Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moving again...

I hate to pack and unpack. Now that Milan is around, there are lots more extra stuff to pack. We are going back to kampung since daddy is going back to his workplace already. So nenek said mommy and Milan better stay with her in kampung. I haven't pack any single thing yet.

Yesterday, me and Milan's dad went shopping for Milan's diapers etc. Shopping now has become less fun since i have to leave Milan at home with her nenek. I can't stop worrying about her and keep calling my mom to check if she's fine, if she's crying. but mom said she is fine. it is just that she will do her 'tai chi' movements when she awakes. kicking and waving and for about 15mins after that she'll 'squeaks'. cute little Milan.

She's 2 weeks+ now. She has a strong bones. She can lift her head and turn her body already! Her dad is quite sad that he would not be able to watch her grow in the next 6months.

Stop bothering me mommy....

Friday, January 09, 2009

Helena Zini Milan Ruin's arrival

Its been a while i know. being away from the city to a kampung and back to the city, i can only update my blog today. provided that little princess continues to sleep. if she awakes then i have to submit to her command, a very demanding princess.

Milan, that's how we call her. Born on the 26th of Dec 2008. I was a week overdue. No particular reason. could be miscalculated or could be due to my irregular menses. I was admitted to the hospital in the morning on the very same day. A week before that, Dr Lee told me that the baby is already matured and not growing anymore so there's no point keeping her inside. Then he explained on the induction process. What caught my attention was that he mentioned about the pain. The pain is far more painful than natural labour. So, i was kind of ready.

We went to the hospital at 8am, induced at 8.50am. I start to feel the great pain when the cervix's opening at 5cm. by that time i barely open my eyes. thanks to my ever loving husband that never leave my side. Then by 7.30pm the pain was unbearable since i was 9cm dilated. Pushed to the labor room and Milan was out at 8.42pm. I had decided not to take any kind of pain relief like epidural etc. My aunt was jokingly said "at that point of time, sure you feel like running away kan?". All the pain was nothing when i saw Milan's face for the first time and heard she cried. Not even when the doc did all the 'ground work', stitching and stuff. Anyhow, Milan's weighed at 2.90kg but i had a 3rd degree tear.

Now, she is at her 2 weeks old. screaming her lungs out. the joy of being a mother is unexplainable. just a word on the labour pain of you ask me, there's no great pain that a mother could not bear.


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