Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jemput Makan

Suddenly i feel i blog a lots about food. Skuzi...but that's what my daily job all about.

On Monday, we had nasi kerabu. But not the complete one. Minus, daun kantan, keropok (substituted with popadom instead)and budu. But, anyhow it tasted good enough to us. The husband said, ok sangat tapi if you can MAKE the budu would be better. MAKE?!. My all time favourite, nasi kerabu. There was one time, we went to Kota Bharu for Jae's wedding. Sibuk je breakfast with nasi kerabu cos there breakfast with nasi kerabu is a must just like breakfast with nasi lemak in KL. And i love Pasar Siti Khadijah (selingan...). Back to the nasi kerabu. i thought of making solok lada but i don't have the big green chili and fish. I 'kow tim' the one and only big fat mackerel for the assam laksa on Sunday. Tu la, tamak sangat sampai my assam laksa looks like some kind of fish chunks soup.

And the other food for the week

The gravy for Assam Laksa was not made by me. I brought all the way from KL. Product by Sunbeam. Bought it at Mydin USJ. A little bit cair, so i added coconut milk. Then by the time i took the photo i totally forgot about the sliced cucumber and onion. I had to stop the husband who was excitedly eating and ran to get them.

Just to share on some facts about taking photos of foods that you eat. This is as what i read in a health magazine produced by AMH called " Family HEALTH". Entah mana diaorg dapat duit to publish and distribute free mags. Printed on glossy colored paper somemore.

Article title: Snap Your Way to Slimmer Hips

"Could your camera phone help you lose weight? One study seems to suggest so.

When people in a small study snapped a picture of everything they ate for 1 week, something interesting happened. They took better stock of their meals and ate less or ate more healthily because of it.

Just think of it as a digital version of a food diary - but better - because it forces you to think about what you're eating before you put it in your mouth, instead of after. With written food diaries, it's too late - you log your choices after the fact.

In the study, the simple act of taking a picture caused people to pay closer attention to how much they were eating, how diverse their food choices were, or how healthy the food was. And that extra thought and attention actually helped them eat better"

Fuhh..this is a long entry. Btw, i do agree with this article. Though i don't see the 'slimmer hips' in me after snapping so many photos of foods that i cooked. So, snap you flabs away!!!

Adus, nervousnyer...

Everytime i look at the countdown ticker of Milan's 1st bday, i feel nervous. one, for the fact that i was and so far is still planning to bake her bday cake myself. this weekend, i shall try baking the cake, hopefully with the frosting and fondant as well. trial run once before the real one.

And i have never cook for a big crowd before. Considering my family is a big family but that is a different case cos anything i cook for my family is sedap to them. The invitees for the birthday party will be mostly the daddy's friends who are now my friends too. The daddy said, nasi briyani tapau from an indian restaurant. I'll just have prepare laksa sarawak and if ada masa lagi maybe nasi kerabu (minus the bunga kantan) or nasi lemak, depends on votes (chewah...). Ye lah, some people don't eat nasi kerabu for the blue colored rice, raw veges and stuff. But maybe nasi lemak lah kut, lagipun budu takde. Haih, so indecisive eh...errr...what's new?

It's Thursday again. I haven't even write about our last weekend outings. Maybe later today.

The Gift of A Friend

Dear Sayeng,

Thank you for being a great friend.
Thank you for always be there in my good and bad times.
Thank you for you little time listening to my cries.

This song is for you.

Gift Of A Friend

Demi Lovato

Sometimes you think you'll be fine by yourself
'Cause a dream is a wish that you make all alone
It's easy to feel like you don't need help
But it's harder to walk on your own

You'll change inside when you realize

The world comes to life and everything's bright
From beginning to end when you have a friend by your side
That helps you to find the beauty you are
When you open your heart and believe in the gift of a friend
The gift of a friend

Someone who knows when you're lost and you're scared
And there through the highs and the lows
Someone you can count on, someone who cares
Beside you wherever you'll go

You'll change inside when you realize

The world comes to life and everything's bright
From beginning to end when you have a friend by your side
That helps you to find the beauty you are
When you open your heart and believe in the gift of a friend

And when your hope crashes down
Shattering to the ground you, you feel all alone
When you don't know which way to go
And there's no signs leading you home, you're not alone

The world comes to life and everything's bright
From beginning to end when you have a friend by your side
That helps you to find the beauty you are
When you open your heart and believe in
When you believe in, when believe in the gift of a friend

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10 mos

She's 10 months old already?! It is hard to believe, but in 2 months time, she'll be 1! sometimes, both me and hubby will watch her video and photos taken when she was still very much a baby. and we would wish that she don't grow up so fast. But at this moment, we enjoy every bit of her. She's so playful and cheeky. Though i have to count in the slapping, jumping, climbing, pulling hair etc. And soon, the BITING! But, nothing can compares to the KISSING. Sometimes she would just stop doing whatever she is doing and kiss me...priceless i must say.

Love you to bits sweetie.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Randoms Piccas

Some randoms pics here and there, this and that. Enjoy...

Some foods that i learned to cook during my stay here. Staying away from homeland improves my cooking skills.

My version of hainanese chicken rice.

Some photos of foods we bought here.

1. Cheesecake ice cream from Cold Stone. I watched Oprah show interview with the Cold Stone founder (husband and wife), so i thought of giving it a try. One word, SEDAP!

2. Priya Mango Pickle. From India. Sangat sedap dinikmati bersama nasi panas. It tastes like a sambal belacan tapi masam with manggo cubes then rasa pedas n manis sikit. Thats the best i can come up with, :P

3. Oh, this one i made it myself. Cili jeruk.

4. Sayur sawi and telur masin. Big deal? Yes, if you are in Bahrain. That pack of sawi costs around RM9 and 1 telur masin is RM3!!

And of course photos of my little girl dreaming away...i never knew i had taken lots of photos of her sleeping. right from her first day.

oh yeah, my baby has a tooth coming out soon. Only noticed it today. Top front left. I asked her paed about it during her last visit as in why hasn't my baby grow teeth yet. And she explained that i only need to worry about it if no sign of teeth at 13mos. Then, she said normally, the bottom front will come out first. But Milan grows the top ones first.

Pelangi is Nicholle

Baby Pelangi is named Evalouissa Nicholle Lemat (late grandma was Louisse Lemat). Sungguh canggih her name. I was jokingly told my sister to tell my brother that his daughter will have a difficulty spelling out her name in school.

She is back in Kuching (her mama's kampung). Of course the mama wants to be with her mama also. And i heard she is gonna be staying with her grandma in Kuching after her mama confinement period. Kesian Nicholl. Mama dia nurse, kerja shift then Papa dia (my bro) kena pergi kursus in Perak for 2 months. Kecik2 dah kena tinggal.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The bread that talks

Just our weekends outings:


* Went to Aramex sebab nak collect baju2 Milan yang I bought online. Tapi Aramex tutup lah pulak. Kan Friday, break for prayer. Macam tak faham jer.

* Lunch dekat Sumo Sushi. Mahal lah nak mampus! For the 2 lunch set (mine: Unagi bento, the daddy: another lunch set with sashimi of course!) he paid 19dinar (agak2 lah kali ngan 9 camtu). Kalau that price makan kat Sake Sushi ok lah jugak. Kalau makan dekat Sushi King lagi ok.

*Balik rumah terus pastu sebab dah lapar sangat.


* Pegi Aramex lagi sekali and collected the baju2

* Since we were around the area, the daddy asked if nak try breadtalk kaya bun yang berharga 800fils (+-RM8/). Fyi, I never go to Breadtalk in KL sebab I normally don’t eat pastries. Kalau nak pun makan Rotiboy je kot. Or, sandwich dekat kantin bawah office.

*Sampai breadtalk, belilah kaya bun 1, Milan nyer honey marble cake slice 1 and another bun.

* Sebab dah lapar again, masuk lah Chilis kat sebelah breadtalk tu. Mine (NewYork Strip) and daddy (burger apa ntah). Milan macam biasa friendly sangat dok jerit2 dalam Chilis tu. ‘Sumbat’ dia dengan marble cake tu. Mommy masuk piece by piece. Masuk 1 piece she shouted “mamam” loudly. After every bite she does that!

* Bolehlah makan dengan aman sebab adalah waitress pinoy yang rajin nak layan Milan. Tapi lepas the lady blah, dia dah start duduk sideways dalam high chair. Pastu nak keluar plak. So, I told the daddy, dahlah. Tapau je my food. Jom balik.

* Before balik singgah supermarket nak beli ayam for her porridge. Sambil tu tengok2 bahan for her birthday cake. Alamak! The chocolate wordings and numbers yang I nampak haritu dah takde! Takpe, sempat lagi cari lain.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Visit To The Doctor

The other day, we went to AMH again to check on Milan's rashes. But this time with a different doctor. Sib baik gak dr yang sebelum tu takde (a male paeditrician) sbb dr ni lagi bagus. Siap explain about baby's food, allergies and mcm2 lagi lah. yg sebelum ni, byk senyap je. Even Milan likes her. When the dr asked questions, she just looked at the dr and made the "blah...blah" sound. as if she is answering and telling the dr what her 'real' problems are. cute little thing!

amongst others, i got to know:

- you can feed a <1yos baby with only egg yolk. NOT THE EGG WHITE! due to the complex protein content. But, be sure to hard boiled the egg as egg is easily contaminated

- introduce small amount of new food for at least 5 days in a row. The reason being, if your baby is allergic to the new food, it is detectable

- you only need to worry if your baby's first tooth does not appear by the time she reaches 13 months. A scan will need to be done to check on the gum

- sign of teeth coming out would be swollen and hardening gum

- measles will starts from face and then spreads to the whole body. Before that, baby will experience high fever

And about Milan rashes she prescribed a cream. It was not an allergy or the like since it was localised (appeared at only specific area).

I want to play with that little house Daddy, i want!!

She looked occupied, tak pandang kiri kanan dah

Playing at the clinic's playground while waiting for the Dr

With the nice doctor, Dr Elizabeth A. Enriquez

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Pelangi

Like a beautiful rainbow after the rain, God send us this little angel. Me and brother no.2 decided to call her baby Pelangi for the time being. Parents dia tak bagi nama lagi.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grandchild no 9

Looked so much like her Papa

Welcome baby no.9 to the family. My Mak and Bapak cucu no.9 was born today 14.10.2009. She was not 'keen' to meet Mama and Papa yet but she was 'forced' to, hehe. After induced for almost 2 days, sis Jes kena Caesar. Sian dia, nak sangat deliver normal...takpe, maybe next one.

As at now, no name yet. Some proposed her name must includes Uyi's. Something like 'reincarnation' of the late grandma...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Last Goodbye

bye bye Uyi

The family in the church

Randoms lagi...

I like posting random posts. No elaborations just main points. Easy for me to type and easy for you to read aye...?

. I'm feeling ok already. Grandma's funeral today. I think everything is done by now. Mass at 9am. by 1 or 2 pm dah settle lah tu.

. I don't like strangers request in Facebook. Does the amount of friends you have even significant? I only accept request from people i know. Sorry.

. Planning to take Milan to the AMH today. She has rashes under her left armpit. It actually had dried up but i noticed some black patches (lebam like kind of patches). Just to make sure she is fine.

. Yesterday had a video call with family at home. When i asked my 3yos niece about her great grandma, her whereabout. She answered "Fen dah tak ada. Dia dalam cupboard". Cupboard = casket.

. Milan macam makin kuruslah i think. haih...takpa la as long as she is healthy. Healthy in my concept is active and happy.

. I got to do some shopping and wardrobe make over. I noticed i wear the same outfit everytime nak keluar. same jeans, same top. Sometimes, T-shirt rumah. What a disaster? rasa nak pakai abaya je, senang. Tapi, saya adalah ke'pokai'an. huhu...

. My sis in law tak beranak lagi. Dah 2 hari kut dah masuk ward and di'induce'. kesian dia. harap2 tak kena caesar.

. Tak jumpa lagi car seat yang sesuai for Milan. So, for now, daddy is the supir, mom and Milan are back seats passengers.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sista Sista (Lemat and Bulan Lipang)

This is a photo of my late grandma (Lemat) and her older sister (Bulan). They were the last two in the family. Now only grandma Bulan is still alive. I guess she is more than 100 years old already. Last year, my aunty, grandma Bulan's daughter died of the same case as my grandma. Slipped in the bathroom, knocked the head real hard and just gone.

Grandma Bulan ni nyanyuk sikit. The other day we went to bring grandma jumpa her sister ni. I belilah sikit barang dapur for her and bagi some duit. Boleh dia baling je duit tu atas tilam. Tah selamat tak duit tu. Then, she ajak my grandma masuk bilik sebab ada benda nak cakap she said. Pastu, tanya nenek, apa Pok (nenek) Bulan cakap, "dia tanya, you (my grandma) dah kahwin ke? mana ur husband?"...hahaha...kelakar n comel je Pok Bulan tu. Masa nak balik tu, dia pesan kat nenek "kalau ada berita pasal i jatuh sakit, cepat2 datang jumpa i, takut tak sempat nak jumpa". tapi dah ajal, nenek pegi dulu than her. Macam tu lah, dah ajal.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Uyi selalu cakap

Uyi selalu cakap dekat cucu-cucu lain:

- Ubok (me) baik
- Ubok pandai ambik hati Uyi
- Ubok tak reti cakap kasar
- Ubok baik dengan budak-budak
- kalau rumah tempat Ubok tinggal dekat KL tu landed, Uyi nak duduk dengan Ubok
(Uyi takut nak duduk apartment, tinggi sangat katanya. dah tu macam duduk kat gua sebab takda laman)

Paling last Uyi cakap, nanti Milan balik Malaysia dah tak nak dekat Fen sebab lama tak jumpa. Pastu, Uyi cakap...itu pun kalau sempat jumpa Uyi. True enough, Milan tak sempat nak jumpa Fen.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Gone and Helpless

My grandma passed away unexpectedly around 10pm on 8.Oct.2009. She was one healthy grandma. Only slight problem with high blood pressure. But, the good Lord loves her more. She collapsed in the bathroom and became unconscious. After MRI, she was confirmed having a concussion. To which the doctor said, "nothing else we can do".

My sister Dewi sms'ed' me asking if anyone informed me about Uyi (grandma in Kiput) being admitted to the hospital. At first i thought she was admitted due to her high BP. But, when Dewi told me that Uyi collapsed in the bathroom, became unconscious, was in ICU and in line for MRI my heart ached. I cried and cried and prayed for her recovery though in my heart i know that can't be good. I tried hard not to cry and put myself together for Milan. She was sleepy and refused to take her nap. While singing to her with my trembled voice, i exchanged sms with Dewi. She said, "Uyi had concussion, now in the female ward, and depending on the oxygen machine". I cried in silence. Then, when Milan finally sleeps, i went to the living room and cried again. Then, i got a call from Dewi. My heart raced!!!NO, PLEASE NO!!!. I took a deep breath before answering her call (she is in UUM and she called my bahrain no...can't be calling for fun right?!). She cried and told me "Uyi is gone". I asked her to put off the phone cos both of us were crying and no talking.

When i looked at Milan, i cried harder cos when i was in confinement, i only have my grandma with me. Not my husband, not my mother. She was there whenever i went through my different phases of life. married, pregnant and had a baby. AND NOW I CAN'T BE THERE ON HER FINAL DAY. I'M FEELING SO HELPLESS....SO VERY HELPLESS! I LOVE YOU UYI AND I'LL MISS YOU AS ALWAYS!

Gosh, i need to put myself together. I've been crying since 5pm today. Now it is 9.25pm. I can feel like my eye balls are popping out already. I cried when preparing Milan food, i cried reading sms'es' from home, i cried in the toilet, i cried and cried and cried. Milan is in good care of the daddy. I can't talk and i find writing about grandma as another way to ease my mind and soothe myself.

The last dinner with grandma, before we left to Kuching-KL-Bahrain. Nenek tolong ayun Milan dalam buai malam tu.

Milan at her 4mos i think with Fen (great grandma)

On 26th night, right after i delivered Milan. She kissed my forehead... :(

Old photo. Taken when we had late grandpa (her beloved husband) 1st year anniversary.

Chit chatting at home. Just few days before delivered Milan.

During our 'betarang' ceremony.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Hari Keputerian

Plus minus 2months, Milan is gonna be 1. Fast enough? Very fast for me. Like any moms would say, "macam baru semalam je lahirkan dia".

Being a perfectionist, i want everything to be in order for her 1st birthday. I've got the theme color (not telling you :)...), invitees, menus and her dress.

At first i wanted to have a Cold Stone ice cream cake for the birthday cake. But, the daddy said...i'm sure Milan would like Mommy to bake her 1st birthday cake. So, walla! I have the recipe of the birthday cake and the decorations in mind already. Since last weekend, everytime we are in the supermarket, i'll go to the 'home baking' section to do some 'survey' of the ingredients and decorations for the cake.

Menus...hopefully we will have nasi lemak and laksa sarawak. Well, when you are away from home, the Malaysian foods is the best for every occasions. I still can't figure out the foods for Indians guests. Tak pun, order for delivery kat kedai makan India jer la. berlambak pun. since, derang tak makan makanan ala malaysian ni.

Last weekend pun pegi survey christmas decorations. dah start jual dah...hehehe

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Walk Tall

The little princess can now walk few steps. It started on Thursday (01.10.09). I was preparing to bathe her and the daddy was jumping (more like lompat setempat) in front of the bathroom door. Suddenly, she let go my hand and just walked towards him. I screamed in joy and fear!!!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Most Important Man in Our Life

Tomorrow (Bahrain time) or today (Malaysia time) is my bapak's 60th birthday. And i feel kinda sad cos we can't be around him to celebrate. My bapak is in kampung, while mak is in Miri. On call duty as Jes, my 3rd sis-in-law is menghitung hari nak bersalin. How i wish the newcomer decides to come out tomorrow. same day with bapak's birthday.

I remember how i was so close with my bapak when i was a little girl. i would cry and complain to him when ever my mak scolded or hit me. tak sakit pun nangis tak ingat. i am the first girl in the family. so mak was a bit strict on taking care of me. supaya tak jadi boyish ikut the abang2. but, i was so small that i didn't get it. i thought my mak tak sayang me like my bapak. pastu suka nyanyi2 lagu 'anak tiri' tu. ala...the one "betapa malang nasibku, semenjak ditinggal ibu...". made my mak lagi marah! hahaha...

And my bapak is the nurturing type, just like my husband with Milan. and me, so very like my mak. bapak would never hit us. paling2 pun marah mulut je. ok, now i feel really sedey! When i was just 5 years old, i used to cry every morning nak follow bapak to school. he was a teacher. so, he brought me along. my dad used to teach at iban community schools. hence, the fluent iban speaking me. our nannies were ibans most of the time.

I remember clearly, i used to hide in the blanket next to him when watching Indonesian horror movies. Cos i was damn scared and next to him is the safest place to be. But, as i grow bigger things change. rasa segan pun ada nak manja with bapak. Until, the day they left Kuching few days after my wedding. i was left with my husband since we were flying Kuching-KL-Bahrain. As he hugged my, i saw tears and as he hugged my husband he whispered "take good care of Carol"...

That's my bapak. i guess i better stop here, jiwaku semakin lemah :(. Happy 60th birthday bapak. Wish you all the happiness in the world, may the good Lord bless you with good health always.


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