Friday, December 16, 2011

Wishing all of you who celebrates, a Merry and Jolly Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Balik Kampung

8 more days, we'll be back to Kuching. This year is husband's turn. And my family (incl aunts etc) has been calling and asking 'when will you be home for xmas?'. They all agak pelik cos christmas will always be at home for them. One, because they are married to someone from Miri or if they married someone not from Miri, every Gawai they will make sure they go back to the spouse's place. Suggested the same method to hubby as he is celebrating Gawai and I'm not, he said they don't really celebrate Gawai. La pulak...!

We'll be in Kuching until the first week of January. 2 weeks holiday and I'm still figuring out what to do. If i have the fund, i'll take a flight home for few days.

Pastu nanti mesti ada yg calling2 to tell how much fun are they having at home and how unlucky i am from missing it. Huwaaa...nanti nak tell my girls, marry someone who doesn't celebrate christmas. So that, I'll be able to celebrate christmas with them every year.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Off Noriday

I have stopped Taking Noriday since yesterday. Finished the last pack and decided to stop immediately. Reason being, i have not have my menses since August. And I seriously have putting more weight. I am not sure if taking Noriday had caused my weight gain. I am 52kgs now. And with my petite frame, my ideal weight should only at 48kgs.

I read a forum on Noriday, some said the side effect is 'buncit'. I think i too have that :(. My double chin looks more obvious. Though I'm still breastfeeding lil Sophie. Lucky those moms that get their skinny pre-natal figures back. I noticed I have huge appetite nowadays. I MUST eat rice at night. Otherwise I'll be so hungry and not be able to sleep. Erghh...

We'll see if things work differently after off Noriday. Eh, I'm not planning for another baby yet tau. I'm going the conventional way. Goooo... latex!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

First Time

First time is the hardest to even think of. First time is always the hardest thing to do. But when it is over, we normally remember the first time always.

We've been looking for Milan playschool or Montessori for next year. Few friends with kids same age as Milan are sending theirs for trial class already. A friend 'tweet'ed on how nervous she is today to send her little girl for her first trial class.

Milan first trial class was for a ballet lesson. In a dance studio for kids at Empire Gallery, Dance Space. We went there few weeks ago to check on KidzSports (not too sure if i got the spelling right). Then I saw the dsnce studio. It was almost 2pm and the trial class starts at 2pm on Saturday. Parents are allowed to be in the studio for observation, for first timer only.

I wasn't that nervous since Milan herself looked excited. And just when she saw some hoola hoops, she shamelessly took one (pink colour of course) and start wiggling around with it. And everybody was watching! She asked the trainer there her name. 'Ok, i need not to worry so much' so i thought.

Then they (with other kids) were asked to sit in a circle and the trainer started to tell them what to do. Like 'kissing you knee' and such.

Annndddddd...what my friendly girl did? She closed her eyes tight and she was trying hard not to cry. She just sat there! I went to her and talked softly to her, asked her to do like what others did. And bam! She cried and said 'I don't want to dance!'.

Fearing that she might disturb other girls who really want to dance, i took her out. Maybe we'll try again next time.

As much as first time is hard for me to let her go to adventure learning outside, i believe it is even harder for her. She has never took instruction for a stranger. I might be sound 'angry' to her. She hates being directed i guess. Being told what to do. We'll slowly adapt.

Everytime we passed by Empire Gallery, she'll go 'I wanna go to MY ballet class, pleaseeeee'. Hmmmm...we'll try again after our christmas holiday.

*They have few learning center for kids in Empire. Baking clsss, Art class (painting and clay, if i'm not mistaken), music class, ballet dancing and of course KidszSports. All in the same level, which i have forgotten which. All i remembered it is the top floor of the mall. Not to sure if it is level 'S' or '2'.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

God Bless

Still feeling sad on the demise of our beloved cousin sister. The doctor said she might have brain tumor. When i say might, it was the latest news i heard of last night. I am not so sure of the real story. And i don't think i should ask anyone about it yet. Maybe later.

Anyway, life has to go on. She will always be remembered and loved. I pity her older sister who is sitting for her SPM this week. Hopefully she is strong enough to go through this ordeal and at the same time paying attention to her exam.

God bless.

RIP dear cousin

Dear Lyn,

Rest in peace darling. You sure is happy on the other side of the world. Please don't worry about your mom and dad, And your siblings. You'll be greatly missed.

*my cousin just passed away at the age of 13years old. She was all fine and was having a dance practice when she complaint about severe headache and started to throw up. Rushed to MGH and pronounced dead upon arrival.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Redeem Rewards

I need an 'on-the-go' handbag. My good ol RM49.90, black, quilted, gold chained 'chanel-like' was worn out. I bought it last christmas at Merdeka Mall, Miri. Ever since then, it has been my travelling companion. Dah lencun sangat.

I've been hunting for a replacement handbag for quite awhile now. Too many to choose and i was being so indecisive. And i can't afford designer's handbag.

I saw one canvas handbag from Hush Puppies, 'longchamp' like. Quite nice and affordable. We mothers love canvas handbag. Easy to clean, in case of milk spill etc. So i thought i might get the HP one for christmas.

Then Mr Husband reminded me to check my credit card point if there's anything i can redeem with it. Kan hujung tahun, rugi tak redeem. Eh, check-check, i have enough points to redeem a pink canvas handbag. Woohoo! Though i am not a big fan of pink colour. Anything free (well, kinda) will do for me. Cheapskate much? :)

Have you redeem yours?

* my first girl is begging me to color her toenails. she is so into make ups already. Yeah, kids nowadays kan....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Potty Training a 2 years old

My mother, MIL and husband had been asking me to potty train Milan since she was barely 1 year old. At the time, i wasn't ready yet. Thinking, 'oh my, how am i suppose to clean the carpet if she pee or poo on it?'. So i took my own sweet time until she was about 2 1/2 years old. right when she knows how to speak fluently and understands instruction.

Firstly, i made her choose her favourite potty. She chose an apple green potty from Ikea.

Then, i chose a random but right, relaxing day to start. When i say relaxing, it is a day when I'm not too stressed and we are both in a tip top condition.

Start the day by not putting diaper on. Only a short pant. Or if you can afford a pull up diaper, that would be very much recommended.

Take her to the loo for every 10mins. The more the better. Because on the first day, she needs to get the idea that she needs to do 'her business' in the potty. Of course there are times when i was occupied with my 2nd girl, Milan missed her 10mins interval and i had to wipe the floor (thanks to whoever invented kitchen tissue, wet tissue and Febreeze).

Expand the time interval everyday until she gets the idea and be able to control her bladder. Thanked God, Milan is such a sweetie. She 'mastered' the potty training in a week. She's always easy to train. I had her off her pacifier in just a day!

Now she is diaper free when at home but wears it during bedtime or when going out. However, most of the time the diaper comes out dry.

There was one time, she was playing with the kids at her grandparents'. Diaperless. She needed to pee. I asked her to hold on. And she did! After few rounds of running around, she came to me and said this "Mom, i can hear water splashing in my tummy. It want to come out. I need to shee-shee". LOL! We went home immediately.


One thing i hate about travelling nowadays (apart of packing n unpacking) is the risk of not taking my mini pills. Last night i made Mr Husband went back to our place to get it. How many pills did i missed? 2! And i was unshielded!

I really need the goodluck for this one :).

A day after Milan was 1, I was so determined to have another baby (now Sophie). I immediately went off pill. But this time, lets just give my uterus a long break. That poor 'thing' deserves it. Maybe we'll try for another one or maybe we're happy with 2. Mr Husband jokingly said we'll go to Cambodia to adopt a boy and name him Marcus!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Harimau Malaya

Wow...this is the longest leave ever i took from writing here. Not tnat i am super busy. I was rather occupied with the girls. Now that Sophie is mobile and likes to put anything she can find into her mouth,i cannot 'layap' at all.

Today is my lil harimau malaya's (Sophie) first birthday. I really wanted to bake her cupcakes or the cute ladybug apam but i don't have the tools with me. We have been staying at in-law's since last Thursday. Masalah air dekat Brunsfield tu. It might have been resolved by now tapi i told my husband to just wait until Thursday.

I think the girls love it here. They have longer naps. Bother me lesser.

So, yeah. Happy Birthday Sophie darling. You have started walking when you were 10mos, 29 September 2011 to be exact. But Mommy was too 'glued' to twitter and facebook and slowly neglected to document your deevelopment in here. As at today, you have 6 teeth. 4 bottom and 2 at the top. You can only say 'Papa' and 'kakak', but never Mommy. You LOVE to eat. Your favourite line whenever you want something sounds like 'ketik ketik ketik' (repeatedly and fast). Still feeding from Mommy though Mommy tried to wean you off several times. And one more thing, you only smile to camera when the photographer is kakak. Though you love to eat anything, You are such a petite baby. Weigh at 8kgs only on your first birthday. That's considered as underweight.

We have planned a small picnic for your birthday this year. Let just hope the weather agrees to it. Mommy made you a tutu to match the ladybug theme.

Happy Birthday again sweetheart. Mommy heart you ( like a love song baby :) ).

Friday, August 05, 2011

Side effect 1

I was just started on Noriday last 2 weeks (last post).

And i think it has messed up my menses. I had my LMP on 13 July. But on 2Aug here it came again! In June, it was on the 15th. I guess could be because of the Noriday.

Monday, July 25, 2011


This entry is all about family planning.

We are not planning to have another baby so soon. Though i went all "wow..gugu gaga" with others' newborns.

I have been looking for methods of contraceptives. I wanted to do implant but my skin is so prone to keloid. So, passed. Condom? previous episiotomy had somehow turn to keloid. Not a good idea, seriously. And since we are still breastfeeding, i go for Noriday.

Some infos on Noriday:

- Safe for breastfeeding
- Start immediately (any day)
- take it everyday continuously

Gotta go...darling Sophie is not well.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Some of you might have noticed that i've been a little bit quiet in FB and of course in here.

One, for the lil Sophie now is mobile. She crawls, she climbs, she pulls etc. So, more time spent monitoring her. Second tooth is coming out. Ermm..what else ya? Oh yeah, i still can't wear my wedding ring. My finger somehow grew after having 2 kids. So do my feet. I can't wear most of my shoes. No size 5 anymore. I can understand the 'shrunken' clothes, but shoes?

Well, apart of the above, I have been busy crafting. I must admit that i got hooked to crafting. Somehow...addicted. I have made quite a number of hairclips and headbands. A tutu each for the girls. And I'm making more. And of course i have the girls assisting me messing with the ribbons etc. 

I got my birthday present early this year. On Monday, the daddy suprised me with this:

MSM10 by Tesco

I told him to just buy me a cheap simple sewing machine for me to learn and experiment. I guess this one will make do. Thanks darling. I plan to look for cheap cotton fabrics this weekend. I can't wait to make dresses for my little princesses! Woohooo!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


There are times where i wanted to write about how hard my days were with Sophie. Separation anxiety is coming in. But after reading some blogs and saw some pictures in FB about sick babies, i feel blessed. Blessed for my baby is just a normal baby and most importantly she is healthy.

Thank you Lord.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Something I Love

Whenever i have my me time, I'll be crafting. It was kind of therapeutics. Focusing on the details and such.

I have a different blog for my crafts. You can find it here.

See you there too?

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Here still

I am still here indeed. I have always been trying to 'steal' my 'me' time from the kids. And more often than not, i failed. Maybe that's one of the setbacks of being a SAHM. The kids have too much of Mommy that it is never enough. No one else but Mommy. Not even the daddy.

I have been feeling quite sick for the past few days. Feeling dizzy and giddy. The same symptom i had when i was pregnant with the girls. But, i did the UPT and it came out negative. Went to a GP and prescribed with paracetamol. The doctor said that my blood pressure is quite low. I think it might be because of lack of sleep. Somehow today, i feel better. I don't know how. Might be because of the EPO and Fish Oil capsule i took last night. Either that or i slept quite well last night after taking Piriton for the hives. Macam-macamlah sangat nak kena makan.

Sophie is progressing well. She can sit on her own already. I mean, from crawling to sitting position. She can stand up by holding on to something. That 'something' is always Mommy legs.

Okies, my 'me' time is up. I will try to 'steal' again soon :)

Sunday, July 03, 2011


Hi darlings,

Been awhile ya? Been busy with the kiddos. Sophie has turn 7mos and is growing her first tooth. Right bottom. So, she is a lil bit cranky and clingy. She is mastering the crawling skills. Moving backwards to start with. Loves to hold on you to get up and likes to poke your eyes, mouth, nose.

Milan on the other hand, has always been the happy and cheeky one. Favorite words are "are you sure?". Me and Papa can't really have a nice uninterrupted conversation nowadays. Tengah sedap2 borak, mesti ada suara2 halus cakap "shhh...don't talk. Quiet please". Aik?! Either that or she'll make some noise too. Which to her is part of our conversations.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Babies..babies everywhere.

Congratulations to friends across the globe on the birth of their newborns. Cornelia with her Marion in Shanghai and Junaidah with her Nawaal in Bahrain. Gorgeous babies. 

And guess what? I miss being pregnant already. Yes, that fast. Reading Puteri's entry on this, makes me wanting a newborn even more. Ngehehehe. And another yes, i had forgotten about the contractions pain already. Well, that was my heart talking. My body says otherwise. The cervic needs time to recover for an excellent pregnancy. God's willing, we'll try for another one in 2014. As for now. I plan to quit 'production' by the age of 35. Boy or no boy, close factory

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Being healthy

I always tell myself to watch what i eat. Eat healthily. I wanna be a healthy mom. So that i'll live long enough to watch my girls going to college, getting married, play with my grandkids. A woman full of mission and vision i am, yes.

Well, one can always talk. Here i am having rice with 'kasam ikan' goreng and tempoyak. Both, fermented food! When it comes to 'kasam', i can't say no. Bluarghhhh!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Them babies

Hi lovelies. I've been doing nothing, not even updating this blog. But i did stopped by your blogs though.

Gahhh...i'm still feeling dizzy from running with my 2 girls. So not fit i am.

We woke up around 9pm this morning. And i thought we'll go down to the management office and pay the bills. Plus, i need to get some kitchen supplies too. By 10.45am, we went down. Bought the stuff i need and brought them to the park until it started to drizzle. So, we went up. We are staying on 14th floor, top floor. Just as we settled down, suddenly i felt dizzy. Must be my blood pressure, so i thought. Until, i saw Sophie's hammock and the curtain are swaying to the left and right. Right then, the blood gushed to my head. TREMORS! I grabbed Sophie, and with Milan on the other hand. Get Milan to put on her sandal. Left the tv on and locked the front door. I rushed to the elevator and took us to the lobby. But, suprisingly, there were only us! Where's everyone? This is my 3rd experience with tremors. First was in March 2004, then the 2nd one in 2007. What makes it different and scarier now, is the two girls i have. I won't be so scared if i was alone. You know, motherly instinct and the feeling of protecting your kids.

I sms'ed' husband who is at the office and he told me this:

Earthquake in Sumatera

So much is happening around us. God, please protect us. Amen.

P/s: i hate living in an apartment. Being an acrophobic, i can't stand living here.

Monday, June 06, 2011


Ola sweethearts..*crickets sound*...

I've been leaving this blog for quite sometimes already. Blogging is by far the 2nd best way to express myself or share about whatever that is bothering me. The first would be talking to the besties.

Are you on facebook? Bet you are. Well, check this out.
House of Bambina

Nothing big really. But, at least i now have something better to do.

Laters lovelies.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm currently busy with something. Well, something 'mini', nothing 'mayjah'. Laters sweeties...xoxo

Monday, May 16, 2011


Last night, darling husband was expressing his feeling towards the little chaos at home. "I am living in a crazy world with crazy kids. The only person that is not crazy is my wife". I could only smile for i know i had way more than his so called la vida loca. And soon after that i told him "if only we can be sure that our next baby is a boy". Err...wait, i mean if i ever get pregnant again. He replied with a "thanks but no thanks" smile. 

It is a challenging life we are living in of course. Raising two kids aged 2yo and 5mos (if you are trying to tell me this, "baru 2 orang" go away!. Actually, Mak (my mom) warned me about having kids close to each other. She said give yourself some space. But, then again Mak...i started quite late. So, gotta adjust on the "equation" though. Even now i am complaining about my knee. Could be lacking on calcium. Being too ignorant too i guess. I only started drinking Anlene Lacta last night. Not to mention i have been slacking on my EPO + Fish Oil supplement intake. There goes my 2011 resolution to live a healthy life. Hopefully things, by all means, will get better. 

Ahh..lil Sophie will be 6mos in 6 more days. How time flies ay? *cliche, i know :P

Tomorrow, darling husband will be at home. Wesak day public holiday. See if we are able to get up early, we'll be going to MPH, Curve to get some books for Milan. Need to start teaching her to read intensively already. Pity her, all excited looking at the signboards as the father drove by. And all she can say is "Look, there's a letter P". Only letters, no spelling and reading yet. Mommy will try to get you to read sweetie. Lets train your sister to be more independent first. 

Oh yeah, gotta thanked Mrs Pearce for playing host at the Pearces' pad last weekend. Nice, cosy beautiful house.

The hosts

The buffet spread

The girlfriends

Meet Cha'mone. the Pearces' cutie beagle.

A high school friend asked in Facebook. "What occasion was this?". Well, when you have great friends like them girlfriends, you don't need to have any reason or special occasion to meet up.

Till then lovelies, xoxo


YES!!! Now put up some entries bloggers :). Gotta to do mine.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You Joker You

*Entry geram (bukan sebab i "macam bagus" yeah)

Someone from FB just sent me this message. A senior from high school. I'm not gonna do anything with it. Why would i, yes?

" morning,how r u...?
being a proud mother of 2 (correct?), u must be ok lah...blessed by God,mana boleh tk ok...hahaa...

msg u something loh, so we'll know each other better...
after grad. from UM did u work in kl?what course did u took?

tell me s/thing about ur hubby...oso from.miri?

dunno what else i should ask.we start from this little bit here and there lo..."

See the part i put in red. *Big laugh*. Why would i wanna introduce my husband to you? Nah... And "we start..", duh. Like, then what? Sibuk jer...rimas!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day

Last year's was this.

This year we got it right already, huhu. Despite FB messages already poured in since early of the week. Sent text messages to my mom and aunts. Why text? See, i love my mom but i can't quite express it by saying the "i love you mak" thingy. Paling2 pun hug jer. Guess, that was partly because of the way we were brought up. I even asked my grandma if i was an adopted child when i was 7 years old. My mom was quite strict with me. I was the only girl then, until my sister was born a year after that. I was quite close to my Bapak then.

I totally change that, in my relationship with my daughters. Every morning, first thing is hugs and kisses and the "i love you" thingy. Then. same thing, comes bedtime.

But, Mak surely loves us more than anyone else. I know it even though it was not expressed. She cried when she saw me rolling in contractions pain. She held my hand. She didn't take any food not until i came out from the labour room. 

Sadly now that i an not financially independent, i can't bought something for her. Sending her text would suffice i hope. She is in kampung, where the hp reception is quite bad. She has to call me first and i would return the call. 

Anyways, this is what them sweethearts have for me yesterday;

Certainly not for Mommy :)

Till then darlings, happy hoart is crying to bake cake (PlayDoh)

Thursday, May 05, 2011


This year is gonna be my 3rd mother's day celebration. Mr Husband was asking Milan (yes, my 2yo daughter), what to do on Mother's Day. As our small family are expanding, more and more annual celebrations to be celebrated. FIL is invited us to join him in Janda Baik this coming weekend. And i don't quite like the idea of spending nights at the hotel just yet. With Sophie, the crying baby. You know, lemah semangat baby. I even try not to take her out at night.

Anyways, that was not the point. I wanted to write about how i spent my days. Most of they days just passed by 'unproductively', besides entertaining my 2 kids and houseworks. Most SAHMs have their own income. Small home based businesses. I wanted to start one too. Somethinglah

Maybe i can request for a sewing machine for a start.

Laters darls, xoxo

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The 'Unrest' Labour

Well, Tuesday blues they say? We get that all the time don't we. I remembered exactly what a motivational speaker told us during a talk years back. When we are at work and keep on thinking of how nice it is to be at home or going on a holiday, we need to give our self a bit of time off indeed. Go for a short holiday. Anyways, short is never enough right ;)

Papa was on MC on Friday. So, we went to the clinics. Note the "s". We went to see Sophie's paed at Hospital Umra first. She too had fever. Then, we just rest at home the whole day. On Saturday, went to cut my hair at Ken's salon. Sunday night we went to a friend's wedding reception at Sri Damansara Club.And yesterday was stay-at-home-day too.

Laters darls, kinda 'challenging' typing with one hand. 

Us at the club's play area

Friday, April 29, 2011

Eat Workshop

Who would have thought that there's a dining place in a middle of a quiet industrial area in Glenmarie. Mr Husband wanted to have a birthday dinner for his dad and brother's birthdays. And i need to pick a place for that. My first criteria was a place close to our home. And, western food of course. So, i found out about this place from Google (my FIL laughed at this idea). Well, after reading some reviews and got a consent from Mr Husband, i made a reservation for dinner at 7.30pm.

Oh yes, we so do not need to reserve as we were the only customer there. They do have more visitors during lunch. I think it must have been the location. Honestly, the industrial area is so quite at night, and suddenly there's this building lit in yellow rice lights. Poor signage too. Luckily they have a map in their website.

Put all that aside, and let's talk about the foods. One word, awesome! I would love to go there again if only they are still running the place. What i heard from the waitress, some company is buying the building and the owner is getting married. And she has no intention to continue the business elsewhere.


The infamous and delicious Ultimate Chocolate Fondue (before 'poking')

Poked! And look at the 'lava' flowing...yummy!

FIL brought 2 bottles of wine. Corkage @ RM 25

Overall, it was a nice experience dining here. Notice that i only remember the name of that chocolate dessert? It was so freakin' delicious that i even can remember how it tastes like. Crunchy chocolate brownie, with sweet chocolate sauce. Devour that with the vanilla ice cream and the pineapple jam. *Drool*

I'm sorry if you only read this entry after 14 May 2011, because that is gonna be their last operating day. We hope to visit them for the last time before that, for tea maybe. And definitely, for that chocolate fondue!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Endless Love

May our love for each other pour endlessly, xoxo

She Wolf

One of my 2011 resolutions is to become a better mother to my children. And more often than not, i feel like i'm losing the momentum. I failed to keep my cool. I raised my voice. I gave angry look. I've tried, I'm trying and I'll keep on trying.

* still feeling bad because i raised my voice to Milan who was just recovered from fever yesterday, sob...sob.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Ola peeps!

Well, that was what i did during the weekend. Had a food fiesta with them gorgeous girlfriends. Milan was not around. The daddy took her to see grampa. We all had fun despite of the 'super late' lunch. So sorry ladies. I'm with a 5mos baby, so kind of taking too much times doing anything.

Yesterday was a 'lazying around' day. Went out in a mission for searching a baju kurung. Off to Plaza Alam Sentral at noon, had lunch at the foodcourt then bought a baju kurung  (yet another brown colour attire *sighs* ) at First Lady Fashion House. The baju kurung / jubah there were quite reasonably priced. Below RM100. Wanted to get a stylish kaftan, but we need to breastfeed, yes? So, a baju kurung will do. I was quite impressed with myself yesterday. Because, the mission before leaving the house was a baju kurung and we got home with JUST baju kurung. Nothing extra.

So looking forward to this weekend already are we? There'll gonna be a wedding reception on Sunday night at Sri Damansara Club. Hair make over on Saturday. Monday is a public holiday, right? No plan for that day yet.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Chop chop

So can't wait to crop and color me hair! Me is thinking of light brown with shade of golden blonde. We'll see what Ken, the hairstylist cum cousin has to say about it :).

Why snipping? I can't risk my head to go bald. Hair loss darling, post natal hair loss.

Enjoy your weekends, Easter bunnies!!! lovesss..

*pics courtesy of Google

Sophie is 5mos young today!

She has not master the 'on tummy' skill yet. Recently tries to turn her body sideways. Her sister is quite faster in that part. At her age, Milan can turn her body already. Anyway, every baby is special in their own way. Oh, that pic..i make her to. She is one clingy baby that she spends most of her time (sleeping too) in Mommy's arms. I guess that gives her less time practicing the 'rolling stones' skills.

She goes gugu gaga a lot. Make that 'burrr" sound with saliva all over herself. Her sister refuses to kiss her because of that. She would kiss Sophie on the shoulder instead. She grabs things better. Anything at all. Breastfeeding still. 

Happy 5mos young sayang. We love you lots.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saturday Sambal Party

So looking forward to Saturday *counting fingers*. Yay! 2 more days :)

I roughly have ideas on what to cook. Finally, can set a date for a simple feast.

Please wear light clothing as the house is quite warm and we haven't install an aircond yet.

Till then, xoxo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Sakit kepala menganggu prestasi dan emosi.

Not feeling good :(

Friday, April 15, 2011

In Bad Times

Him: ok. goodnite everyone.
Her: Where are you going?
Him: Watch tv.
Her: No, you are not. I had a long day and i need hugs
Him: ok, i'll just go and switch the tv off.

Hi weekend, xoxo

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Saya sangat rindu nak main masak-masak.

Walaupun busy dengan anak2, i still menyempat nak masak. To me, it is a theraphy. Dengan menggendong si Sophie, saya sempat nak goreng bihun. Buat nasi goreng pattaya pun boleh ye. Of course la telur dadar tu ala2 'telur hempap' instead of bungkus the nasi.

Tapi, lately i really feel like cooking. Cook and invite kawan2 dtg makan. Ramai lagi kawan2 yang tak sempat nak jumpa lagi. Masak the simple spaghetti ke kan. And nak sangat buat the berries panna cotta macam i buat masa Milan's 1st birthday. Buat cheesecake ke kan. Kalau dekat Bahrain, seronok nak main masak2 sebab senang nak cari bahan. Turun kedai runcit dekat bawah apartment pun dah cukup. 

* image courtesy of google

Hopefully this weekends akan digunakan untuk mengemas rumah. Senang nak panggil kawan2 datang. Birthday pulak lambat lagi. Tu je la alasan saya nak minta dibelikan oven :P. Saya kan kuli tanpa gaji.

Have a fruitful Friday. To me, Friday or any other day is the same.

Why Sophie...why?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Great? Not!

Last weekends, i had the hives attack again. Starting from Friday night and last until yesterday afternoon. So unbearable. But still i had to force myself to get out from the house. Went out to my cousin's salon at Sunway to trim my hair. And Papa too needed to cut his hair. Oh yeah, before that i went to a 'sensei' shop in SS15, Subang Jaya to get some remedies for my hives. I just want to look for an alternatives. I can't just rely on the anti-histamines alone. After that we went to search for a bike shop in Sg Buloh. Couldn't find it. Then, i saw "Desa Parkcity" sign board. So, off we went. Quite a nice place. A park where you can walk your pets. A huge neighbourhood with their own shopping mall, the Waterfront.

Gahh...the kiddos are screaming. Laters darlings, xoxo

The 'fugly' hives.     

The remedies for the hives  

Macam geli, sebab ada SEAHORSE!!!

Nevertheless, we had an awesome weekends!

Friday, April 08, 2011


I wanted to blog about something but the kiddos are kinda having their hard times. Milan is crying for a strawberries, which is kinda impossible for me to get it now.

Maybe some other day, i'll try to write again.

Enjoy your weekends! XOXO

Thursday, April 07, 2011


How would you feel waking up in the morning, looked at the mirror and saw this?!

Absolutely not SEXY!!!

Why? I don't know either...

This is the 3rd time this is happening

So macam2...grrr!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The internet is fine, i am done with the house chores (at least the important ones), but i'm so lazy to write now.


Friday, April 01, 2011


This reminds me of my pregnancies and cravings. A pregnant woman is surely mentally challenged by those cravings, but agak2 lah kan. The tired husband just got back from (i presumed) a long weary day at work, and maybe you could just put off the thoughts of the foods until the next day. Just my 2 cents worth;

Kitty Cat!

We have no plan for the weekends. Tapi 2 minggu sekali, adalah wajib restock formula for Milan yang kuat menyusu itu.

Till then, enjoy you weekends. XOXO

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yes? No?

A woman's life is a little bit complicated than a man's. No hard feelings. Still loving them men. But, don't you think so?

By end of this year, it's gonna be my 4th year being unemployed. I quit my job right before i got married and then went to Bahrain. The plan was to try to find a job there. But then, we were blessed with Milan. When Milan was born, we were still living in Bahrain. Everything was quite manageable. Now, we have 2 children and back in KL. A household with single income living in KL is not easy. Some friends are already offering help to get me a job. I feel blessed for their concerns. We (husband and i) too have been discussing about me going back to work.

I truly understand that being a SAHM is an ultimate job for every woman. Some might say, you should be thankful for having the chance of being one. But what if we have financial commitments? Those SAHMs with home operated business are lucky. But i don't have what it takes to start a home based business. Your truly is not a business-minded person. What if we are to support our parents? Dilemma.

I am so ready to put my business suit back on. I am so ready to have those 9-5, 5 days a week routine. But i am so not ready to put the girls under someone else's care. I am not willing to let go yet. I don't know where and how to start. Anyway, sooner or later i need to make a decision and by then i should know what to do best.

I remembered the heart-to-heart talk me and my beloved sista, years back at Subang Parade, Kenny Roger's. An emotional one. Apparently, we have similar childhood memories. Dads are teachers, moms are homemakers and simple lives. 

Well, we'll see how fast can i learn to let go :)...till then, xoxo

Forever Ever?

Mannnn...finally after few days of 'agony' waiting for the super slow internet line.

I do have things to blog about.
No1 is getting more hilarious day by day. We have just finished our "over the counter-cashier-customer-game". She was the cashier, and dearest mommy was the customer. All things are priced at 1 rEnggit! Mind you. Every time Sophie cries, she'll show her concern. "What's wrong Sophie", "what happened Sophie?", "please don't cry Sophie". Sometimes, Sophie will just stop and smile at her. But most of time, Sophie doesn't bother...haha. We think that she has gain weight. She looks chubbier. Yesterday, she was playing in her tent and pressed her round belly. "Milan so fat" and carried on singing the 'so fat' part.

Oh yeah, on Wednesday, she woke up with her left eye swollen. I don't know how did it happened. It gets better after two days.

Kesian sangat
Last weekend, we didn't do much. Papa wanted to find this (pic) shop. I think it must be quite good since it is quite famous from what we read in one of the malaysian food blogs. From the address we know it is somewhere in Glenmarie. Then, the first instruction from the GPS was "drive 100 mtr and turn left" and the distance was only 600m. Like?! So friggin near our place. It opens from Monday to Saturday, 9am till sold out :P

Restoran Meng Kee Char Siew, Glenmarie

Since it was already lunch time, we can't find any seat at this shop. So, we walked for a bit to the other chinese restaurant down the same street and had our lunch there. It was a hot sunny day. Luckily both girls behaved. Papa and Milan had chicken and char siew rice and i had curry yong tau foo (favourite!). I have been craving for it since i was pregnant with Sophie. Though it was too salty to my liking but that will do for lunch that day. Still can't beat the curry yong tau foo at the stall behind my previous office at Jln Sultan Ismail. Crap...drools!
My curry yong tau foo

Papa and Milan's lunch

Milan in the restaurant

After lunch, we went Section 7 to look for the local polyclinic for Sophie's next vaccination. In the web, the nearest one should be Poliklinik Komuniti Shah Alam. And after going round and round we found Klinik Kesihatan Shah Alam. They are the same clinic.

Well peeps, girls are wailing already. Mommy needs to perform her duty. It is so hot outside isn't it? Try this, Magnolia Tutti Frutti ice cream, quite nice...cheers!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I need to eat 'flesh'!
And i have yet to visit, Tony Roma's! Boo-hoo!!!

Have a great weekends gorgeous!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Falling Down

It's post-natal hairfall time!!!

Arghhh...when my newborn is around 4months young, my post-natal hairfall starts. Like, so bad that washing my hair feels like going to a battlefield. Literally. It is that scary. I'm using Pantene Hairfall shampoo and conditioner. Sophie is now in the phase of grabbing things, so my hair is the closest 'thing' she can grab, all the time. Milan likes to play my hair or tug to them when she wants to 'play horse' around the house. Oh kiddos, have mercy!

This time, i don't plan to cut my hair. I had a Mia Farrow's haircut when i had the same problem right after Milan was born. Anyway, i don't even have the chance to do so, even if i need to. Nantilah...gotta go now. Laters gorgeous people, xoxo

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4 Moons

Happy 4 months young baby!

- Trying to sit on her own
- Showing interest in food already (but wait lah k sayang)
- Doesn't fancy Papa :(
- Sangat panas baran
- We are bf still :)
- Super clingy

Monday, March 21, 2011

Black Cake

Remember my 'happy hoart' asked for a cake last few days?

Well, i got her this brownies yesterday;

She loves it. Had half of it last night and another half this morning. And again, she wants some more. But all i have in the fridge is my Green Tea cake;

She tried eating the green tea cake and came to me with a sour face.
"No mommy, mommy eat the green cake. Not nice. Smelly!"
So kesian isn't it?
So i said "ok, ask Papa buy you another cake later ok?"
"Ok, mommy. Ask Papa buy the BLACK CAKE! No green cake, no"

*pics courtesy of google image


This is why we went to Amcorp yesterday. I feel like 'the twins' are not producing much milk lately. It could be because i am too tired or too stressed or even both, pfft!
I thought i might as well give it a try. Priced at RM38.90. They have 'Pil Asi' and 'Milk Tea' as well. But lil Sophie was "ngek2ing", so i just grabbed the one that has the word 'increase' on the packet.

It has 2 packets of these (pic) in a box. 10 sachets per pack (size, below pic)

I tried one last night. Sorry to say that the smell is awful. And the taste is not so awesome y'all! I made my own fennel tea when i was breastfeeding Milan. That was like 20% of the ingredients that this one has. This nursing tea contains: fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, anise seeds, blessed thistle, fenugreek powder and fennel powder. Trust me, none of them tastes close to your favourite drink!

Anyhoos, for our little one...nothing else matters :)



For the sake of family back at home (photos of kiddos updates), i need to reactivate my facebook soon. There are so many other options to store and publish photos online, but i guess FB is the best medium.

But i really, really dislike people on the list with:
- fake name
- fake profile pic
- has 2 accounts and wanted to be friend in both
- too many issues with others (thus expressed in statuses)
* i did that sometimes but this one is way too much. Like every updated status!!!

Gonna de-listed some before re-activation! That 'one' person is sure be deleted! Malas nar aku :|

Up, up and away!

Thanks to Endun for the info about the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya last weekends.  We went there on Saturday. Since the morning flight started at 7-9am, we thought we might not be able to get up so friggin early to catch the morning show. Then, we opted to go and watched the evening flight which started at 6-8pm. We went to Alamanda to have lunch first. My 2nd visit to Alamanda. My first was long time ago, when Alamanda was first opened. Gosh, it was so packed with people. We only managed to get a table at OldTown Kopitiam. That was after few rounds of walking trying to locate Manhattan Fish Market, and even sat at A&W only to find out that i don't fancy any food there :P (except for the rootbeer la).

From Alamanda, we went to Precinct 2 for the balloon show. It was raining already. Haih...and the traffic was horrible. We had to park behind MoF building and walk for quite a distance. My 'happy hoart' was so excited that she screamed "Oh my God! Oh my God! Look at that! There's a cat balloon!". Well, that was the main purpose of going there anyway. To make her happy :). Poor little Sophie. She was clueless about what was going on. We only left Putrajaya at around 8ish.;


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