Sunday, September 27, 2009

9 mos

Milan's 9mos already. Amongst her 'achievements' as at today:

1. Saying 'mamam' for eating or anything that goes into the mouth. Last night when i was on the bed with her, she constantly saying 'mamam' and munched. There's nothing in her mouth.

2. She crawls

3. She cruises along the sofa, coffee table, chair to get anywhere or to get to my laptop and 'slaps' it real hard.

4. I think i did not blog about this, the gool ol Pacifier is back. She cries a lot in her sleep and before bedtime. So, the only thing that works on her is that freaking pacifier. Not "shh...shhh", not even the pat on her bum-bum.

5. Still no sign on tooth coming out. Let alone teeth.

6. She's underweight as per Dr Ramon Mendoza (a philipino pediatrician). She weighs 7.69kgs when average 9mos babies should at least weighs 8.9kg. She eats everything under the sun and Dr Ramon suggested we try Similac Neosure for preme and low birth weight baby.

7. She makes noises when seeing people talking on the phone as if answering. People includes strangers in the mall.

8. Goes to bed around 10-11pm and wakes up around the 10-11am the next morning. And i got mixed up with her feeding time then. Late breakfast / early lunch?

9. I love her too bits!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Butter Prawn

Ok, that was my version of butter prawn. Just chunk in butter, garlic butter, salt and walla! but, yet to master is the skill of making the egg floss. hampeh! dah lapan puluh lapan kali masak butter prawn still my egg floss berketul2 camtu jugak. could it be the butter? i mean, more butter needed? i even whisked the egg in the frying pan. Mr Husband said maybe we need a wok instead of frying pad to make the egg floss. no idea.

Everytime i cooked this dish, he will laughed at the egg floss and said "still tak jadi ar?".

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love Motherhood

On saturday evening, we decided to take Milan for a walk at the nearby park. just a reward for her for behaving sweetly for the day. Took her nap and let us took ours, finished her milk and sit quietly in the trolley while we did our groceries shopping.

Enjoy the photos. Taken with handphone though, we didn't bring the camera.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

In Or Out

Poor thing...i read an ex-colleague's status in FB. She just had her ROM today and yet she is somehow not ready to be someone's wife.

Being married is not that bad after all. and so does being unmarried. and no doubt you will be nervous etc about it but then it is GONNA BE OK. it is normal to feel that way. everyone has it. been there, done that.

I too felt the same way before. I was scared that my girlfriends will stay away from me. Actually, they are always there, just like before. It's just, they are being understanding. Giving you some space, adjusting to the new life. Then, came the little miracle we call 'baby'. Again, you might be feeling worst. You know, you can't go out anymore without the little one tagging along. Again, i was wrong. Life is funner with all of these. My friends are more like godmothers to my baby daughter. Well, you will be quite busy with your new responsibility. And before you even realised, everyone will be busy with their own life. And you just have to follow the flow. Live the moment. Make time for your friends. As for me, honestly...the only different i have face is that the distant. even that doesn't keep us away from each other.

I read this somewhere. Marriage is about being in or out. There's no such thing as 'in between'. And I'M SO IN...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Am Not!

No, we are not pregnant again. Sorry for the 'false alarm' though as much as i want it to be true.

Maybe it was just the effect of the missing pills last month. I completed the pack that i started immediately, obediently. With a bottle of drinking water and the pill on the side table near my bed.

When i was pregnant with Milan @ 17 weeks.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Am i?

Am i ..... again? not sure about it, but my instinct says yes. whatever it is, i welcome 'it' with an open heart and loves.

I shall write about 'it' again soon, once i find out.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Pacifier Free - Part 2

Today is the 2nd day Milan is pacifier free. It seems it is quite easy to wean it off from her. Maybe they are right about the earlier you start the better. Since last night was the 1st day she slept without her pacifier, she woke up for milk at around 5am. Then, normally...we 'shoved' in the pacifier immediately as she finished her milk. Since, we are practising 'no pacifier' anymore, she just woke up and play! omigosh!! Milan is a kind of baby that slept through the night since she was 1month old. So, last night was the 1st night the daddy and i have to listen to her gargled her saliva, pinching my face, making '' sound. She only slept at almost 7am.

Supposedly, we are going to the local authority macam JPN la, called LMRA for her CPR. But, we canceled it because Milan only woke up around 10am. Will have to go tomorrow and if same thing happen tonight, we have to 'force' her to wake up.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pacifier Free

Bye-bye pacifier. Mama said she wants to give it to the me-meow.

I'm in the midst of wean off Milan's pacifier. I started this morning. No pacifier at all. Normally, she'll suck on pacifier when she wants to sleep. It was quite hard when she wanted to take her nap this afternoon. It was kind of hard for me to see her crying, but i keep telling myself. It's either now or too late for later. Well, she napped without it but with of course 'ngek-ngek' for about 15mins.

I told Mr Husband, we have to do this together. Jangan behind my back, bagi her the pacifier pulak. Then, she fell asleep without her pacifier just now. I know it sounds yucky but she has this habit of gargling her saliva. She found this recently. She made the gargling sound with her head on my arms, then suddenly quiet. She's asleep!!Yay...she's officially pacifier free today!

Most parents are concerned about their babies' teeth growth if using pacifier. I asked my mom. She said, NOT TRUE. My eldest brother sucked on pacifier like 24/7. Milan actually sucks pacifier only when she goes to sleep. Other than that, it is either she found it somewhere and decided to put it in her mouth or we put it in her mouth to 'shut' her up. She likes to scream unnecessarily. like, really LOUD! dekat rumah takpela, she does that in the mall too. habeslah parents dia jadi perhatian sekali...

On the other hand, most probably, Milan will call me Mama instead of Mommy. That was what i thought of until i read, at 8mos babies will learn making sounds like, 'ba, pa, da, ma". Duh!!

Friday, September 04, 2009


Normally our weekends are spent in the supermarket for groceries shopping. Be it in Lulu, looking for some veges, Ratchanee for asian veges or chicken feet or Oriental for salted eggs.

I'm not sure why but i still can't get my kitchen tidy, especially in the fridge and in the groceries cabinet. It is quite clean, at least that is what i think lah.

Clean kan?

Inside the fridge...haih, tengok pun dah penat. I think i'm just plain lazy

Inside the groceries cabinet, where i dumped everything (invisible from outside, hehe).

Spaghetti with lamb. I do have lots of time actually, hence the food presentation ala 1st class, konon.

Blended veges (orange-carrot, yellow-pumpkin, green-spinach) for Milan's porridge. This is going inside the freezer so that i don't have to spend so much time cutting them everytime.

My princess at the shopping mall, Seef Mall. about to close this time. during ramadhan their operating hours are something like 10-2pm, then close, then reopen from 6pm till midnight. All foods outlets are only open around 4pm. We miss pasar ramadhan. I particularly miss pasar ramadhan in Vista...huhu.

That (RM15, Forever21) hairband was used only once. luckily i managed to snap this photo. pastu, sampai rumah, patah 2.

Budak nakal yang tertido masa tengah main2.

And today, the ladies are going to Langkawi for Ape's bacheloratte (whatever the spelling is..) party. I yang telah lupa diri, siap mimpi2 nak join sekali. whenever i have this kind of dream, it feels so real until it comes across my mind, who is going to take care of Milan? then, i realised things aren't the same anymore. i've graduated to motherhood..hahaha. ada hati!

Yett, THE BRIDE TO BE, Me (6mos pregnant with Milan) during a Warisan Sarawak event in UM.

Us at the curve, Dec 2007.


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