of the waistline, makes my skin stretch and itchy and dry. so, johnson's baby oil is my best companion. rubbed onto the skin frequently. plus, i heard it is good that you do that to counter stretch mark later.

emotionally, i have changed for the better too. i was to stress with the hormonal changes few weeks back. now, i'm loving every single moment. counting days to push that mini 'us' to the world. excitedly going into baby's department though i know, i can't buy much stuff yet. oh yah, one thing i noticed. i was watching 'Knocked Up' the other night, and i sobbed so badly when the part that Katherine Heigl delivered the baby. then, i read a friend's blog today, something on her labour n delivery experience...again i cried. well, i guess that's just my maternal instinct.

well, there are lots more i.e: sleeping position dah takleh nak suka2 hati cos the tummy requires some space too. till then...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

MyLO check up

We just came back from the regular check up. and am so glad that everything's fine. and the blood test was also fine, except for some need for hemoglobin. other than that i'm hepatitis '-'ve and immune from rubella. balanced sugar level n good blood pressure. i was worried that i need to be immunised today. hehehe...gosh those needles scare the h*ll out of me!

Baby's heartbeart, size n weight are fine. talking about weight, here some records so far on my weight:

6w+: 43.3kg
11w+: 44.5kg
14w+: 45.7kg

(mcm ader pattern kan? each check-up naik 1.2kg). Goodlah, DTB said. to which i replied "Hon, this is my weight in Bahrain with my so healthy balanced diet. nanti balik Malaysia, i don't know how". no ultrasound today. just listening to MyLO's heartbeat from the doppler. the next ultrasound will be in the next 5 weeks, and by then hopefully we will know baby's gender. either it's gonna be MyLOG(girl) or MyLOB(boy).

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Maybe Sorry Is The Hardest Word To Say

Maybe i was too emotional.

Maybe this hormonal changes make me a different person.

Maybe i'm expecting too much.

Maybe sometimes what work out for others does not work the same for us.

Maybe they are just lucky to have theirs.

Maybe i should not be here in the first place.

Maybe sorry is really the hardest for to say. At least for someone like you!!!

**P/s: don't ask me why is this post sounds so emo. i'm 'drying' my eyes at the moment and i can't think straight. i just wanna be somewhere else.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Danish The Menace

I was on gtalk, chatting with my 2nd elder brother, Julian last night. normal stuff siblings talk about. he updated me on his kids progress. especially on Farish who is gonna turn 2 this tuesday. Farish knows how to ride a bike already and his is physically 'huge' that he doesn't look like he's just 2 years old.

we ended the chat around 2.30am Malaysia time cos he needs to sleep, obviously. suddenly i feel like i'm missing my nieces and nephews. i have 6 of them from 2 brothers (Valen - bro1: Anazthacia Daphne Dau [5], Allycianna Suting [2], Adam Vaynerson Jau [9mths] and Julian - bro2: Mohd Danish [4+], Nur Allysa [3+], Mohd Farish [1+]). But this entry will be about that naughty bubbly Mohd Danish or Dennis or Nanish (by Farish).

See, these kids talk in Malay and they call most of their uncles and aunts as PakX and MakY. I'm being called 'Ubok' as in 'Girl' in my native language. So, my character will be Mak Bok (don't laugh!! *_*)


Danish: Mak Bok, mana uncle 'saye'?
Me: Uncle 'saye'?
My mom: Uncle Dennis lah, Nis.


We were in my hotel room in Miri.

Danish: Wow...bestlah KL ni!!
Everyone in the room were laughing out loud. one, for the fact that we are actually in Miri still and two Danish has never been to KL yet!!


Danish: Papa, lepas ni Danish nak pegi KFC lah.
Papa: Tak payahlah, Farish kan masih kecil
Danish: Ok
Then, announced to the whole house;
Danish: Papa saye kata, nanti kalau Farish sudah besar baru kami pegi bercuti di SingaPUYA!! (as in Singapura)
I was laughing like nobody's business on this one!


Danish: Danish nak beli kereta sport lah.. (this boy has obsession with sport cars)
Me: Danish ada duit tak nak beli?
Danish: Ada. Papa Danish banyak duit, sepuluh ribu (all fingers up)
Me: Bagilah Mak Bok sikit. Mak Bok kan takda duit
Danish: Ok, Danish bagi Mak Bok dua ribu (3 FINGERS UP!!)


Kids are just cute and how i wish they stay bubbly as they are. But, they'll grow up in no time. I'm gonna miss them asking me to just go to the atm and get some money when i tell them i have no money to buy them bicycles. They think that the bank will give you the money, all you need to do is ask!!! don't you think they are cute?

Danish is the one with yellow stripy shirt. with him are his sister, Lyssa and brother, Farish.

One thing that i miss so much

We, that was moi and DTB was talking about how fast our lives is changing within the first half of this year of rat. I was telling him "i'm still not done browsing thru our wedding photos. and, in between that, my mind flopped to that little bunny in the belly". And notice that few months back i was putting a poll on the sidebar on the honeymoon destination, now that has gone? on hold, that is. but MyLO, don't get mommy wrong. you're so very much longed for.

Some of my friends were telling me that i am lucky to be able to enjoy full time housewife thingy. well, i tell you what? I NEVER ENJOYED IT AT ALL!!i miss my corporate suit. i miss dressing up for work in the morning. i miss Vision Excel. i miss corporate lunch or friday evening margarita along Jalan Sultan Ismail. i miss my monorail ride from Tun Sambanthan to Bukit Nanas and sometimes stop at Bukit Bintang or Imbi. i miss being 'kay poh chee' with the secretaries. i miss preparing those reports for management meetings. to sum it up, i miss my working life. i can't wait to be back in action, which only God knows when.

To quit my job was the most difficult decision to make since i have been working ever since i graduated. well, when you get married and have to leave the country to accompany your other half, i guess the decision is not yours alone to make. i told DTB that since i'll be going back for MyLO's arrival, i suggest i'll just stay in KL and get back to my career life. and dang!! how about that little MyLO? Mommy's working, Daddy's abroad. Ahhh...i guess it no more about what i want now, its what works the best for the family. we'll see if DTB agrees to move back to work in Malaysia, then we'll decide.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The One With The 28th Birthday

Happy birthday to dear DTB on 21 June. No special celebration though. Just a lunch treat by yours truly at Wang Thai (a Thai restaurant) then cake cutting with the 'family'.

The cake - i 'baked' it from Al-Jazira pastry

The Birthday Card - first bday card with the 'indicator' aka My Husband :P

Thursday, June 12, 2008

So not cool!

This entry might be a little bit disgusting. But, always think that this blog serves as my diary as well. especially during my pregnancy.

It all started yesterday's evening. i had the urge to pass 'big water' - translate to malay -. first round (ha...mmg ber'round2') i spent almost 1hr and a half just to find that i was actually constipating. that was the 'hardest' push i've ever had i my life so far. yet, no success. "ok,takpe" i told myself. later then.

then, 2nd round. after about 15mins and after i went to the kitchen downstairs to get some milk and coco crunch. in case it helps. i was so frustrated that the outcome was no different from the 1st round. being a catholic, i am used to put that sign of cross when i'm in trouble. i did that too this time!!! and this time it was getting worst that i actually sobbed in the toilet. all i have in my mind was my mom. i was sobbing so badly that DTB panicked when i entered the room. sakit montot ok!!i told him that i'm not ok. and mcm biasa, i was told to go to bed and think of something else. which i did after tossing and turning for almost 1/2 an hr.

until this morning at 3am. i had the 'call' again. not giving up are we? it was so uncomfortable that all i want to do was to get 'it' out of my a*s3!!fuh, this time siap berpeluh sejuk. that i took of my shirt and yes, i went topless in the 'fight'. but no, it was not sexy after all. and this time, i was so in pain that i had the strength to flush it out. again, i did make the sign of cross again. pardon me, Lord. barulah bowel rasa lega sikit tp montot sangat sakit sekarang ni. and i'm trying to get back to sleep. it's friggin 3.52am here.

Something about constipation during pregnancy that i managed to browsed thru before after the 1st round:

*courtesy of

Constipation occurs when there is abdominal pain or discomfort, difficult and infrequent bowel movements, and the passage of hard stools. Unfortunately, constipation affects approximately half of all women at some point during their pregnancy.

What causes constipation during pregnancy?

In general, worry, anxiety, minimal physical exercise, and a low-fiber diet may cause constipation. Constipation in pregnant women is thought to occur due to hormones that relax the intestinal muscle and by the pressure of the expanding uterus on the intestines. Relaxation of the intestinal muscle causes food and waste to move slower through your system.

Sometimes iron tablets may contribute to constipation. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water if you are taking iron supplements. You may need to switch to a different type of iron tablet, but it is important to talk to your health care provider first.

How can I prevent or treat constipation during pregnancy?

Prevention and treatment of constipation involve much of the same thing. Here are a few things that you can do to help prevent constipation from occurring or treat it if you are already experiencing it:

* Eat a high fiber diet: Ideally, you will consume 25 to 30 grams per day of dietary fiber from fruits, vegetables, breakfast cereals, whole grain breads, prunes and bran.

* Drink a lot of fluids: Drinking plenty of fluids is important, particularly with your increase of fiber. Drink 10 to 12 cups of fluids each day. It is the combination of a high fiber diet and lots of liquid that best help you eliminate your waste. Sweat, hot/humid climates, and exercise may increase your need for additional fluids.

* Exercise routinely: If you are inactive, you have a greater chance of constipation. Walking, swimming and other moderate exercises help the intestines work by stimulating your bowels. Schedule exercise three times a week for 20-30 minutes each.

* Over-the-counter remedies: There are over-the-counter products such as Metamucil (Catergory B) which may help soften your bowel movements and reduce constipation. Always speak to your health care provider before using over-the-counter medications.

* Reduce or eliminate iron supplements: Iron supplements may contribute to constipation. Good nutrition can often meet your iron needs during pregnancy. Taking smaller doses of iron throught the day rather than taking it all at once can reduce constipation. Talk to your health care provider about checking your iron levels and recommendations to manage iron intake during pregnancy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Craving vs Horror stories

Last night had a long chat with DTB. dunno how we came to the horror stories happened in his kampung, somewhere in Bau district, Kuching.

While DTB tgh2 syok citer pasal hantu, Moi boleh kan, dok fikirkan pasal sayur2 kampung that she had during her last visit to Kuching. dok fikirkan my bro's father in law who is also from the same kampung nyer fish pond which 'housed' lotsa ikan keli.

end up moi can't sleep sbb teringatkan makanan kampung.

Moi: Hon, i can't sleepla. teringat aunty nyer 'daun bandung' (pucuk ubi in Bidayuh)
DTB: ya la, what can i do. tido jerlah. apa kata u fikir pasal hantu


Friday, June 06, 2008

Malaysiaku Gemilang!!!

Malaysia make it big in radio Bahrain today. On?

~ certainly not on the MPs issues
~ also not on the issue of 'sexy' girl school uniform
~ not after the Batu Puteh issue with Singapore



Bravo!! Guess we are staying here longer since the fuel price is so much cheaper than Coke!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Magical MyLO

We went to the 2nd medical check up today. This time with Dr Dhaliwal herself. She asked me about the vomitting etc. I'm actually not that sure how the obstetricians aged my MyLO. As Dr Dhaliwal put it, i'm in my 11wks+. a week ahead than i thought i was. the most exciting part of the visit was of course the ultrasound. say hi to MyLO...

Both me and DTB went "wow..the baby has grown. so very different from the last time we saw 'her'". which was like 18 days ago.

The feeling was so magical and still is. I cried again watching MyLO moved her hand and listening to her heartbeat. Then, Dr Dhaliwal told her nurse to hand her an 'investigation' form. INVESTIGATION?? i was so nervous. nak investigate apa pulak ni kan? until i saw, Rubella...i went "Hon, i kena buat blood sampling ni. die lah..". terus teringat dkt cerita Iena. The last time i kena amik darah was i think 5 years back.

While the lab lady took my blood, i dare not looking at the syringe. sakit gak sikit, tp gagahkan hati jugak. ye lah, kata nak beranak nak cucuk sikit pun tak tahan. DTB became my monitor. He went "smoothlah your blood flow..". 1 poke and that was it.

On our way back, adalah orang tu kan..

DTB: wow..our baby is so big oredi kan? terharu tengok. when i saw she moved, rasa lain sangat (read: pedih ulu hati sebab control hensem taknak nangis kut,hahaha)
Moi: itulah. me too. so magical.
DTB: i takut u nangis jer td. nampak mcm nak nangis.
Moi: i mmg dah nangis pun.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Maternal Affair - Soya Bean Is Good For Baby's Skin

Yesterday evening, since DTB needs to go to the bank, i decided to tag along. he always knew that whenever i decided to actually step out of the house in the hot desert heat, i only have one thing in mind. Shopping.

While he went inside the bank, i chose to stay in the car with the a/c on and take a short nap. then, after he's done with whatever that was needed to be done, i suggested we go to the chinese store (my 1st time). btw, the store is just 6 mths old and the aunty is from China. i immediately took the shopping basket as if i knew what to buy. it is a small, 'cute', little store with a typical china woman aunty with her permed hair up, white sleeveless and knee length short. matched with her yellow rubber slipper. "ni how" she greeted us. me, being a 'jakun' in the shop, 'browsing' everything right from the fridge near the entrance to the shelf on the right. then from upper side of the left shelf to the lower side of the another shelf in front. too elaborative eh...ok cut the crap. that was at one corner i saw packets of all sorts of beans. and teng...teng..teng...there was "SOYA BEANS". i grabbed a pack at first until DTB saw a soya bean drink powder with calcium. and i put the soya bean pack back on the shelf. I wasn't sure how to make a drink out of the bean. But i'll get it tomorrow since Gwen taught me how to. Arigato, Gwen san. So, last nite MyLO had his/her first soya bean drink.

See how mommy never giving up for you MyLO. mommy pray that you never give up on mommy too. just hold on tight until you are ready to meet mommy and daddy. alamak, apsal ending emo ni?..tsk..tsk.


* off topic

~ after the chinese shop, we went to WoolWorths again. i wanted to get the maternity skirt. i managed to get one with a yoga pant too. i dunno la, whenever i plan to buy 1 item, i'll end up buying either none or more than 1. ok, back to the skirt again. at the counter:

cashier: this is a maternity skirt. ok no? (they always have this 'no' as in "ok ke?")
* while staring at moi's so-far-still-flat tummy*

me: that's fine.

~ btw, Pu3 size 8 just fits me nicely. itu sekarang 10wks +. hahaha..ada hati kita nak pakai size 6.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Maternal Affair - C-Sect vs Vaginal

I was IM'ing' with one of my high school darling, Gwen, two days back. talked about her wedding preps etc. then, about my pregnancy. until, she asked me how i plan to deliver the baby.

Moi: i wanna go normal. as normal as possible. no epidural etc.
Her: i'll go for c-sect
Moi: y? scared of the tear?
Her: Ouch!!!
Moi: i think should be fine. my mom delivered 6. ok jak.
Her: my aunt, 14.
Moi: hahaha...

I really wanna go normal. unless 'otherwise'la (those we don't speak of). none of the mothers in the family went for c-sect before. except for aunt Julie for her late and final pregnancy. and i remembered how my mom react when my 1st sis-in-law, Kak Jess walked comfortably immediately after delivery. she went "has this lady beranak ke belum?". she knew every single tips on delivery cos she's a nurse. she is my 'walking bible'.so did Kak Anna, my 2nd sis-in-law. both of them delivered 3 cute babies thru vaginal birth. and they never attend any kind of classes for that. lucky them.

another good friend, Faz lagik terer. she had her contraction around 1.30am and delivered baby Qaseh an hour later with a single push. and how she described it..?? "PLOP!!the baby was out!".

i hope that i'll be as lucky as the ladies and as strong as my mom when the time comes.

Other maternal issues:

* There's no soya beans drink in Bahrain. I was told it is good for baby's skin. later k MyLO. mommy get u as many as mommy can when we get back in Msia. but for now, mommy is not giving up, well..not yet, to look around.

* mommy and daddy can't wait to 'see' you this weekend.

* mommy and daddy think you are a boy.

* if MyLO is a girl, we have not decided on her christening@1st name yet.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Maternal Affair - Maternity Wear

My mother sms'ed' me yesterday asking if i'm doing alright etc. i said i'm fine except for the sickness. "don't wear tight pants" she said. that is in order not to squeeze your tummy hence can help reduce nauseous. My problem now is that, i'm running out of loose trousers. i brought my tight skinny jeans which i hate to wear now. the tight becomes super tight due to the "extension" both from front and back.

Anyhoos...after our lunch at Wang Thai (a thai restaurant - will post photos on this one later), and after shopped for some groceries at a thai supermarket, we went to Woolsworth in Al-Jazira Supermarket. well, to just check if they do sell some nice loose pants. true enough, they did! a maternity pants sumore! with size 6 sumore sumore (double sumore!). and there were gorgeous long skirt, patio dress (thanked god for this petite body..i can wear it as my maternity dress..huhu), maternity short pants.

then, i saw a gorgeous wedges. comes in 3 colors (pink, green and yellow). i went tak tentu hala cos banyaknya benda nak beli. until, DTB asked..."nanti when u dah 'gemok' can pakai high heels ar?". "ermm...betul jugak kan, nanti i sakit belakang pulak" i replied. tp, kalau dah nak tu..."but nvm, i buy it now for future use. u know after the baby dah keluar"., end up tak beli pon.

i don't intend to buy a real maternity clothings for myself. i'll go for an oversize t-shirts. so far, i bought some tops from Forever21 which is a little bit large to wear at the moment. but, they will be this 5'2 mommy's maternity wear.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kesian baby...

I'm in agony. Susah betul la sekarang ni. i keep on craving for the sarawak local foods which is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get. i start to imagining MyLO nanti keluar2 jer, meleleh air liur. Poor my little MyLO. DTB even advised me to go home sooner. Rasa nak nangis pon ader. So emo lah today...homesick, cravings. Ok, i did something stupid which make me feel lagi sakit. i actually 'googled' the image of those foods that i craved for. Kesian tak? huauauuaahuaa...nak letak gambar2 tu kat sini pon mcm menyeksa batinku sahaja.

Antara makanan yang kalau korang makan, harus tau...ingat dekat ibu mengandung sorang ni:

~ midin (ni org sarawak sure tau punya!)
~ pucuk ubi tumbuk (sarawak mari juga)
~ laksa sarawak
~ mi kolok
~ siao bee (non-halal - also from sarawak)
~ pucuk manis masak lemak
~ kueh chap (ini adalah bukan sejenis kuIh, tp non-halal-sarawak local food gak)
~ nasi kerabu (ngan apa kenama yg cili sumbat tu, daging bakar etc..)

ok dah, tak larat dahlah nak menelan air liur nih. byk lg nak list, tp takpelah. buat sakit jiwa saja, ramlee!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Una rápida, si?

A quick one:

~ I'm still having the morning sickness terribly (sorry not in the good shape to update and chat on IM)

~ thanks Honey for the 'success' to find the chinese shop that sells asam.

~ it is hot and dusty here

~ i don't care, i'm gonna buy that pricey dragon fruit (pittaya) one of these days.

Chiao...need to get ready for the 'regular visit' to the loo. i hate being sick!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Him: Where've you been? (after he came back from office)
Her: The loo
Him: You ok?
Her: I muntah againlah, dear
Him: Baby...*while rubbing her tummy*, don't be naughty and torture mommy like that again will you?
Her: *sigh*, i feel so weak. seems like i'm having my morning sickness in the PM and not in the AM. Just when i started to tell everyone i was fine and no morning sickness at all, it came.
Him: You wanna eat anything?
Her: I guess i want some bananas, apples and milk
Him: Ok, will get them before i go to play futsal.
Her: Room delivery please, *wink*?
Him: Orite!
Her: And please check the laundry if it is done...TQ

About half and hour later...

Him: Here's your banana and...
Her: Fruit juice? I thought i said i want milk?
Him: Really? I forgot.

** I'm having morning sickness in the PM now. Can't really eat proper dinner so i'll just take bananas and milk. Dompy just don't do wonders anymore.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Next time...listen first!

DTB bought himself an Ipod Touch yesterday. No wonderla he:

1. asked this recently easily-getting-tired MTB to sit on a bench while he went inside Geant to look for a wrapping paper. Just a short while sweetie, he said.

2. came out from Geant with a 2m wrapping paper and an extra Geant plastic bag

3. made MTB almost fainted waiting on the bench for him to look for that 2m wrapping paper (plain color sumore..)

I was not bothered to ask what was in the plastic bag until he himself told me. "i bought an Ipod Touch"..and my response "ahhh...i see. and why am i not suprised cos i waited for so long!".

Back home, as i was wrapping his colleague's birthday present, he said "for my birthday.." and i cut half way through "i won't wrap it cos u know what will you get anyway". until he continued "no, i wanted to say. for my birthday, you don't have to give me anything. you've give me a great gift this whole year with MyLO". Dang!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thanks to My Little One (MyLO)

I'm close to 30 now and honestly i have failed my attempts to cook rice without using the rice cooker. whenever i tried and succeed it would be because of my mom who will be there in the kitchen to monitor. and i admired my mom for her cooking skills. when she's awake at 3am in the morning and can't get back to sleep, she'll bake. all you know, there'll be a sponge cake or fruit cake with tea for breakfast.

and yours truly has not inherited mommy's cooking skills. N.O.N.E. now that i'm away from home country, and am pregnant and having a very 'patriotik tekak' (selera malaysia jer), i have no choice but to learn how to cook malaysian food. that's one thing i miss about being home, the food. the nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, chee cheong fun, keropok lekor etc..sabar je lah.

last few weeks, moi was unable to cook due to the hormonal changes. Daddy-To-Be (DTB - formerly known as Mr Husband) was 'ordered' to have his lunch outside. Thanks to DTB kind understanding. Until, one day DTB said outside food sangat tak sedap and moi pulak can't cook. So, after like almost a week, moi start to cook again cos MyLO feels like eating malaysian food. Another thanks to DOMPY (short for DOMPERIDONE - prescribed by doctor to counter nausea).

These are moi's menus for the past few days:

Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice)

DTB feedbacks:
- chicken's great! (yay!)
- soup is tasteless (*slurp* and a-ah la...i lupa letak garam ke?)
- ur rice lembikla (ha!!!yg ni i mmg dah agak dah)

Nasi Lemak

DTB feedback:
- i makan sikit only, kenyang lagi

moi's feedback:
- MyLO loves it so much!
- almost perfect except teh sambal is manis instead of pedas (so co-incidence doc tak bg makan pedas, so oklah kan..)

Thanks MyLO for making mommy wanted to eat macam2. so now mommy's learning.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I'm wishing all mothers and mother-to-be(s) in the world a happy mother's day.

And thanks to the wishes that this mummy-to-be received today.

MyLO first bib from Mothercare.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The P in the NUT (Part 1)

Warning: This is gonna be a long grandmother story entry.

Okay, maybe it is too soon but the feeling of having a baby inside you is so how shud describe it. I'm now at my almost 7weeks pregnant. I'll change the ticker date. dunno how they calculate vs the doc calculation. well, it doesn't matter as long as my little one (MyLO) is healthy.

I had the symptoms of a being pregnant since the last 3 weeks but i ignored them. Talked to Mr Husband (MH) about it but he said "i think you nak period ni". ok, maybe. i was 1 week late then. but that was normal for me as i tend to have irregular period. then, delayed for another week, and then the nausea came along. this time MH thought maybe i slept too much and didn't do anything much around the house. ok, maybe. then, came the vomitting after every meal and i can't stand the cooking smell. after every meal, i have a sourish taste (i'm not sure if this shud be described as 'metallic' taste)in my mouth then the food just refused to go in. so, my instinct strongly suggest that i shud do the home pregnancy test. i wanted to do the test while MH is around so that he can check the result because i'll sure frust giler if the result is negative :).

we went to a pharmacy nearby. bought a digital clearblue test kit. the reason why i bought a digital one were:

1. it comes in a pack of two for BD6.2 whilst the manual one are being sold at BD3.2 for 1 and i need 2 of those

2. the result is displayed in words which is so 'cool' - pardon me on this one

Early on 1st May morning, dgn muka mengantuknya i went to do the test. 1st stick i peed on the stick. the monitor showed an hourglass indicating it is in process. but after a short while it showed a 'book' (ERROR! ~ book: refer to manual). Demmit! wasted jer. so, i read the manual. it says: maybe too little or too much urine applied. but how little is too little and how much is too much? well, speaking about the CONS of digital devicelah kan.

well, nvm i thought. i'll do another one. but only can be done in the afternoon cos i was OUT OF URINE! hahaha. by this time, friends send text sms already asking for the result. of which the funniest one was iena's:

" I WANT RESULT! I WANT RESULT!I WANT RESULT! *sambil membawa sepanduk* ~ what makes this text sms even funnier was i read the sepanduk as SENDUK! saya masih mengantuk ma!

the 2nd test i decided dip the stick in a urine container. and after about few minutes, MH went to check on the result. and it stated there "PREGNANT". i was screaming with joy. MH too (minus the screaming!). so, bermulalah sesi menghabiskan kredit hp utk menghantar sms kepada rakan taulan and sahabat handai. since the next day was friday we decided to visit a gynae on saturday.

i was assigned to Dr. Chettana under Dr. Dhaliwal Clinic in Ibn Al Nafees Hospital. baiknya doc tu. she was suprised when i told her that we were just married last march. she said "wow, seems like you've hit a jackpot". she asked some questions while i asked MANY questions in return. so did MH. and we did the ultrasound and heard the baby's heartbeat for the 1st time. The feeling? Lovely, that i can't help my tears to pour down my cheeks.

At 6wks4days old; 7.3mm long; expected due date: 23Dec08
* the baby is the one measured and not the white thing that popped out (yolk sac) and the black one (my uterus ~ i guessla lol!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

When You're Gone

I was asleep when i received the sms from Sandra this morning.

"Mak ku dah xda kul 3.30am"
(translated: My mum passed away at 3.30am)

Right after reading the text, i was stunned. To make sure that i'm fully awake and get the message right. I read it again and again. Then, i felt so sad and sorry for her and the family. Her mum has been battling with the cancer since the year 2003/4 if i'm not mistaken. The aunt-in-law passed away on Mr Husband's convocation day, of the same sickness.

I could never imagine losing someone so dear. I cried like nobody's business for not speaking with my best friend before.

Aunty Evelyn was such a lovely mother. A patience, loving mother. She was there during my engagement party. In fact, i really want her to come for my wedding too. But, she was too ill to make it. Sand herself was supposed to be one of the bridesmaid but her mum was admitted to the hospital for lungs failure few days before my wedding. That very morning, when it happened, she sms'ed' me saying that she's looking forward to be my bridesmaid and she was so happy until that afternoon when her mum had breathing difficulties. However, on the wedding day, Sand took a bus from her hometown to Kuching just to attend the dinner reception. That was after asking her mum if it is ok for her to go and have to leave her for a day. The mum said ok. Ok, i barely cleary see what i'm typing now cos i'm crying. I'm feeling so helpless to not be able to be there.

To Sand and family, our deepest condolence. Our prayers are always be with you. May her soul rests in peace. You have been a great daughter to your mum and i'm sure she is so proud to ever have a daughter like you.

The late aunty is the on far right...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Be Kind...

1. Were you smiling when you woke up
this morning?
~ i wasn't.

2. When was the last time you met
someone new?
~ last weekend

3. When did you last eat pizza?
~ ha...the burnt pizza i had at my friend's place in March

4. Do you drink beer?
~ yes, i do socially

5. Do you wash your own clothes?
~ yes

6. Are you any good at poker?
~ don't talk about good. i don't even know how to play.

7. What do you want more than anything?
~ a happy family

8. Are you tired?
~ tired of doing nothing

9. Besides your bed, what is your
favorite thing in your room?
~ my Crabtree Eau de Rose lotion (i'm running out of it...nearest Crabtree is in Dubai!)

10. Pepsi or Coke?
~ Coke

11. Would you ever take someone back
if they cheated on you?
~ nah. i believe in this ole saying "what comes around, goes around"

12. Do you enjoy piercings and tattoos?
~ kind of

13. Taco Bell or McDonald's?
~ i haven't seen any Taco Bell here yet so that makes it McD

14. Are you restless?
~ i'm not

15. Is your computer desktop or a
~ laptop

16. How many friendster views do you
~ the last i saw was 375

17. Want to be a prince/princess?
~ no thanks. life would be much difficult then.

18. Do you believe dreams come true?
~ as long as it is achievable. practically, yes.

19. Last song you heard?
~ that lemon tree song

20. Do you like Batman?
~ nope

21. Who is in the room with you?
~ My husband. He's asleep.

22. what r u wearin on ur foot?
~ my baby blue bedroom slipper

23. What was the last thing you ate?
~ rice with ginger beef and long beans (i cooked them!)

24. What were you doing before this?
~ posting an entry below

25. What is the closest item near you
that is blue?
~ my bedroom slipper

26. In your opinion what is the
weirdest thing listed on
~ never been there and don't bother to go there

27. What instant messaging service do
you use?
~ msn

28. what is ur fav website?
~ frienster

29. Whose house were you at last night?
~ my house

30. What do you wear more, jeans or
~ jeans

31. What is the last movie you watched?
~ beautiful girls

32. What do you currently hear right
~ the sound of a tractor at the construction site nearby

33. When did you last buy a new pair
of pants?
~ a yoga pants in early March this year

34. Where's your favorite place to be?
~ several places but i think best is home

34. Have you ever heard of the band
Our Lady Peace?
~ yes

35. Where do you sleep?
~ on a bed in my bedroom

36. Where do you shop the most?
~ basically anywhere that sell things

37. Where did you get the shirt you're
~ Suband Parade, FOS

38. Coach Purse or NFL game tickets?
~ Coach Purse

39. Where was your default pic taken?
~ Sarawak Club, Hornbill restaurant during my wedding luncheon

40. Why did you pick your background?
~ i didn't. the photographer did.

41. Are you happy with where you are?
~ yes

42. Do you believe love at first sight
~ no, i don't cos you'll tend to fall for the wrong ones

43. Do you believe in celebrating
~ not really

44. Do you believe that you can change
~ no, i mean you are not suppose to

45. What are you going to do after you
do this survey?
~ jalan2, more like shopping. Yay!

My Most Eligible Husband

Of Eligible Bachelor 2008

I was blog hopping at when Mr Husband joined me to check on the CLEO 2008 Most Eligible Bachelor lists. Ok, apart from Kenny Sia being the blogger we know, there's Adam Lobo from Dragon Red (a local band).

Then, Mr Husband commented on how the bachelors are not that eligible (well, most of them). He said the most eligible bachelor must be a d*mn successful (read: a CEO/ president of a well known organisation etc) handsome looking bloke and of course a bachelorlah. Well, that used to be the case...

Then, he agreed on Ebi Kornelis has the popular votes. I was quiet when he said "see, his face (Ebi's) is so symmetrical. it is perfect. people say if you have symmetrical face you are beautiful".

Moi: oh yeah? well my face is not symmetrical. (pls work on the equation yourself yah). Even my smile is a bit 'senget'.

Mr Husband: No darling, your face is more like a prism *jokingly*

Moi: WTF!!! *honestly it is funny but i don't really get it*

And, when Kenny said something about the bachelor has a gorgeous muscular body. I told Mr Husband that i don't find that as sexy or appealing at all.

Mr Husband: Y? too much of muscles is it? I thought girls like that.

Moi: Maybe they do, but i don't.

Mr Husband: But it boosts the guy's confident. you know, u can belasah people.

Moi: yeah, true. i like guy yg can belasah people. at least you feel protected. but i scared he also belasah me.

Mr Husband: ya lah, when you have that kinda muscles, it works both ways sometimes.


Of Snoring

Snoring. My daddy snores so do my uncles and my brothers and now latest addition, Mr Husband. I don't snore. And i have sensitive ears that i can't sleep with snores noise. I can't be so sure on the scientific reason of snoring. I told Mr Husband about it and he felt sorry for me that he's disturbing my sleep.

Mr Husband: Anytime i snore you just move me orite.

Moi: but i don't wanna wake u up. kesian u..

Mr Husband: but, i kesian u too, can't sleep. ok, let me try sleeping by breathing through my mouth and not my nose. Maybe that will help.

Moi: ok

After 2 minutes, sound at all. but i think he was not that asleep that he is aware and can control his breathing
4 minutes
4 minutes and 2 seconds...KROHHHH!!KROHHH!!

Ok, that's it. I give up. I gotta call Mum and ask for tips. She's been keeping up with daddy's snores for almost 38 years now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm loving it...

Another one...hehehe.

1 Are you in a complicated love
♥ Not anymore

2 Do you hate more than 3 people?
♥ maybe hated by more than 3 but hate no one

3 The last thing you drank?
♥ plain water

4 how many pairs of shoes/sandals do
you own?
♥ honestly, i lost count

5 Favorite genre of music?
♥ no particular one

6 Do you like beer?
♥ socially

7 Is anyone in love with you?
♥ he better be, :D

8 Pepsi or sprite?
♥ pepsi

9 Are you too forgiving?
♥ yeah, too much

10 Do you like flowers?
♥ like so much!

11 What did you do last night?
♥ watched grey's anatomy,

12 Nick names?
♥ Baby, Kay, Ubok

13 If you had a super power, what
would it be?
♥ to be able to get whatever i want by just thinking about it

14 Are you thinking about somebody
right now?
♥ err..i think so

15 Ever called somebody Boo?
♥ nope

16 Are you happy with your life right
♥ i am

17 Do you like your eyes?
♥ thank God i have eyes

18 Does anyone like you?
♥ maybe

19 Last thing you read?
♥ Falling for You by Jill Mansell

20 Are you afraid of the dark?
♥ if i'm alone

21 Can you cook?
♥ sure yeah..

22 Relationship or one night stands?
♥ relationship

23 When was the last time you said "i
love you"?
♥ last night before going to bed

I'm just having fun

~ absolutely NO

~ still in my PJ

~ selected ones, YES. But not anyone

~ no, i have many things

~ maybe just 1 or 2

~ we'll see how we cope up with the first one first. Maybe 4

~ yes

~ no thanks

~ dinner and waited for a friend for a live show (i didn't say i watched but WAITED and just WAITED)

~ 11am (i had a bad dream so...)

~ groceries shopping

~ nope

~ boarding a plane home

~ 17/03/08, tsk...tsk..its been a while, i know

~ be more optimistic and spend less

18. IF YOU HAD 250,000 DOLLARS... WHAT
~ oh my. give some to my parents and siblings. then, pay off my debts, get something expensive for Mr Husband, buy a flight ticket home, save, vacation

~ as a housewife? 4 mths

~ who the heck is Tom?

~ not gonna tell u :P

~ kuaci @ sunflower seeds

~ July for my birthday

~ also July because i'm a year older

~ let see, i can't quite remember. oh, Mr Husband's t-shirt

~ some stranger just texted me and asked "which Carol is this?". WTF (Watch The Fist lah)!!

~ friendster, gmail, this blog

~ Tiq

~ Dun wanna even talked about it

~ if i die, then who would take a bullet for Mr Husband?

~ anything fruity (not coffee)

~ nope. soon i hope

~ i never hate someone so much, not till the day he died

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We were lucky...yay!

As i was mentioning in my previous post, if we are lucky enough we'll make it to the trip to Al Dar island on Saturday. So, Mr Husband set the time to move out from the house at 9am. No later, must wake up early. Ok, i set my hp alarm clock to 8am initially then i thought i won't take that much time to get ready, maybe 8.30 will do. Then, this morning after snoozing the alarm clock for 4-5 times, i finally woke up at 9.15am. Mr Husband was awake and on his lappy trying to look for the direction to the jetty. Thanks to google earth. Then, i had this Gulfair website opened since last night on the review of the island. Somehow, Mr Husband noticed that the first 'island taxi' is moving at 10am and he found out that the jetty is just few minutes drive from home. He told me to get back to sleep and we'll move out at 11.30am.

The jetty is located at somewhere in Sitra. It is called Sitra Fishermen Port, right before Al Bander Resort. A very good signage i must say. The 'island taxi' fare is BD5 (lebih kurang RM40 camtu lah) for a to and fro ride. To be purchased from the Al Dar Islands office. Oh yah, do bring your valid ID along for the coast guard registration. The coast guard office is quite a walk, berpeluh lah jugak tgh2 hari buta tu. But, the best thing about Bahrain is that it is breezy. Cold wind. Korang mesti ingat panas giler kan kat sini...Walaupun panas terik tp angin dia sejuk. Jadi, bilakah masanya aku berpeluh...? tu perumpamaan jer nak tunjukkan betapa jauh gaklah nak menapak.

After the registration at the coast guard office, we waited for the boat. Not a long wait actually. It took us around 10 minutes to reach the island. Mr Husband went to 'check in' at the registration counter on the island, we changed our clothes and had our lunch at a bar there. Maybe i'll just let the photos do the talking since i'm gonna write a boring long entry here. One thing for sure, we had a blast weekend. It feels like you are on a private island...well it is a private island by the way. Owned by a sheikh i heard. There will be Lunar Party (full moon) party held every month on the island. Next one will be on either 10th or 15th of May, that is what i heard. Not quite sure about it. But, keep yourself updated from the local newspaper or call Al Bandar Islands office directly.*p, i just continue writing. Ok, last one...make it a point to visit Al Dar Islands on your trip to Bahrain.

* Click at the image for larger view

The fishermen boats at the jetty / port

The 'taxi' is here...

Al Dar Islands, here we come

Us on the boat

He thot it was a fort, she thot it was a light house but actually it is the toilets

Welkam to the AL DAR i kenot help you?

Mr Husband 'checking in' and collect our towels. They are free of charge btw...

View of the island, it is a small private island

Hang on a sec, what do we call this thing in english already? How about in Malay? Pondok ke? So fail lah me...

Changing room...

An open space kitchen..

Aahhh...nice right.

I took this boy's photo while lying on the bench...cute eh, i mean the boy of course

Mr Husband snorkeling ('treasure' found: a pair of oakley and an earplug!)

Moi after 5 minutes swim...cold wind!

The upper shore is quite rocky and has a lots of sea shells. Kena pakai slipper

The rocks on the beach

Not sure what is that for..could be the beer bar for the party

Ready to go home?

Jet-ski are available for rent at BD25 for 1hr

Bubu nelayan Bahrain at the jetty

The port at night

MOI is so love beach and sun


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