Sunday, March 30, 2008

1st weekend in Manama

Yesterday moi and Mr husband went out for a walk on the beach (initial plan) until half way there, Mr Husband suddenly teringat about the crowd we saw the day before. And he asked if i'm interested to check it out. Me, being the curious-minded ah moi said "sure, y not! the beach can wait". So, off we went to the sure-heboh-alike festival. They were having this Yalla Bahrain!Toyota F1 Extreme Stunts kinda thing, with motor bikers, mountain bikers, skateboarders, grafitti artists, break dancing, BMXers, ATVs, capoeira and more. I was wearing my babt-T and a yoga pants thinking that i might be hot out there near the beach. I was wrong, totally!!Sejukla... from the sea cold breeze.

We had fun especially from the stage loud music. These DJs and MCs are all the way from the UK. And so cannot tahan with the bootie-shaking music, me and Mr Husband moved once in a while. It was so hilarious that the DJs once shouted "Hey ladies...make some noise". And all he got was this ________ o_O! C'mon, ladies don't make noise here, do they? I bet they wanted to...i told Mr Husband, i wanna make some noise to support the MCs but sekali i'm the only one yg cam giler there...dun wan lah. A Bahrainian might be whispering to his fellow Bahrainian "you think we should just bury that tiny Asian in the sand right now?!"Brrr...i'm imagining again.

After spending like 2 hours there, we went for our grocerries shopping, yet again. And this time, my mission was to find a malaysian oyster sauce. And i got Knorr's..yay! And thanked to my infrared eyes when it comes to shopping because i managed to find ikan bilis (i'm talking about ikan bilis here!!!not anchovies type of ikan...). Priced at 0.8+BD which costs us RM6+. D*mn expensive but Mr Husband gaves approval to buy after i gave him my best puss-in-the-boot-like look.

Oh yeah...we do shoot some photos but too lazy to upload it now. Well, it is not like i'm pretty occupied with something right now. I'm just lazy.Maybe later...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What i've done so far...

Some of my friends are worrying about me living here doing nothing. I'll just let the photos do the story mory ya...

Had mushroom supreme at JASMI's (triple orgasm...i tell you :O)

I wanted to take the photo of the guy with the stripe shirt behind for my friend. He's cute kan? Mr Husband sanggup jd poser..

That's Ashraff (the watchman) and Lateef (the cleaner) having their chicken briyani. He was making a joke saying "i don't think she can see us in the photo" cos it was kinda dark in the restaurant..hahaha. and these guys are from Karalla. We had this dinner at a restaurant called "Bangkok International". Nama jer Bangkok, it was all Indian operated. Right from the waiter to the cook.

And that was my Lamb Chop (reyesh). I was wondering what "reyesh" means. Ashraff told us it could meant "ribs". Now, let me google that...hold on a sec. Can't find it tho..But, i will never order this lamb chop ever again. It was so dry (gravyless). Tersekat gaklah my throat nak telan.

And in every restaurant you go, they will give u this thing after your meal. Its something to "cuci mulut". Ingredients: cummin with some spices, sugar etc. Can't really take it. It somehow smells like perfumed talc.

YEs...maggi curry. Had it yesterday. Basically, grocerries shopping here are quite fun. It is easy to find malaysian food. They have maggi (instant noodle, ketchup and chilli sauce etc) and knorr.

And please focus on the signboard of the restaurant. You should be able to see the name of the restaurant as "AL-TAHI restaurant". I was laughing like crazy. Mr Husband's colleague was asking me why. Told them, TAHI means "sh*t" in Malaysia. Then, they came with their side of story. Focus again on the signboard. Now, you should be able to see "APACHE". Manoj told me, "Apache" means "good sh*t in Tamil or was it Malayalam". The restaurant owner should have done an intensive research before get another name for his restaurant.

At least i have decorated the mirror on the dressing table with our wedding photos.

Moi chillin out watching MTV Arabia

Moi with sangap face after lazying around whole day...

Till then, take care...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finally Mrs Dennis...

I was supposed to blog about the wedding like a week ago but i was too tired after it was all over. Then, we were busy packing for our trip back to Bahrain. So, no honeymoon yet.

The wedding was truly awesome. Aside from not having a beach wedding, i can say my dream wedding was fulfilled. I've got my dream wedding dress and ring, things are properly organised. And yeah, i was on top of my world that day. I've got a good make-up artist. Marly and Har did a great job and so did the photographers. Love every single shot taken.

Everyone seems to enjoy the day. Right from the church wedding to the post-wedding party we had for our friends at VA. I really had fun and at the same time feeling sad for the end of the day is near and i have to say goodbye to my friends.

Me and Alicer on the night before the wedding

Last dinner as Miss MOI

Drinks after the bridesmaid meeting

Monday, March 24, 2008

I gotta unpack...

Today is gonna be my 3rd day here. And i still need to 'selongkar' for my undies from the luggage bag. Thanks to Mr Husband for unpacking my toiletteries and arranged them nicely on the dressing table. ok, really gotta go unpack now!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm feeling sick

Its been a while, i know. I even thought of just deleting this blog but i didn't. I'm far from home right now and still having a jet-lag. So, till i'm feeling sober a bit yah.


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