Thursday, August 27, 2009


We went to Shaikh Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah Medical Centre. Just near the house, for her 8th month medical check up and to get the Bahrain's vaccination schedule. Actually we went yesterday around 3.30pm but the clinic was closed. oh ye, ni klinik kerajaan. For vaccination, better pg klinik kerajaan, and further more kat sini takde la kena beratur panjang or amik nombor etc. sebabnya, tak ramai orang.

tapi, nurse dia adalah kurang friendly. aku cakap thank you (2 kali tau..), tak jawab pun. maybe kena cakap "syukran" kut, tak tau. biasalah minah and mamat arab ni, kalau tgk asian mmg diaorg layan nak tak nak je. ala, macam orang kita jugak, nampak foreigner selain dari org berkulit putih mesti bias. so, we are having the same treatment here. lainlah kalau pegi private.

Her weight at 8mos is only 7.7kg. such a tiny baby she is.

Love in a different kind of way

I know i was just being emo. Milan just being a baby, gets cranky. So, i thought she wanted milk. And i make her one. And passed it to Mr Husband to feed her.

Later i heard him mumble2. Suddenly that little one refused to nenen plak. And started to play with the bottle instead. To which, Mr Husband (pukulan manja), hit her tiny hand. I thought i heard 'hitting sound', then i pulak hit him and say "not to hard" while menahan air mata bergenangan.

She is just too small to understand. Well, sometimes i did raised my voiced too. But, i never 'hit' her, not even the 'manja2' kind of.

Anyway, i was just being emo...whatever~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


. ever heard or read somewhere, somebody said or more to written actually..'my ANGLE' instead of 'my ANGEL'. Or while referring to your little one's photo, "owwwhhh..she is such an ANGLE". maybe typo error la kut...

. i prepared hainanese chicken rice for lunch (early) today only to find out that Mr Husband will be home at normal time (last two days he was early)

. my little one is sleeping. today i make her take her nap in the bedroom instead of living room (any other days). the other kids next door bising sangat whenever they balik rumah. hah...tu dah ada bunyik dah. Mr Husband told me, nanti Milan dah besar also sure like that. and my evil side gets the best of me, i replied "ya, by that time if they marah her bising, i'll teach Milan to reply "revenge is sweet!". Seriously?...NO! i'm not that bad after all.

. Milan is still sucking her pacifier. she can't even see it. If she does, within second, it is in her mouth already. like yesterday, i was feeding her dinner, then while waiting for her to swallow her food, i tengoklah tv kejap...kejjjaaaappp je. when i turned to her, she is already sucking her pacifier that i don't even know where she got it from.

. She is 8 months old today. crawling, sitting, learning to stand but no teeth yet. a slow baby, maybe...but like i always tell myself, as long as she is healthy, that's more than enough.

. my aunt's mother in law passed away today. met her only during my aunt's wedding which was like when i was 4/5 years old. but, i feel sad too for my aunt's family.

. I suddenly have this homesick thingy last night. i cried in the shower. i missed my parents and my anak2 buah at home. they are so adorable. i remembered when i was pregnant, the elder ones (5 years old) will advised the younger ones to not jump near me, otherwise 'aunty's baby' will refuse to come out they said. Lysa even picked a flower (bunga kat rumput luar rumah) and asked me to give it to my baby (in the belly). according to her, the baby wants and likes flower. she said the baby talked to her!

. that's about randoms. Mr Husband is about to reach. get to get the chicken rice ready, AGAIN!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Little Russ

My baby Milan is gonna be 8months old in 5days time. How time flies *cliche*. It is even faster than flying.

She is able to crawl (the spider style, not commando) and sit on her own on 13Aug. Sitting was a day before that on 12Aug. She suddenly lifted her body and move backward and SIT. Both of us were there. Me, being the 'emosi lemah' cried watching her did that. No sign of teeth coming out yet. She is dribbling yes...but that started few months ago. I wonder what took the teeth so long to come out :P.

She feeds porridge for her meals. For breakfast sometimes i'll give her cereal. She prefers Heinz than Cerelac. Me too. Heinz kinda softer in term of the texture. Cerelac is a bit to coarse and thick.

She mumbles a lot. "A ba...baba.., da..da..da, aie...eee.." and the like. Babytalks. Still on diapers. I try to potty train her everyday but to no avail, just yet. She'll refused to even sit on her baby potty, let alone do her 'business' with it.

A friend asked if i have anything else to do around the house everyday, other than taking Milan's photo. Well, that's the best method to capture her precious moments. Babies have so much of expressions when you come to think of it, they might not repeat the same expressions twice. If you don't capture it, sayanglah. Since i'm a stay-at-home mom, why not?

She moves around the house with her walker. i don't have any idea if walker will slowing your baby walking ability. But to me, she is safer in the walker. I'm so worry if she moves freely. Worry for her knocking her head on the wall, on the floor, the chair etc. She does spend her times on her playmat, so that she can practice her crawling and sitting and i can foresee CLIMBING as well. But that happens only when i'm around to watch her.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The yong tau foo as promised. doesn't look appealing enough without sesame oil and sesame seed.

Here's how the preparation goes:

The main ingredient. Instant YTF sauce, bought in Mydin (i love Mydin USJ sauces section. all kind of sauces.).

Fish cakes (bought at Asiana Market, Bahrain. It is a groceries store selling all kind of asian food stuff. Run by some koreans. And the uncle said Milan muka murah rezeki since she loves people and love to smile. Amen.)

And secekak kangkung.

Boil half a pot water with chicken stock. Then, put the fish cake and kangkung to simmer. Toss and cut. Then, add in the sauce. Walla...enjoy. The best YTF we can get in Bahrain!

Worry like a granny

I'm quite worry because of the photo above. That 'thing' in the photo is called Marvelon. It is a family planning pills on a 21 days basis. For every pack, i should've taken a pill each day without fail. And i have missed 3 pills!!!!

And if ever God is so generous with me by granting me another baby, i'm more than happy. But, i planned i will only have 2nd baby...say...when Milan is about 2yrs+. She is still my little baby to be a bigger sister. I'm on another pack immediately (skip the 7days rest), and I WILL MAKE SURE I TAKE EACH PILL EVERYDAY!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mom at 20's

Considering that most of my friends are mommies or having babies or planning to have baby, i thought maybe this is about time to write about our obsessions on our babies.

Be it in Facebook or blogs, mommies are talking mostly about their babies. The thing is, our babies mean the world to us. Knowing the fact that we were almost dying in pain for delivering them. Photos updated are mostly about the baby. Conversations are about the baby, baby stuffs, toys, what kind of formula (please breastfeed your baby if you can), what kind of diaper, what food do you give your baby etc.

I was reading this blog last night. A blog written by a young mom about her baby's progress. She was saying that most mothers are so obsessed with their babies up to the extent that they start to compare their development. I too have experienced this. There's one time that i talked to a friend who has a newborn baby as well, was telling her that my daughter can lift her head at 2wks old. She then said the same thing. Then , comparing baby's weight. This part, my little Milan is way to light. Well, she is not the Michelin cuddly type of baby. She's too active to preserve her 'baby fat'. At least she is healthy, and happy.

To the new mommy, be prepared to hear such comments like, my baby didn't cry during her monthly immunization, my baby sleeps through the night, my baby likes to drink milk, my baby weighs more than yours though yours is older etc. Anyways, it is your baby. Maybe, you are just proud to have her. Well, the next time you wanna compare, don't get too excited.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sambal Tomato

The other day, i was making sambal tomato for lunch. something i got from my sis-in-law. the other sis-in-law love it. siap sedih lagi sebab dah tak boleh nak makan my sambal tomato. Just wanna share the recipe:

2 big onions
4/5 tangkai cili padi
2 biji tomato (big ones - diced)

1. tumbuk cili, bawang merah and belacan (blend jer lah)
2. Tumis (minyak toksah byk sgt)
3. Add gula secukup rasa (garam toksah sbb dah ader belacan)
4. Bila agak2 dah naik bau, or almost masak, add in tomato.

Nikmatilah dengan penuh kasih sayang, sure sedap.

The Sambal Tomato

Contoh hidangan (sajer jer nak ngengada: bayam, chicken sweet&sour and SAMBAL TOMATO)

And, thanks to my malaysian selera yang tak mengira tempat yang serba kekurangan ni. I learn to make nasi lemak on my own. Taste better than any nasi lemak i have ever had. Of course lah rasa macam tu sebab masa tu lapar sangat. But, feedback from the tester (Mr Husband), "bolehlah you bukak business nasi lemak". Got banana leave some more friend, don't play2. Ok, the banana leave maybe the yang paling odd. Here, every supermarket will have a so call "Indian vegetable" section. You can find things like "jantung pisang", banana leaves, biji ubi and macam2 lagilah. Now that i've been here twice, i know macam mana nak hidup. Next, i'm gonna prepare Yong Tau Fu...behold.

Nasi Lemak Bolehlah

Monday, August 10, 2009


Since we are officially the stay home mommy and baby, guess there's nothing much to write about. Me, as usual busy with the little one and housework. i'll be up around 5.30am and start to cook Milan's porridge (she takes solid food already) and making breakfast for hubby.

Actually, Milan has cereal for her breakfast. the porridge is for her lunch. i need to cook it early cos i couldn't find any time when she's up. talking about time management. and she refuses to just sit in her walker or playing on the playmat while i do my houseworks. she kinda hate being alone. only when she take her nap, i'll take my shower, hang the laundry, tidy the house, cook etc. and when i say nap, she is taking a short nap. so, just imagine i did all that in say...about 1/2 an hr. and whenever i try to leave her, she'll scream her lungs out. pulling hairband, shirt and even her hair. but, just as i pick her up, she'll giggle.

Last saturday, we went to BCC (Bahrain City Centre)...hehe, it is actually 1 1/2 the size of subang parade. omg, she really loves going out of the house. she'll just smile at everyone she sees. at the parking lots, in the elevator, on the bench.Thats how i got to know some people. Like, Sumitra and her kids Anushri and Aditya. poor little baby, she wants friends. and she'll laugh whenever she sees her own reflection at the mirror. if only the weather here is breezy and less dusty, i'll take her out in her stroller every morning. just like the day we brought her for a swim at the apartment's swimming pool. she really enjoyed it. though terketar2 sejuk.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


We have safely arrived in Bahrain. now am blogging from the living room. Milan's asleep. Daddy's too. i was supposed to wake him up like half an hour ago. he kept on reminding me to wake him up every 10mins only to find him back to sleep.

Thanked God that Milan was such a sweetheart on our flight here. She just sleep, play and drink. i was quite nervous about her since this is her first long hours flight. but both me and hubby always think "tak payah fikirlah. we'll see how". not so much issue on the weather. it is summer, yes...but the hse is on a/c 24/7. the only time we bring her out is either on the evening or at night.

well, as to myself. same old routine in bahrain. except now i'm so occupied with Milan. she somehow has this separation anxiety that she can't even see me moving. she'll cry like nobody's business as if i'm leaving her. i did tried controlled crying and stuff but to no avail. she'll cry even louder. like this afternoon, she cried so hard, pulled her hairband, then pulled her shirt. so, cannot tahan see her like that i picked her up. and immediately she smiled like nothing has happened.

When she took her nap around 3pm, me and hubby were just browsing her photos when she was born. and, omg...i cried. i didn't shed a single tears the day she was born. not that i wasn't happy. i was SO on top of the world, but i was too tired and stunned. then i was jokingly told hubby, i'm having symptoms of pregnancy. waaa...not to soon but if it is happening, welcome no.2. but, i'm 99% sure...we are not pregnant yet.


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