Thursday, December 31, 2009

The birthday party

We had a simple birthday celebration for the little girl. The first birthday party is normally all about the parents, since the birthday baby doesn't get the 'hang' of it yet! Nothing big, no pinata, no clown, just a normal makan2 with some friends. All Milan knows, on that particular day, she received so many presents. Dia tak reti nak tiup candle on the cake pun.

Glad the cake turned out alright. And i prepared laksa sarawak (paste brought all the way from Kuching), sushi, macaroni and cheese. The daddy bought mutton and chicken briyani too. Just in case our indian guests tak reti nak makan makanan yang i prepare. For desert, mommy made: fresh berries panna cotta, chocolate coconut cheesecake squares, chocolate coated strawberries and muffins brought by uncle Fashni.

Party started at 1pm and the last guests left at 4.30pm. Milan was excited to see there were so many people around. She was walking around and suka2 nak duduk atas riba anybody. sungguh tak malu anak dara saya itu! She was 'nominated' as the most independent baby that day. all the other babies were berkepit dengan parents. maybe, she was in the comfort of her own home.

After the guests left, all three of us 'pengsan'!

The highlight of the day

Guests/ Friends



Simple decor

ONE little girl!

Pic taken on 26.12.2009 (morning of her 1st birthday)

My little baby is now a toddler! The daddy said, "seems like yesterday that we were in the labour room".

At 1 year old, little Milan:

1. Is able to say "daddy, mom, star, ball, baby, nenen, mamam, bye, hi"
2. Enjoys banging two things together (two small balls, plastic cups), throwing things
3. Able to pick smallest littlest thing and put into her mouth
4. Understands "give to mommy/ daddy please", "close", "dirty". She'll hand whatever she is holding when she hears the first instruction.
5. Loves to dance (swings left to right, bends her knees and claps)
6. Can run
7. Is not afraid of strangers.
8. Calls other kids as "baby".
9. Still reading her books upside down
10. Has her hair shaved for the 1st time
11. Has her pacifier cut (mommy is so determined to wean her off by 1 year old; 2nd try)
12. Loves oranges and french fries
13. Has 4 teeth (2 top and 2 bottom)
14. Takes max 2hours afternoon nap (or sometimes not napping at all)
15. Recognizes her toys 'Mimzy' and 'Baby Bear'.
16. Goes "mmmmaaaahhh" when asked to kiss.
17. Loves opening drawers and washing machine door (a front loaded).
18. Loves playing with the shoes
19. Is a light sleeper
20. Makes bubbles with her saliva
21. Sometimes sits/ plays/ watches tv quitely for about 5-10mins before gets bored
22. Starts to imitate speeches and actions (e.g: when you say 'banana' she'll goes 'NANA')
23. Physically petite (height: 67cm, weight: 8.7kgs)

We are looking forward to more adventures with you Milan darling!

The Birthday Cake (My 1st Fondant Cake)

This is the dramatic story of my very first fondant cake. I'm not sure about my 2nd one for now.

I baked the chocolate cake on christmas eve.

I did not have the guts to try on the real traditional fondant. Then i came across a recipe for marshmallow fondant. The ingredients are lesser then the classic fondant and it sounds easier (and so i thought) as well. So, here we go;

Marshmallow Fondant

(I can't be sure of the correct amount)

2 packets of marshmallow
1 packet of icing sugar
A packet of corn flour
Food coloring and flavour (optional)
Butter (melt and put in a bowl; easy access)
A bowl of water
A roller

1. Melt marshmallow with 2 tbsp of water. I purposely squeezed mine, to evenly 'drenched' them. Microwave for 20secs. Take out and stir. If it is not fully melted, repeat again until marshmallows are completely dissolved.
2. Add in food colouring (divide if you plan to use other colours for decorations) and mix well.
3. Grease your 'working' space with butter and corn flour.
4. Place two handful of sugar and make a hole in a middle. Grease your hands with butter (lots and lots of it. remove your rings!) Pour the melted marshmallow into the hole and start kneading.
5. If it is too sticky, add more sugar. And if it breaks easily, add a little bit of water. Knead until the texture feels somehow elastic or stringy.
6. For cake cover, roll the fondant thinly and lift gently on top of the cake. Rub gently to 'stick' it onto the cake.
7. The rest of the decorations, think of playing with clay and have fun!
8. Initially the finishing will somehow look very whitish due to the corn flour, but after the cake is left refrigerated overnight, it will turn very smooth the next day.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

There was nothing special happened on our christmas day here in Bahrain. In the morning, we went to the Sacred Heart church with uncle Johnny. Ramainyer orang. We only managed to stand outside. Milan was quite sleepy so she was a little bit cranky. She doesn't want to be held. She wanted to walk around. But, whenever i put her down, she'll walk sesuka hati. suka2 nak tegur orang, tepuk orang and tarik2 baju/ seluar orang.

Church kat sini buat mass kejap je. Tau2 dah habis. After mass, we went to a filipino restaurant called HotPot. They serve buffet lunch at BD2.9. Quite cheaper than the buffet lunch at Ponderosa. And quite near too.

After lunch, hantar uncle Johnny balik. Then, headed home straight. Sampai rumah je, terus mommy tukar baju and start project "fondant". Dari pukul 2.30pm sampailah 9.30pm. Mak aih...sumpah taknak buat lagi kalau semangat tinggal separuh. So tiring. Ye lah, amatur kan.

And honestly, i almost gave up. After 3 tries (the fondant breaks, too sticky etc.), i started to think to just go down to the tug shop downstairs and get a ready made frosting. But, i told myself to just try one last time. Ok, don't laugh aight. Psstttt...i even talked to the fondant. This was how it went "dear fondant, you know i want to do the best for my daughter, please be nice". So walla! The fourth time, it worked! You know, it is right that you have to enjoy cooking for it to work. Then from thereon, we (me and the daddy) were having fun decorating the birthday cake. Oh yeah, before that, daddy was so shocked to see the kitchen went upside down and the kitchen counter was all white!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

An exhausted mother of 1!

Oh my...i can't feel my feet now. They are feeling stiff from long hours standing in the kitchen preparing for Milan's birthday tomorrow (26.12). I wanted to blog about our christmas day but i'm too tired.

I was standing and working in the kitchen since 1pm until 9.30pm. Oh yeah, i managed to make my first (and messy!) fondant cake. Though it doesn't came out as smooth as the silky fondant. anyways, there are always next times to try again. I would say "not bad for a first timer". i shall blog about it sometime later. got to shower (i smell like caster sugar!) and sleep. need to wake up at least at 5am tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feliz Nevidad

Some friends were asking "how was your preparation for the coming christmas?". Honestly, i don't feel like preparing anything. The only thing that lingers in my mind is Milan's birthday. Christmas do not feel like christmas when it is far from home. No doubt, our christmas tree was up quite early. Nak ambik mood konon. But, when it is closer to christmas, i feel homesick. I dreamed of my parents and siblings. And even my late Uyi was in one of the dreams.

The presents are all wrapped. Mostly are Milan's.

We don't really need any present. Since our precious 'gift' is always here with us. Need to be wrapped also? maybe not, hehe. (she sat in that box while i was vacuuming the carpet - yes i have a vacuum cleaner already-. Milan was scared of it because of the sound)

Starting tomorrow, i'll be busy baking. Quite worried about my plan of making a fondant cake. Baking the cake would be easy peasy but the fondant! If it is not going to turn out as i imagine it gonna be, i'll just cover the cake with ganache or simply butter cream frosting.

Till then, have a merry christmas and happy new year everyone!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rezeki dan air mata

Pergh... tajuk dah macam tajuk drama telenovela Samarinda. Actually, takde lah apa sangat nak blog harini. Just that, ada sedikit perasaan geram.

Hari ni plan nak pegi pasar. Nak beli barang for Milan's bday. Like pinggan plastik etc. So, i woke up early (early as in 8am), cooked her porridge and then went online. Blog hopping la, sudah semestinya. I came across a blog of a parents who just lost their baby boy. Terus tertarik nak baca kisah diaorang. Sedih sangat. I was crying like a baby (i wet my shirt actually, tak sempat nak gapai tisu...). Being a mother myself, i understand exactly how difficult it is to get through each day with the memories of your little baby. Even my baby demam pun dah rasa sedih sangat. Tak bolehlah nak imagine perasaan the mother. Sampai sekarang masih lagi rasa sedih teringat-ingat. Milan was still sleeping when i was reading the blog. How i was so thankful to have a healthy and happy baby, though sometimes she throws tantrums and that i have to deal with patiently. When Milan woke up, i quickly hugged her tight and tell her "mommy love you sayang". Haih...nangis lagi (still teringat).

Enough about that la kan. May his soul rests in peace.

Ok, about cerita pegi pasar td. Gerak dari rumah dah kol 11.30am mcm tu (paling awal dah ni). Mana nak bagi anak makan lagi, mandi and siapkan dia. Mak nya mandi n siap kejap je. Sampai pasar dah dalam kol 12. Beli ikan, udang, sotong and clam (agak2 resipi sama la tu!). Pastu nak kena beli stoberi (strawberries). Adalah....nak buat desert masa bday tu nanti. Nanti i letak gambar. Stoberi cecah coklat tu tengoklah kalau ada lebihan. So, nampak ada sorang pakcik Arab ni tgh jual dkt kaki lima pasar ikan. I assumelah he will sell the strawberries very much cheaper than the ones in the pasar. Ok, 3 kotak for RM10 macam tu. Dia siap cakap, "inside, market sell 800fils 1 box". lebih kurang RM8 mcm tu. Anak pulak la merengek2 nak makan oren yg dijual kat sini. "mamam...mamam.." katanya. Sekali tu, pegi kat market buah2an, tanya harga stoberi kat situ, aik...sama pulak rupanya. Sabar je la, pakcik tu tipu i!!!takpe, dia dah kena blacklisted. pasni, kalau dia cakap betul pun taknak pecaya dah. Impulsive buying macam tu la :(

Ni lah stoberi tu. From Egypt. Bilala nak jalan2 ke Egypt ni :)

Then, nak stop dekat Asiana (an asian groceries store) pulak. I need to buy wasabi powder and pickled ginger. Kononnya nak beli tu aje, sekali habislah jugak dalam 12dinar. Nampak lotus roots, ambik. Nampak black beans in can, ambik. Tapi, masa nak bayar tu, uncle Korean tu bagi diskaun, tak banyak la. Pastu, bagi sebiji epal korea free. "for your daughter", katanya. Our previous visit, dia bagi keropok "korean babies eat this, very soft.". Dia kata muka Milan banyak 'ong'. Dah agak2 Milan tu terover friendly. Uncle ni la yang tanya we all. "Where are you from?". Hubby said "Malaysia". He replied "Oh Malaysia..KOTA KINABALU!!!". I was impressed!!Not KUALA LUMPUR ok!

Apple yang uncle tu bagi is the big one. As compared to normal Fuji apple.

Macam tu la alkisahnya perasaan saya untuk setengah hari ahad ni. sedih, geram dan akhirnya happy. Fridge pun dah rupa macam bakul2 sayur yang dilonggok kat pasar. Hubby pulak komplen "ada bau semacam" sebab semalam i beli rebung jeruk (ke pekasam) dekat Rachanee (thai shop). :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Desert Camping

One word, FUN! Meeting new friends, Milan enjoyed herself, great food, nice cold weather.

I remembered darling hubby told me that the camping will be on the national day's holiday which was on the 16 of December. And just the day before, he said it's gonna on friday, 17th. So, on the 15th night, we watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" until about 3.30am. Then, his reminder on the mobile phone beeps. "Gosh, the camping in tomorrow!" he said. He quickly went to the 2nd room and start to pack his guitar set and then prepare some other stuff. Btw, he and his friends were to perform some songs that night.

The next morning, again, we quickly packed for our stuff. Most are Milan's. Her formula, extra clothes, jackets, toys etc. That's why they said, there's no such thing as traveling light when you have children. I managed to prepare some sandwiches in case lah lapar sebelum lunch kan.

I think the fee for a couple was BD5. Inclusive of food and drinks. On the way nak pagi Sakhir tu, memang rasa kagum dengan area camping tu. Bayangkan seluas-luas padang pasir Sakhir tu, penuh dengan tents. Somehow, i was thinking of the refugee camps. I told hubby to stop at the road side to take some photos, but he said our area nanti pun got this scenery (turned out Bapco Camp tu kira secluded area).

When we reached the camp site, hubby went to the registration counter and Milan and i just stayed in a gazebo nearby. He then went around to greet friends and took photos. The event started with telematch for kids. Lari dalam guni, timang buku atas kepala, lari bawa bola ping pong etc. Then for adults, ada games cari harta karun, futsal and few more. I didn't participate in any because i was busy entertaining Milan.

Tengah hari tu i tak makan sebab Milan tengah hyper. Malam makan sikit, sebab a friend, Johny offered himself to look after her while i get my food. Siang tu, I was chasing her here and there. Tak reti nak duduk diam. Letak bawah je, nak kutip batu, kutip sampah, cekup pasir, nak korek handbag orang, cakar anak orang. Sampaikan ada kawan tu cakap "aktifnya walaupun bukan lelaki!". I senyum je la. Tak tau nak cakap apa. Pastu around 3pm, she started to get cranky cos she is sleepy and it was way past her nap time. Though there was a big tent for us ladies and kids (separate from the men's), she will never settles in there since she was too excited to see so many kids. No matter how sleepy she was. So, we went to the car and she slept in there.

The temperature started to drop at around 5pm. Luckily it was not that windy. And i can't stand the cold. When i am too cold, my body reacts differently. My fingers and toes will become red and itchy. Something to do with my blood flow, a doctor once told me. Jadi macam bekas gigitan nyamuk. Berbintat! Tu pasal, orang lain relaks je pakai macam biasa, i kena berbungkus. Susah betul orang dari hutan hujan tropika Borneo ni nak adapt to suasana sejuk di padang pasir. :)

Then, acara malam hari pulak. Lepas Datuk Duta Besar bagi speech, ada penyampaian hadiah. Then, the kids performances. The daddy and friends played live band. Mommy and Milan enjoyed sitting by the bonfire. Sejuk! We didn't spend the night there because it was too freezing. Milan pulak degil taknak pakai her glove and cap. asyik cabut2. Rimas kot. By the time we went back, which was around 10.30pm, i had to wrap Milan in her blanket already. Tengah cakap keluar asap2...brrrr.

On the way balik, agak jam. Sebab kebetulan ada sambutan Hari Kebangsaan Bahrain. polis tutup jalan. Pastu on the opposite direction pun jam jugak. ramai yang baru nak pagi bermalam dkt campsite. especially teenagers. macam mat rempit vrooommm...vrooomm..dengan ATV. pastu kiri kanan jalan diaorang melepak. Anyways, Bahrain ni tak macam negara2 middle east lain. Bahrain ni kira Vegas in the middle east lah.

Overall, bestla. New experience. Dapat kenal kawan2 baru, catch up dengan kawan2 lama.

p/s: sorryla, ayat berbelit2, tengah sakit perut. :P

Friday, December 18, 2009

C.a.r.m.e.n S.o.o

On tuesday, the daddy brought us to Seef Mall. He wanted to buy himself a xmas present with the xmas cash the babai (Milan's grandpa) gave. Apa lagi, beli game for his PS3 la. To make sure that i won't get bored and he has plenty of peaceful time choosing his games, he gave me some cash and ask me to go to Forever 21. Asyik2 F21, hehe. dah tu je yang i mampu nak masuk and beli kalau tertarik kat sini. They have trendy clothes and affordable too.

Then, eh...ada lagi baki duit ni. Conditioner rambut dah habis. Then, after the daddy was done, we went to L'Occitane to get my hair conditioner. Normally, kat sini, if tengah shopping2 or simply jalan2, i'll speak to hubby in BM. Sebab, nanti orang lain tak akan faham. Kalau cakap English, sah-sah kena ingat P.i.n.o.y.

Lepas dah grab the conditioner, the lady in the shop asked:

Lady: Where are you from (sbb dengar we conversed in BM kut..)
Me: Malaysia
Lady: OH MALAYSIA!!!You know C.a.r.m.e.n S.o.o?
Me: Yes, i know.
Lady: Ur baby looks like her (hahaha...). She (C.a.r.m.e.n) is a good actress. She acted in one Philippino movie. She is so sweet too. Your baby has the same pretty eyes.
Me: She speaks Tagalog?
Lady: She can speaks a little Tagalog but mostly she speak Tagalish (Tagalog English...ada jugak ek? mcm Manglish --> Malay English). Then, do you know Jericho?
Me: Yes, Jericho Gonzales! He is famous in our country too. Pangako Sa Yo.
Lady: It's Jericho Rosales. (ambik kau! haha...)

Dekat sini, mmg kecoh la if they know you are Malaysian. Sure tanya pasal si C.a.r.m.e.n tu. The daddy punya hairdresser also asked him once about her. After done with the payment, exchanged "Merry Christmas" greetings, we went home.

So, on the way to the parking, i told the daddy:

Me: should have told her this. Owh, C.a.r.m.e.n is my cousin. I'm C.a.r.o.l S.o.o, haha. Mesti dia lagi excited, haha!

p/s: oh my, i have so many things to blog about. Yesterday, we went to the Desert Camping (best!!!tp, sejuk sangat!). After this, i tell you all about it and photos.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fried Macaroni

Normally i think of the menu for lunch the night before. This is to plan my time accordingly. If you have a toddler that keep on pulling your pants while you are stirring the soup, then you can feel me here. By having the menu ready in my mind the night before, it is easy for me to prepare the ingredients, defrost and chop-chop apa2 yang patut early in the morning while preparing for hubby's breakfast. Come 2pm, saya mulakan sesi mencampak semuanya ke dalam kuali. Jangan cakap "amboi, lambatnya masak". My husband sampai rumah kol 3pm. So, makan terus. Kan lagi elok, makan still panas2 lagi. And btw, tu kira makan lunch cum dinner la. malam dah tak makan. kalau lapar pun, makan sandwich or just drink juice.

So, today i cooked fried macaroni. I masak ikut bahan apa yang ada dalam fridge. tengok2, ada lagi saki baki udang dalam 4-5 ketul. pastu, capsicum (pepper) pun masih complete lagi dengan colour traffic light. sebelum jadi capsicum kering, better buat bahan masak macaroni goreng. this is my first time trying out this dish, before this i did prepared macaroni and tuna salad but not fried macaroni. It turned out quite well. Tapi, i ni pelik sikitla when it comes to masak-memasak. First try is always the best. Then the subsequent ones, mesti ntah jadi rasa apa.

(portion i tak letak k, ikut ur own preferences)

Onion (i prefer onion than shallot) (blended)
Garlic (blended)
Red chili (blended)
Tomato sauce
Bell pepper (diced)
Elbow macaroni
Chicken stock cube/ powder

1. Rebus macaroni with salt and olive oil sampai lembut
(put in macaroni after the water is really boiling)
2. While waiting for the macaroni to soften, saute the blended onion, red chili and garlic. Then, add in prawns. Stir for a while and add in the diced pepper.
3. Check on the macaroni. If you think it is cooked, strain and put the macaroni under cold running tap water.
4. Then, add in broccoli and a little bit of water. Season with salt and chicken stock powder. Tomato sauce goes in, then the macaroni. And lastly, add in cheese and stir to mix them well.
5. Best served hot.

Senang kan? Here is the photo of the leftover (tu pasal macaroni dalam saucer instead of plate :P ). Dah siap makan sumer baru ingat nak snap gambar. Sesuai juga untuk makanan anak2 (minus the chili).

Saturday, December 12, 2009


We went to watch the Speed Weekend today. Well, nothing much for me as i am not into any kind of race. Just want to meet up with some fellow Malaysians. Milan was so happy that she get to see people. She missed her afternoon nap and only slept on our way back from the circuit. Oh yeah, BIC (Bahrain International Circuit) is the first international circuit in the middle east.

Besides the noise, i just don't get the point of watching the race. Milan couldn't be bothered. She was just watching people and enjoying her snacks. She was more interested of walking around. The main purpose of the outing today was for photoshooting i guess. Nak kata enjoy, tak sangat kot. Sebab when the race habis je i round, semua tanya sesama sendiri "sapa menang ni?" or "nak sokong sapa ni?". Ye lah, dok Bahrain ni takde benda nak buat, so any big event like this, pegi je la.

Anyways, enjoy the photos.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hubby is one of (one of?!) the silent reader of this blog. Apart of that he is also the grammar police of the posts. The other day;

Him: I read your latest post. (the Aduhai Anakku)
Me: Then?
Him: It's funny.
Me: Funny? Nothing's funny in there.
Him: Read it again. So many errors.

Well, i bet you already knew, my English is nothing to boast about. It needs to be fixed as it is 'broken'! And whenever i write a post in English, i never recheck on my English, assuming everything's in order (grammar wise etc.). Anyways, it seems that my messages were conveyed quite well despite of the broken and grammatically wrong English.

I got C3 for English in my SPM, and never had a good grade in Uni either. But, i do speak well in English. Not to exaggerate, but that is the feed back that i used to received from interviews. No doubt in a real working world, English is quite important but not crucially necessary as I've worked with people with poor English. Maybe, because i worked with numbers. Communication was mostly done with all and about numbers. So, i never has any chance to improve my English. Reading? The last serious reading i had was before i delivered my baby girl!

S'il vous plaƮt excusez mon anglais.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Aduhai anakku...

Anak saya Milan, sangatlah ganas. She was just asleep. She sleeps in her playpen. It is easier to put her to sleep on the top part of the playpen since it can be rocked. But, what worries me most is her tendency to do her stunts in there. She would just stand and hold the railings and the minute she feels sleepy she would just throw her body backwards, free fall. Something like "bungee jumping" fall. I'm SO VERY worried that she might knock her head or even worse hit her neck on the railing at the back. EEeee...geram sangat. There are so much things that i need to 'introduce' to her but i myself is kind of not ready yet. Like, cut her pacifier into 2 then remove the top part of the playpen and let her sleep there.

And she starts to run nowadays. But, very clumsy. Almost everyday, she'll accidentally knocked her head on the floor. The other day, she bumped into the dining chair. Friggin dining chair! and i believe she doesn't have problem with sighting. Just when both of me and the daddy were having our lunch this afternoon, she tried to run from me (as if i was chasing her anyway...), she hit the corner of the alley to the kitchen, then lost her balance. Hit the chair and then the wall and finally landed head first on the floor. I guess that's the challenge of having a toddler. The daddy said "she fell like a pin ball!!". melantun-lantun!

p/s: FIL dah bank in duit xmas gift. apa nak beli ye? kasut kot. i like shoes better than handbag sebab saya malas nak keluar masukkan barang2 bila nak kena tukar handbag.

What the Forts?!

Last Saturday we went to visit 2 of the forts in Bahrain. The weather was just nice. We just dressed in light clothes but have jackets in the car. Lucky enough since it was a hot sunny but breezy cosy weather when we arrived at Arad Fort. Then, the weather gets better when we were about to reach Bahrain Fort. Milan gets excited to walk around on her own. And i let her do so. Somehow i like to let her free (only when i feel it is safe to do so, of course) just to let her know there are more things out there to explore. But, fret not! She is a little explorer indeed. She was busy collecting stones, then touching the sand. Then, she shouted at the tourists, how embarrassing! So, i got to pretend and said "hello" or "hi" to them.

Well, i don't know much about the backgrounds of both places. My advice if you are interested to know more, GOogle! What i know are:

1. To enter Arad Fort the fee is BD0.40 (+- RM4.00)
2. Bahrain Fort are free entry
3. Bahrain Fort is bigger than Arad's.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Asak Ati...

Kedak tok cerita nya, tadik aku masak cos hubby ada jemput sidak sama opis dtg makan lunch. Nya jemput nok Malaysian sorang and nok Indian n family. Segaut lah aku masak tek. Kak dah kacak meja di'setting' ku and makanan disusun, tiba2 nok datang Malaysian ya ajak. Dak indian ya sik jd dtg. Padahal rumah tingkat atas ajak. Sik hal la, makan jak sidak duak hubby dolok. Aku gago dengan Milan.

Ada juak la nengar dak duak berkelaka pasal kerja apa indah. Kak ya, aku tek terdengar hubby madah ada job opening. Aku terfikir juak mok kerja balit. Bukan apa, aku banyak tanggungjawab. Walaupun aku bukan anak sulung, tanggungjawab aku lebih besar dari ya. Dolok, arwah nenek ku nok baruk ninggal bulan 10 ya tek selalu madah, aku nang akan memikul banyak tanggungjawab. Ya kata orang tua2 bila nangga dekat tengkok aku ada taik lalat (mole).

Lekak kolik hubby balit tek, lalu lah aku nanyak pasal job opening ya. Nanyak ada vacancy accounting ka apa. Ada katanya. Kak ya, padah ku gik, kenak sik madah ngan aku mun ada. Lalu tok jawab dimerik orang ngan aku "dah kau kedak sik interested maok kerja!".

Yabih, asak ati ku nengar jawapan kedak ya. Kenak mesti jawab kedak ya. Kedak menyusahkan jak aku tok sik kerja. Kedak sengaja maok diam rumah goyang kaki. Mun ekot ati nang maok kerja, dapat duit dirik mpun, sikboh menyusahkan sapa2. Pake merik duit ngan mak bapak, pake nolong adik beradik. Tapi ya lah, datang sitok pun kira dah berkorban. Tiba2 sik kerja, sikda duit. Kak ya, diam rumah jaga anak. Mun mak bapak atau adik beradik tengah susah, dengar ajak la. Dolok dapat juak merik sikit2. Jadi bila aku dengar jawapan kedak ya, rasa pedih ulu ati. Tapi macam biasa, tahan ajak. Orang nok mak bapak kerja bagus, hidup senang mmg sik akan faham sebab sik pernah merasa tanggungjawab nolong mak bapak and adik beradik. Nangga la mun ada rezeki maok juak aku kerja. hari ya ada mak madah sigek hal nok molah aku berbelah bagi. Maok kerja, dapat duit dirik mpun tapi sik sanggup nak nyuroh anak diam dengan orang lain. Haih...susah juak idup kedak tok!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Careless or Ignorant?

Behold!!!! if you are about to eat your meal and at the same time read this, i suggest read later. the photos in this entry are kinda gross!

Yesterday i was so rajin and dust the carpet. We don't have a vacuum cleaner yet. Tah bila nak beli pun tak tau. Everytime, hubby wants to get 1 and ask me about it, i'll say "maybe we don't need it at all". Saya lebih suka menyapu. Tanpa saya sedari rumah ini adalah sangat berhabuk. Padahal tingkap bertutup setiap masa. Kalau summer, too dusty and sekarang winter, too cold. So, all the memang tertutup.

And so it occurred to me yesterday that i need a vacuum cleaner. Maybe as a christmas present. As i was done with dusting the 2 dark brown carpet and was half way with the green one, i realised i didn't turn the a/c off. and the air (with the dust!) was circulating around the house. Included the bedroom where my two baby bears are hibernating. and to make it worst, i realized i didn't even cover my nose! Demmit! Just as i wanted to get up and turn the a/c off, i heard the little baby bear sneezed! No!!!

And yes, she is having cough and flu since last night. Kesian sangat. She barely sleep and so did we. And talking about bad luck, hubby was up late today. The alarm was not on. Tengok2 dah cerah sesangat dkt luar.

Ahhhh....lega 2 down, 1 more to go.


To the dustbin u go!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Snap Shacks!

So malas want to buat ayat panjang2. Let the photos tell the stories.

This is for Carmathen. That is how the boots really look like and the ankle boots which i bought (impulsive!) last night. And not to forget, the lil princesses pink boots. I sat for half an hour just to choose her boots. Can't make decisions, too many choice, cute ones!!!Pink, light brown, purple with flowers, white with fur. Sometimes, hubby always warned me to think of my own stuff than Milan's. Because everytime we went out with a mission to get something for me, we'll ended up bringing back stuffs for Milan. Mom will always be Mom and it is hard to resist when you have a daughter.

Apa2hal pun, always "Made in China"!

Milan's first walking shoes. Before this i made a mistake by letting she walked in her pram shoes. Kesian, macam struggle je nak grip. Then, a neighbour who had a 1year+ son told me to get her a hard sole shoes so that she don't slip and walk properly. Remember when i said we constantly have to buy her new shoes? see her Crocs sandal bought in July and compare it with her new sneakers.

2nd sushi lunch in a week. We like sushi so much. Hubby would be more than happy if i can prepare sushi everyday. Though look complicated (at least that was what i used to think before), sushi is so easy to prepare and healthy too! I don't use japanese rice (cost concern), instead i just used Thai fragrant rice but with a little bit more water to make it sticky a bit. Then, i added the rice vinegar, salt and sugar together with the water. The rice might 'break' if i were to add them later, when the rice is cooked (since i don't use jap's rice).

We love lamb stew! It is best prepared the day before. For recipe, google under "Irish Lamb Stew". nice! The mee goreng i had to use pasta to replace the mi kuning. They do sell mi kuning at the asian market but i prefer pasta. tak sure la where does the mee comes from. The other 2 dishes are normal ones. Clam my favourite and sotong goreng tepung is hubby's.

Panjang lah pulak ayat2 nya. Membebel macam mak nenek :P

Monday, November 30, 2009


Amazed with the fish!

Lil Milan is already 11mos old on Nov 26 and Mommy only managed to update blog today. Daddy is still on leave. Went to BCC last night because i need to find a boots and jacket. Sangatlah packed that area. even queue nak masuk parking pun panjang. so we parked at the open area outside. tapi kena jalan jauh, dahlah lupa nak bawak milan's cap. kesian Milan sejuk. on the way balik tu, mommy dah beli lah a cap from mothercare. Mommy bought her boots at Forever21 (well, the murah2 dah la kan. bukannya nak pakai selalu pun. entah2 sekali je pakai).

Lebih kurang mcm ni lah my boots tu. Pic courtesy of

Cuaca sekarang makin sejuk, berangin. memanglah tak snowy tapi i ni jenis tak tahan sejuk. kena angin je ketar2. the other night we went out teman daddy gunting rambut, keluar2 je tgh hujan, alahai...cap Milan tak bawak then payung lak takde. Tak terfikir lah nak beli payung kat sini. Lepas malam tadi, mommy just keep one of her cap in the handbag.

Ok, about Milan. She is:

1. Getting more friendlier to strangers
Oh my, this part Mommy really doesn;t know what to do about it. I'm fine with her being friendly but not too friendly. Whenever we are at the mall, she'll wave or smile or even walked to strangers and sometimes will just pull their bag etc. Last night, she was pulling the hanging price tag of and Indonesian guy queuing behind her daddy at the counter. Then, she wanted to play with a Saudi girl aged maybe around 6 years old. budak tu malu2 pulak. Because of her behaving like that, i met few mothers. Bahraini, Colombian, Indian, Filipino etc. Kdg2 tu kena dkt org yang suka budak, takpela. kdg2 kena org yg jenis tak suka, masam je kena kacau dgn Milan.

2. Walking
She is able to walk and carrying things at the same time. She prefers to walk on her own all the time. Stroller is not in use anymore. Can't even remember when was her last time sitting in it. Even in the house, she walked all the time. She only sits still if there is advertisement on tv. Especially, when Demi Lovato sings the "Gift of a Friend". I am not quite sure if it is because of the song or the Tinkerbell's clip. Dia punya suka tengok clip tu sampai she suddenly disappear from the kitchen (or wherever i am) and stand still in front of the tv until lagu habis. Pastu masuk balik kitchen.

4. Teeth
She has 4 teeth at the moment. 2 top and another 2 bottom. The top ones has a wide gap that i looks like it can fit another teeth. She likes to bites our hands. But, whenever she bites, though i feel geli, i try not to make any response. Because if you response i.e: scream etc, they will get excited and bite even harder.

5. Playing
She loves ball, balloon or should i say anything round inclusive of traffic lights and even the 'pearl' at the Bahrain Pearl roundabout. She will say 'buh' for ball. And she still loves playing with the empty bottles, straw, empty containers, plastik bags and shoes. She can lepak at the shoe rack for a long time.

The 'Buh' is the round thing on top of the sculpture (supposedly a pearl). Milan kalau lalu roundabout ni, she will look at the pearl and make the 'buh' sound until it is lost in sight.

*pic googled.

6. Vocabulary
She can now pronouns "Mama" and "Papa" and tag them correctly. See, when she started to make the "pa", "ma" sound which Milan started at 9mos+, she was just making the sound and was not able to tag it to me for "Mama" or the daddy for "Papa". "Buh" for ball. "Mamam" for eating, "Nen" for drink and "Hi". "Mmmah" for kiss.

7. Understanding Instructions
She understands "come here", "no", "dirty" which she then repeats as "tateh", "give mommy/ daddy", "shake hands". So far, she also understands and point to the correct thing, when asked "where's christmas tree/ snowman/ mimzy?" or whenever she hears the word "where" she'll make the "look around" looks.

8. Physical
She is still very light i.e: only close to 9kg. She is till wearing some of her 6mos clothes! But we always have the need to buy her new shoes. Not sure of her height.

9. Sleeping
She sleeps whole night through except making sound for milk or her full diaper.

10. Feeding
She is on Promil Gold Step 2 formula. soon, either continue with Step 3 or change formula if she still doesn't gain much weight. Anyhow, we will have to consult her paed first. For breakfast and lunch, she'll have either cereal or rice porridge. Snack time after her nap, fruits or biscuits. And dinner with porridge. The only problem is to make she drinks plain water. She can sip from her drinking bottle with the straw sometimes but most of the time, she'll just play with it. Poured the water out.

11. Activities
She spends most of her time watching tv and play (ya la, what else babies can do kan?). especially advertisements and songs. And she loves books. She'll just sit and open her book, points at the pictures and making sounds as if she is reading. She can dance too!

Friday, November 27, 2009

We Still Do Date

Ok, i'm sure this is boredom already. my 2nd post in 1 hour.

Last night, Milan slept early. So, me and the daddy had our "zaman muda2 time" (the way he said it last night). We watched movies. First, Twilight, then omg..i forgot the 2nd one...then, Haendae (a korean movie about tsunami).

I'm not really into Twilight like most of my friends are. So, i was just watching for the sake of knowing what is going on with this worldwide obsession towards Edward Cullen, :). Well, how do i feel about him after the movie, mmmm...biasa je. sorry peeps. it was just me.

ok, back to our date last night. we ordered Hardey's meal delivery (cheese burger, fries, softdrinks) and another milkshake for me. Ha, manala nak kurang the 'excess baggage' aku! anyways, i do kind of worry about the 'lemaks' but i am not the type that restrict my diet. i still eat all i want but moderately. and still looking forward to a gym workouts. so far, mmg 'looking' at the gym je lah pun. 'working' belum pernah lagi. the last i went was when i was pregnant with Milan. I better push myself before we have EL or ER (yes, i already have my 2nd child's name!). Talking about accumulation. Lainlah accumulation of wealth.

Aik melalut lagi. ok, back again to the main subject. Kesian sangat the daddy because he downloaded so many movies for us to watch but i normally don't have time to watch them with him. It's either i fell asleep when i put Milan to sleep or i fell asleep even before the movie started. So, finally last night we managed to watched 3 movies at a time. *Still can't figure out the 2nd one*. See, this is the thing when you are married and have kids. You really have to find you-yourself time, you-husband time or you-friends time. Both of us will be tied up with Milan when she is awake. She requires attention. Though she sometimes play on her own but she needs to be monitored constantly. My girl is a little bit clumsy. She might knock her head somewhere or trip among her toys. So, the only time we have for each other is when she is sleeping.


I don't know what has gotten into me tonight. I feel plain bored. And my feet are cold. Hubby's off to futsal, Milan is asleep. Maybe merely mood swings i guess. Meaning no baby yet? Seen so many newborns of friends this month. Make me wanna have my 2nd one soon. Well, i'll sure put the news here first. But, as at now, not yet.

Errrr...ok, hubby is on a long Eid Ul Adha holiday. From today (Thursday) until Weds or Tues (not so sure) next week. And we can't figure out yet what to do. That's what i don't like about living here in this island. Nothing much to do. If you are somewhere in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, at least you can drive to Oman etc. You can drive there too from here but to get through Saudi is quite a hassle (visa thingy).

Well, let me show you around our sweet little house for a little bit(with the christmas mood).

The aquarium and the plant i bought on the dining table.

Milan's christmas tree. It looks beautiful with the lights off. I mean, when you put the rice lights on.

The painting, we bought it for around RM30. I kind of like it.

And food;

Meatballs, mashed potato and tuna macaroni salad

Had it with a glass of air sirap...slurrrpppp!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nak blog guna bahasa ibunda jap la. Ingat nak blog dengan bahasa 'ibunda' the real one, tapi sumpah takde seorg pun yang akan faham, hehe.

Hari tu, the daddy ajak tengok citer yg didownload. ye la, harus lah didownload, mana nak ada dvd lagi. dengan seronoknya, kami pun mulalah berbaringan sambil tengok movie tu. agak lambat lah jugak. nak kena tidokan Milan dulu, jemur kain baju, susun toys dia yang 'berkeliaran'. semua ready, agak2 dalam pukul 11pm jugakla start movie nya.

Tengok intro dah semacam dah. Tanya hubby "eh, i thot this movie mcm gempak. apsal intro mcm semacam je. the scenery looked like scenery dekat my kampung". Takpe, layan je. Baru tgk quarter, senyap je orang sebelah ni kan. rupa2nya dah tido. dia cakap, nanti bila part yang tsunami, earthquake sumer baru kejutkan dia. sebabnya citer tu agak membosankan. Pastu, casts sumer mcm tak kenal. Bilalah Amanda Peet and John Cusack dah keluar2 ni? Aku layan lagi walaupun agak mengantuk. Tau2 je dah ending, John Cusack kemana, aku kemana.

Rupa2nya salah movie. Tajuk sama pulak? ntah. Patutlah poyo semacam je orang2 kat dalam tu. siap ada scene perempuan lari, sekali tengok macam jogging. pastu sampai2 town tiba2 mcm muka cemas. rupa2nya nak mintak tolong pasal ada emergency. tah, mengarutlah citer tu. Papadom lagi best! nekad taknak nangis pun boleh 'ter'nangis.

Ok, back to the apocalypse kan. tadi baca blog org (ya, saya suka blog hopping). dok overseas la orang tu. dia cerita pasal area dia duduk dah tak snowing dah pasal global warming. so, bagitau hubby. then, dia cakap...mmglah the earth is moving differently. So, the world is changing. Dengan lurus bendulnya " msia akan ada snowlah?". aduh, mcm mana boleh tanya soalan 'begok' tu pun tak tau. "msia tak kan lah ada snow. tp, tgklah sekarang kan sejuk je kat sana". "But there will be disasters all around the world la" he added. I pulak cakap lagi "oh...i thought the earth is gonna explode!". mcm celupar tak mulut?

Then, hubby cakap. nanti before, nak kena make sure balik Malaysia or better still Kuching. Sebab, kalaulah betul, tempat ni sure paling bahaya sebab island kecik je. eeee..taknak fikir dulu. Takutlah...

Ingatkan tengok yang ni...

Sekali tertengok yang ni...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wish i was there

Talking about friends, congratulations to Caroline U. and Laura on their weddings on 14.11 and 21.11. So happy for them. They both looked stunningly gorgeous!!!

More often than not, i have to admit that i do feel bad for not attending my friend's special day especially they had made it to mine. And then, envied their photos together. pathetic!!haha.

Anyways, when you have graduated to motherhood, somehow you'll feel left out. Firstly, for your mind is always thinking of your baby at home. At that you have to go home early. And i'm speaking as a mother of 1. What more if you have more than that? And sometimes, you have no clue of what are the discussed topic all about since somehow you are in the different league now.

Last night, we went out to refuel the car and buy Milan's formula. And then, we ended up bought Milan's formula and pet fish, oh yeah...and a pot of water bamboo (whatever they call it). I'll post pictures soon. So, on our way back, i told hubby that i miss my close friends. And i realised that i attended none of my close friends wedding!!The only friend's church wedding i attended was Amit's (hubby's friend)! Whenever i have an invitation for wedding, i'll always be away. Away as in so far away, here. If i were to be still within Malaysia, i would be "menyibuk" just like i menyibuk for Ninie's. And hubby was jokingly said "maybe they purposely have their wedding when you are not around just to get rid of you"...haha. So funneh...but certainly not true.

Dear friends, though i can't always be around, you know that i would if i could.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Not that i'm pregnant again. tp mcm hubby cakapla "mana u tahu?". so far belumlah.

I was just thinking of baby's stuff or gadgets. Firstly:

1. Baby's crib

When i found out that my first baby is a girl, i started to look for a crib. And mostly with girly designs. Pink, flowery etc. Then, since i went back to Miri to deliver and doesn't really stay at one place for long, i ended up not buying any. Milan sleeps with me all the time and then when we came to Bahrain she still co-sleeping. Until on 13.08.09, she started to crawl, we bought a playpen after considering how expensive a baby's crib could costs us. A good crib (steady wood, spacious) itself can costs up to RM1K. And there are mattress and bumpers. And since our little girl is kind of 'lasak', we were a bit worried about her putting her legs in between the rails or knock her head at the upper rails. Hence, we chose playpen. Ever since then she sleeps in the upper part of the playpen. Since the top part is detachable, i can easily rock her to sleep. Some mothers i know have the baby's crib as baby's stuff storage by the time the baby turns 1. And the baby sleeps with them on the bed.

And this is how her playpen looks like. twice as cheap as the crib but more spacious.

2. Stroller

Then, berangan also to buy a nice pink stroller. But then, when we were in Miri, we don't really go out. I used my nephew's stroller to bring Milan jalan2 along the longhouse or put her in while i do houseworks. We only bought her stroller when we were in Kuching. A cheap one. I suddenly feel that, a lightweight and small one will do. nasib baik tak beli yang mahal2, cos this little girl refused to sit in her stroller. Her stroller will normally jadi trolley for angkut barang2 groceries.

Instead of the one in the photo above, Milan's is the one in lime green below. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lagi lagi weekend

Haih, it's weekend again! Nothing to look forward to as usual. Apa nak buat ek? Kalau ikutkan hati memanglah nak ukur keluasan shopping malls sambil2 survey winter clothing. Hubby said wait until end of the month. Then, end of the month it is. Need to buy a mid-calf boots, leggings, jacket, scarf, beanie...hmmm quite a long list. Tu baru mommy punya, Milan lagi. Pening daddy. I can't imagine if we are to have 2 more girls. This is gonna be my first winter here. I don't know what to expect. Daddy said, rumah kena off aircond. then, nak keluar kena la pakai at least sweater. Mandi at mid day. Actually, in December the Malaysian Club has organised a picnic at the desert, that's why we need the winter clothing for. Last year they said the temperature was at 11degrees with wind. We are a bit worried about Milan. Because she can easily catches cold.

Milan knows how to dance already, hehe. Cheekier and friendlier. She'll smile to everyone, everywhere.

Maybe, tomorrow i'll make apam balik again. Hubby loves it. Crispy and yummeh!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Begawan Solo

As at now i'm feeling sleepy but i feel like blogging. These few days Milan and me had been listening to the daddy playing "Begawan Solo" with the ukulele. Then, yesterday i told him "dah pening la listen to that song with ur tiny guitar", and today he played the same song with the 'real size guitar'! LOL!

Photos again...

This one is for NurHidayah. No, aku baruk perasan ada paduh sigek cup aku nok bunga2 ros, tapi free gift Perl Cafe, hehe.

And again, some foods for the week.

And lastly, Milan and daddy getting her first christmas tree up.

Time does flies fast, last year when i put up christmas tree at home for my nieces and nephews i was heavily pregnant with Milan. Like this heavy...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Of Dreams

Last night i went to bed at 9.30pm. Right after i tucked Milan to sleep. Then, all i remembered was i was at my longhouse, and there's somebody drunk. You see, in my kampung drunken people always fight. So, i was in my cousin's house and the weirdest thing was my late grandma was there too. she doesn't talk obviously. That's how dead people appear in my dream, they don't speak. So, apparently this drunk guy went inside my cousin's house. Everyone ran together except for me. I ran upstairs and tried to hide under a pile of clothes. And i heard footsteps coming closer. My heart thumped. AND.......Milan cried. But, that too appeared in my dream. Quiet Milan, he will find mommy if you make noise. Like how did Milan was hiding with me?, i woke up and feel rather thirsty.

I had few common dreams:

A. Dream of my teeth falling out
I hate it when it happens. The last i had this dream was few days back when my wisdom tooth ached. My teeth will somehow easily falling out. Just move my tongue and all the teeth will fall. And i'll spit them out but it seems more are falling. and my hands will be all covered with teeth and blood.

The meanings (source:
1) reflect your anxiety about your appearance and how others perceive you.
2) may stem from a fear of your sexual impotence or the consequences of getting old.
3) fear of being embarrassed or making a fool of yourself in some specific situation.
4) sense of powerlessness
5) In the Greek culture, when you dream about loose, rotten, or missing teeth, it indicates that a family member or close friend is very sick or even near death.
6) according to the Chinese, there is a saying that your teeth will fall out if your are telling lies.

(somehow some of them seems to be true. i keep on worrying how i am so "not marketable" in the future since i now officially a full time housewife for almost 2 years)

B) Difficulty to climb or falling from high places
I'll struggle to climb a ladder, a staircase or a rope. They will somehow look so steep or out of reach.

The falling is the hardest to deal with especially if you wake up because of the "myclonic jerk" when you muscle jerks. It feels like you're gonna die when you reach the ground. but, it never happens. You'll wake up before you even touch the ground.

The meanings:
1) an indication of insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties
2) you have lost your foothold and can not hang on or keep up with the hustle and bustle of daily life.
3) a sense of failure or inferiority in some circumstance or situation.

C) Test Dream

Arghhh...i hate this one. In the morning of the test day, i'll be either late or feel unprepared for the test. And, it will always be a test on Mathematics, the one that i'm weak at the most.

The meanings:
1) indicates that you are being put to the test or being scrutinized in some way
2) usually have to do with your self-esteem and confidence or your lack of.
3) worried that you are not making the grade and measuring up to other people's expectations of you.
4) fear of not being accepted, not being prepared, or not being good enough

Well, most of them signal "lack of confidence". Which i have to agree to. My confidence somehow slipped away slowly since i don't see people that much nowadays. Something need to be done. Obviously!

But, my 2nd dream last night was the opposite. I was in my high school. i feel so good but to wake up and realised it was just a dream is not so good. I do miss you at times...Momoe!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Breakfast and Sushi

How was your weekends? For the 3 of us, nothing unusual. Weekly groceries shopping and other normal stuff. On Friday, went to a friend house in Amwaj Island. Initially thought of taking Milan for a dip in the swimming pool or just playing on the beach. But, the weather was so hot. Plan cancelled. Since we brought some cakes and cupcakes which i baked on Thursday night, Fashni said "lets have some coffee". I for one, don't drink coffee, had a terrible swollen gum and period pain. But, the cake was so good that i can't avoid to munch some slowly in small pieces.

- As i'm writing this, Milan is walking in and out of the room and screaming excitedly. We always talked about how she has grown. She loves books. She'll spend time sitting somewhere flipping through her books and mumbling (as if she is reading) and pointing at the pictures. And she won't let you stop when you read for her. If you stop, she'll cry-

And on Saturday, we went to shop for our groceries. More like shopping for the stuff for making sushi. I've always wanted to try to make sushi. I never knew that making sushi is so simple than cooking other food. Considering there is rolling and cutting involved. I don't know, but i love the "hands on" thingy. Taste? The 'food tester' gave positive feedback. Not bad for a first timer.

*_*: btw, i'm in the mood for christmas already!


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