Friday, March 27, 2009

Crappy Friday

My sis in law came back from the clinic during lunch break (she's a nurse) and express her BM. adalah nenek aku tu kan, memang mulut laser.

Nenek: Y? sakit is it ur breast?
Sis in law: yes
Nenek: Baguslah you. Carol ni mana ada

HAAAA...memang aku tak mengamuk terus. cakap pasal BM jer mmg issue sensitive for me. in fact SUPER SENSITIVE. semlm pun hubby kena dengan i. i don't care saperlah u if berani2 nak ungkit pasal BM, siaplah! Ada kena terajang ngan aku kang.

Sorrylah, tengah marah nih!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm A Big Big Girl

That's Milan from her 'birth'day till today as her 3rd month. Here's some of her progress:

Weight: 2.9kg
Height: 50cm

1st month:
Weight: 3.8kg
Height: 50cm

2nd mth:
Weight: 4.3kg
Height: -

3rd mth:
Weight: 5kg
Height: 58cm

Happy 3 months old Mommy's tinkerbell. Mommy heart you lots!

Luvs: Mommy

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How busy could it be?

The look of someone who is sleepy and yet trying to counter her sleepiness

I was chatting with a friend moments ago (now, she is watching The Hills). She is a fulltime mom of baby Qaseh. we were talking about life as a fulltime mom. sounds very relaxing and calming, but's a super hectic tiring job. same goes to another friend who at the same time runs a home based cupcake business.

all of us will only have time for ourselves when the babies are asleep. or in my case, when milan's asleep i'll take my shower or hang the laundry or have my breakfast (occasionally...) or lunch. i noticed today, i don't eat my lunch in a plate anymore. in a bowl. just grab yang mana sempat. nasi pun telan2 jer. now i think i'm too tired and that affect the BM. well, most fulltime hsewife (just mom and baby in the hse) may not be able to fully BF due to low milk production. i think la...well, at least i'm trying to please myself for still not being able to fully BF. enuff la about BF, give me more stress.

And i may not be able to answer calls sometimes cos it is either i am too busy with the super demanding tinkerbell or i forgot where i last put my cellphone at. and i put my cellphone on silent mode at night cos i don't want it to wake her up and she may not be able to get back to sleep (without hassles...)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Last Time I Checked SHE IS STILL A GIRL!

Oh my...i know for sure that Milan resembles her daddy. Like almost all the people that met her or even saw her pics said that (except Marcella...). And i don't have issue on that since i myself can't see me in her. Doesn't matter, i love her still so very much.

The other day we went to MCMC clinic, there's this chinese aunty:

Aunty: bla...bla...bla...-in chinese-
Me: Sorry aunty, saya bukan cina
Aunty: oh...sorry. berapa bulan (pointing her lips towards Milan)
Me: 26hb ni 3 bulanlah
Aunty: Banyak cute hor. BOY har?
Me: Taklah GIRL.
Note: Milan was wearing her purple baby yoga suits and pink sneaker!

another case...

Chinese lady: aiyo, cute hor. macam bapak dia. hi boy...
Me: Girl la moi
Chinese lady: Oh ya ka?! takpa la, cantik macam mamak dia lah...
Me: -_-


Cousin: Hi baby. It is a boy right?
Me: A girl. She's wearing pink for goodness sake!

Some people said if you have a daughter she'll look more (or totally..) like the father and vice versa. But what about the theory that when you are pregnant, if you hate someone so much, your baby will look like that someone. And i don't think i hate my husband when i was pregnant with Milan!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mommy and Me

Finally, mommy agreed to give a full body pose. Taken when we went to ToysWorld in Miri. Mommy wanted to check on the baby bumbo price. End up i slept in the carrier while mommy syok sendiri. She bought me a pair of pink shoe, a milk bottle, some socks and a pair of knee guard. Yeah..yeah...she said i might not need it now. future use so i was told.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

BM rules!

Just an update. Just seconds ago, i noticed Milan's eye was not watery anymore n no discharge. Wat did i do?

My aunt told me to drop the breastmilk into her eyes, and i did! i did some research from the net also. and this is recommended by some paedetrician. yes, it will come again but i will surely do it again.

Just that it was quite difficult to drop the BM into her eyes. my baby moves a lot! she had BM all over her face before 2 drops managed to go in.

Starry starry eyes

Since i brought Milan to the child clinic and got the mucus sucked out, she is now getting better. then, her right eye seems to be after another. but this is what i got from

"Watery Eye - If your baby’s eyes seem to water all the time, whether the baby is crying or cheerful, your child may have chronically clogged or infected tear ducts—a condition known as congenital stenosis. You may see crusting or discharge around the eye, especially first thing in the morning. Generally, there’s no treatment required, babies outgrow this in their first year."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Dying Inside

Just came back from the child specialist to check on Milan's nose and eye. she got blocked nose every morning and her right eye always 'bertaik mata'. then, the specialist said she got bacteria in her nose hence affected the eye. conclusion: I'm stressed out and dying inside!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Limited Edition "Love Potion"

yesterday i tried to express my B milk at every 2-3 hours since Milan refused to drink directly. can't blame her cos if suck lama2, takde milk will irritates her lelangit also kan.

not even an ounce. since i still insist on Milan to drink it though not that many, i feed her using kesian my baby...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

For all the wrong reasons

My 2nd entry for the day. Since i am so worried about Milan's blocked nose. I tried to find any article from the net. And it is normal for babies below 6 months to have it. It is called "snuffles". sound yummy to me, like truffles.

So, hoping it will disappear somehow without affecting Milan's health.

Neither Here Nor There

Ok,for old time sake...i'm missing my girlfriends back in KL. I miss the shopping, the highway driving minus the jam (boleh ke ter'minus'?).

Again this is gonna be about breastfeeding. For now, i'm still feeling like a total LOSER. yeah, i know i shouldn't be. For this loser is still trying hard. not giving up. Thanks Hajar for giving me your sis in law fp link. Gosh, how i envy her. siap stock up penuh fridge. I'm super jealous tauk sik Hajar...should have done what she did. gather as much infos about BF while i was pregnant. when i was pregnant, i was so determined to fully BF my baby. but instead of reading about BF i was busy baking and jalan2. hari2 gi shopping. so, mom to be make sure you do your homework.

Now, lets talk about Milan. She is having difficulties to breathe every morning. say around 3-4am. She'll make that snorting sound.then she'll cry or sometimes scream when she feels it is so difficult to catch her breath. I took her to Marudi hospital to check up the other day. and we went to see the Penolong Pegawai Perubatan. A mid 20s guy. aduh kerek giler! doctor pun tak kerek camtu. ok, if i had a choice i would go and see Dr Ling (the only private clinic in Marudi) but Marudi was flooded. Included the clinic, therefore was closed. i asked him what can i do for her. "tepok2 belakang nya. mun ada kahak pake jari keluarkan". i said i did that tp tak jalan. he replied "try ajak". tau2 bagi panadol and ubat batuk.

I decided to go back to Miri for good and take Milan to see the specialist. I know mom won't agree and wants us to stay with her in kampung. Sure merajuk. But i'll explain. My priority is Milan. And i would never forgive myself if ever something happen to her *cliche*. I am so scared that problem might leads to asthma. *touch wood*. i totally blamed myself for getting Milan into that situation. i believe if i fully BF'd her since birth, she wouldn't have to go through all that. So Hajar, after reading your sis-in-law FP, i tried to pump the milk at 4am this morning. so sedih, can only managed to get 2oz. after pumping and pressing. then i remembered she said stay calm as your pump, so i stayed calm. Instead of staying calm i dozed off!!Lord, have mercy on me. i'll try again and again. I try making myself swallow the funny taste of fennel tea. urghhh...takpe for Milan, i'll swallow anything.

Finally, see how much that little princess has grow. sadly, with formula milk :). at 2mths old she weighs 4.3kg. born at 2.9kg. oh yeah, congratulations to Wedy n Wandy on the arrival of baby Rais Dasuki yesterday evening. enjoy motherhood darling..alamak...cant upload photo. next time lah


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