Tuesday, November 30, 2010


She's a week old already :)

* i have something to share. About my motivation during the 'battle' in the labor room. I was picturing myself and my two girls taking a studio photoshoot for this Christmas!!! I'm so gonna make it happen. I know what to wear already and the girls tutu skirts are in progress...woohooo!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I haven't apply for Sophie's birth certificate yet. Actually, i did went to JPN with my brother, Arthur yesterday. At first, pegi secara 'gamble' je since tak sure JPN buka ke tak. My other brother, Julian told us JPN is opened on Saturday as well. Just when we reached there, the main door was closed and there was another door half opened. Arthur went up and then called me, telling that they are opened.

On the day that we were discharged from MCMC, as usual mmg banyak paperwork kena settle (just like any other places). After paying all the bills, a nurse came with Sophie's baby card etc. And there was one 'extra' form to be filled in for the birth certificate. "Surat Sumpah" something...i asked "is this a new rule?". And "yes" i was told. It was actually for baby born in private hospital. The rule was meant to certify that the baby is of your own. Sebab kan banyak kes jual bayi sekarang ni. So, kenalah angkat sumpah bagai.

Back to the JPN. I was so excited to see that the counter was not crowded and again trying my best luck to just register without filling in the "surat sumpah" form. Manalah tau boleh lepas ke kan. Even the nurses at the Tudan Polyclinic told me to just ignore the form first. Sbb semua org tak sure about it. When at the counter, the officer checked my form and sekali notice the surat sumpah was missing, Then, i was told to buy a RM10 duty stamp and get the "surat sumpah" completed at either the magistrate court or from Pesuruhjaya Sumpah at the resident office. Court and resident office pulak tutup semalam. Tak settle lah lagi birth cert Sophie. We'll see tomorrow.

Next entry i plan to write about confinement and breastfeeding (of which i didnt manage to exclusively did again...).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Birth Stories

While Sophie is asleep and big sister, Milan is being cranky because she is having a nappy rash. And i have been 'prohibited' from carrying her. So, here i am lepaking on the bed. No sitting for too long for me. Kena sound terus.So, kena berbaring-baringan.

I'll try to describe on Sophie's birth stories.

The Beginning
As Sophie was overdue for almost a week, Dr Lee advised that i go for an induce. To avoid any complications and me on the other hand can't stand the swollen ankles. Appointment was set on the 22 Nov. At first i wanted to choose the date. Either 20.11 or 21.11 (Daddy's choice; his birthday is on 21.06). But then i still putting so much hope to deliver my baby without being induced.

Early 22.11 morning around 7.50am, my bro Arthur, mak n bapak accompanied me to the clinic. Mom in law waited there already. VE was done and Dr Lee said i have bigger chance of delivering the baby the normal way, i.e: tak yah caesar ke apa. I didn't know that i was then 2cm dilated. I was then ushered to the maternity ward at 3rd floor. Changed clothes and straight away on pitocin drip at 8.40am. This time, only the drip without the insertion of pill (like Milan's case).

The Contractions
At around 9am i start to feel the mild contractions. Which was bearable. That was when i was facebooking and what not lah kan. Then, at 10am Dr Lee came, VE again and tried to break my water bag. However, he didn't managed to do it since the placenta membrane was too thin already and Sophie's head was too near to the edge. Meaning, if he proceeds to break the waterbag, he could hurt Sophie's head. So, i had to wait for the waterbag to break on its own. At around 11.50am, the contractions became too intense and closer, 2 minutes apart. Again Dr Lee came and did another VE, 6cm dilated. I was "hee...hee..huu"ing already. Too much to take, to me lah kan. Then, at around 12.50pm, i just couldn't open my eyes. My right hand was squeezing my mom's hand and the other hand was grabbing the bed rail. Another VE done, and 6cm still!!! like?!!

The Battle Field
Then, at around 1.30pm, i was already 8cm dilated and being pushed away to the labour room. But, i know i'm not gonna have the baby soon. I don't even have the urge to push. So, lepaklah dlm labour room tu. Around 2.50pm, Dr Lee came and tried to have me to push the baby, i was then too tired. Banyak kali sangat push but Sophie's head was still so high. But the contraction pain was too strong that i thought it might break my pelvic bones apart. I was tossing and turning on the labour bed. Berpeluh2...Dr Lee give me a half an hour break. Just relax he said. Homaigod, i don't know how to 'just relax' at the stage. My breathing was uncontrollable. And it came across my mind that some mothers describe delivering their 2nd baby as "azab" than their first. And i was one of these mothers. Just when i had the urge to push, i tried to push. And yet, nothing was happening. Until, up to one point, i was so frustrated and started to cry. And soon after that, i became a drama mama. Begging for an emergency c-sect. But Dr Lee refused to submit to my silly command, saying that i have great chance of having the baby soon. Then, at 3.40pm, he came again, and this time he really want me to try my very best. "You can't be tired. I know you can do it" he said. Together with 2 nurses, 2 nursing students, Dr Lee really worked hard in assisting me to bring Sophie out. As i pushed, the 2 nurses pushed my belly from top, the 2 nursing students hold my head and shoulder and Dr Lee did what he does best. At some point, i was out of breath. But i took a quick breath and continue to push again. As i feel Sophie's head was half way out, i suddenly have the strength to push harder and out came the head. Another quick breath and long hard push, her shoulder was out. And then, i can hear Sophie's voice. What a great relief!! And soon after that, Dr Lee told me "see, u can do it. Luckily i tak c-sect you. Sayang if u nak c-sect just now".

It's Over
I almost fell asleep after i have checked on Sophie. So very much look like the bigger sister. Only Sophie hair is thicker and darker. Then, Dr Lee continued with the 'ground work'. Taking out the placenta, stitching (the 'best' part) and cleaning the inside. Well, i was too tired to care. I was busy posing with Sophie. Anyway, only little 'damage' was done. Stitching pun tak banyak. Tak macam Milan kena 3rd degree tear kan. Then, Sophie was brought down to the nursery for cleaning and i was pushed back to my room. I thought i was too tired and will fall asleep straight away. Well, i was busy talking with my mom and my mom in law. Then my brothers came. Chit chatting again. Sampai ke sudah tak tido. With Sophie keeps on crying for feeding every single hour.

Oh yeah, in case some of you might wonder. How was Milan coping? On the day itself, i left the house too early, and she was still sleeping. I changed her nappy first then give her milk. Right after i was done changing the nappy, she was awake. So i had to pretend sleeping beside her. Then just when i wanted to make a move, she opened her eyes and gave me the sweetest smile "Mommy..", then get back to sleep. The whole day she was under the good hands of my sister. She did asked "where's Mommy?", and she was told "Mommy works". And she lived with that idea until the next afternoon when i see her. And to entertain her, my sister and cousins brought her to KFC, playgrounds etc. And nobody dares to say "NO" to her. Fearing she might break out and cry and start to look for Mommy.

The first thing she said when she saw me, was "there's Mommy". Then, "Mommy wears socks", hehe. She touched my "not so flat yet" belly few times. Even her cousin asked me "why is your belly still so big? How many baby actually you have?". Eee...laser sungguh mulut budak pompuan kecik tu! LOL!

Well, that's how my experience bringing Sophie to the world. Thanked God for all the great wonders. And now, my duty as "ibu tinggal" has begun and there are two girls to deal with. I can say i am on alert mode, around the clock. Till then...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Princess Sophie

I have safely delivered Sophie today, 22.11.2010 at 3.51pm. A 3kgs and 55cm baby girl.

Will update more with the whole delivery process soon. She's here again for feeding :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nest No More

I am done with nesting.

This time i don't really have much thing to do. Most probably i was busy entertaining Milan all the time. And doing house chores. Kalau tengah mandi, mesti nak scrub satu bathroom, cuci toilet sekali. Lantai pun kalau boleh nak mop 3 times a day. And again, macam dengan Milan...suka sangat nak baking. Only because this time my ankles can't tolerate standing for too long. I used to bake kek lapis when i was carrying Milan. This time, i baked cheesecake. Chocolate cheesecake and pumpkin cheesecake. Kebetulan my mom came from kampung bawak pumpkin. Sayang jugak sebab nak buat lauk, agak kurang 'laku'. So, buatlah pumpkin cheesecake.

One more day to go then i'll be officially a mom of two. My swollen ankles are not so swollen anymore. And as at today, there's still no sign (bloody show) yet. Kena kuatkan semangat untuk induction this Monday. For the last few days i have this itchiness. Starting from my neck, then arms, buttocks...when scratched it will become hives. I did some readings on it and found cholestasis and PUPP. Well, since i'll be induced on Monday, i don't think i need to worry so much. All i did were applying some steroid based cream and take piriton before going to bed. I hope i am making the right decision :)

Tomorrow kena check hospital bags lagi sekali. In case ada yang tertinggal. Hopefully by Tuesday morning, we'll be home with little Tigger...hardly wait!

Friday, November 19, 2010

If favorable

I didn't know about the term 'favorable' being used in the cervic opening. I was requesting for an induce tomorrow or Sunday. Then the doc said, it can be done provided the cervic is 'favorable' i.e ready to be 'opened'. His main concern was if the cervic is not favorable, i can end up being caesared.

And he doesn't want to wait any longer as it might put the baby at risk. After 41 weeks, there's risk that the placenta doesn't functions as it should be. I.e: not providing any nutrients or oxygen for the baby. Then, the baby might grow bigger and makes the labor process more difficult.

Well, we'll see how things go on Monday. Thanks for your concerns. Friends have been asking if the baby arrives yet. Even Hazel called yesterday :). 

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Tak bersalin lagi :)

I have appointment to induce labor next Monday, 22/11/10.

Hope everything will be fine. Please pray for me and my little one.

Will update as soon as i am home with my girls.


Friday, November 12, 2010

When Oh When...

As at now, Tigger is still wiggling in my belly. And she is showing no sign of coming out pretty soon. Went to meet Dr Lee on Monday. Tigger is around +- 2.8kgs and Mommy's 62kgs. The first thing the Doc asked was if i wanted to be induced since i have reach my 38 weeks. And i told him i want to wait until i have no more reason to wait any longer. I.e: up to 41 weeks. According to him, since i have history of overdue pregnancy, there's a chance that this pregnancy will also overdue. If it is overdue, then the last date would be 24th Nov. And maybe i can't wait until 24th, since i'm having bad swollen ankles. Very swollen. I barely walk towards the evening. Literally, i have to drag my feet and walk. Yes, it is that swollen and it feels heavy.

Till then darlings, am not feeling comfortable sitting down for too long. And standing will just makes my feet grow.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Yesterday and Today

Just got back from a friend's wedding at Dewan Suarah Miri. Macam biasa, kalau wedding kawan2 mestila ala2 mini gathering. Ada Suzina, Wedy, Maz, Ija, Khaty, Nurhidayah and son, Siti, Habibah and Juji. Semua nak berborak. Suara plak takleh nak kontrol. Sampaikan tersasul bila musik background stop, tetiba ada suara yg ter'menonjol'. Kena pulak duduk sebelah Maz and Ija. Geng sekelas dulu. Memanglah kan...buat lawak tak senonoh. But, thanks to them sebab tolong ambikkan makanan. Diaorg kesian tgk mommy yang kaki bengkak dgn Milan yg nak didukung je. Masa nak turun tingkat bawah, aunty Wedy yg tolong dukung. Thanks dear...macam tu la keadaan ibu tinggal tapi ada ramai kawan2 yang prihatin.

Esok pg check up 38weeks. Tadi masa attend wedding, kawan2 cakap my perut tak 'turun' lagi. Tp, hidung dah 'kembang'. Alahai, akan ter'overdue' lagi kah nanti? Kalau overdue and everything's fine, confirmlah kena induce lagi. Lemah longlai terus bila fikir pasal induce. Mak kata, kalau have to be induced lagi, request for caeser je la. Oh no...no..no, caeser was never my choice unless atas sebab2 keselamatan both baby and mommy. Kira kalau emergency, terpaksalah kan.

Yesterday, went to a cousin house in Taman Tunku. Wah, masuk je rumah dia. Terus terpersona. Sebab, her interior design is exactly like what i want my house to be. Tapi, angan2 je la. Then, pegi merayau2 ke rumah baru my brother plak. Also around that area. Actually, memang berhasrat nak beli satu rumah kat Miri. Ye lah, asal balik je kena menumpang rumah my brothers. Anak2 diaorg pun dah besar2. Takdelah diaorg komplen ke apa, just that kalau ada rumah sendiri lagi seronoklah. Bila fikir pasal tu, terus rasa nak kerja balik. Kena aktifkan balik fund dlm EPF tu.

Then, around senja macam tu, visit my cousin nyer house. Around that area jugak. She's married to an Indian. This cousin is from my bapak's side. They speak  Berawan. To which, i have to shamelessly admit i tak faham. Sikit2 bolehlah, but sikit as in very limited words. So, we conversed in malay  instead. Dia pun gerun tengok my belly besar sangat..huhu. I guess the size of my belly explains my very swollen ankles and growing feet. Tadi attend wedding pun pakai selipar je. Tu je yang muat. Selipar comel la tapi. Bukan selipar getah jepun tu ye..

Haih, yang flu ni lagi satu hal. tak habis2. Blocked nose ni yang merisaukan ni. Nanti nak breathe in, breathe out masa nak push macamana kan?

Ok. tu je la kot :)


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