Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yes? No?

A woman's life is a little bit complicated than a man's. No hard feelings. Still loving them men. But, don't you think so?

By end of this year, it's gonna be my 4th year being unemployed. I quit my job right before i got married and then went to Bahrain. The plan was to try to find a job there. But then, we were blessed with Milan. When Milan was born, we were still living in Bahrain. Everything was quite manageable. Now, we have 2 children and back in KL. A household with single income living in KL is not easy. Some friends are already offering help to get me a job. I feel blessed for their concerns. We (husband and i) too have been discussing about me going back to work.

I truly understand that being a SAHM is an ultimate job for every woman. Some might say, you should be thankful for having the chance of being one. But what if we have financial commitments? Those SAHMs with home operated business are lucky. But i don't have what it takes to start a home based business. Your truly is not a business-minded person. What if we are to support our parents? Dilemma.

I am so ready to put my business suit back on. I am so ready to have those 9-5, 5 days a week routine. But i am so not ready to put the girls under someone else's care. I am not willing to let go yet. I don't know where and how to start. Anyway, sooner or later i need to make a decision and by then i should know what to do best.

I remembered the heart-to-heart talk me and my beloved sista, years back at Subang Parade, Kenny Roger's. An emotional one. Apparently, we have similar childhood memories. Dads are teachers, moms are homemakers and simple lives. 

Well, we'll see how fast can i learn to let go :)...till then, xoxo

Forever Ever?

Mannnn...finally after few days of 'agony' waiting for the super slow internet line.

I do have things to blog about.
No1 is getting more hilarious day by day. We have just finished our "over the counter-cashier-customer-game". She was the cashier, and dearest mommy was the customer. All things are priced at 1 rEnggit! Mind you. Every time Sophie cries, she'll show her concern. "What's wrong Sophie", "what happened Sophie?", "please don't cry Sophie". Sometimes, Sophie will just stop and smile at her. But most of time, Sophie doesn't bother...haha. We think that she has gain weight. She looks chubbier. Yesterday, she was playing in her tent and pressed her round belly. "Milan so fat" and carried on singing the 'so fat' part.

Oh yeah, on Wednesday, she woke up with her left eye swollen. I don't know how did it happened. It gets better after two days.

Kesian sangat
Last weekend, we didn't do much. Papa wanted to find this (pic) shop. I think it must be quite good since it is quite famous from what we read in one of the malaysian food blogs. From the address we know it is somewhere in Glenmarie. Then, the first instruction from the GPS was "drive 100 mtr and turn left" and the distance was only 600m. Like?! So friggin near our place. It opens from Monday to Saturday, 9am till sold out :P

Restoran Meng Kee Char Siew, Glenmarie

Since it was already lunch time, we can't find any seat at this shop. So, we walked for a bit to the other chinese restaurant down the same street and had our lunch there. It was a hot sunny day. Luckily both girls behaved. Papa and Milan had chicken and char siew rice and i had curry yong tau foo (favourite!). I have been craving for it since i was pregnant with Sophie. Though it was too salty to my liking but that will do for lunch that day. Still can't beat the curry yong tau foo at the stall behind my previous office at Jln Sultan Ismail. Crap...drools!
My curry yong tau foo

Papa and Milan's lunch

Milan in the restaurant

After lunch, we went Section 7 to look for the local polyclinic for Sophie's next vaccination. In the web, the nearest one should be Poliklinik Komuniti Shah Alam. And after going round and round we found Klinik Kesihatan Shah Alam. They are the same clinic.

Well peeps, girls are wailing already. Mommy needs to perform her duty. It is so hot outside isn't it? Try this, Magnolia Tutti Frutti ice cream, quite nice...cheers!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I need to eat 'flesh'!
And i have yet to visit, Tony Roma's! Boo-hoo!!!

Have a great weekends gorgeous!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Falling Down

It's post-natal hairfall time!!!

Arghhh...when my newborn is around 4months young, my post-natal hairfall starts. Like, so bad that washing my hair feels like going to a battlefield. Literally. It is that scary. I'm using Pantene Hairfall shampoo and conditioner. Sophie is now in the phase of grabbing things, so my hair is the closest 'thing' she can grab, all the time. Milan likes to play my hair or tug to them when she wants to 'play horse' around the house. Oh kiddos, have mercy!

This time, i don't plan to cut my hair. I had a Mia Farrow's haircut when i had the same problem right after Milan was born. Anyway, i don't even have the chance to do so, even if i need to. Nantilah...gotta go now. Laters gorgeous people, xoxo

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4 Moons

Happy 4 months young baby!

- Trying to sit on her own
- Showing interest in food already (but wait lah k sayang)
- Doesn't fancy Papa :(
- Sangat panas baran
- We are bf still :)
- Super clingy

Monday, March 21, 2011

Black Cake

Remember my 'happy hoart' asked for a cake last few days?

Well, i got her this brownies yesterday;

She loves it. Had half of it last night and another half this morning. And again, she wants some more. But all i have in the fridge is my Green Tea cake;

She tried eating the green tea cake and came to me with a sour face.
"No mommy, mommy eat the green cake. Not nice. Smelly!"
So kesian isn't it?
So i said "ok, ask Papa buy you another cake later ok?"
"Ok, mommy. Ask Papa buy the BLACK CAKE! No green cake, no"

*pics courtesy of google image


This is why we went to Amcorp yesterday. I feel like 'the twins' are not producing much milk lately. It could be because i am too tired or too stressed or even both, pfft!
I thought i might as well give it a try. Priced at RM38.90. They have 'Pil Asi' and 'Milk Tea' as well. But lil Sophie was "ngek2ing", so i just grabbed the one that has the word 'increase' on the packet.

It has 2 packets of these (pic) in a box. 10 sachets per pack (size, below pic)

I tried one last night. Sorry to say that the smell is awful. And the taste is not so awesome y'all! I made my own fennel tea when i was breastfeeding Milan. That was like 20% of the ingredients that this one has. This nursing tea contains: fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, anise seeds, blessed thistle, fenugreek powder and fennel powder. Trust me, none of them tastes close to your favourite drink!

Anyhoos, for our little one...nothing else matters :)



For the sake of family back at home (photos of kiddos updates), i need to reactivate my facebook soon. There are so many other options to store and publish photos online, but i guess FB is the best medium.

But i really, really dislike people on the list with:
- fake name
- fake profile pic
- has 2 accounts and wanted to be friend in both
- too many issues with others (thus expressed in statuses)
* i did that sometimes but this one is way too much. Like every updated status!!!

Gonna de-listed some before re-activation! That 'one' person is sure be deleted! Malas nar aku :|

Up, up and away!

Thanks to Endun for the info about the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya last weekends.  We went there on Saturday. Since the morning flight started at 7-9am, we thought we might not be able to get up so friggin early to catch the morning show. Then, we opted to go and watched the evening flight which started at 6-8pm. We went to Alamanda to have lunch first. My 2nd visit to Alamanda. My first was long time ago, when Alamanda was first opened. Gosh, it was so packed with people. We only managed to get a table at OldTown Kopitiam. That was after few rounds of walking trying to locate Manhattan Fish Market, and even sat at A&W only to find out that i don't fancy any food there :P (except for the rootbeer la).

From Alamanda, we went to Precinct 2 for the balloon show. It was raining already. Haih...and the traffic was horrible. We had to park behind MoF building and walk for quite a distance. My 'happy hoart' was so excited that she screamed "Oh my God! Oh my God! Look at that! There's a cat balloon!". Well, that was the main purpose of going there anyway. To make her happy :). Poor little Sophie. She was clueless about what was going on. We only left Putrajaya at around 8ish.;

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Hoart!

My 'happy hoart' asked for a slice of cake this morning. Like "i want a happy birthday cake, Mommy". How on earth can i get her the cake? Giant, Tesco and Secret Recipe are just a stone's throw from here, but we have no car. Even if we have, sorry kiddo. Mommy is so not ready to bring both of you to go out on my own just yet. Then, we settled down with hard boiled eggs instead (her fave!). CAKE and EGG, not too bad. They rhyme perfectly :)

Being a SAHM for almost 4 years now, i am quite ok with my decision. Of course i want to go back to the career field. Maybe next year, maybe next next year. It depends, if we don't have no3 by then. Speaking of no3, i am not on any birth control plan yet. One, my menses is not here yet. After almost about 4 months. Maybe, because i am breastfeeding. I know, quite risky right? And two, i am not sure which method should i be using. At first i thought i want to do a 3 years contraceptive implant. But after doing some research on that method, my main concern is the risk of having a scar. And in my case scar is keloid. I did asked my SIL who is a nurse about pills. I have to wait until my menses comes then only can i start on pills. In the meantime, let just say we are not quite 'shielded' :P's Friday again! And we have already plan for our weekends getaway! (get away from the house je). Wishing you gorgeous people, a happy and jolly weekends. Till then, xoxo...or wait, let me give you big ones, XOXO!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pray For Japan

Nuclear crisis
Food and Economy crisis
Cold weather

I can only offer my prayer for fellow global citizens in Japan.
Lord, have mercy.

And i have just read about this . Oh my, she is barely few days older than my baby, Sophie. Miracles do happen.

When 9+3 = 14!

Nothing fancy on our 3rd wedding anniversary. I didn't get anything for the daddy. Nothing...nada! Only that special post in this blog. And he got me this;

And we had this at home;

If it was not because of this tiny little beautiful 'monster', maybe we could have been having a nice dinner outside;

Ok, got to go. I am googling for something with a search key "delicious microwave oven recipe"!
Chiao, xoxo

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Love Like This

To the man i heart the most and the father of my children, this beautiful song is for you.
Happy anniversary.

* Thanks to dear friends for your thoughtful wishes, xoxo

Goldcoast...Sepang jer!

Here are the photos from our weekends trip to Sepang Goldcoast :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

When 2 Becomes 4

When we were still dating, we love to drive outside the town. Now that there are 4 of us, we still do that. And we try to make it a point that we must take the girls out of the house on every weekends. And that does not includes trip to groceries shopping. So yesterday, we went to Sepang Gold Coast. We left the house quite late. Went to a drive-thru KFC nearby and that was our lunch.

We were some sort of unprepared for the beach trip. I brought Milan's swim wear but no toys or hat. Despite of the hot sun, the beach front was quite crowded. Families picnic, bbq and children flying kites. It had a low tide yesterday. The beach looks rather unattractive to me because of the mud. I saw a boy and a girl covered with mud as they came back from playing at the beach. Since we were also "picnic mat"less, the daddy took the car window shade (the one with silver colour type) and walaa...and bought a picnic toys set for Milan. Her latest vocabs from yesterday's outing were: shovel and dig. I guess it was fun for her to be able to play with the sand and on our way back, there were cows and goats along the way. And believe me, it was quite tiring listening to her "pot pet"ing during the 2 hours drive.

Since it was quite near to Banting town, so we went to there too. Even did our groceries shopping at Aimpoint Plaza's Tesco. Then, drive around Banting town. The town is so different than the Banting town that we used to know. There's one huge The Store next to where Megah mart used to be. Gamma now is TenTen.

I'll post photos of the trip in the next entry. Till then, xoxo

Friday, March 11, 2011

Penyakit Dalaman

My close friends sure know about my "penyakit dalaman" that i had since i was in highschool. Asal hujan or sejuk je, keluar bintat2 macam kena gigit nyamuk. And now, starting from a week before Sophie was born, i have the hives like everyday. The worst was on the day Sophie was born. Just imagine, i was scratching here and there and at the same time i had to deal with the contractions. 

Few days after Sophie was born, my brother took me to a dermatologist. I had the skin scan and urine test. The dermatologist confirm that somehow i have problems with my liver and kidneys. There was something written as LEU (i don't know what it is). For normal people the count should be in the range of 1-5, and mine was 500!!! And due to that i have infection in my blood and that cause the hives. I was then prescribed with antibiotics, some creams and Apo-Loratadine (quite mild since i am breastfeeding). It's funny though because we (u know who you are) used to have this theory when we were in Form 3, "orang cantik selalu ada penyakit dalaman kan"..haha. Bengong sungguh...Hopefully this kind of "disease" doesn't goes to my kids. And i hope it is nothing serious.

Oh yeah, i have deactivated my Facebook account. Reason? Nothing major. I just don't feel like spending too much time there. Since Sophie is quite cranky these few days, so i thought i might as well spend more time with them and try to concentrate on Sophie. Plus, some people in FB are quite should i say, pathetic? Statuses are often criticizing others or "cari gaduh". Anyway, it is temporary. When Sophie has settle down a bit, then maybe...just maybe, we'll re-activate the account. Those close friends will know how to get in touch with me.

Oh my, it is end of the week already? What's your plan for the weekends darlings? What ever your plan is, have a fantabulous one. xoxo

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Trial & Error

"Learning doesn't happen from failure itself but rather from analyzing the failure, making a change, and then trying again."

Sophie is my 2nd child and 2nd daughter. And trust me, when they say every child is unique. You can't apply the same method you used for child no1 to no2. Sophie is the opposite of Milan. I have hard time with her. She cried hysterically. And up till now, both me and the father are doing researches (read: googl'ing') on the causes and solutions. Sometimes i just can't help it but to feel sorry for myself. 3 nights in a row, she cried non-stop for at least 15minutes and only stop when she is tired. I was so disappointed. 

Everyday, i tell myself to stay calm and try to be a better mother. I may not one of the best but i'll try.

Got to go, Sophie the Great Princess is up already and she is shrieking.

Friday, March 04, 2011

About Life

* Curly Toes
Model: Sophie
Photographer: Mommy

Everyday, i tell myself to update this blog. And by end of the day, i didn't. I know at some point i'm not that strong mom. Sometimes, i just lost my temper especially with Milan. I wake up at 6.30am every morning. And start with the houseworks. If i'm lucky (both of the girls still sleeping), i'll go back to sleep. Then when any of them wakes up, the 'real' day starts. Shower both of them, depends on who p**ped earlier. If none, then it's Sophie. Then, breakfast for Milan. Simple lunch and dinner. Errr...i don't remember when is the last time i had rice. But, to ensure that the milk supply is enough, i have nestum and drink lots of water. Well, despite of the 'chaos'ness that i have to go through everyday, i'm happy that i look after my own kids myself. I teach them my own way. And i like it that way...

Ok, Sophie is crying and Milan  wants me to play her "twinkle2 little star" already :)

Till then, lots of loves.


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