Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Lord

Dear Lord, with my condition at the moment, i ask for your blessings. Give me strength to handle my emotions.

While the only support that i have seems to take things for granted and sometimes said things that breaks my heart, i pray that you give me patience.

Have mercy on me Lord, and protects me from all evil. Amen.

I am in an emotional distress. Well, must be the hormonal changes thingy.

Friday, March 26, 2010

15 Mos

Hyde Park, London

She is 15mos already!!!

Well known for her "sangat friendly" attitude among our friends here. She would simply mintak dukung from anyone or simply sits on anyone's lap.

She would say 'hi' whenever she sees anyone. That includes, strangers on the street. Kids in the park. And 'bye2' when they left.

Physically still very light, except taller.

She talks (babytalks) a lot, with gestures like hand up and down, fingers pointing everywhere, cekak pinggang, senget bahu, kepala geleng2. Very amusing...

She can say: moon, take, pis (please), no nyo (no more), teep (sleep), wash (wash, teeth, ears, mouth and many more.

I can't think straight at the moment as i am a little bit under the weather.

Laters peeps...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grandchild No 10

Welcome to the family Baby NurHaein Elfeira.
D.O.B: 19 March 2010, MGH
Weight: 3.1kgs
Siblings: Muhd Danish, Nur Alyssa, Muhd Farish

**Sometimes, i lost track of my nieces and nephews birth dates :)

Anazthacia Daphne Dau (02012003)
Allycianna Suting (04032006)
Addam Vaynerson Jau (25092007)
Agnestasia Siping (06122008)

Muhd Danish (21072003)
Nur Alyssa (31122004)
Muhd Farish (21042006)
NurHaein Elfeira (19032010)

Nicholle Evalouissa Lemat (14102009)

2005 'kilang' tutup sekejap! Waaa...rindunya dengan they all!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to reality

Our flight back home touched down at Bahrain airport on 22.March, 5.40am. I didn't sleep throughout the flight because i had to hold Milan all the way. She was sleeping and sometimes trying to find comfort by tossing and turning. Plus, she was kind of looking for her milk, i guess. But when i tried to give her the SMA formula, she refused to drink. So, she only drank plain water.

The first thing i did when we reached home was to take her to the kitchen and make her see me mixing her Progress Gold formula. Still she refused to drink. Dah fobia agaknya. After few hours, baru dia nak minum. Itu pun, i have to put it in her mouth for her to taste it.

Then, mak ai...nak kena buat laundry lagi. Tak boleh nak basuh semua sekali pula tu. Sebab tak cukup tempat nak sidai. Vacuum and mop the whole house pulak. Anyway, back to the old job as the housewife. The non-stop works.

But one thing i noticed about myself. I was not tempted towards shopping anymore. Not even in London or Paris. Guess it is not my thing anymore since i'm an 'incomeless' domestic engineer. Adalah beli souvenir for my family and T-shirt orang kirim suruh beli. Then, Paris t-shirts for Milan. Tu je la.

Milan has this habits of clinging to anyone who is willing to carry her. Right from the stewardesses in the plane to the watchman. Pening nya. Dahlah dia akan nangis kalau orang letak bawah. Bahaya betul! Ni kalau stranger nak bawak lari pun, she'll be fine.

Anyways, i have shoulder pain and wanted to make kek lapis kukus. So, now i'm in the kitchen, making my first homemade kaya...Wooohooo!!!Nantilah i post gambar kalau jadi ye.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bits of England

We rented a car, Volkswagen Golf TDI and drove from Caledonian Road to Amesbury. And again, nak kena rempuh traffic jam tgh2 London. Milan pulak menrengek2 tak suka the car seat, because she can't see the view outside. I guessed she got bored.

We reached Amesbury Travelodge at almost 7pm. Bagi Milan makan, and makan apa2 yang ada. Terus tido.

The next morning, we checked out and had our breakfast at the nearby restaurant, Little Chef. Then, went to Stonehenge. We arrived at 9am and the entrance will only open at 9.30am. So, we waited in the cold misty morning. Dah tangkap2 gambar semua we moved up north towards Birmingham. Stopped by few places. No particular place of interest. Just drive along the way and if nampak any signboard "English Heritage", we stopped.

Arrived at Birmingham, Frankley Services Travelodge. Hujan lagi. Those two days memang hujan non-stop. Whole day pulak tu. Dahlah sejuk. We arrived quite late there too. Thought of going to Botanical Garden but it was closed at 4.30pm. We then went to Tesco to look for Milan's formula. Bolehkan, stok susu tak cukup. Actually, i brought quite a lot but she drank a lot too. Maybe sebab makan tak tentu masa and cepat haus / lapar sebab cuaca sejuk. We couldn't find Progress Gold so the daddy bought SMA. Waaa...Milan tak suka! She didn't drink any milk sampailah we reached Bahrain. Mogok lapar!

The next day we went to Liverpool and Manchester. I'm not a football fan though. Follow je lah. In the Liverpool Football Club's souvenir shop, the daddy asked "anything for u?". Alamak, macam mana? Satu haram pun tak tau pasal Liverpool Club. Beli je lah a T-shirt, yang logo Liverpool nya agak samar2.

Milan pulak was so excited to see the ball. Kecoh satu kedai because she keep on saying "ball...ball" loudly. Same thing happened in MU merchandise shop in Manchester. Siap nangis ok sebab i letak balik the ball.

Dah agak2 nak gelap, we had to move back to Birmingham. Tak sempat nak melawat Nur and family di Manchester.

The next day dah nak balik Bahrain. Flight at 8.25pm.

Checked out from the hotel at 8am. Along the way, sempat jugak stop dekat Kenilworth Castle, St Nicholas Park (nak masuk Warwick Castle, sangat lah mahal) and the last place was Oxford. Then straight to Heathrow.

Left our luggage at the airport and went to Sixt centre to return the car.

Then, took metro across the car rental centre, Hatton Cross. Ingatkan nak pegi jalan2 central London lagi. Tapi, rupa2nya ada maintenance. So, metro tak jalan direct. Kena stop dekat Boston Manor station, then ambik bus to Ealing Broadway. Tak pasal2 we all had lunch dekat Ealing town.

Around 5pm we went back to Heathrow, checked in and masuk boarding hall terus.

Eh, rupa2nya dalam Terminal 4 tu ada pulak Harrods. Tak sempat masuk Harrods kat London pun takpe, Harrods kecik ni pun jadilah. Sempatlah jugak kebas tote Harrods colour merah satu. That was my most 'expensive' purchase from London, at 27GBP!!!HAHAHA...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oui!Oui! Paris

We were in Paris from 16 - 18 March. A 2hours journey by Eurostar. The scenery along the way memang cantik. I particularly like the scenery with the turbines. But, never managed to snap a shot, laju sangat train tu.

We reached Paris at around 2pm. Walked to our hotel, and made a few turns here and there because the hotel was not signposted as it is in the booking reference. In the booking reference it is stated as "LIBERTEL Gare Du Nord Suede Hotel" and the signpost stated "Hotel Gare Du Nord Suede". Memang nampak lebih kurang, but the hotels around that area mostly carries the "gare du nord" names with them. Of course we were expecting the exactly same name kan.

Finally, the daddy went in to check and that was the hotel that we were looking for. The receptionist was friendly. Spoke English, a fluent one. So, no worries of practicing our 'so little' french words. Rooms was nice, with modern decorations. And true indeed, the lift in the hotel is super tiny. Sekali naik muat 4 persons of my size, padat. Our room was at 7th floor.

That afternoon, we walked to Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. Quite a walk. While enjoying the parisian sunshine. Weather there was better than London's. Stayed there for quite a while, berjemur.

The next day, we took a train from La Chapelle station to Charles de Gaulle — Étoile station. There's a story here though. Like in London, the first thing we did was to buy metro passes to go to the city centre and then buy the bus tour ticket. Then we tried to look for this La Chapelle station. From what i read in the internet, it was suppose to be just behind Gare du Nord station. The thing is we couldn't find the freakin' La Chapelle. The daddy then asked the tourist information counter and actually we can get the bus tour ticket there. And...and...the tour bus will pass by that station too!!Actually, we didn't even need to buy the metro ticket. Kaching...kaching!!lesson learnt!

Sebab nak utilisekan the metro ticket, carik lah jugak La Chapelle station tu. Mak ai...nak pegi the station, punyalah jauh nak mam.. .

First place to visit was Arc de Triomphe which is located in the middle of a roundabout. Walked through the tunnel to get to there. Then, jalan2 along Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Tengoklah the largest boutique LV kat situ. Tp, tu la setakat tengok je la. Though orang cakap, LV kat Paris memang murah than London. Your murah and my murah is like langit and bumi. I can't afford that bag...huhu.

Then, from there we went to Eiffel Tower on foot. I'm so sorry to say that i wasn't even amazed with Eiffel Tower structure. Milan was sleeping at that time, so the daddy bought us crepe and hotdog for lunch. Lepaklah dekat bawah Eiffel tu sambil makan lunch. Romantic seh...hahaha!

Then, the other 2 must visit places (for us lah kan...) are Notre Dame and the Louvre. To go to these places, we have to hop on to the tour bus. First stop was the Louvre. Ok, this one was quite amazing! Not the triangle, but the whole complex. It was huge and beautifully built. Then, hop in the bus again to go to Notre Dame. Then balik hotel with the tour bus.

There are few things about Paris yang buat we all tak selesa seperti di London. The streets somehow macam kotor sikit. Bau hancing! Even at tourist spots like Sacré-Cœur. Then, expect to be approached by some Albanians looked ladies, dressed in long skirts with scarfs on their heads asking "you understand English?". I'm not sure of their intention but surely some kind of syndicate nak mintak sedekah or something. They are everywhere. Gare du Nord, Notre Dame, Eiffel. Pastu, 'gagak2' hitam pun ramai. Some jual souvenirs. Kalau polis lalu, semua bungkus. And the gagak2 hitam ni, suka pandang tourist semacam. I feel insecure.

The next day dah nak balik London dah. Both of us couldn't wait to go back there, seriously.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Day 1 (13.03.2010)

We left the hotel at 9am almost everyday. The plan for today was to take the London City bus tour. We bought a 3-days passes.

We took a metro from King Cross station to London Bridge station. From there we walked through the Queen's walk to the London bridge. Station mmg london bridge tapi london bridge nya nun jauh di sana. takpe la, since we arrived quite early. We took a brisk walk. The best thing of reaching at the tourist's spots early is to be able to take pictures without anybody else.

Then walked across the bridge to Tower of London. Then, bought of Hop On Hop Off bus tour ticket from the Original Bus Tour personnel at the tour bus stop. I think, it is best to take this tour if you have limited time and yet you want to explore London. We hop off at Westminster Pier to continue with our River Thames cruise (inclusive of the 24pound tour fare). We took of at Greenwich Pier. Went to the Greenwich Royal Observatory. Then, headed back to King Cross via DLR train.

Eh, tak berbintik pulak muka hari ni. Good...good.

Day 2 (14.03.2010)

In the morning, we went to Camden Lock. It's a market that sell almost everything. Handbags. souvenirs, dresses, painting, antiques or even HEMP!!I was so tempted to try the chinese mixed rice, but it was only 10am and we need to go to Trafalgar Square before the St Patrick's Day parade starts.

When we entered the train heading to Leicester Square, there were people wearing greens. How nice! We anak beranak pulak takda pakaian yang green. So, we lepak dkt tepi je la, tgk the parade. Milan was sleeping in her stroller.

When the parade was over, we went to the Chinatown. Sebab.....mommy nak pegi Jen's cafe, nak minum pearl tea. Had our lunch there. From there we went to Oxford Street. Tak shopping apa pun. Macam tak ada mood nak shopping ( i was suprised myself!).

From there, we went to take Milan to see the 'itik2' and pigeons at Hyde Park sampailah hari gelap.

Day 3 (15.03.2010)

The tour guide on the bus told us that there will be changing of guards at Buckingham Palace today, at 11am. We then took the metro to Hyde Park Corner station and walked through the Marble Arch then passed by Green Park on our left, towards Buckingham Palace. There were so many tourists. Nak ambik gambar pun susah. Yang Milan pulak sibuk nak beramah mesra dgn orang2 dekat that area. Semua orang dia nak say "hi".

Lepas tengok change of guards, we went to have our lunch at St James Park, sambil bersidai. Thanked God the weather was superb that day. Patutlah mat2 saleh suka bersidai. It is like a pure bliss to sit under the sun in such a cold temperature. From there, we went to St Paul's Cathedral. The most beautiful building in London, to me la. From St Paul's Cathedral we went to British Museum, before headed back to the hotel.

Tomorrow, we shall be breathing the parisian air.

Penat sangat sebab i dukund Milan most of the time. Kdg2 she gets too cold and needs heat. Stroller dia pulak yang kureng sesuai utk London's cold weather. Sometimes, the metro station takde escalator or elevator, so i had tj carry her up and down the staircases.

Second Anniversary

St James's Park, London

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
~ by Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Happy Anniversary Mr Sinned darling.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


To my family and dear friends, just to let you all know that we have safely arrived HERE. So far, i hate living in the cold. Jari-jariku gatal semua...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello London

The trip to London was an impromptu plan. The first choice was either to Greece or Sharm El Sheikh. Tapi, tengok2 gulf air ada promotional price to London (which then later nearer to the the trip it gets even cheaper!). So, London it is!

Our flight was at 10.05am. Departing on time. Milan was quite a sweetheart. She dozed off right before the plane took off and slept for about 2 hours. We shared my 'Poached Hamour' lunch. I will try to cook the same food for her. It was really nice and she loved it.

There was another boy (mat saleh) on the same flight. The two of them, played peek-a-boo with the curtain. Since the business class section was empty, i took her there sometimes so that she won't feel bored. Then, after about 3 hours and had her milk, she slept again. With no fuss at all. Then, woke up and play again. And right before we landed in Heathrow, she slept, yet again.

Upon exiting the plane, i can feel the freezing air already. Cepat2 pakai jacket. At the immigration clearance, we were given priority as we are with an infant. Kalau tak, mamposlah nak queue.

Collected our luggage and we went straight to our hotel in King Cross. What a mistake to have taken a cab instead of the metro. There's a direct train from Terminal 4 to King Cross. The cab costs us so much because of the massive traffic jam in London.

We stayed at a B&B opposite King Cross station. A small basic room. Good enough for the 3 of us. Tapi Milan had no space to run around la.She only has ample space to went up and down the bed.

That night, we walked around the hotel area. When we entered KFC to buy our dinner, the daddy told me. "I think you have the itchy red marks on your face now!". Demmit! Biasa kalau sejuk, keluar dkt jari2 or lutut only. Ini sudah melampau! My face was all covered with red spots! Terus tak ada mood nak jalan2.

That night i was hoping that it won't happen to me again tomorrow.

Tooth Brushing

Now Milan has 6 teeth. The other day, the daddy noticed that her two top front teeth somehow has turned yellowish. It could be because of her formula intake. It is said that formula fed babies have tendency of early rotting teeth. Apart of that, Milan does tasted her first ice-creams and chocolates already. She particularly takes everything. Not a choosy eater, i hope.

*oh em gee!!!as i'm typing this on wordpad (the internet connection is out again!), she is playing in her washing basin. She smiled at me, waved and said "Hi"...what an awesome sight!

Well, last night we went out as the daddy needed to exchange some currencies. As usual, the two of us tag along. On the way back, we stopped by the Mothercare outlet near our house. I wanted to get Milan a toothbrush. Bought her a two-pieces a pack of First Years toddlers toothbrushes. When she was about to go to bed last night, i gave her the toothbrush to play with.

Guess what was her first action with it?

She combed her hair with the toothbrush!!!

Then i took the other toothbrush and start to pretend to brush my teeth. Baby her age likes to imitates whatever we are doing. So, she did put it in her mouth but did not brush her teeth. She bit and pull the bristles instead.

She is doing that now...she cried when i tried to brush her teeth just now. She closed her mouth tight. When i took my toothbrush and brush my teeth, she took hers and wanted to brush my teeth also. Hmm..need to do research again :). Moms too have to do researches. With never ending deadlines....

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pussycat to Lioness

I am feeling geram at the moment.

The main reason i published some photos in Fb was to update my relatives back in Malaysia about us living here. I bet it is the most effective and fastest way.

This morning, i posted some photos of us at the Water Garden. We went there yesterday's afternoon. And as you may know, mostly are Milan's pics.

See, my girl has little hair. I myself has no idea on why it is like that. And again, like her teeth, i don't feel there's a need to worry about it. They will grow eventually. And i find it very disturbing when someone (in her case, many people) asks;

- why isn't her hair long already?
- did you cut her hair? it seems like it is not growing.
and the list go on and on...

So, about the Water Garden pics. There were comments that i don't really like and i don't think i'll reply to. On this photo;

Comment 1: rambut cacak kedak rambut miak laki! :)
(the hair is spiky like a boy's! :) )

Comment 2: miak laki make skaf,, lawak jak rupa :)
(a boy wearing a hairband, funny :) )

I cut and pasted the exact words from Fb. And if it happens that the person who commented the pic reads this, let me tell you. In future when you are a mom (both unmarried yet) you will know why your comment sound unpleasant to me. I'm fine if people think she is too active, naughty etc but not looking at her as a BOY! Don't you ever let my daughter hear about it or else...i can turn into a very mean lioness.

To my friends, i am a very open-minded person. You can shoved anything right to my face and i still can smile or even laugh with you. But, to my child. It's a massive NO-NO.

My child is a GIRL, hair or no hair. To me she is the prettiest, hair or no hair.

P/s: i e-mailed a friend on my bump during my pregnancy. Her response was "kedak orang boroi" (read: nampak macam orang perut boroi). Oh yeah? If i was evil enough i might have tell her the same thing on her pregnant photos in Fb.

Monday, March 08, 2010


Milan has this habit when drinking. She would go "slurrppp..ahhh..". Cuteness!

But there is another habit that drives mommy up AND DOWN AND UP AGAIN the wall. She likes to turn the bottle upside down, letting the water flowed out of her traning cups (she has Avent and another bottle with straw - brandless) and then plays with the spilled water on the floor. More like 'sweeping' it with her hands. All i can do is watch and then take a mop.

So, i started to look for solutions. It seems the only solution is to buy her a non-spill cup when turned upside down. This is what i found and plan to get one for her. Hope this one will work. I'll write review on it.

*I read some reviews. Don't get mixed up with the BornFree drinking cup. The drinking up spills when turned upside down.


Part of me feel sorry for Milan for just staying in the house, without going out very much. She must have been feeling bored just like i do.

I found a newly opened children's fitness centre here. Hopefully we can register her for the weekends classes. At least she gets to mingle and meet other kids.

Here is the fee for summer class. Not sure about the gym fee in KL.

* Sept 27 - December 15th
* 45 min class: BD 90
* 1 hour class: BD 96
* Learn, Create and Explore: 2 hours BD 144
* Drop Off Time: BD3 Per Hour
* Play Date: BD1.5 (Mem) BD2 (Non mem)

We'll decide after the vacation, k Milan. Mommy serabutla nak fikir banyak2 at a time. Nak kena tanya "Finance Minister" dulu :)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Mas Aruna

Ok, we are officially celebrating 'soy day' today. I woke up very early (9am - very la sangat) just because i want to make sure i have time to prepare sambal goreng tempe. And for Milan, chicken soup with soy sheets and sweet corn.

*The thing is normally, i don't cook on weekends. Either we go out or order for a delivery.

I'm so very 'likey' eating sambal tempe. So is the daddy. But he liked the sweet style of sambal goreng tempe which i obviously don't quite know how to make. He tried them out at one of the Indonesian restaurant here. The last tempe i had was...entahlah tak ingat but i had them at Bali Orchid, a malaysian restaurant (the owner was a CEO of a bank i worked with before).

Cerita pasal restaurant ni kan. Last weekend, pegila situ. Nak makan nasi campur alkisahnya. There was this guy, he is working there. An indonesian. When the other two families left, we were the only customers there. This guy knows the daddy. So, the not-so-anti-social me started a conversation. Something like this;

Me: Mas sendirian aja di sini?
Him: Ya?
Me: - repeated the sentence above -
Him: Ya, mas sendirian.

Then, he went on and on about not enough workers...yadda2..., doank, bareng, karyawan, ibu etc.

And then, at the counter when we were about to go
Him: Goodbye nya dulu ama Om (talking to Milan)

Milan was busy looking at the daddy who was already outside

Me: Say 'bye' Milan. Ya, dia takut ditinggalin
Him: Ya, matanya liat papanya aja. Emang takut ditinggalin?

It felt funny though because i was not sure if i used my bahasa indonesia correctly. Thanks to Astro Aruna (my cousin told me dah takda channel tu). And on the way back, the daddy asked;

Daddy: Why did you call him MAS? Is that his name?
Me: Yes, MAS JOKO (seriously i don't know what his name is)
Daddy: Haha
Me: I don't know his name but normally from what i watched in Aruna, they address an elder guy as MAS out of respect. Something like 'abang' back home la
Daddy: Then, if a younger guy?
Me: Ermmm..tak tau!

That left me clueless until today :)

**Apparently, the resturant previous owner owns Sari Rasa in Abu Dhabi.

Sambal goreng tempe. Bolehlah kan...

As requested by Mama Harith and Najah (tok ka nama bb baru Nor? aku ternangga dlm ur FB :) )

Coming through

Remember my previous post on "Four For Now"?

Well, today's afternoon i had the urge to check on Milan's gum. And i noticed there were 4 more on their way out. Guess that explain the biting craze and chewing on her toys.

See daddy, there's nothing to worry about. They will come out eventually.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bored To My Bone

I'm feeling bored!!!What's new about that?

Demmit, who the heck press on the main door alarm?!? Buat orang terkejut je.

Got to go..tadaa...Ok, sounds like i should be back 'tweeting' instead of writing craps here :) (so what? who cares -Fred Armisen-)

Ni bila nak siap pun tak tau :P


Last night, tgh baring2 nak tido, the daddy suddenly said that he wants chicken curry puff. That was after i told him, we have no more p*rk meat. Before that he was thinking of the ch*r s*ew puff we made the other day.

So, today we made chicken curry puff. I get the ingredients ready for the dough and the daddy do the mixing and pounding. For the filling, i made it in the afternoon.

Gosh, the whole thing turn out lovely. Bukanlah nak 'go inside the basket and lift yourself' (masuk bakul angkat sendiri), but it was really lovely. Better than the first ones. I had 3 and wanted to have few more but the daddy already 'reserved' the last four for his breakfast in the office tomorrow :).

Then, i made sirap bandung ais...slurrrppp ahhhh!!

In case you want to give it a try:


225g flour
1tsp salt
100ml water
2tbsp shortening

Mix all until it the dough doesn't stick in your hand.

Chicken breast (cut into small pieces)
Curry powder
potato (diced)
coriander (i don't have any curry leaves)
coconut powder
salt to taste

Cooking method same as making chicken curry. Except do not put too much water. It is supposed to be dry.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Entay Sosiyel

Gosh, we've been here for almost 7 months already and yet it feels like 7 boring years.

Seriously, i don't have many friends here (many as in i have to count my right fingers as well). And knowing me, i love making friends. But, lately i feel that 'friend making business' is almost impossible to be mastered at.

I did try to make it a point to 'appear' at any malaysian gathering occasions. Know some new people. Tp tu la setakat 'know' je la. Among favourite conversations:

a. Berapa umur anak you?
b. U duduk mana?
c. Dah lama duduk sini?
d. Makanlah...

and lastly (if not, unlikely...)
e. sapa nama u ek?

Then, when it is time to make a move, shake hands and laga2 pipi bagai. I don't know about you, but i find it weird to 'laga2 pipi' with someone i barely know who. I only 'laga2 pipi' with my bosom buddies. Shaking hand will be more than enough.

Oh ya, there was this incident happened at the airport when we were there to sent Darwina and Mom to India (ni je la my bosom buddy here :( ). I happened to know this lady from few occasions (yes, salam n laga2 pipi). So, i saw her there with her kids...bidding farewell to the husband i presumed. Me, trying to be nice, all smiling and ready to 'laga2 pipi'...went to approached her. Her pretty daughter noticed me coming and told her about it. Then, she looked at me with this "do-i-know-you" look and look elsewhere. Adusss...that was so embarrassing!!!I pun buat2 la mcm mencari2 someone, LOL!!!What the fart!!

Apart from Meera, there's one more mother of 1. Kira baik juga la (we talked on the phone sometimes). Yesterday, i called her. She told me that she did planned to invite us for a pot-luck picnic the other day but then 'i segan la pulak' she said. Alamak!! U lepak lama sikit dgn i then you know there's nothing to be 'segan' with me.

Well, to cut the story short:


Thank you in advance for being honest in your answer. Appreciate it.

Ada ke orang anti-sosial yang jadi vocalist for a band performing for the company's annual dinner?
* pic courtesy of Zalin (circa 2005)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Four For Now

Last night, the three stooges went out. On the way to the bank, the elder two were discussing on the little one's teeth. As for now, the little one has only 4 teeth. And she is 14months old.

The ever sempoi mom, said she is not worry much as she knows the little one is doing fine and the teeth will come out eventually. Until, the daddy expressed his concern over the lack of calcium in the little one's diet.

Well, it works in two ways the mommy said. The little one has only 4 teeth therefore, she can't have too much varieties in her diet since she can't really chew. If she has more, then she can eat more.

Actually, the mom is 'googling' for more food recipes at the moment, while the little one is biting the cheese stick with her 4 teeth!


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