Sunday, May 30, 2010


We went for our weekly groceries shopping in Geant yesterday.

Milan being so sleepy told us that she wants to 'syip'. Dia selalu tau macam tu. Kalau dkt rumah, susah betul nak tidur. Dekat luar, terus mengantuk. Maybe she was bored because she was sitting in the trolley and doing nothing. Daddy said "later".

While waiting for the daddy at the counter, i took her out and sit on the bench around the area. Being a friendly girl, she said "hi" to a lady yang berpurdah. So, tak sure that lady tgh smile ke tak at her. Milan pulak, selagi tak jawab "hi" tu selagi tu lah she'll keep on "hi"ing you.

Bila lady tu dah bangun, i feel so relieved sbb takdelah Milan nak kacau her again. Kadang3 kita je seronok tgk anak friendly but sometimes to some people, it is probably irritating. Some people just want to be alone. No disturbance etc. Sekali tengok that lady, pegang Milan, cuit pipi, "masyaallah...masyaallah" then bagi 1dinar. Orang arab ni jenis yang suka tengok baby then hulur duit. When this first happened sometimes last year (Milan baru2 sampai Bahrain) i was quite hesitant to accept the money. But, after considering that we are in another men's land and it could be offensive by not accepting, i let Milan take it. Just takut Milan terbiasa. Nanti she thought she can easily get some money from anyone on the street sebab selalu sangat dapat duit.

Then, while daddy tgh isi2 coupon contest, we lepak lah depan mothercare. Adoi, Milan dah nampak pyjama "Dora". "Mommy...Dowa...dowa...dowa". I said "okay". Sekali tu, she went inside herself!!! Terkedek2 dengan duit 1dinar tu. Milan...Milan...pyjama Dora tu harga 9dinar. Haha...At last, Mommy bought her a Dora heart shaped sunglasses yang harga 2.5dinar (after 50% discount). Tu pun lepas Mommy said "no" to Fifi the Flowertots sunglasses. Kalau tak dia nak dua2. Kat sini dah start panas terik. Dah ada sunglasses taklah Milan keluar rumah 'kecik mata' lagi. Silau...

*pic later. See if can successfully tangkap gambar curi :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hari Gawai

Sebenarnya we ols tak celebrate hari gawai. I mean me and my family. My husband's side is a bidayuh, so they do celebrate.

This gawai, my mom and sister will be celebrating with my aunt in Sg Stapang, Marudi. And they will be having a ceremony 'mengambil family angkat'. My family ni 'memanglah' tak cukup besar lagi nak angkat family lain pulak. The thing is we ols mmg suka ramai2 ni. Walaupun rumah tak lah besar mana, but the feeling of tidur bersesak2, makan berebut2 and nak masuk toilet tunggu turn adalah perkara yang memang menyeronokkan. There was once, masa our late grandpa 1st year anniversary rasanya, siap ada yang tidur kat dapur lagi. Serius seronok! Normally, we...the ladies tak kan tidur sampai pagi nyerlah. Bila dah jumpa, mesti nak berborak je. Kadang2, tengah2 malam boleh nak 'menyambal' (bahasa sarawak for makan ulam2an).

So, back to the 'family angkat' ni. They are ibans. From this gawai onwards, we will be celebrating gawai lah i think. In a longhouse. A classic, old fashioned longhouse. We like!!!My mom told me they bought a 'gong' for the ceremony. Something like a gift.

*1: Congratulations to Mavis & Jacky on their big day today :)

*2: Have you read or heard about the 2 year old Indonesian boy who smokes 40 cigarettes per day? Go google. Sebenarnya nak letak link kat sini, tp..hehehe...kami tak pandai lah u ols. Boohooo!!! Anyways, rasa nak lenyek je his parents with steamroller. Like what Jimmy Kimmel said, "until they turn into peanut butter"!

*3: Hari ni, breakfast roti canai segera dengan kuah kari dhal. First time nih masak kari dhal. Nasib baik husband kata " baru rasa makan roti canai and kari kat malaysia".

*4: I can only take her pics when she is sleeping :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My little girl turns 17mos today!

Still calling herself 'baby' (and others too...except Mommy and Papa - 'Tutu' no more and yes, 'Dedek' for the new one).

She can say more words now. In fact, she will try to repeat whatever we are saying. So, i told the daddy to be more careful. No more 'funny' words in the house. I guess, around this time of age is the best to spent with them. They are funny and cute with the 'pelatness'. Some more with our Milan pronouncing anything with 's' by adding few more 's'es? Like: Os-so (Special Agent Oso), horsss (horse). Even seekor ant akan jadi 'antss'. Towel becomes 'awul', ice cream is 'ais syim' or sometimes 'ais syim MAMAM!'.

She's learning to make sentences. So far, the understandable ones are:

where's Mommy / Papa?
Mommy kah asha? (Mommy wash = mandi is it?)

Other than that she sometimes got the words mixed up.

She loves to dance and sing. Pantang dengar music, terus say 'dance' and started dancing. Then, when the music stops "no more dance". And if she sees anyone singing (and holding a mic), she'll ask me to give her the 'blue flashlight' which serves as her mic. Selalunya, bila tengok American Idol.

A girl will always be a girl. Whenever she sees me pegang lotion / cream mesti nak sikit and then apply it on her face and neck. Sikit2 nak comb her super fine hair. Suka nak pakai mommy's shoes then say 'bye' as if she can walk out the door herself (yet!). When she got scolded, she'll close her eyes and dah agak2 tak boleh nak tahan sedih, she'll cover her mouth with her palm and started crying. Bila nangis sambil sebut "mommmmyyyy" yang mommy tak boleh nak tahan and rasa sedih sekali. Kadang2 takde sembunyi muka dekat sofa or her toys. Kalau dah terdesak sangat, she'll just meniarap with face down on her hands. Lepas kena marah, she'll come to us and make the cutest puss-in-the-boots face and "hi"...

On expressing her feelings. Ni yang lemah sangat. Because, at times she likes to slap our face...real hard. Esp, kalau terkena tang mata. So far, she did this only to both me and the daddy. And she knows what 'takut' is!!! Eeee'Kakut'. The daddy lah ajar. Lepas tu, sekarang tgh struggle nak explain to her that there's nothing to be afraid of.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Ola peeps!

So sorry for being away for too long. Away from this blog i mean. Takde pegi mana2 pun. Dok rumah only.

Ever since Milan was sick the other day, i find myself quite occupied with her. She won't let me sit and have a quiet time with the lappy nowadays. Sebab, dia pun nak tekan2 sekali. So, might as well, semua org tak payah pegang laptop. Kadang2 sampai 2 hari tak on laptop. FB dah kena deactivated balik. Kalau tak habislah kerja2 rumah semua tertangguh.

We are all fine. I've come to my 2nd trimester now. The sickness has gone. The appetite is kicking in. Macam tak kenyang2 je.

That's about it i guess. Laters...

Friday, May 14, 2010

My oh my...not sure when the maintenance guys will come and get our A/c fixed. This is the third time that the a/c rosak. I for one, jenis nak benda gets done asap, pot pet pot pet at the daddy to buy a standing fan. Tak tahan weh...Malaysia hot, 34-36deg, Bahrain hot 45-50deg. Hot flash lagi!

Milan is a little bit under the weather. Must be because of the heat. The daddy and Mummy Jess thinks she maybe have her gigi geraham coming. We went to AMH to get some medicine for her. Sedaplah ubat for budak2 dkt sini. She has grape flavoured syrups. For fever and flu. Kesian sangat kalau anak demam, esp when she coughs in the middle of her sleep and then vomited.

Got to go, have to search for the tv remote control. A daily activity when you have a toddler at home :) . Have a fantabulous weekends peeps!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pabob Part II

This spongebob was sent via sms by aunty Tiq last night. Because she was so very the rajin nak kemas rumah tengah2 malam buta, on weekdays pulak tu. Then, she couldn't sleep.

Annddddd....Milan pun nak ikut jejak langkah aunty jugek!!!

The thing is, the aircond is spoiled. Tak sejuk langsung rumah ni. Summer is here. And it is summer in Bahrain we are talking about. Now, the temp outside is about 43deg. Milan pun tiba2 berair je hidung.

I was pretty sure that i didn't feed her anything sweet for any sugar rush effect. But, she was too active. Maybe sebab baru belajar melompat2 atas our bed. Siap buat bunyi "uuukkkk...ukkkk". Mcm 'monggaky' pun ada, haha.

Since the 'coldest' place in the house is the master bedroom. All of us 'retired' early last night. Daddy pun bawa masuk laptop n buat kerja dlm bilik. Si kecik tu pun sibuk2 nak meniarap sebelah daddy, mcmlah faham programming language tu. Lainlah ada gambar ke apa.

When she was about to get bored, she turned to me (almost asleep at that time) and poked my eyes, nose. "Mummm...myyy, mummm...myyy". "Nose, eyes...". "Mummy, Pabob? , Mummy Nanol?". Waaaa....Mummy was so sleepy. Now it is impossible to sleep before she does. With my growing tummy. I have to protect baby Tigger inside because the sister would make unexpected jumps at any point of time.

She only slept at almost 12.30am last night.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm preparing for the coming of baby Tigger. I know, maybe some of you might think that it was too soon.

The preparation is more towards my knowledge on breastfeeding. I must and have to admit that i was not mentally prepared when i was with Milan. I was so determined to fully breastfeed her since i am not working anymore.

So, sekarang ni kira macam buat revision la. Fikir balik, masalah2 yang dihadapi masa breastfeeding Milan dulu. Sekarang ni kira dah bersedia mentally yang my utmost support, the daddy, will only be around for 2 weeks, at least. Then, i'll be on my own.

At least, now i know i had experienced abdomen cramp with breastfeeding. Which i then mistook it as nak poo-poo. Asal start bf je, rasa senak perut. Tak poo-poo pun.

Part yang masih tak 'master' lagi is the post natal stress. Macam mana nak handle tu kan. Mak takleh nak teman, husband plak jauh. :P. I CAN AND I WILL DO IT!

Luahan Perasaan

Alamak...takleh tahan. Kena luahkan jugak.

Tadi pagi, dengan semangat juang yang tinggi, i bangun seawal 5.30am sebab nak buatkan cekodok pisang untuk bekal the daddy.

Dah pack siap2, letak kitchen tissue alas so that taklah berminyak sangat. Pack dalam bekas tupperware hijau.

Sekali tu, orang tu buka:

"Apa benda ni?"
"Cekodok apa hitam macam ni?"

Sumpah uols, tak hitam pun. Nama pun cekodok pisang. Haruslah kaler dark brown kan. Terhiris hati dan perasan kami tau. Rasa nak ku 'tetes'kan ayer mata. Sedey tak ingat, bila kita buat something, full of effort lagi.

Another dialog before tutup pintu;

"Masak apa hari ni?"
"Entah, dah hilang mood nak masak"
"Apasal pulak?" *tak faham lagi org tgh merajuk nih
"Sebab komen pasal cekodok"
"HA, itulah you. Buat benda tak ikhlas"

Waaaaa...haruslah ku hantuk kepala ini di dinding?! Dahla kena komen awal2 pagi, takde thank you, instead of kena pujuk....kena se'das' lagi ada.

Fyi, orang mengandung ni hati dan perasaan nya jauh lebih sensitif dari biasa. Tak tau lagi ke? Anak kedua ni woi!


Something related to do with Endun's entry on Nasi Bukhari.

When Milan was born, she has this blue black patches on her buttock and knee. It is called baby skin mark.

"They can be confused with bruising, but are merely temporary accumulation of pigment under the skin. They are not harmful in any way and most fade within the first year."
- Baby Skin Mark – Mongolian Blue Spots - Google

My late grandma and my aunts used to say it was due to my 'unfulfilled' cravings. And so does said my sis-in-law. She said they (the marks) are called 'bana' among local malays.

As mush as i want everything to be scientifically proven, i do take these old wives tale as a point. My aunt Elliya is very good at this. I had a handful of petua2 nenek moyang with regards to baby care when Milan and i stayed for few months with her.

Now, i too have cravings. Mostly, sayur2 kampung. Of which, i can easily get from E-mart. But it is ok, i can wait. It is not harmful for me and the baby anyway. Teringat sebenarnya. And kalau tengah pregnant, adalah alasan yang lebih kukuh yang dipanggil 'mengidam' :P. Cuma bila ternampak jambu air and langsat dekat supermarket kat sini, kenalah the daddy bayar walaupun satu pack adalah dalam 2dinar (+- RM18). Each pack's size is equivalent to the medium size polystyrene tray untuk durian (3 pack for RM10) kat Giant tu.

Kalau macam masa pregnant Milan, by the time balik Miri...terus berat naik 2kgs on the first check up with Dr Lee.

Monday, May 10, 2010



Nak kemas rumah, malas. Nak makan, malas. Nak lipat kain, malas. Nak tengok tv, malas. Nak keluar, panas.

I guess this is the pregnancy mood swings. I was fine moments ago. Siap buat agar2 santan. Then, bubur kacang hijau.


When actually?

There was a confusion yesterday about the Mothers Day celebration. I was wondering why the daddy tak wish2 lagi ni. By noon, i asked him,

Me: "Have u forgotten that today is Mothers day?"
Him: "Hah! Again? I thought i already wished you when we were in London, March 14?"
Me: "But semua org dlm FB sibuk2 pasal Mothers Day. And i'm sure it falls on every 2nd of May"
Him: "Serius, tak kan i nak tipu? Remember, the shops were selling flowers and cards?"
Me: "I thought they were selling easter eggs?"
Him: "More to mothers day stuff la"
Me: "Oh yeah, i remembered seeing the restaurant with Mothers Day menu etc"
Him: "Then, when is it actually?"

Too curious, the first thing i did in the morning was to wiki about Mothers Day. Now i get it. The daddy was right, if we follow UK, then the celebration of Mothers Day falls on Mothering Sunday, March 14. Malaysia on 2nd Sunday of May and Bahrain on March 21. Baru ingat nak makan seafood platter dkt TGIF last night :P

Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Idol

We were watching American Idol last night (yang result tu) when i suddenly rasa nak pegi toilet. While i was in the loo, tetiba i heard Milan's voice sangat kuat. I went "apa hal lagi ni?". She was with her daddy.

I pun cepat2 keluar nak check. Sekali tu tengok the daddy tengah senyum2 tengok Milan yang tengah pegang a small flashlight.

Rupa2nya, she was singing!!! Out loud!!! With the flashlight as the microphone!!! Adoi... mati2 mommy ingat nangis sebab terjatuh ke apa. Milan is one clumsy girl, if you must know.

Sekarang ni pantang pegang the torchlight, mesti nak nyanyi. Sometimes, she'll look for her "Dedek" (her adik / my belly) and pretend to sing to her/him.

I'm thankful that God had granted me the gift of being a mother.

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Friday, May 07, 2010


Last night, the daddy told us to get up early tomorrow morning because he wanted to take Milan to Seef Mall. Kesian Milan, dah lama tak jalan2. And Mommy nak makan Auntie Anne's pretzel since last week lagi.

We managed to wake up at 9.30am (the earliest la tu..hehe). Keluar rumah around 12 noon. Ni kira awal lagi sebab the arabs jenis keluar lambat. So, parking pun senang. Nak makan pun senang.

Since we were in Seef Mall, i wanted to have the briyani rice with creamy spiced hamour fish. Sebenarnya teringat dkt nasi campur dkt gerai mamak belakang office dekat Jln Sultan Ismail. Kat sini, portion diaorg 'memang'lah tak banyak kan. I know i have to eat for 2, but even that i'm sure i can't finish a full plate of briyani with kuah banjir. As for now, i still have to eat for 3. Myself, Tigger and the sink! Muntah lagi uols!

Lepas makan, we went pusing2 the place. Nampak H&M, masuk jap. 'Ter'nampak pulak denim like tights, ambik. Black pump with leopard print, ambik. Last2, 'ter'shopping jugak. Mana pegi 'takde mood nak shopping' last week pun tak tau.

Then, pegi ELC sbb Daddy nak beli kan Milan new toys. Milan was so excited playing with the toys sample. Lompat trampoline, main piano, turun naik slide. Kesian Milan...rumah kecik, takleh nak belikan toys tu semua. Anyways, we'll try to look for MyGym tomorrow. Maybe we can enroll her for the drop-ff program every Saturday.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

In My Head

There are too many things to think about. Susah jugak kalau jadi perempuan ni. Semua benda nak fikir at the same time. Jadinya kdg2 stress. Mmglah kdg2 tu nak juga, take it easy. Tp, mcm mana? Most of the time, i failed.

Nak kena fikir pasal dekat mana nak 'menumpang' selepas bersalin. Macam tu la kalau husband tak de di sisi. 'Menumpang' sana sini. Nak menumpang dgn parents di kampung, agak susah nak travel untuk check up baby. Kena naik boat express for 1.5hrs. NAmpak gayanya, mungkin akan 'menumpang' di rumah in-laws di kuching. Terpaksalah korbankan 'perasaan manja' dengan mak sendiri selepas bersalin.

Dengan the daddy yang sibuk nak bawa Milan jalan2 lepas mommy bersalin. Tak kisahlah kalau setakat nak jalan2 naik kereta pusing2 town. Ni nak pegi KK, pastu nak pegi Kuching. Haih...susah lah nak cakap. My only concern is about H1N1 outbreak. And the daddy pula mcm buat tak tahu jer everytime i express my concern. Geram!!!If possible, i don't want to stress myself anymore since i want to fully breastfeed this coming baby.

Then, Milan the underweight girl still doesn't like her food. Sometimes, she just has toast and cheese for her dinner. Lunch, if she can finish her rice..then Mommy will be on top of the world. Tak tahu nak describe mcm mana, rasa happy terlampau.

Got to go again, she is 'ngek-ngek'ing. Bagusnya kalau nangis sebab nak makan nasi!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

~ Nothing ~

Ya ampun, punya lah m.a.l.a.s! Penyakit tu memang dah lama wujud tp sejak pregnant ni lagilah menjadi2.

Lantai rumah pun baru dah mop pagi ni, since last few days lagi berazam nak mop. Even for that to happen, i had to force myself.

Ok, penyakit dah datang balik. Laters...

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Wardrobe Makeover

It's time to have a wardrobe makeover.

Skinny jeans are out for at least 10 more months (with the hope to get back to the pre-pregnancy shape). Or, if i have extra space in the luggage bag, i might need to bring them back home and 'sedekah'kan dekat my cousins.

Time to shop for loose tops, tights and maxi dresses. Even my maternity jeans pun tertinggal dekat Miri.

But this pregnancy, i memang takde mood nak shopping. A symptom for carrying a boy? Maybe because of the motion sickness during the car ride. Jadinya, malas nak keluar.

Normally i'll look for clothes at Forever21. Trendy and yet affordable.

Again, till then....


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