Sunday, January 06, 2008

Of the late 2007....and early 2008

I hope i am not too late to wish everyone a blessed new year 2008. I had no blastful celebration as i was away from home. I was with my in-laws in Kuching as we have so many stuffs to be settled for the church wedding and reception. From the florist to the food tasting. Papa sms'ed' me in the eve of new year telling me that they missed family was having a new year's eve bbq. I could only see photos sent by my sist.

Yeah, lets do some recap of 2007...
First half of the year:

1. Den got a job overseas...the beginning of my 'handicapped' life
2. Busy with the wedding planning

2nd half:
1. Lawfully married on 28.12.2007
2. Still busy with the wedding planning

The year 2008 begins with me and Den still adjusting our lifestyle as a married couple. He would just joked around by saying something like "i want my dinner ready by the time i finish with my shower". And i am still trying to wake up earlier than my husband...not to make breakfast obviously..i mean not just yet. First step, wake up earlier than him. But, so far...i've FAILED!

Then, the whole family went too excited when Didau (my niece) went to kindy on 3.1.08. On her first school day, everyone woke up early and upon her return they asked her questions.

I actually have lots to blog about but i am just being lazy. Oh yeah...btw Den had placed an order for my wedding ring today..Yay!!the design that i always wanted.

I've been away...

I've been away, back to hometown to be exact. Now, i'm back to KL just to do my pre-wedding photoshoot. I'll try to write more tomorrow...ZZZzzZZZZzzz


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