Friday, February 25, 2011

Wants and Needs

I want to:

* colour my hair
* see dentist
* colour my nail
* jog
* go to the beach
* walk in the park
* meet them girls :)

I need to:
# pack
# potty train Milan
# start working out
# eat healthily
# read more
# write more
# LOVE more

till then darlings...enjoy your weekends. I'll sure love mine. XOXO

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Planning for 3rd one already? Yeah, i wish. I would loveee to. But at the moment, i'm pretty much occupied with the two girls.

Actually, i am planning for my life in KL. How to handle the two kiddos so that everyone is happy. Happy in a sense that houseworks can be done, the girls get enough attention and well taken care of. A friend asked me on FB if i already get a helper since it will be only me and the girls. I think i'll be fine, i hope so.

Sophie is fine if she is in her bouncer, provided she is fed and not sleepy. Milan is quite a challenge. All kids her age are. So, need to plan more activities for her. Houseworks will need to be done early in the morning when they are still sleeping. I'll sleep when they sleep. Simple lunch will do. Oatmeal is good enough. Will think of what to cook for Milan. All that taken into account, here i am silently crossing fingers with hope of losing some of those flabs. I am fine with how i look waist up. Waist down...errrr. Still so much work to be done. Seriously, i look like i am having another baby!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No. One

Finally my fear of not being able to love my two girls equally, submerged. These days i'm paying more attention to the little one. I am spending most of the times with lil Sophie. That leaves Milan either play on her own or 'bothering' the grandma or her aunt Babra. And of course, more dramas to get attention. Can't put the blame on her. I feel sorry for her instead. I try to spend more time with her when Sophie sleeps. Try to, at least hug her or give her a kiss.

The other night, i was watching them sleeping (my favourite 'show' before bedtime :) ). Then i just realised that Milan has grown a lot. Her hair is longer, she's taller. And then i find myself crying. And i texted the daddy. And his reply was, he felt the same too. She is no more a clingy girl like she use to be. She's fine when i am not around. And that to me, happened too soon. By the time i thought she wants me to stay with her on her first day at school, she might just ask me to go home. And then, she'll want to go to school with her friends. And maybe spending time in her own room. I was thinking, so much precious time wasted now. And i don't want to regret about it later. Difficult aye? 

She is becoming more chatty. Yesterday, she was trying to enter her aunt Babra's room (locked anyway). "Knock, knock" she said. Still no answer. "Babra, open the door. Babra...Babra". Yes, sometimes she missed the word "aunty". Then, still no answer "Babra, please..please...please...please..please". Haha, that did the trick. Babra opened the door for her. She knows the magic word already peeps! 

She even said this to me:
"Mommy is beautiful, nice. is good girl"

How sweet is that? Milan darling, Mommy miss us...

Sophie - Month 3

Baby Sophie is already 3 months 'young'! 

Trying to grab things
A happy baby, of course
Goes "oooo", "aaaa" and adorable toothless grin
Starting to suck her fingers and can lift her body up already.
Tomorrow we are going for her 3rd months immunization at a local clinic here.
Sleeping through the night, only wakes up for feeding. 
Fully breastfed still :)

Happy 3 months 'young' sayang, xoxo: Mommy

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last Night

Last night, i was having a dinner with in-laws and FIL's friend&wife. Half way thru, Mrs Pearce called. Ignoring the social etiquette for a moment (so i thought), i picked up the call. And she asked me about the shocking news! I was stunned. Didn't know how should i react. Then, followed by few more calls. This time, i totally forgot about the etiquette. FIL's friend is a 'someone', but so sorry uncle...

Darling, so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blessings in disguise

 Sophie is a blessing in disguise...thanked heaven for that.

If it wasn't because i was pregnant with her, we might have not even thinking of going back and settle down in Malaysia yet. And that makes us still in Bahrain. Bahrain pulak tengah kacau sekarang ni. Then, thanks God that Papa pun dah selamat sampai and works in KL. From FB, i saw some friends in Bahrain put up statuses as "helicopter berlegar2, bunyi tembakan etc.". So far they are all fine. Baru dah tengok photos yg husband of a friend put in FB. Pasal Seef Mall! A mall that we used to go to. The mall where Milan watched her first move. Terkejut tengok the photos. Hancur satu Seef Mall! They broke in!!! Kosong je semua kedai...Mothercare sekali!

Ala, this little Miss Blessings dah ngek2...gotta go!

**correction: actually the pictures are from Egypt. Not Bahrain!..suspense je.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Memang wallauwei sungguh...malasnya nak update. Serius banyak setori nak habaq mai...

Dah nak masuk 3 bulan dah si comel tecik, Copi Leavu papa ni. Tapi badan nampak cam very petite. My anak2 memang semuanya petite2. Seronok bila tengok anak orang lain debab je kan. Takpela, sihat selamat oklah tu. Sophie ni macam very the clingy. Sometimes, i think she can even smells me when she's asleep. Tinggal kejap je, terus terjaga. Now, Copi dah hisap pacifier, sebabnya mommy tak larat. Dia nak nyonyot je, even dah habis feeding. Bestlah sekarang ni, Sophie nak boleh gelak2, gugu gaga. Senyum2, jerit2. Malam tido je, except nangis nak nenen.

Ya ampun Milan ni...nakal sangat. Remember last time i pernah cakap, she'll get scared if i say "see mommy's eyes, mommy's angry"...sekarang's "see MILAN'S EYES, MILAN'S ANGRY"...serius rasa nak pitam masa first time dengar. And yesterday, she started to treat her sister like a doll. Senyap2 dia bagi air minum dalam cawan to Sophie. Habis basah si kecik tu. Sampai besar biji mata Sophie, terkejut agaknya. Then petang tadi dia letak liquid for main tiup2 bubbles tu dkt mulut Sophie. "Sophie blow"...memang kan. And me being the "cepat tangan", terus "pap" her. She cried. Kesian sangat, bukannya dia tau pun adik dia tak reti lagi. Cepat2 i cakap "sorry Milan, Sophie doesn't know how to blow bubbles yet". Haritu, she cried because i "pap" her. Though she almost cried, she said "see Milan cry". Adoh, sayu je suara. Kesian sangat. She's very chatty nowadays, then she likes to talk on the phone. The opening conversation would always be "Hello...ohhh...".

Me and Mi Amor
Papa dah balik KL and starts work already.

Mommy pulak, macam biasa. Duduk rumah, layan anak2. Layan facebook. Layan perasaan yang kadang2 tak berapa nak betul, haha. Menaikkan berat badan. Orang breastfeeding selalunya akan kurus kan, tapi i ni nampak gayanya "no chance" la kot. Selalunya i'm the one that cook here. And normally i don't really eat what i cook. Bukan sebab tak sedap ke apa kan...but dunno why lepas masak je, rasa kenyang semacam. Tapi sekarang kan, lepas masak je, cepat2 nak makan. Baby fat ada lagi tu hah...huhu. Bahawasanya, baju2 pre-pregnancy dah pun diturunkan kepada adik and cousins. Slowly la kena shop baju2 baru with saiz ya "baru" jugak. Harap2 nanti dekat KL bolehlah control makan sikit. Tapi, paed budak2 ni cakap, takyah pantang2 makan, makan balance diet. Affect the milk quality. Entahlah...tgklah macam mana.

Ok...tata. nak tido.


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