Monday, November 30, 2009


Amazed with the fish!

Lil Milan is already 11mos old on Nov 26 and Mommy only managed to update blog today. Daddy is still on leave. Went to BCC last night because i need to find a boots and jacket. Sangatlah packed that area. even queue nak masuk parking pun panjang. so we parked at the open area outside. tapi kena jalan jauh, dahlah lupa nak bawak milan's cap. kesian Milan sejuk. on the way balik tu, mommy dah beli lah a cap from mothercare. Mommy bought her boots at Forever21 (well, the murah2 dah la kan. bukannya nak pakai selalu pun. entah2 sekali je pakai).

Lebih kurang mcm ni lah my boots tu. Pic courtesy of

Cuaca sekarang makin sejuk, berangin. memanglah tak snowy tapi i ni jenis tak tahan sejuk. kena angin je ketar2. the other night we went out teman daddy gunting rambut, keluar2 je tgh hujan, alahai...cap Milan tak bawak then payung lak takde. Tak terfikir lah nak beli payung kat sini. Lepas malam tadi, mommy just keep one of her cap in the handbag.

Ok, about Milan. She is:

1. Getting more friendlier to strangers
Oh my, this part Mommy really doesn;t know what to do about it. I'm fine with her being friendly but not too friendly. Whenever we are at the mall, she'll wave or smile or even walked to strangers and sometimes will just pull their bag etc. Last night, she was pulling the hanging price tag of and Indonesian guy queuing behind her daddy at the counter. Then, she wanted to play with a Saudi girl aged maybe around 6 years old. budak tu malu2 pulak. Because of her behaving like that, i met few mothers. Bahraini, Colombian, Indian, Filipino etc. Kdg2 tu kena dkt org yang suka budak, takpela. kdg2 kena org yg jenis tak suka, masam je kena kacau dgn Milan.

2. Walking
She is able to walk and carrying things at the same time. She prefers to walk on her own all the time. Stroller is not in use anymore. Can't even remember when was her last time sitting in it. Even in the house, she walked all the time. She only sits still if there is advertisement on tv. Especially, when Demi Lovato sings the "Gift of a Friend". I am not quite sure if it is because of the song or the Tinkerbell's clip. Dia punya suka tengok clip tu sampai she suddenly disappear from the kitchen (or wherever i am) and stand still in front of the tv until lagu habis. Pastu masuk balik kitchen.

4. Teeth
She has 4 teeth at the moment. 2 top and another 2 bottom. The top ones has a wide gap that i looks like it can fit another teeth. She likes to bites our hands. But, whenever she bites, though i feel geli, i try not to make any response. Because if you response i.e: scream etc, they will get excited and bite even harder.

5. Playing
She loves ball, balloon or should i say anything round inclusive of traffic lights and even the 'pearl' at the Bahrain Pearl roundabout. She will say 'buh' for ball. And she still loves playing with the empty bottles, straw, empty containers, plastik bags and shoes. She can lepak at the shoe rack for a long time.

The 'Buh' is the round thing on top of the sculpture (supposedly a pearl). Milan kalau lalu roundabout ni, she will look at the pearl and make the 'buh' sound until it is lost in sight.

*pic googled.

6. Vocabulary
She can now pronouns "Mama" and "Papa" and tag them correctly. See, when she started to make the "pa", "ma" sound which Milan started at 9mos+, she was just making the sound and was not able to tag it to me for "Mama" or the daddy for "Papa". "Buh" for ball. "Mamam" for eating, "Nen" for drink and "Hi". "Mmmah" for kiss.

7. Understanding Instructions
She understands "come here", "no", "dirty" which she then repeats as "tateh", "give mommy/ daddy", "shake hands". So far, she also understands and point to the correct thing, when asked "where's christmas tree/ snowman/ mimzy?" or whenever she hears the word "where" she'll make the "look around" looks.

8. Physical
She is still very light i.e: only close to 9kg. She is till wearing some of her 6mos clothes! But we always have the need to buy her new shoes. Not sure of her height.

9. Sleeping
She sleeps whole night through except making sound for milk or her full diaper.

10. Feeding
She is on Promil Gold Step 2 formula. soon, either continue with Step 3 or change formula if she still doesn't gain much weight. Anyhow, we will have to consult her paed first. For breakfast and lunch, she'll have either cereal or rice porridge. Snack time after her nap, fruits or biscuits. And dinner with porridge. The only problem is to make she drinks plain water. She can sip from her drinking bottle with the straw sometimes but most of the time, she'll just play with it. Poured the water out.

11. Activities
She spends most of her time watching tv and play (ya la, what else babies can do kan?). especially advertisements and songs. And she loves books. She'll just sit and open her book, points at the pictures and making sounds as if she is reading. She can dance too!

Friday, November 27, 2009

We Still Do Date

Ok, i'm sure this is boredom already. my 2nd post in 1 hour.

Last night, Milan slept early. So, me and the daddy had our "zaman muda2 time" (the way he said it last night). We watched movies. First, Twilight, then omg..i forgot the 2nd one...then, Haendae (a korean movie about tsunami).

I'm not really into Twilight like most of my friends are. So, i was just watching for the sake of knowing what is going on with this worldwide obsession towards Edward Cullen, :). Well, how do i feel about him after the movie, mmmm...biasa je. sorry peeps. it was just me.

ok, back to our date last night. we ordered Hardey's meal delivery (cheese burger, fries, softdrinks) and another milkshake for me. Ha, manala nak kurang the 'excess baggage' aku! anyways, i do kind of worry about the 'lemaks' but i am not the type that restrict my diet. i still eat all i want but moderately. and still looking forward to a gym workouts. so far, mmg 'looking' at the gym je lah pun. 'working' belum pernah lagi. the last i went was when i was pregnant with Milan. I better push myself before we have EL or ER (yes, i already have my 2nd child's name!). Talking about accumulation. Lainlah accumulation of wealth.

Aik melalut lagi. ok, back again to the main subject. Kesian sangat the daddy because he downloaded so many movies for us to watch but i normally don't have time to watch them with him. It's either i fell asleep when i put Milan to sleep or i fell asleep even before the movie started. So, finally last night we managed to watched 3 movies at a time. *Still can't figure out the 2nd one*. See, this is the thing when you are married and have kids. You really have to find you-yourself time, you-husband time or you-friends time. Both of us will be tied up with Milan when she is awake. She requires attention. Though she sometimes play on her own but she needs to be monitored constantly. My girl is a little bit clumsy. She might knock her head somewhere or trip among her toys. So, the only time we have for each other is when she is sleeping.


I don't know what has gotten into me tonight. I feel plain bored. And my feet are cold. Hubby's off to futsal, Milan is asleep. Maybe merely mood swings i guess. Meaning no baby yet? Seen so many newborns of friends this month. Make me wanna have my 2nd one soon. Well, i'll sure put the news here first. But, as at now, not yet.

Errrr...ok, hubby is on a long Eid Ul Adha holiday. From today (Thursday) until Weds or Tues (not so sure) next week. And we can't figure out yet what to do. That's what i don't like about living here in this island. Nothing much to do. If you are somewhere in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, at least you can drive to Oman etc. You can drive there too from here but to get through Saudi is quite a hassle (visa thingy).

Well, let me show you around our sweet little house for a little bit(with the christmas mood).

The aquarium and the plant i bought on the dining table.

Milan's christmas tree. It looks beautiful with the lights off. I mean, when you put the rice lights on.

The painting, we bought it for around RM30. I kind of like it.

And food;

Meatballs, mashed potato and tuna macaroni salad

Had it with a glass of air sirap...slurrrpppp!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nak blog guna bahasa ibunda jap la. Ingat nak blog dengan bahasa 'ibunda' the real one, tapi sumpah takde seorg pun yang akan faham, hehe.

Hari tu, the daddy ajak tengok citer yg didownload. ye la, harus lah didownload, mana nak ada dvd lagi. dengan seronoknya, kami pun mulalah berbaringan sambil tengok movie tu. agak lambat lah jugak. nak kena tidokan Milan dulu, jemur kain baju, susun toys dia yang 'berkeliaran'. semua ready, agak2 dalam pukul 11pm jugakla start movie nya.

Tengok intro dah semacam dah. Tanya hubby "eh, i thot this movie mcm gempak. apsal intro mcm semacam je. the scenery looked like scenery dekat my kampung". Takpe, layan je. Baru tgk quarter, senyap je orang sebelah ni kan. rupa2nya dah tido. dia cakap, nanti bila part yang tsunami, earthquake sumer baru kejutkan dia. sebabnya citer tu agak membosankan. Pastu, casts sumer mcm tak kenal. Bilalah Amanda Peet and John Cusack dah keluar2 ni? Aku layan lagi walaupun agak mengantuk. Tau2 je dah ending, John Cusack kemana, aku kemana.

Rupa2nya salah movie. Tajuk sama pulak? ntah. Patutlah poyo semacam je orang2 kat dalam tu. siap ada scene perempuan lari, sekali tengok macam jogging. pastu sampai2 town tiba2 mcm muka cemas. rupa2nya nak mintak tolong pasal ada emergency. tah, mengarutlah citer tu. Papadom lagi best! nekad taknak nangis pun boleh 'ter'nangis.

Ok, back to the apocalypse kan. tadi baca blog org (ya, saya suka blog hopping). dok overseas la orang tu. dia cerita pasal area dia duduk dah tak snowing dah pasal global warming. so, bagitau hubby. then, dia cakap...mmglah the earth is moving differently. So, the world is changing. Dengan lurus bendulnya " msia akan ada snowlah?". aduh, mcm mana boleh tanya soalan 'begok' tu pun tak tau. "msia tak kan lah ada snow. tp, tgklah sekarang kan sejuk je kat sana". "But there will be disasters all around the world la" he added. I pulak cakap lagi "oh...i thought the earth is gonna explode!". mcm celupar tak mulut?

Then, hubby cakap. nanti before, nak kena make sure balik Malaysia or better still Kuching. Sebab, kalaulah betul, tempat ni sure paling bahaya sebab island kecik je. eeee..taknak fikir dulu. Takutlah...

Ingatkan tengok yang ni...

Sekali tertengok yang ni...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wish i was there

Talking about friends, congratulations to Caroline U. and Laura on their weddings on 14.11 and 21.11. So happy for them. They both looked stunningly gorgeous!!!

More often than not, i have to admit that i do feel bad for not attending my friend's special day especially they had made it to mine. And then, envied their photos together. pathetic!!haha.

Anyways, when you have graduated to motherhood, somehow you'll feel left out. Firstly, for your mind is always thinking of your baby at home. At that you have to go home early. And i'm speaking as a mother of 1. What more if you have more than that? And sometimes, you have no clue of what are the discussed topic all about since somehow you are in the different league now.

Last night, we went out to refuel the car and buy Milan's formula. And then, we ended up bought Milan's formula and pet fish, oh yeah...and a pot of water bamboo (whatever they call it). I'll post pictures soon. So, on our way back, i told hubby that i miss my close friends. And i realised that i attended none of my close friends wedding!!The only friend's church wedding i attended was Amit's (hubby's friend)! Whenever i have an invitation for wedding, i'll always be away. Away as in so far away, here. If i were to be still within Malaysia, i would be "menyibuk" just like i menyibuk for Ninie's. And hubby was jokingly said "maybe they purposely have their wedding when you are not around just to get rid of you"...haha. So funneh...but certainly not true.

Dear friends, though i can't always be around, you know that i would if i could.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Not that i'm pregnant again. tp mcm hubby cakapla "mana u tahu?". so far belumlah.

I was just thinking of baby's stuff or gadgets. Firstly:

1. Baby's crib

When i found out that my first baby is a girl, i started to look for a crib. And mostly with girly designs. Pink, flowery etc. Then, since i went back to Miri to deliver and doesn't really stay at one place for long, i ended up not buying any. Milan sleeps with me all the time and then when we came to Bahrain she still co-sleeping. Until on 13.08.09, she started to crawl, we bought a playpen after considering how expensive a baby's crib could costs us. A good crib (steady wood, spacious) itself can costs up to RM1K. And there are mattress and bumpers. And since our little girl is kind of 'lasak', we were a bit worried about her putting her legs in between the rails or knock her head at the upper rails. Hence, we chose playpen. Ever since then she sleeps in the upper part of the playpen. Since the top part is detachable, i can easily rock her to sleep. Some mothers i know have the baby's crib as baby's stuff storage by the time the baby turns 1. And the baby sleeps with them on the bed.

And this is how her playpen looks like. twice as cheap as the crib but more spacious.

2. Stroller

Then, berangan also to buy a nice pink stroller. But then, when we were in Miri, we don't really go out. I used my nephew's stroller to bring Milan jalan2 along the longhouse or put her in while i do houseworks. We only bought her stroller when we were in Kuching. A cheap one. I suddenly feel that, a lightweight and small one will do. nasib baik tak beli yang mahal2, cos this little girl refused to sit in her stroller. Her stroller will normally jadi trolley for angkut barang2 groceries.

Instead of the one in the photo above, Milan's is the one in lime green below. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lagi lagi weekend

Haih, it's weekend again! Nothing to look forward to as usual. Apa nak buat ek? Kalau ikutkan hati memanglah nak ukur keluasan shopping malls sambil2 survey winter clothing. Hubby said wait until end of the month. Then, end of the month it is. Need to buy a mid-calf boots, leggings, jacket, scarf, beanie...hmmm quite a long list. Tu baru mommy punya, Milan lagi. Pening daddy. I can't imagine if we are to have 2 more girls. This is gonna be my first winter here. I don't know what to expect. Daddy said, rumah kena off aircond. then, nak keluar kena la pakai at least sweater. Mandi at mid day. Actually, in December the Malaysian Club has organised a picnic at the desert, that's why we need the winter clothing for. Last year they said the temperature was at 11degrees with wind. We are a bit worried about Milan. Because she can easily catches cold.

Milan knows how to dance already, hehe. Cheekier and friendlier. She'll smile to everyone, everywhere.

Maybe, tomorrow i'll make apam balik again. Hubby loves it. Crispy and yummeh!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Begawan Solo

As at now i'm feeling sleepy but i feel like blogging. These few days Milan and me had been listening to the daddy playing "Begawan Solo" with the ukulele. Then, yesterday i told him "dah pening la listen to that song with ur tiny guitar", and today he played the same song with the 'real size guitar'! LOL!

Photos again...

This one is for NurHidayah. No, aku baruk perasan ada paduh sigek cup aku nok bunga2 ros, tapi free gift Perl Cafe, hehe.

And again, some foods for the week.

And lastly, Milan and daddy getting her first christmas tree up.

Time does flies fast, last year when i put up christmas tree at home for my nieces and nephews i was heavily pregnant with Milan. Like this heavy...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Of Dreams

Last night i went to bed at 9.30pm. Right after i tucked Milan to sleep. Then, all i remembered was i was at my longhouse, and there's somebody drunk. You see, in my kampung drunken people always fight. So, i was in my cousin's house and the weirdest thing was my late grandma was there too. she doesn't talk obviously. That's how dead people appear in my dream, they don't speak. So, apparently this drunk guy went inside my cousin's house. Everyone ran together except for me. I ran upstairs and tried to hide under a pile of clothes. And i heard footsteps coming closer. My heart thumped. AND.......Milan cried. But, that too appeared in my dream. Quiet Milan, he will find mommy if you make noise. Like how did Milan was hiding with me?, i woke up and feel rather thirsty.

I had few common dreams:

A. Dream of my teeth falling out
I hate it when it happens. The last i had this dream was few days back when my wisdom tooth ached. My teeth will somehow easily falling out. Just move my tongue and all the teeth will fall. And i'll spit them out but it seems more are falling. and my hands will be all covered with teeth and blood.

The meanings (source:
1) reflect your anxiety about your appearance and how others perceive you.
2) may stem from a fear of your sexual impotence or the consequences of getting old.
3) fear of being embarrassed or making a fool of yourself in some specific situation.
4) sense of powerlessness
5) In the Greek culture, when you dream about loose, rotten, or missing teeth, it indicates that a family member or close friend is very sick or even near death.
6) according to the Chinese, there is a saying that your teeth will fall out if your are telling lies.

(somehow some of them seems to be true. i keep on worrying how i am so "not marketable" in the future since i now officially a full time housewife for almost 2 years)

B) Difficulty to climb or falling from high places
I'll struggle to climb a ladder, a staircase or a rope. They will somehow look so steep or out of reach.

The falling is the hardest to deal with especially if you wake up because of the "myclonic jerk" when you muscle jerks. It feels like you're gonna die when you reach the ground. but, it never happens. You'll wake up before you even touch the ground.

The meanings:
1) an indication of insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties
2) you have lost your foothold and can not hang on or keep up with the hustle and bustle of daily life.
3) a sense of failure or inferiority in some circumstance or situation.

C) Test Dream

Arghhh...i hate this one. In the morning of the test day, i'll be either late or feel unprepared for the test. And, it will always be a test on Mathematics, the one that i'm weak at the most.

The meanings:
1) indicates that you are being put to the test or being scrutinized in some way
2) usually have to do with your self-esteem and confidence or your lack of.
3) worried that you are not making the grade and measuring up to other people's expectations of you.
4) fear of not being accepted, not being prepared, or not being good enough

Well, most of them signal "lack of confidence". Which i have to agree to. My confidence somehow slipped away slowly since i don't see people that much nowadays. Something need to be done. Obviously!

But, my 2nd dream last night was the opposite. I was in my high school. i feel so good but to wake up and realised it was just a dream is not so good. I do miss you at times...Momoe!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Breakfast and Sushi

How was your weekends? For the 3 of us, nothing unusual. Weekly groceries shopping and other normal stuff. On Friday, went to a friend house in Amwaj Island. Initially thought of taking Milan for a dip in the swimming pool or just playing on the beach. But, the weather was so hot. Plan cancelled. Since we brought some cakes and cupcakes which i baked on Thursday night, Fashni said "lets have some coffee". I for one, don't drink coffee, had a terrible swollen gum and period pain. But, the cake was so good that i can't avoid to munch some slowly in small pieces.

- As i'm writing this, Milan is walking in and out of the room and screaming excitedly. We always talked about how she has grown. She loves books. She'll spend time sitting somewhere flipping through her books and mumbling (as if she is reading) and pointing at the pictures. And she won't let you stop when you read for her. If you stop, she'll cry-

And on Saturday, we went to shop for our groceries. More like shopping for the stuff for making sushi. I've always wanted to try to make sushi. I never knew that making sushi is so simple than cooking other food. Considering there is rolling and cutting involved. I don't know, but i love the "hands on" thingy. Taste? The 'food tester' gave positive feedback. Not bad for a first timer.

*_*: btw, i'm in the mood for christmas already!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Baking again

I hope i don't bore anyone with my cooking story. I think from now on my blog will be mainly emphasizing on:

1. Photo taking
2. Cooking and baking
3. Milan and the like...huhu
4. Us

Anyway, this blog is purposely created as a personal journal. Cerita la ikut sedap rasa sendiri kan.

Alright, back to the main story. The daddy called this afternoon asking if i need anything from the supermarket, Mega Mart. I asked him to get some plain color cupcakes paper. Dapat pulak yang kaler putih, nampak sangat comot kerja aku. Sampai rumah jer, bukan setakat cupcakes paper i dapat, siap ada cupcake liner, measuring spoons and pam icing. tu yang semangat nak baking lagi, hehe. thanks again dear...

Then, hasilnya:

Same recipe with different presentation. Sometimes, i wonder why others have a very neat looking cuppies, and mine so very the 'comot'. senget benget. never mind, practices make perfect. The only problem i have now is that, i love to cook and bake but nobody eats them. Only my food tester which i think has gain so much weight already. Sometimes i give some to the watchman and the daddy's collegue family upstairs.

D*mn my wisdom tooth! I can't munch on these cakes since i have ulcers on my cheeks wall. Ini pun satu cerita pulak. nanti i cerita pasal wisdom tooth 'kesayangan' ni.

And lastly, thanks to this oven. nasib lah rumah fully furnished with this thing. cooking become so much fun.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Alamak, weekends lagi!

Tup tap..tup tap, another weekends is coming. Pening juga kalau dah weekends ni, pening sebab nak kena fikir what to do. We try to make it a weekly thing to bring Milan out. Kalau boleh yang tak melibatkan dinar and fils (ringgit and sen). Paling2 pun dekat beach la yang free. tengoklah macam mana. Ni last weekend outing pun tak sempat nak update. ada masa, just that saya kan suka letak gambar, ada satu gambar Milan dekat Toy'R'Us tu dkt dalam hp daddy lagi. yang lain, dah transfer sebab amik gambar dalam rumah. pakai kamera.

Ni aktiviti last weekends. On Friday, actually pegi Toy'R'Us. But before that went to Bali Orchid for lunch with a friend, Fashni. Dia datang rumah sebab nak hantar barang yang i kirim during his trip back to KL. Kirim apa? Bio-Oil and sushi roller jer.

Bali Orchid ni used to be owned by an Indonesian. Tah pasal, dah kena bought over by a Malaysian. Kenal la jugak owner dia ni, my ex-CEO dulu. Chef nya kira friend-friend jugak. Kerja jadi sky chef for Gulf Air. Agak2 nak makan nasi campur or laksa or mostly any malaysian foods datangla sini. Kitaorg prefer datang sini if Shukri (the chef) ada, then boleh makan sedap. Hari tu ada sup daging. Sedapnyer!!!teringat dekat colleagues dekat RHB dulu. asal Friday jer, gi melantak sup kawah dekat masjid kampung pandan. tak tau la nak cakap, tapi sangat sedap. walaupun, lemak2 daging tu berenang2an tapi itula yang buat sedap.

Dah kenyang perut sukahati semua, balik rumah kejap sebab sakit perut. Pasal makan maggi kari malam sebelumnya. Sini, maggi kari dia peliklah (mmg brand Maggi), pedas sangat. letak sikit, takde rasa. so, either kena tambah garam or kena makan pedas.

After tu, baru keluar rumah pegi jalan2 ke Toy'R'Us. daddy nak belikan Milan block toys. Seronok that lil girl looking at the toys. terjerit2 excited dia. kesian, hari hari tengok muka mommy je.

Ni hasil 'tangkapan' hari tu. Pas gi beli toys and a camou shoes for Milan, jalan sikit gi Seef Mall sebab nak beli raket tennis and badminton. TERnampak lak sale dekat ALDO, aiyoyo...terus nak beli handbag lak. ni yang susah, ada penyakit 'impulsive shopping'. bila hati nak, memang kena beli. yang susahnya, income takder. tapi the daddy kata 'ambiklah kalau nak', hehe...thank you sayang. tengah2 nak pilih bag, Milan pulak nangis. bosan kot, lama sangat. dah rembat yang first one i looked at. orang cakap, kalau tak tau nak pilih mana satu, ambik the first one. cos, that's the one that caught our eyes in the first place. And i did this all the time, even with my wedding gown. Sales guy tu pulak pandai, dia tengok aku macam dah kelam kabut, di'offer'nya handbag accessories pulak. TERbeli jugak!

Ni masa main tennis, Milan just sits at the side of the court. Daddy and mommy took turns to play. Or sometimes, uncle Fashni tolong entertain her. Kitaorang main suka2 jer. nak keluarkan peluh. manader terer pun.

Lepak2 with the gang, after main tennis. Main tennis ni dekat Fashni nyer rumah. kawasan ni kira kawasan posh la kat Bahrain ni. ala2 Malibu. dekat beach. ada banyak villa. nantilah kalau datang sini masa siang boleh ambik gambar letak sini. Facilities mmg best, ada infinity pool!!!nanti nak bawa Milan swimming kat sini. nanti tu mungkin adalah besok, haha! tapi kena tanya tuan besar(daddy) dulu and uncle Fashni. tinggal this week or next week je kalau nak swimming2 ni, pastu dah winter. Then, yang seronoknya tengok bebudak ronda2 the neighborhood, wearing their halloween costume for the trick or treat. Area ni maid orang Colombia bukan Pilipino, po favor! Area american expats. Selama ni dok dengar cakap arab or pilipin jer, tapi malam tu mmg rasa dekat Espaniol.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Baking Up Story

Remember i wanted to bake my little girl's first birthday cake? So, i made a trial baking of the cake and proposed cupcakes for christmas as well.

Oh well, don't be deceived by the look and the last picture where my girl looked so happy and clapped her hands. Honestly, it tastes like crap! My trusted food tester's (the daddy) feedback was "only the Betty Crockers frosting is nice. The cake is tasteless". True indeed, i made a mistake by using icing sugar. And maybe i was trying to be smart that i put lesser than the amount stated in the recipe. Before all covered up with the frosting, the poor cake was actually too dry, burnt at the sides, tunneled and peaked up. All because of my 'trying-to-be-smart' again, i baked the cake at 350C whereas in the recipe it should be baked at 350F (F not C). If converted to C should be at 175C. Adoi...nampak sangat buta mem'baking'.

And so, lesson learned. Then, i tried to bake the cupcakes. Well, this time with the right oven setting, caster turned out quite allright. Since the food tester said so.

And so did my Laksa Sarawak. Guess we are ready to prepare for the party...YAY!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Breaking Off

I'm taking a break from FB. I deactivated my account, temporarily. Until i feel like i want to come back.

But, this blog is my loyal company. Will keep on updating.


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