Saturday, October 11, 2008

Latest update on the baby

i just came back from my 30weeks+ routine check up from Dr Teo. ok, he is really fast. like FAST fast. still baby is too shy to open up the legs. so, still can't confirm the gender. but, the head is already down there, yay!!anyway, we don't mind about the gender as long as everything is fine, that's more than enough.

dear baby, mommy can't wait to meet u!!!i'm so head over heels with you already :P

Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm back!!

well, i have safely reached miri on the 25th. been doing nothing. only visiting high school friends during raya. other than that, i just stayed at home. babysit my nephews and nieces (yes, with the 'S'). i always thought that i like kids but when they are out of control, i get stressed out. but, what do you expect of kids, no matter how much you scream at them, they just dont understand and keep repeating the same irrirating wails and cries. and today, one of the boys accidently knocked his head (hardly) on my growing tummy. luckily, kena tepi jer. but still the pressure was there. i was praying hard that nothing goes wrong. i told MyLO that mommy is so sorry for being so careless.

i'm in my 29weeks+ right now. the baby is doing great, i can feel the 'sharp' feeling of either from the ankle or elbow. sometimes it could be quite hard that i have to rub my tummy. guess it is getting less spacious down there by now. hopefully in 10 weeks time we'll meet MyLO.

remember about one of my sister in law who is a nurse. so, i went for my routine check up on the 29th. i went out with her at 7.30am and planned to call my cousin to fetch me back later. little that i know i'll be waiting for almost quarter a day. my other sister in law told me to just go to a private clinic where she normally did hers. but, i said 'no harm trying'. duhh...that would be my 1st and last visit. my back ached from sitting for too long. at now, i'm typing standing up. my back is killing me. till then..


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