Thursday, July 31, 2008

Of 28th birthday

well, this year's birthday is the 1st birthday as a wife. not much different tho, :). celebration? just a simple one since i'm that kind of person that doesn't want a 'gempak2' one. DTB brought us to Chilis. i had this:

Rib Eye Steak

he had this Grilled Salmon. takpe Hon, nanti we balik KL we have your sashimi k. sian nak sgt makan salmon.

and i got these..

tq love...btw, masa dpt dress tu, i was like:

Me: besarlah..(cos normally i wear 'S' and this one is 'M')
DTB: u try 1st
after putting it on,
Me: eh, just nice.
DTB: see, u r getting 'bigger'.

same goes to my steak. the serving was mcm biasalah huge kan.
Me: u wanna some?
DTB: tak
Me: nanti i cant finish
Me: sayangnya sikit jer lg my steak
*chomp...chomp...*'s gone!

after dinner, we went to Marks n Spencer (dkt2 situ jer), to window shop for MyLO stuff tp mcm biasa mak MyLO ni yang over. i saw MNG was on sale. DTB pun sporting gila nak belek2 the sale shelves cos i can't reach the top level. end up, got myself 1 sweater n a cardigan.

To those who remembered and cared, thanks for your wishes and thoughts (e-mails, sms'es', facebook, friendster etc.). love u all to bits!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Of kicks and vivid dreams and baking

oh what a long entry title. it's been a while since my last entry i noticed. i'm doing fine with the pregnancy and stuff.

well, Pu3...MyLO started to kicks or more like, i started to feel the baby kicks on Tuesday this week (22/07), right after lunch. it was surreal!!! mine was stronger than just the "blops" or "popcorn popping feeling" or "goldfish bubbles" etc. it felt like some kinda gentle push from the inside. and sometimes it goes stronger that i sendiri kadang2 terkejut. i noticed the pattern yesterday evening. MyLO will be actively kicking when there are noises around. the noises from the tv, the noises the kids made while i watch DTB played futsal and even when me and DTB was chit chatting (oh yeah, we can go that loud :) ). and...and after every lunch or dinner. DTB said the baby could be 'disturbed' thus feel uneasy with the 'food processor' inside, doing the grinding. well, i don't have any idea why. the first time it happened, i was like:

Me: gosh, i think the baby just kicks
DTB: mana? mana? (and straight away put his palm on my tummy)
Me: ok, it's gone
DTB muka frust. Pu3, you are right, they are jealous. and yesterday morning, he 'claimed' he can feel the kick when putting his palm on my tummy while i was still asleep. when i feel that the baby kicks 'furiosly' i'll just take a walk around the house cos i read somewhere in the net, when you walk, the baby will somehow lulled to sleep from the sways. i think it's true, cos after that the kicks stop.

it's really good that pregnant women read a lots of pregnancy related articles. i, on the other hand will read the weekly pregnancy development just to make sure i'm on the right track. by now, i'm learning to sleep on my left hand side (which is supposedly a simple thing to do but trust me, it's friggin hard to adjust when i'm so used to sleep either on my back of on my right hand side).

talking about sleep, it's a little bit 'tiring' when i woke up cos i'll normally will have vivid dreams. last two nights, it was about me and groups of friends being chased by an ugly scary witch who tried to grab us in a cramped space with me in front. then, yesterday night i dreamed about me in a village with a friend and it turned out that red eyed zombies are going after us. and last night, it was about my teeth are falling off. ALL OF THEM!!! as i gargle, my teeth will just fall one by one!!! as what i read, this vivid dreams are normal and there's no point thinking what do they mean.

i just noticed that i baked 3 times last week. vanilla muffins and 2 types of kek lapis sarawak (kek asam manis [which i replaced the asam manis with mixed fruit jam] and kek mata kucing [without the mata kucing and horlicks replaced with ovaltine]). rasa puas hati sangat after each bake and DTB requested to pack some for his tea time in the office.

ok, i think that's about it. and btw, we still don't know the baby's gender, not until next saturday check up. until then, have a fantastic weekends ahead everyone!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

To MyLO with love

Dear baby,

as the ticker on top of mommy's blog stated, you are 16weeks today. Mommy is too curious as to when will mommy feels your kicks. mommy's tummy is not that 'so bulgy' too and that too worries mommy. as compared to Aunty Loo's and Mummy Jess tummies, mommy's the smallest. mommy is worried that you don't have sufficient food hence you don't really grow. but, mommy's obstetrician said you are doing quite well. your weight, heartbeats, size and overall.

Mak Wie just told mommy that you are not gonna be the only xmas baby this year. Mummy Jess is also expecting and due few days after mine. so, you are gonna have a cousin of your age and if we are lucky enough we can have the same birthday for both of you. mommy hope and pray that you'll stay healthy in there and just to let you know, daddy has booked our tickets home. soon you'll taste the 'real' malaysian food and we'll grow together.

till then, give mommy some gentle (not too strong) kicks when you are ready. Mommy and Daddy will see you again on 2.Aug. and please don't be too shy and hide away. we don't want you to end up wearing that pink ballerina romper that mommy has been eyeing on if you are a boy, do we :)?

Loves, hugs and kisses,

Sunday, July 06, 2008

A hot sunny weekend in LPOD

Last friday, which was a weekend here in middle east, we went to The Lost Paradise of Dilmun in Al Areen. Quite a journey, say about 30mins from home. dah tu signboard tak byk. but one thing dkt sini, mmg susah nak sesat...yah..S.U.S.A.H. sebab, your surrounding adalah flat land of padang pasir. so, dari jauh lg dah nampak and jalan dia lurus jer. pasal tu kot tak byk signboard.

So after buat some cekodok for breakfast, off we went with our friends, a couple from Chennai, India. Mr&Mrs Manoj (Meera). The rates:

Entrance fee: BD13
Towel rent: BD2
Locker rent: BD2 (deposit: BD3)
Food: BD6 (for 2)

*nak convert: 1BD = RM10 (+-)

being the largest water themed park in the middle east, The Lost Paradise of Dilmun has lots to offer. but, being 4mths preggy, i can only enjoy the beach and the float ride. tu pun masa swimming dkt beach kena jaga2 sbb mamat2 arab tu mcm tak pernah jumpa air. siap ngan somersault dkt2 ngan org. tah how many times the lifeguard had to warn them. DTB was having fun with the slides etc. and he was worried that i was not having enough fun. he keep on saying "i wanna have the slide ride with you". but how la...maybe next time with MyLO.

the weather was friggin hot and dry. when the wind blows it feels like you are standing right in front of a kitchen blower or like you are standing next to the roti naan stove. so, once in a while i went to have a shower. they placed shower points at every stations. by noon, i was feeling too heaty and too tired. padahal tak buat apa2 pun. we went back home at 6pm and by then, i can feel my face was burning inside but suprisingly tak sunburnt. thanks to the sunblocks.

finally some photos..more photos in ur picasa album:

At entrance with Meera

The Dilmun Beach

The float for the slide ride

The relaxing float ride - Qasar Enki

The slide for kids (Mesopomania). but the adults yang went crazy because when the 'big bucket' is fulled with water it will spilled. The adults includes Moi and DTB, twice :P

Jgn marah, even the tukang sapu pakai Crocs ok! original! semua pekerja kat sini pakai Crocs.

That is not my watch. It is the plastic watch-like entrance tag which you can load value in to pay for your towel rent, locker rent and even to pay for your food.

muka gembira sebab dah nak pegi lunch

pokok kurma yang tumbuh melata pastu tgh berbuah lebat. tgh musim kurma n it is almost ramadhan.

Moi tgh penat n kepanasan. n notice my cute 4mths belly. kecik je lg...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


First we'll talk about physical changes. at my 15 wks+, i'm 45kg+. so the 'extras' go to:

- B's

- tummy (kinda bulgy already n i love it!!maybe 10% baby+uterus n the rest is mmg buncit, but i'm pregnant n who cares rite?)

- waistline (can't fit into my jeans anymore and maternity jeans is still far to huge to wear. so, that leaves me with my yoga pants)

- thigh (i remembered it was already there before but now, from 'it' to 'them'. i'm talking about the f*t)

no more pimples, acne attacks or what not anymore, no matter how many peanuts candy i had. the widening of the waistline, makes my skin stretch and itchy and dry. so, johnson's baby oil is my best companion. rubbed onto the skin frequently. plus, i heard it is good that you do that to counter stretch mark later.

emotionally, i have changed for the better too. i was to stress with the hormonal changes few weeks back. now, i'm loving every single moment. counting days to push that mini 'us' to the world. excitedly going into baby's department though i know, i can't buy much stuff yet. oh yah, one thing i noticed. i was watching 'Knocked Up' the other night, and i sobbed so badly when the part that Katherine Heigl delivered the baby. then, i read a friend's blog today, something on her labour n delivery experience...again i cried. well, i guess that's just my maternal instinct.

well, there are lots more i.e: sleeping position dah takleh nak suka2 hati cos the tummy requires some space too. till then...


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