Monday, September 27, 2010

32 weeks

Just got back from Dr Lee's clinic. Baik sangat Dr Lee tu. Everytime i leave his clinic, i'll be smiling. This time i asked my SIL's sister to accompany us. I need Jen to hold her while the doc does the ultrasound. Milan sits at the baby car seat, front passenger seat. Luckily she was ok. Watching her Ipod all the way. Just that maybe she was a lil bit sleepy on the way back. She became restless and "want to go Mommy".

At 32weeks+:
* Mommy weighs at 59kgs (mamposlah!!!)
* Tigger weighs at 1.6kgs
* All is well
* She's at a head-down position already.

Dr Lee asked if the daddy is here or still in Bahrain. When i told him that the daddy will only comes in December, he said "you have all the supports u needed here so, no need to worry". Terus menambahkan semangat nak beranak :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

21 Mos

The big sister is 21 months old today.

In addition to the 20 months milestone, she now can;

* sing the ABC song, Twinkle2 Little Star, 10 little finger
* recognizes shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, circle, star, heart, oval but crescent is a 'moon' :) )
* can tell her name (Milan) and age (2). Mommy's name is now correct as Caroline.
* still very much a fussy eater
* will cry everytime she sees anyone leaving the house and she is staying behind
* loves lollipop Chupa Chup (cream flavoured)
*describes notes (money) as "too much" --> prolly she heard we say "how much" before taking out money. Coins as 'coins'
* masters in describing colours and numbers
* she becomes my pulse-resistance when shopping because she will say "no mommy, no" whenever i 'belek2' anything in the shop. With hand gestures sumore (pointing finger movements)
* so manja with mommy. tido pun kena "hug mommy".

Be a good sister ok Milan. Dedek is coming soon, and Mommy needs you to really co-operate. Luv u.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Salt and Pepper

Marriage is something sacred provided both parties have each other's respect and trust.

I was having a chat with a friend the other day. On how her husband treated her differently lately. With the birth of their daughter, the husband seems to pull away. Moody all the time. Accusing her  for having an affair. She doesn't go out with her friends anymore. She'll go straight home from work.  The husband somehow turned into someone jealous. There was once, the husband hit her when he was drunk. And the baby almost fell from her arms. I was speechless. I can feel the tense, but i am nobody to judge anybody. I could only listen and gave some words of comfort. She was up to the extend that she wants to be divorced and ignores the fact that they were just married for 3 years.

That is the salt and pepper of being married. Some husbands stops their wives from wearing makeups or dressing up. I find that ridiculous. Your wife needs to feel good about herself in order to feel good around you. And you just have to trust her for that.

Anyhow, to all the single ladies out there, do not think that i scare you with this story. It is just a true story for all of us to know. 

** Ada jugak partner yang takda langsung deria jealous ni. Tak kisah lah bini / awek buat apa. Too much of trusts? Ke mmg jenis yang tak kisah langsung. Sometimes perempuan ni nak lah jugak rasa di'kisah'kan. Kalau tak kisah, rasa macam everybody else je treatment nya, nothing special. Laki sapa lah tu?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ana Fening

Am having a bad flu. 
Milan is super clingy.
I don't have enough sleep.
65 more days to go till the "D" day.
Missing him.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ola again...

I was still around, just that my lazy bum2 supersedes everything else. It is either i have too much stories to tell that i don't know where to begin with or i have no idea what to write.

Milan has never been so clingy. I just can't be out of her sight for a mere second. She'll go "Mommy where?". Nak masuk toilet pun sekali ok. When i'm in the kitchen she'll squeeze herself in between my legs. I thought that she won't be so clingy when she meets her cousins, but i was very wrong. sangat penat nak dukung her all the time. She even look for me when she is sleeping. And she will only stop when she can hug me. Honestly, i am very worried about her when the "D" day comes.

Tomorrow i plan to go for Tigger's check up. Can't wait for the "D" day. Everything is too tiring for me right now.

Ok, that's about it. I'm tired...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Papa Works

Just reached home from KLIA. Sending off Papa back to Bahrain and Babai on business trip to Nairobi.

Milan was still asleep when we reached KLIA. Only woke her up when we arrived at the international boarding gate. Then she hugged on Papa tightly. Uwaaaa...Mommy cannot tahan. Uko took her away, luckily she didn't cry. Mommy? Of course lah cry tak hingat. Carik tisu pulak tetiba tak jumpa dlm handbag. Belasah lah...lap dengan Milan's blue handkerchief. Huhu...

Take care Papa...Mommy, Milan and Dedek will see you in December...


Saturday, September 04, 2010

20 Mos

I was quite busy since we reached KL. Busy as in fulfilling the cravings, i must say. Sangatlah busy makan sana sini.

Then, last night i remembered that i haven't write on Milan's 20 mos.

  • Can count up to 20
  • Read alphabets
  • Can tell colours
  • Knows Papa's (Dennis) name and Mommy's as lynden
  • Can tell her own name (Milan) and her age (2)
  • she hates it when she hears someone sings, she will pinch or hit you
  • likes to imitates people's speech (trying very hard to make her not to)
  • she is quite unfriendly towards guys
  • weighs at only 10.8kgs (50% percentile in her age range)
  • has a strong togetherness spirit (or as Papa put it: semangat kekiputan).E.g: if 5 people travel in a car, all 5 must go out of the car at any time. Otherwise, she will cry her heart out.
  • loves to give hugs (then again only to ladies). She hugs her book, Mimzy, pillow, Dedek (ie: mu belly), chair...and even HERSELF (meaning, buat aksi macam berpeluk tubuh tu)

    can't think of anything else. The rest she is just like any other kids her age, i guess.


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