Sunday, October 31, 2010

Minus One

I've been wanting to bake chocolate cheesecake. Not that i'm craving to eat one. I don't eat chocolate. But i feel bored of doing nothing, and to me, baking is the best thing to do to kill my spare time. I've got all the ingredients except butter. Seriously, i thought i bought one stick already. Couldn't find it in the fridge though. Tundalah baking plan, see lah maybe next week.

Haven't pack my hospital bags yet. I need to find the bags first. Shopping bags banyaklah dekat dapur tu. Tak kan nak pakai luggage bags size XL lak gi hospital kan.

Okies, running out of ideas already... :). Till then

Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Hit It, Just Yet

Don't hit the panic button just yet...

My family members are so very kan cheong la i tell you. It's not that i don't like it but i do feel rimas sometimes when people around me can't remain calm. My aunts are so worried that we are staying alone in the house while others go to work. Takut i terberanak when nobody's in the house. My aunt has offered to come and stay in her place this week until i deliver. Mak called yesterday, to check whether i'm still ok. She is coming this Sunday after my 2nd cousin whose due date was on 24.10 has delivered baby girl yesterday's morning.

My due date is on the 17.11. I'll be grateful if Tigger decides to come out early. Of which, i doubt it. Though she is my 2nd baby. Anyway, it is not like the baby is just gonna pop out as and when you have your first contraction. So, there's no need to panic, really.

But to all of them, their main concern is Milan. Since she is still can't be away from me for too long. Anyways, like my aunts who has experience with clingy child while having another baby...their words of encouragement is GOD knows the best when the time comes. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

22months and 36weeks

Just a quick update, i'm so 'busy' nesting. Tigger at her 36weeks now. Just finished a round of clothes washing today. There are 2 more baskets to go. And i have to wash one a day as it rains every morning for 2 days already. Hanging the newborn's clothes takes me 2 times longer than hanging adult's clothing. Nak kelip kan those tiny booties and mittens pun cukup lama.

Tigger is around 2.6kgs already. Mommy's at 61kgs. I really can't wait to meet her. Same goes to Papa. Papa cakap "nak tgk rupa". Last week i had swollen ankles, very swollen. Now it's gone. Frequent braxton hicks. Done with the kids necessities. Diapers, milk stock for Milan and etc. Hospital bags should be ready by early next week.

Kakak Milan is already 22mos. Masters the shapes and now learning on weather. Her learning progress is quite slow here because she is more interested on playing with her cousins. Her current favourite songs are Bad Romance (Lady Gaga), Baby (ke apa nama lagu by JB tu) and classic Burung Kakak Tua. Here's how it goes, Milan's version.

"Borong kakak tua, xxxxxxxxx...di jendela,
Nenen sudah tua
Ghighinya tenggal dua
Letchun..letchun..letchun..o lalalala... (3x)
Borong kakak tua"

Ok, that's about it. She is requesting for "lady gaga song...o..o..oo..." already.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Daughters

Frankly speaking, i have nothing interesting to blog about. My everyday live revolves around me, myself, and my two daughters.

Daughter no.1 has become so amusing day by day. This morning, she woke up and ask for "nen su" (nenen susu or milk). So, i took my sweet time to tie my hair before slowly got up of the bed. By that time, she was already waited at the door. And out of the sudden, she screamed "MOMMYYYY...NOOOO, no mommy, no sleep". And she moved her pointing finger. She must have thought that i forgot about her requested for milk and thought that i wanted to go back to sleep. What a sunshine she brings into my life :) .

Meanwhile, daughter no.2 is moving happily inside. Putting pressure onto mommy's pelvic bone already. Somehow it feels awesome. It makes me wanting to see her as soon as possible. I can't really describe how it feels though.

** Dear friends, i do read ur blog entries but somehow my lazy bum refrains me from dropping comments...xoxo

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Honestly, i can't wait to deliver baby Tigger. I know the feeling when you miss 'the-so-very-pregnant' moment, but right now i just feel so tired. So heavy. Luckily Milan seems to take things better and becomes more independent. She seldom asks to be carried anymore. Only, once in a while she wants "hug Mommy". Hug kaki Mommy pun jadilah, if Mommy tgh standing doing something. Seriously pity her for not enjoying her "wholly & exclusively" moment for long. So sorry dear, Mommy is getting older and can't afford to wait any longer.

I have not done any shopping yet for Tigger. Since Milan's newborn clothes are still good. And there are some hands down clothes from the cousins too. Only need to wash them first. Will do that on the first week of November. Together with the hospital bags. This time, there will be 3 bags to bring. Mommy's, Milan's and Tigger's. Milan's will be inclusive of toys and sweets...hehe. For distractions when Mommy is away in the labor room.

Those are the plans for the BEFORE event. DURING the event i need to concentrate on Tigger and let my family members handle Milan. And there are so much things to do for the AFTER the event. E.g: Settling the bills, applying for Tigger's birth certificate. Papa will only be here mid-December. So, merasalah Mommy jadi ibu tinggal :P

**macam bosannya entry ni, lol!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mommy and the girls

Had my 34weeks check up done yesterday. But before that went to see Milan's paed to check on the 'ulcer-like lump' in her mouth. The paed then referred her to the surgical specialist, Dr Matthew. Berderau darah mommy ok, dengar Dr Matthew mentioned about 'MINOR SURGERY' to remove the lump. But he recommended that we shall wait in case the lump might just disappears. It seems that it doesn't bothers her anyway. I mean, it is not painful or anything. Even Dr Matthew said it is not harmful at all. Dr Chen (the paed) lagilah kelakar. He said, sometimes you can just tie a string around the lump and pull it out. Yes, just like that! Then i told Dr Matthew about it, he said no. We need to have a proper surgical procedure. Just a small incision. What worries me is that, she might have difficulties taking her meals after that surgery. She has just slightly gaining weight to 12kgs. Her last weigh was 10.8kgs. Dengan Mommy yang dah nak beranak ni. So, i'm trying to figure out when is the best time to go for the surgery/ Before or after Dedek's arrival. As for now, i was thinking of AFTER. Since i'll be a lot more 'fit' than i am now.

Here's how the lump looks like. The one that i circled.

As for Dedek, she is all fine. Moving actively. But not as 'naughty' as Milan. She is barely weighs 2kgs now. Dr Lee said she is not that big. Beriya je Mommy risau baby besar kan, hehe. My mom was worried about her size but since the Dr said she is healthy, i'm fine. Nanti dah keluar, we try to 'besarkan' her. Takde lah i control makan ke apa. I think i am just too tired. Kan Milan is so clingy. Nasib baik these few days she is a lil bit ok. But seriously i think my baby bump is so big.

Mommy pulak, this week weighs 60kgs. Expected lah tu, just like my previous pregnancy. Except that this time, no swollen ankles (maybe not yet), no cramps and no backbone pain. Every pregnancy is different, so they say. Selalu sangat berangan nak ada that 'colostrum leaking' tu. Tapi, takde pulak. Ye lah, kan semangat nak fully BF baby this time kan. If can la...nanti put too much hope pun susah jugak sebab in my case with Milan i find it was not that easy to cope with.

My apologies for not updating this blog. I was at my other brother's place and had to rely on the broadband. The service is not so good. So, memudarkan semangat nak ber'internet'. Till then...xoxo


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