Monday, December 20, 2010


I am just clueless on Sophie's sleeping pattern. I think she just 'hate' sleeping. She doesn't sleep during the day. Doesn't sleep as in not sleeping for more than 10mins. And now it's 4mins past midnight and her eyes are as bright as the morning sunshine.

When she cries, we'll nurse and nurse and nurse. A never ending cycle. Cry, nurse, sleep, cry, nurse, sleep and the cycle goes on and on. I don't bother looking at myself in the mirror for the time being. There's no point of doing so i guess. Eye bags and fuzzy hair, of course.

I'm feeling sleepy but not the little princess. Got to go.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Blues

Oh, i am feeling exhausted.

Mom, sis and sis in law went out. And i am home with my two girls. Both need my attention. Sophie will only sleep when she is breastfeeding. She hates pacifier. Milan keeps on singing loudly that she wakes her sister up. Bukan calang2 lagu or nursery rhymes. "Love the way you lie" nyer chorus ok. sabar je lah...

Pendek kata, i am quite busy. There are times i had to cut through my conversation with the daddy when he called. Sometimes, i can't even pick up calls. My priority are my girls. Those phone calls can wait. I hope those people could understand. Just bear with me yah...

I feel like going out but i can't leave the girls. Especially Sophie. Lagi sebulan Papa datang...

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Just A Mom

Some say i'm a tough Mom being away from the husband. Beranak sendiri2. Well, i am not that tough though. There are times i feel very fragile. But those girls are my rock. And so does Papa. Though he is miles away, his undivided supports keep me going sober. Love them to bits!

Life is beautiful indeed :)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

100% energy

Kakak is 23 months 'young' already and baby Sophie is 2weeks 1day today. And Mommy needs more energy. Single parenting is 100% about energy.

I really want to blog some more but i can't. Sophie is not the type of newborn that love to sleeps. She will only sleep if she is cuddled. I hardly find time to drink (thus affects the breastmilk flow too). This morning i was having breakfast while holding her on the other arms.

Kakak pulak makin nakal. She's a bully. She bites, pulls her cousin's hair.

Nevertheless, they are my precious treasure :)


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