Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That Thing I Do

I promised to blog about the things i did when i was in kampung. So, here we go...during my spare time...i was making beads craft. It requires patience, determination and a pair of good eyes.

The pink one is meant for Milan. I thought it might be cute if she put her botol nenen inside it and carry the "gafeng" or "ajiet" on her back. Oh yah, "gafeng" and "ajiet" is how we call this thing in my native language.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Craps Strike Back!

Dear readers (ader ke?),

i'm back! well, Milan and i spent almost a month in my kampung. no particular reason, just to get Milan the feeling of kampung lifestyle and introduce her to her relatives there. it was quite a challenge raising an infant there considering it is quite a distant from a nearby town where the nearest hospital (or even clinic) is. Since a graduated to motherhood, all i care about is my baby's well being. There was once when she had that 'snuffles' and blocked tear duct, the experience mothers told me not to worry because it was just the wheather. Anyways, Milan passed the survival skills though her Ulai (grandpa) has to make sure that our generators is on during the day and through the night. Fyi, there is no electricity supply in my kampung. The generators (beli sendiri punya...) are normally on only at night, say from 6-10pm.

It was dry season in kampung. So, there was not much water supply as well. so, for Milan to mandi i've got to go down to the river and carry some water. Actually, my dad did pump some water for our daily usage but i just wanted to do something sweating and it was kinda good for the flabs around my arms. Talking about flabs, 'they' are still there and i'm just couldn't be bothered to get rid of it yet. it only worries me when i'm in the dressing room or when Milan can do her climbing up my tummy easily. Like i've said earlier, all i care about is Milan's well being. Mine, either becoming the least or totally forgotten.

Okies, princess is about to wake up pretty soon. I'll stop here and shall continue with what i did during my spare time (aka Milan sleeps) in kampung. till then, u guys take care...


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