Friday, September 19, 2008

Till we meet again...

Today would be my last day online. i will be starting my 'nesting' in a place where internet is not available. wish me all the best for the princess arrival in December. i shall go online from time to time when i have the opportunity to do.

So, wishing all the muslims Selamat Hari Raya in advance!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Shower

So, the shower on last saturday, 13.09.08 went on smoothly. thanks to all the lovely aunties that made their effort to come, especially Iena, Ninie, Pu3 and family and Mimi cos they were fasting.

and thanks for all the gifts...really really appreciate that! i had swollen ankle that day, actually it started the night before because on friday, me n Iena went to Mid Valley to get her wedding present (i know, sgt2lah overdue). before that i was at Perodua Service Center in PJ for 3 friggin hours waiting for them to service my car until Iena came to rescue. otherwise, i'll be 'mati kering' like she described it.

anyhoos, we did had fun during the baby shower didn't we? let's see whose next in line?

Why didn't i think of THAT?

I was chatting online with my 2nd brother this morning as i told him about my plan upon my arrival in Miri airport. see, i have 2 big bags with me (hopefully not overweight), of which 0.5/2 is my stuff and the rest are the baby's. and i have to carry my laptop along. there are laptops at home but everyone will be needing theirs to do their works.

so, back to the story. i told Julian that i have informed my cousin, Brenda to help me to lift the bags from the conveyor at Miri airport, since she is working at the airport. then he said, either that or he can try to ask permission to enter the arrival hall or BETTER still get the MAB ground staff to assist me. then it strucked me that "ya lah kan, how come i didn't think if that?".

normally upon touch down of the plane, the flight attendance will announce something like "If you need special assistance upon arrival, please contact our ground staff". and i think i'm eligible for that with my condition. then, he (my bro) added "if u want to sit on a wheelchair also they'll let you"...hahaha.

Gosh, come to think of it. Is my brain starting to rot already since i have not being productive in thinking of solutions ever since i quit working? NOOOO LAH just slipped of my mind.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today, me and MyLO went to the ramadhan bazaar at the stadium. Nothing much actually. The same foods but at a slightly higher price. MyLO had:

- cendol
- nasi kerabu
- popia basah
- otak2

MyLO seronok sangat makan cendol, kuat giler turning.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Home finally

I'm finally home but DTB left to Bahrain yesterday. so, it is just me and MyLO. so far, we have started our makan2 spree. with laksa sarawak on the very first day we reached KL from Chiang Mai. Done with Yong Tau Fu, sushi, mamak fried rice, nasi goreng USA etc.

overall, we r doing fine. MyLO is getting actively kicking n turning and is able to response after noise. especially mommy's and daddy's voice!!!but since yesterday night i have to tell MyLO that daddy is not around anymore...sob..sob..


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