Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Shower

Suprisingly some people do not have any idea what baby shower is all about. i don't want to say much. go google...hehe. mine is gonna be hosted by my close friend at her place in Subang.

too much of my regrets that i have no choice but to have it done during Ramadhan. and due to that, some of my muslims friends might not be able to make it. well, i have to be back to my hometown end of sept which is still Ramadhan. so, like i've said...i have no choice. therefore, the shower will only be an afternoon tea party. only finger foods and drinks.

but again, talking about RSVP.. again *sigh*...

Monday, August 25, 2008


1. i'm still down with my bad flu as at today. running nose n sore throat :(

2. dlm demam2 semlm tu pun, suddenly i had the craving for 'kuih ketayap'. suprised that i now know how to cook kuih pulak kan? i'm suprised too. mcm tu la kalau duduk far from ur homeland and being pregnant. terpaksalah belajar buat sendiri. merengek dkt hubby pun tak guna. ye lah, mana nak carik?

actually i did snap the kuih photo but apa tah masalah blogspot ni, takleh nak upload photo lak.

3. almost done with the packing.

4. i cried tak hengat when reading this well known wedding photographer blog, Saiful Nang about his newborn princess, Orked. can't imagine my own in this coming December. and i have this habit of crying uncontrollably when it comes to babies. tears of joy.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Mmg bolehkan...!!??? lagi 4 hari aku nak fly balik KL, aku demam. ni mesti pasal gi berpanas jalan2 dkt souq last night...haihh...pagi ni bangun jer nak sakit tekak. sekarang ni dah tersumbat hidung.

caner aku nak gi jln2 kat chiangmai? caner aku nak makan durian? huauaaa...dahlah abang aku dah belikan tempoyak. takkan nak 'bertentang mata' je dgn tempoyak tu? pastu penat2 gi chiangmai, dok lam bilik je ke?

wish me well peeps!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Aku takut...

hari ni nak blog dlm bahasa melayu lah.

saper tengok 'Kekasihku Seru'. haa...walaupun aku jauh di perantauan, aku masih layan drama2 tempatan ni. selepas kepala aku ter'pening' sikit dengan drama 'Ezora' yang semakin menkonfiuskan tu, malam tadi baru aku terhegeh2 nak tengok 'Kekasihku Seru'...

bestlah citer tu. seriau kan? ke aku jer yg berperasaan mcm tu. sbb aku mmg terkenal dgn ke'chicken'an aku, haha.

*aceli tadi pagi2 aku dah taip banyak sangat. citer pasal aku ter'scary'kan diri aku sendiri masa buat laundry dkt bawah n goreng nasik pepagi. tp internet sialan ni terdisconnected, sampai tu je la yg masuk draft. pendek kata, aku takutlah tgk citer tu*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She has no choice but to love SAPE'

I know it is too soon to plan or DREAM about how i want my daughter to grow up. but one thing for sure, we want her to love music. not so much of spending her weekends booty shaking in the club or what not. more to instrumentals and the like.

DTB has planning to bring her to his gig. but i don't like the idea of the smokes. talking about my baby's health. it may look cute but NO!

i would love to see my kids to be able to play SAPE' (don't know? go google!). and to be able to perform the orang ulu dance ('ngalai') and speak the language. i hope that the famous Sape' player who was performing during our reception in Bau (DTB kampong) last March is available to teach them. i want them to know if not become experts in their cultural arts. i know how to 'ngalai' but not playing sape' because sape' is normally played by man. but, it would be cool to see a rose among the thorns...i thought so.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Let Me Go Home

*image courtesy of*

10 more days to go!!!can't wait...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just As Lovely

My apologies if i ever bored anyone with my entries about my pregnancy. But, whose blog is it anyway? the way, this affair will only lasts for 9 months or so. every single friends who is already a mother told me to enjoy my pregnancy as when the little angel is born, you'll definitely miss the being-pregnant moment.

At her 21weeks in mommy's womb (oh yeah, we are expecting a girl, as the doctor sees it la..), she is really an active baby. when we went for our check up and did the ultrasound to see her gender, she was moving around. just as the doctor wanted to explain to us on her body parts, she'll wiggle. and, during the 3D scan, she was doing her hands exercises, sucking her tumb and cover her face. this time, i didn't cry because i was too amazed and felt funny at the same time.

we are now be able to 'watch' her show from the outside. DTB doesn't feel left alone already. we'll just watch the tummy goes ups and downs, sometimes it goes like a wave. Just As Lovely i must say. my least favourite moment is when she is getting too naughty and kicks my pubic bone. rasa nak terkencing je tau...being as big as a big banana and weigh around 10oz, it really makes me wonder how strong a baby could be from the movements. see from this ultrasound copy, the parameter just can't fit her full body anymore :).

and we started to picture how she'll look like. there are moments of "i want her eyes to be like yours, hair like mine etc...". but no matter what, most of all, just like any other parents we want her to be a healthy baby.

as for me, i'm feeling great. still trying to learn to sleep on my side. my stuffy nose does bothers me a lot. it gets dry. the weather of course does not help much. i can't wait to be back home and smell the rain :P

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Super Lazy Bum

I have to confess that i have abandoned this blog. No updates kan? alah, tp i know only 1 person who is a loyal reader and i see her online frequently also, so i guess that's fine kan babe?

i'm in that super lazy mode again. maybe i am too excited that we are going home in 2 weeks time. i thought so but when i packed the baby luggage last night, malas jugak! i didn't even bother to unpack the stuff out from the box to add more space. sampaila luggage tu ngam2 jer nak tutup. then, DTB asked me:

"where are you gonna put ur shoes, handbags, souvenirs lagi?"

being a lazy bum, i told him "why don't you try arrange the stuff?". and he did. throw all the boxes. dismantle the breast pump and put the baby bottles in the steriliser and then had the baby clothes or blanket as a shock absorber (takutlah pecah kan..). tadaaa...reduced by half the original size. and i haven't start to pack our clothes yet.

and the shower invitation is ready. tu pun dgn terbaring2 nak buat sbb malas..again. and DTB kena finish it up.

oklah dah start malas mode balik..till then. nantilah i send the invitation through e-mail yah..


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