Saturday, January 30, 2010

Laksa Johor

This is the simplest recipe of Laksa Johor i guess. Since i don't really have all the ingredients as stated in the online recipe, i just used whatever i could find in the kitchen. From the too-long-frosted mackerel to my frosted daun kesum.


1 medium size mackerel (around 300g)
2 cups dried shrimp (soak with warm water)
2 big onion
10 claws of garlic
5cm ginger
5cm galanghal (ok, yang ni kalau ada lagi best...i don't have it in my fridge. jarang guna).
10 pieces of dried chili (i don't take the seeds)
1 whole coconut (the milk)
3 cups kerisik
Turmeric powder

Daun kesum

1. Boil mackerel until soft. Strip the skin off and deboned. Blend together with the soaked dried shrimp.
2. Blend onion, garlic, ginger, galanghal and dried chili.
3. In a medium size pot, saute the blended onion etc. Add in the blended mackerel and dried shrimp. Mix well.
4. Add in kerisik, turmeric powder and coconut milk. Add some water and more if it is too thick.
5. Since i have to use my frosted daun kesum, i add them here.
6. Salt and sugar to taste.
7. Serve with spaghetti. Top with cucumber (cut spirally), onions and chopped daun kesum.

Some explanation on why i used frosted daum kesum :)
*They are difficult to find. The Asian shop does sell them but rarely. So i had to buy them immediately when i see them and get them frosted for later use.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Apam Balik

Old time favourite. Oh, how i miss Pasar Malam Kerinchi.

The daddy loves apam balik so much. Actually, most of the food that i learned to cook here was his favourite.


200g all purpose flour
150g rice flour
50g corn flour
150g sugar
3 large eggs
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bicarb soda
1/2 tsp vanilla essence (or pandan pun boleh)
8oz water

1 can of cream corn
Grounded peanuts

1. Mix all ingredients. Strain and leave in the fridge for an hour or so.
2. Heat a non-stick frying pan (medium heat)
3. Scoop half full laddle of batter (for a crispy one and more if you want a thick one) and swirl pan to spread it evenly.
4. Sprinkle sugar. Add in butter, peanuts and cream corn (quantity, your own preferences)
5. Cook until the bottom of the apam balik is golden brown
6. Fold into two and walla!!

* I normally will cook 3 apam balik at a time. Refrigerate the balance. Comes handy for the daddy's breakfast the next day.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Just to share. Statement by J.e.n Garner. Couldn't agree more!

Motherhood rocks!

"I will tell you what I can't abide - and I think the Internet has really created a space for it - women criticizing other women and mothers criticizing other mothers. It just makes me crazy, whether it's between staying at home, going to work, how long you breast-feed, if you use formula. I feel like we should just assume everyone is doing the best they can. Women should take care of each other, not tear each other down. I would just like to see a mother who really believes that she has done it all so right, you know what I mean?"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


At 13mos, Milan is just like any other toddler. Running around and always trying to learn new things. We try to bring her out as often as we could, so that she can meet people and socialize. And by doing this we hope we somehow will make her understand that not everything is hers. She is so used to think that everything around her is hers. Maybe she is unable to differentiate things inside the house are hers and beyond that might belong to others.

Other than that;

1. Vocabs:

-'pap' for clap
-'buuu car' for car (mesti ada bunyi buuuu...),
-'nana' for all type of fruits
- puppy
-'hass' for house
-'tock' for socks
-'baby' for everyone
-'star' for lights and of course, STAR
-'ball' for anything round in shape
-'key' for monkey
-'hish' for fish
-'tish' for teeth

2. Loves to run
3. Laughs, claps and shouts along while watching tv
4. Trying to climb
5. Pretend to talk (in her own language) while holding handphone
6. Imitates daddy steering the car and make the 'buuuu' sound
7. She'll say 'two' when i say 'one and 'b' when i say 'a' or sometimes she says "a,"...'c' tak tau lg, hehe
8. Still wearing some of her 6-9mos clothes. This morning i noticed the size of her sleeping gown which is long and loose for her is for 0-3mos!
9. 4 teeth still
10. Pacifier-free
11. Drinks Progress Gold 3 (+-30oz per day)
12. A drama queen, haha.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Macam biasa if weekend, manalah ada banyak tempat nak jelajah kat sini. Last weekend, on Saturday we went to the airshow located at Sakhir Airbase. Pegi sekali dengan Meera and family.

We left around the house around 9.10am macam tu. Dah la terjaga quite lambat. Nak siapkan breakfast Milan and husband pulak. Nak pack hot water bottle, formula container lagi. Pastu laundry the night before pun tak hang lagi. aduhai, kecoh betul Mommy pagi tu. Pastu, dihujani pulak dgn soalan2 "what else are you doing?", "r u done?, it's almost 9 already".

Nasib baik sekarang Mommy memang sudah sangat terer bersiap dalam masa 10mins. That's inclusive of mandi, pakai baju and taruk bedak sikit2. Baju apa nak pakai tu was never an issue. Dah siap fikir the night before, hehe.

None of us ever been to Sakhir Airbase before. So, we just followed the signboard. Rupa2nya kena park dekat BIC (Bahrain International circuit), the took a coach provided by the organiser. Milan's first bus ride! Reached there around 10.30am. Sekali rupa2nya (lagi!!), the airshow will start only at 1.30pm. So, jalan2 and makan2. Nampak ada playground for the kids, sempatla bagi Milan main dekat air trampoline tu. She loves it!!Siap terhantuk dengan a super cute arab girl.

Around 1.45pm, the show started. Best sangat!

This weekend tak tau nak buat apa pulak. Seriously, there is nothing to look forward to. Maybe pegi Autumn Fair (why Autumn? i have no idea :P ).

Friday, January 22, 2010


The other day, Darwina and her Amma, Meera came to visit us. Kalau masa husband masing2 kerja, tu je lah kerja kitorang. Either we go to their house or they come to ours.

Meera was telling me that i looked like i've lost some weight. Aik, camana tu? Whenever i step on the weighing scale, the arrow will always point at the same number. What did you do? She asked. I told her "honestly, i did nothing and i don't think i'm losing weight".

Though as much as i wanted to lose weight, it was kind of impossible with the way i live my life at the moment. Not so much on the eating part, cos i don't really eat that much. One fact about me is that, i love LOVE, love. But i don't really eat. I just love watching people enjoyed the food i cooked.

I do believe that you need to do some workouts to keep your body at least at the ideal weight. At my height, my ideal weight should be 48kg and currently i have 2-3kgs extra 'luggage'. What to do about it? Honestly, truly, sadly NOTHING!

I did tried to do sit-ups or crunches whenever Milan is asleep. But when she's awake, it was quite imPOSSIBLE (alasan...hehe). She'll climbed on top of me, and mommy has no energy to lift the f*t tummy and butt plus a toddler!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Girls will always be Girls

Memandangkan sekarang saya sudah menjadi seorang ibu yang bolehlah dikatakan 'berjaya', haha...poyo! ok, sambung...saya tidak larat lagi hendak memakai kasut tumit timggi sambil menggendong si kecil saya itu.

Sekarang saya lebih selesa memakai flats. Tapi, saya cuma ada sepasang sahaja. Sampai suami pun tanya, "ada satu tu je ke?". Maka, saya pun mulalah membeli-belah di talian (online).

Bila dah membeli-belah, secara langsung akan mencari barang-barang untuk anak. Walaupun, sebenarnya 'diarahkan' untuk mencari barang-barang sendiri.

Makanya (eh, mcm bahasa indonesia pula), i found (eh, ter'ENGLISH' pula) a pair of nice shoe for Milan. If you have children, you'll understand how you want to have the matching outfit with them. And i have a DAUGHTER!!!Talking about kids apparels nowadays. They are designed as good as the adult's outfits.

So, which one goes better with Milan shoe? 1 or 2? I like no2 though, hehe.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

River Too Deep

I just knew about a sad news about my friend. We were quite close during our last semester in the uni. The few people who can never understand the cost accounting.

And today, she revealed something about her health condition. I was truly shocked. She is a SAHM and does some small home-based baking business. She has a super adorable daughter, with a beautiful round eyes.

Just when we thought we are the unluckiest (not sure is this word exists though), think again. There are someone out there who is facing something bigger than what we have.

For few minutes, i was crying. Thinking of how she might have felt. I believe you can never be in another person's shoes even if you try to fit in.

To this beautiful friend, i wish you well and be strong. My prayers are with you, all the way....


*Post in Bahasa Iban*

Dear Endun,

Cali mat, hahahaha. uji aku nulis dalam bahasa iban.

Aku nda entu ingat sapa dulu antara duai d Kelabit(huhu...cerita kitai ba USJ15) ke invite aku ba facebook. Tang maia nya aku udah di Bahrain, baru ulih ngena internet selalu. nya kebuah baru ka nggau urang begau dalam FB. Amai nadai nemu ka reply comment etc aku maia nya. maia nya sigi aktif ba friendster. diatu, lama ndar nadai tama ba friendster. engka ka delete meh account friendster ku nya.

Au cerita pasal urang ke maioh ka betapat dalam FB. Bala ocean meh nya. Baka kami ke udah nyadi indai urang, betapat ke nyadi 'hot moms' ga. Betapat ke anak kiut meh dia., aku mantai gambar Elena laban ka update pemesai ya ngagai bala di menua. nya ga ka telipun, kelalu mar. mms ngai ga nyadi. sigi ulih, tang aku ke nda nemu kati...hehe.

Bisi ga urang nyindir pangan diri. Ngiga laya nda tentu pasal. Nadai ku ka 'keroh'. haha...ok nya aja, Elena udah memunyi din, baru dani. enti ya ka tinduk baru, sama tinduk ga kami duai. haha...xoxo

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I love makan nasik berlaukkan sardin. Though mmg bunyik mcm lauk di masa 'sesak', tapi kalau tak sesak pun mmg i suka makan. I always make sure i have a can or two of sardines in my kitchen. dari dulu lagi macam tu, hehe.

Today, nak masak lauk sardin je la. Yesterday, before leaving to work, the daddy asked;

Him: 'What's for lunch today?'

Me: 'Sardin tumis, i guess'

Him: 'Then, order for delivery'

So, jadinya, semalam makan Popeye's :)

Ni lah sardin yang we all selalu makan kat sini. Product of the Phillipines.
*pic googgled

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paci-free (Week 2)

It's been 2 weeks already that Milan is being 'separated' from her pink binky. I guess that is for good. Our only concern is her being cranky during long hours flights. Pacifier really helped a lot during those times. Nak cranky dekat rumah takpe, mommy can handle, but in public places...hmmm. boleh handle jugak, tp just takut mengganggu The daddy suggested we might need to give the pacifier back to her during flight on the coming vacation (btw, tix tak beli lg pun :). so, nak pg mana pun tak tau lg...hehe.) in April. Then, she'll be on pacifier again? Then we might be going back home in June/ December. That's 2mos/8mos apart from the 1st trip. She might got hooked up with the pacifier again.

Even now, sometimes she'll just sucked on her fingers. To which, i gently pulled and said 'NO...DIRTY'. And last 2 days, i think she just found out that she can continue sucking her empty milk bottle!!maybe, it does tastes like pacifier too. With that intention, i think that was why she wanted to hold the milk bottle herself. All this while, Milan sangat malas nak pegang botol susu sendiri. So, i have to ask her to hand the bottle immediately right after she finishes her milk.

**ok, i have no idea how to end this post, LOL! have a good day everyone!

Friday, January 08, 2010

I want one!

Congratulations to Fay and Olen on the 'arrival' of baby Rishon. Baby Rish (pandai2 ja saya call dia ni Fay :) ) was born on 01.01.10.

Now, i want another baby too! Another senior during my highschool is also carrying her 2nd baby. Her first is only 10mos. Now that Milan is already 1 year+, i'm ready for another one. The thing is i want to stop 'producing' at the age of 35. Then, when they are big enough, i plan to return to work.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Skin irritations

For those who had seen Milan's pictures in my facebook, you might have noticed that she has a red spot on her right cheek. At first, we thought it was due to her saliva since she was teething. Then, we thought it gets worsen because she was still sucking on her pacifier. So, we went to the pharmacy and was prescribed with Bepanthen cream. It was gone and then it came back again. And this time, the cream doesn't work.

Now, she has stopped drooling and off pacifier, the red spot is still there. In fact, it looked like it is itchy. Sometimes, i noticed Milan scratches her cheek. I applied the Bepanthen cream until one day i saw there is another spot coming out under her right chin! Then, a few days later two more appeared on her left cheek. And her thighs and arms feel dry and rough and itchy too. This time, we took Milan to her paed in AMH (American Mission Hospital). The paed told us that she has skin irritations due to the dry and cold weather.

She was prescribed with these:

GV lotion, Oilatum soap and Elocom liquid. Only bathe once a day with the soap, within 2 minutes step out of the bath, apply the lotion and elocom. Elocom has steroid in it, so have to be careful, only once a day. GV has to be applied 3 times a day. So far, the irritations look better. Only when it is too cold, it will become reddish again. The doc even told us to expect the irritations will return after sometime. Maybe, i will keep on applying the lotion and use the soap until summer. But, it is hard to tell as the weather here is quite extreme. Too cold during the winter and too hot during the summer.

Tips on applying lotion (as per Dr Liezl): wet your hands before applying lotion.

It's's another year

Happy new year peeps! New resolutions? mmm...guess they would be the same as anyone else out there. Be a better person, less selfish, good at stress management. Since i will still be unemployed, i thought of doing more readings on the financial issues, focusing on banking. Then, reducing the 'load' before the 2nd sunshine comes. I can't stop myself from eating, so next best way is to do more work outs. It would be fun to do with Milan since she really knows how to imitates now. When i run, she runs.

On the new year's eve celebration, nothing much. We wanted to get Milan to watch her first fireworks but Bahrain did not have any! Nada!! It was such a quiet new year's eve. By the time the radio finished the countdown, the rain poured. And Milan was asleep. So, we went back home. And that was it.

With arms wide open, lets welcome 2010. Lets hope for more good things to come, more love and less hatred around the world :)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

No Paci - week 1

On 27th afternoon, i was telling hubby that we need to get Milan a new pacifier to replace the old one before she gets too attached to it. But, the daddy suggested that we cut the pacifier and try to make her wean it off. So, i did (pic above).

At first, Milan was not used to not sucking on the pacifier at bedtime. She cried but i played 'cold turkey'. Pat her bum-bum, sing songs, rock the crib are among other things i did to distract her during her bedtime. And there is her little pink bunny, Mimzy ('Jiji' to her) to entertain her. And after 2 days, she was quite okay. The 2nd night she does cried a bit but even when she still had the pacifier, she cries too. I tried not to repeat the same things we did on the 1st night. I don't want her to get used to the routines.

Another thing, i told hubby not to mention the word 'pepet' (for pacifier in our language) in front of her. Who knows, that might reminds her of the pacifier.

On 30th Dec, she had her 1 year old immunisation for MMR + Hepatitis A. Two injections. I was a bit nervous that she'll cry uncontrollably and needs the pacifier. But, to my suprise...she just 'squeaked' the moment the needle poked in and that was it. Daddy said, she was looking at 'Jiji' all the time. Guess she has a new 'buddy' to calm her down now.

And now, it has been A WEEK! She is totally fine without it already. But, i can't declare that she is paci-free yet. We'll see after a month.


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