Friday, April 30, 2010


This morning i have difficulty waking up. One, because Milan refused to sleep until 12.30am last night and Two, my bladder seems to be full all the time. Sikit2 nak kena bangun pegi toilet. Then, after few minutes, rasa haus pulak. About 5-6 times la jugak.

Despite the pening2 lalat, tetap gagahkan hati buat sushi for lunch. Sebab, nak makan sesangat. Nak beli 1 sushi lunch box adalah berharga dlm RM70+ (9dinar). Gilosss!!!

Oh yes, about the title. Last night, Milan sangatlah tak mengantuk. 2 kali keluar masuk bilik. Out to the living room and asked "Dowa?". I told her "no Dowa this time! Time to sleep! You don't want to sleep you just stare at the tv (off) then". Garang worrr Mommy dia.

Then, angkut masuk bilik lagi. She started to borak2. Kalau mommy tutup mata, she will cucuk2 mata. "eyes, nose". Sabar je lah. nak marah pun tak jadi. Terus tergelak.
"Sleep please Milan".
"Dora sleeps already",
"Min Min?",
"Min Min also sleeps already"
"Tuta sleeps"
"Moon sleeps"

On and on and on...and i closed my eyes. Then, i caught her looking close at my eyes. Maybe nak check if mommy betul2 tutup mata. Kan gelap. When i opened my eyes,

"Oh for heaven sake...Pabob is also sleeping by now!"

See why i wanna have more babies...they are the ones that you can never be mad at for more than a second!

Dowa: Dora
Tuta: Guitar
Pabob: Spongebob

Thursday, April 29, 2010

60's TV

Ms Tiq has once requested me to blog on what channel or tv shows do we watch here.

Here we go;

1. We have a provided (by the landlord) with something like Astro in the middle east, called Orbit TV. Tuned in to Disney Channel in the morning. Layanlah "Agent Oso", "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" with Milan. That is if Milan is up, otherwise Daddy will be watching History channel. In the afternoon, we'll be watching Nickelodeon (in Arabic) for "Dora the Explorer", "Arnold" and "Wonderpets". As for me, I'll only watch if it is available (both of them are not watching). Normally i'll watch Late Night With Jimmy Fallon at 8pm everyday. Then, maybe ShowMovies or CinemaCity.

2. Daddy also subscribed to Reliance Big TV (from India), because Orbit TV package doesn't include ESPN or Supersports. Nak tengok bola punya pasal. So, Mommy tumpanglah sekali tengok Discovery Travel and Living. Tengok American Idols etc. Basically what you guys watch in Astro, most probably i watch them too. Except that iklan dalam bahasa Hindi. Siap ada "Living with A Star" with SRK (Shah Rukh Khan). Pelakon2 iklan pun Kareena Kapoor and some other Bollywood superstars. Hari tu seronok sebab tengok discovery pasal Mulu National Park. Sometimes keluar jugak iklan "Cuti2 Malaysia".

Ok, till then....nak buat ayat closing pun malas okeh!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Happy 16mos old sweetie pie!

She is getting cheekier nowadays. Pandai nak tease Mommy. Contohnya, kalau Mommy masuk toilet. Normally i don't close the door and tell her "stay there". There means at the door. She will just stay at the door. And start knocking on the door. Now, she will tease me by making a small step or two. Acah je, then when Mommy jerit "No", nanti she will gelak2 and walk back out.

She is afraid of insects. "bug" she calls them.

Doctor cakap Milan underweight. Daddy nak bagi Milan Appeton, tapi Mommy tengok ok je. As long as she is happy and healthy. It is more than enough for me.

Suka sangat main bawah selimut. "house" she said. Then if we sneaked into her 'house', she'll start telling stories, of which only God knows what she said. Dengan gelak2 tutup mulut, tunjuk sana sini. Hilarious.

Things are more fun by doing them with her nowadays. From letting her stirring the batter for cake to singing out loud to Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There For You"

Till i got the mood to write again.... (super lazy baby bum..)


This is not an entry about Ubuntu the os or the like. 'IBuntu' as in I am BUNTU!

Pening sangat bila nak fikir dekat mana nak bersalin nanti. I have 3 choices. Here in Bahrain, KL and Miri. Each and every place has their own pros and cons.

Kadang2 tu memang rasa malas sgt nak fikir sebab macam lama lagi. Tp, manader lama lagi, tup tap..tup tap..the time comes. Sebab if decide nak balik, kena at least by Aug/Sept. Then, susahlah nak naik flight 7hours to KL. Sakit belakang wor...

* Milan is 16mos old today. Separate entry later!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


All in one entry this time. While Milan is still asleep.

1. Pediasure - Milan still refused on drinking her Pediasure. Maybe sebab rasa lain kot. Everytime she asks for 'nenen', i'll make her 6oz of Pediasure (4scoops). Like the previous time, she will 'mogok haus'. Sanggup taknak menyusu. Then, she'll keep on saying "nenen, nenen", and i gave the same bottle, she'll just throw it away. These goes on for quite some time. Until, mommy give up and give her Progress Gold. Nvm, we'll try again.

2. Rindu - alahai, rindunya dkt anak2 buah semua dkt Miri tu. Siap requested my brothers put their kiddos' pics in fb. Semua dah besar2. Tak sabar nak balik. Semalam, the daddy said, 'i thought u were kidding pasal nak balik beranak dkt Miri'. I went 'i never kid about going back home!'.

3. Waterfall - Sekarang ni, we are entertained by the sound of waterdrops from the water heater in the kitchen. Funny, how some people handles some problems. They (the landlord adn sekutunya) just replaced the water heater and still it leaks. It is not the heater that caused the leakage. It's because of the strong pressure from the water pump. Hence, the overflows.

4. Sensitive sniffer - Oh my, i'm one sensitive sniffer. Lagi2 lah masa pregnant. And, 'thanks' to the watchman yg rajin sangat nak lap2 lift kat luar our door, then spray the whole walkway with one heck of a perfume. Terus rasa macam masuk kebun bunga rampai. Pastu, right in the wee hours in the morning, there's foul smell from the sewerage station. Asal nak masuk summer je, that problem dtg. Asal nak masuk summer je, i pregnant. So, mmg big problem for me. Dengan jejiran from Kerala lagi. Masak ala2 bollywood.

5. Poo-poo - Yesterday, i was preparing lunch. Milan macam biasa, keluar masuk kitchen. Then, when i turned and looked at the floor. Tiba2 tgk dia main dgn diaper. Asked her " where did you get this?". Sbb her diapers are placed on the top of the rack. Mmg tak boleh nak capai. She said "poo poo". Diaper tu bersih lagi and there's no sign on she "poo-pooing' somewhere. Sekali i angkat her dress, OH EMM GEE!!!She pulled out her diaper.

Oklah, Daddy dah turun kerja. Nak join Milan jap. For few minutes pun jadilah..tadaa..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Ones

Just a quick update on my little ones.

Yesterday, we went for check upS at AMH (American Mission Hospital). Yes, with an "S". First, mummy and baby Tigger with Dr.Shailaja. I went to AMH instead of Ibn Nafees this time. Sbb, cheaper! And, gynea/ob semua perempuan. Baby Tigger looks fine, very tiny still. At 8weeks+, 1.8cm long. I have the scanned print but too kecik la, so toksah letak lah kan. My EDD will be on 26Nov2010. 'E' je. Exactly a month before the big sister's 2nd bday. Harap2 baby Tigger can make the 'grand exit' voluntarily and not by 'force' (induce) like the sister. If, if la kan...the same case happen, i'll take a long rest before the next, or maybe, last one.

Then, we went to see Milan's paed. Just to check up on her weight. It seems that she is not gaining much weight. True indeed, she is still underweight. At 15mos+, only 9.4kgs and stands at 77cm. Other than that, she is all fine, said Dr Maria. But the Dr is quite concern on the weight. Lagilah, daddy and mommy kan. I was advised to change her formula to Pediasure (a high calories formula for underweight baby). We'll see how. So far, tak try lagi sebab Progress Gold still banyak. Daddy bought the 3kgs tin. Tp, masa nak tido semlm tiba2 risau, what if the formula really works for her? Er, takmo lah my girl tu jadi TEMBS sangat. Nanti susah dia nak lari sana sini. Nvm, we'll see.

Some people were already asking how is Milan reacting to baby Tigger's presence. Kan orang selalu cakap, diaorg can sense ada orang baru. Hence, the perangai manja2 etc. Well, mcm tak perasan jugaklah ada difference. Kalau setakat dia nak mommy carry tu, rasanya dari dulu pun macam tu. malam tadi, she cried hard when i put her in her baby cot. Nak tido 'himpit2' with Mommy. After a while she went in herself but holding on to my finger and closed her eyes. When i tried to pull my fingers sebab dia nampak macam dah terlelap, she grabbed and hold them tighter. Oh no...jgnla jadi habit. Nanti susah kalau mommy tak boleh nak teman all the time when adik is out. Susah for mommy, and susah for her too. Nanti kesian je nak mommy. And one more thing, when i am too occupied with house works or she finds whatever she's doing bores her, she'll give me a very kesian look and says "syyip" for sleep. Kdg2 tu tipu je, sebab baru je bangun from nap. Nak attention rasanya. Daddyla suka cakap "kesian Milan, tak sempat nak manja2". Taklah, she will still be manja'ed' jugak nanti.

P/s: semlm tgk Desperate Housewives, Lynette nyer ayat "that's why i keep on having babies, to replace the ones that hate me". When, she wanted to have a cheaper version of the grandmother's ring for the son's Russian wife. Kelakar!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Just had a chat with Endun. Talked about kawan-kawan.

It all started from Facebook. On how i was so excited to meet some long lost friends, and somehow get a 'cold' response. Macam siot jerr!

Selalu macam tu. Like, was i being too irritating? Padahal, the main intention was being courteous and nak kata x-last (ayat Endun) sangat, kdg2 tu taklah sgt. U know, being berbudi bahasa.

Macam2 perangai la kawan2. And i know, to some people i memang bukan favourite friend pun. Friend gitu2 only. I am a boring type, maybe. I don't go to parties tapi bukan pulak jenis yang bersopan santun or berakhlak mulia. Masa dkt secondary school pun rapat dgn budak lelaki. Sampailah masuk U pun, my best friend was a guy. Jenis yang lepak dekat balkoni rumah pun sangat best just because you have the best company. Lepas masing2 ada commitment, that's the end of it.

Yang betul2 girlfriend as in u can just talk about anything, you know who you are lah. The rest tu, like i told Endun "rindu betunga mua aja".

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Neither that i've been neglecting this blog nor that i am too busy. Tipulah kalau busy sangat, hehe. Ada je masa nak log in facebook everyday kan....

Well, i've been not feeling well. Worsen towards the evening. From 6pm onwards, i'll be 'staying' in the toilet. Every single day, without fail. Milan will quickly runs and watched me all the time. She might be wondering "what is happening to mommy?". Sometimes, she too will pat my back, imitates daddy. Rasa nak tergelak adalah, cos when she does that, her mulut kecik will mengomel2 also. "Baby kah?", cuteness! If she is drinking her milk, she will just stand outside and waves "hi". She's keeping me sane... (not that i'm going insane soon but if you have bad sickness in the 1st trimester, you feel me)

But one thing about Milan. Lately, she's been calling her daddy, TUTU. We have no idea where she learns that from. From cartoon series? Maybe not, sebab she only knows 'pabob' (Spongebob), 'dowa' (Dora), 'mimo' (Primo) and 'nanol' (Arnold).

No matter how i tell her "It's DADDY", she'll say 'TUTU'. When she hears the doorbell and i asked "who's that?", she'll replies "TUTU". When i point to the daddy and ask her "who's that?", again "TUTU"!! And, let me tell you that her first word was "Daddy"!!!Guess, she finds it is more fun to call daddy as TUTU.

So, yesterday i tested her by pointing to myself and asked "who's this?". She said "MAMA" (though after some times she somehow changed it to "Mimi"!!!OWhhhh....i was overwhelmed!!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Of Puppy and Milan

* Her first encounter with live dog, Billy

Milan loves dogs so much. She calls them "Puppy". Even if i tried to correct her and show her the difference of DOG and PUPPY. She will say "Puppy" even louder.

Last night, sampai mengigau. Twice!!!

1. "Grrrrrrr....Puppppp....pyyyy!"
2. "Puppyyy...pupppyyy"

Mommy would love to get you a puppy sweetie but not with the house we are living in at the moment (apartment). Balik KL pun tak boleh juga. Balik Kuching only can, but bila lah tu.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

TAGGED - Beautiful Blogger Award

Alamak, baru terhegeh2 nak buat. Sorrylah, Mama Harith and Najah. Baru haritok ada ok sikit. Tok pun sementara anak dara kecik ya agik tido. Very brief.

7 things about me. Here we go...

1. I'm a middle child. Actually it's me and my 3rd brother since there are 6 of us. So, the are bits and pieces of middle child syndrome in me.

2. I am not going to go crazy over chocolates or coffee. Thanks but no thanks. I used to take lots of Nescafe 3in1 while staying up late night for PMR. I guess i had enough already.

3. I am a LEO. So, lion ni tak akan kacau orang selagi dia tak dikacau and LAPAR, haha.

4. Quite independent. I am a middle child peeps. I have to make my own way. Except for now, i am not quite independent financially.

5. I am not a mathematics genius. And yet, i graduated in accountancy. Actually, i always wanted to do Law but long story lah.

6. I played sports, again, not anymore. Dulu, siap kapten futsal team for my department (way back in 2004 la). Then, volleyball captain for a company i worked with.

7. Saya penakut orangnya. Serius, sangat penakut.

So, have fun doing this tag in your blog. I tag all of you out there :P


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