Friday, April 29, 2011

Eat Workshop

Who would have thought that there's a dining place in a middle of a quiet industrial area in Glenmarie. Mr Husband wanted to have a birthday dinner for his dad and brother's birthdays. And i need to pick a place for that. My first criteria was a place close to our home. And, western food of course. So, i found out about this place from Google (my FIL laughed at this idea). Well, after reading some reviews and got a consent from Mr Husband, i made a reservation for dinner at 7.30pm.

Oh yes, we so do not need to reserve as we were the only customer there. They do have more visitors during lunch. I think it must have been the location. Honestly, the industrial area is so quite at night, and suddenly there's this building lit in yellow rice lights. Poor signage too. Luckily they have a map in their website.

Put all that aside, and let's talk about the foods. One word, awesome! I would love to go there again if only they are still running the place. What i heard from the waitress, some company is buying the building and the owner is getting married. And she has no intention to continue the business elsewhere.


The infamous and delicious Ultimate Chocolate Fondue (before 'poking')

Poked! And look at the 'lava' flowing...yummy!

FIL brought 2 bottles of wine. Corkage @ RM 25

Overall, it was a nice experience dining here. Notice that i only remember the name of that chocolate dessert? It was so freakin' delicious that i even can remember how it tastes like. Crunchy chocolate brownie, with sweet chocolate sauce. Devour that with the vanilla ice cream and the pineapple jam. *Drool*

I'm sorry if you only read this entry after 14 May 2011, because that is gonna be their last operating day. We hope to visit them for the last time before that, for tea maybe. And definitely, for that chocolate fondue!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Endless Love

May our love for each other pour endlessly, xoxo

She Wolf

One of my 2011 resolutions is to become a better mother to my children. And more often than not, i feel like i'm losing the momentum. I failed to keep my cool. I raised my voice. I gave angry look. I've tried, I'm trying and I'll keep on trying.

* still feeling bad because i raised my voice to Milan who was just recovered from fever yesterday, sob...sob.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Ola peeps!

Well, that was what i did during the weekend. Had a food fiesta with them gorgeous girlfriends. Milan was not around. The daddy took her to see grampa. We all had fun despite of the 'super late' lunch. So sorry ladies. I'm with a 5mos baby, so kind of taking too much times doing anything.

Yesterday was a 'lazying around' day. Went out in a mission for searching a baju kurung. Off to Plaza Alam Sentral at noon, had lunch at the foodcourt then bought a baju kurung  (yet another brown colour attire *sighs* ) at First Lady Fashion House. The baju kurung / jubah there were quite reasonably priced. Below RM100. Wanted to get a stylish kaftan, but we need to breastfeed, yes? So, a baju kurung will do. I was quite impressed with myself yesterday. Because, the mission before leaving the house was a baju kurung and we got home with JUST baju kurung. Nothing extra.

So looking forward to this weekend already are we? There'll gonna be a wedding reception on Sunday night at Sri Damansara Club. Hair make over on Saturday. Monday is a public holiday, right? No plan for that day yet.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Chop chop

So can't wait to crop and color me hair! Me is thinking of light brown with shade of golden blonde. We'll see what Ken, the hairstylist cum cousin has to say about it :).

Why snipping? I can't risk my head to go bald. Hair loss darling, post natal hair loss.

Enjoy your weekends, Easter bunnies!!! lovesss..

*pics courtesy of Google

Sophie is 5mos young today!

She has not master the 'on tummy' skill yet. Recently tries to turn her body sideways. Her sister is quite faster in that part. At her age, Milan can turn her body already. Anyway, every baby is special in their own way. Oh, that pic..i make her to. She is one clingy baby that she spends most of her time (sleeping too) in Mommy's arms. I guess that gives her less time practicing the 'rolling stones' skills.

She goes gugu gaga a lot. Make that 'burrr" sound with saliva all over herself. Her sister refuses to kiss her because of that. She would kiss Sophie on the shoulder instead. She grabs things better. Anything at all. Breastfeeding still. 

Happy 5mos young sayang. We love you lots.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saturday Sambal Party

So looking forward to Saturday *counting fingers*. Yay! 2 more days :)

I roughly have ideas on what to cook. Finally, can set a date for a simple feast.

Please wear light clothing as the house is quite warm and we haven't install an aircond yet.

Till then, xoxo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Sakit kepala menganggu prestasi dan emosi.

Not feeling good :(

Friday, April 15, 2011

In Bad Times

Him: ok. goodnite everyone.
Her: Where are you going?
Him: Watch tv.
Her: No, you are not. I had a long day and i need hugs
Him: ok, i'll just go and switch the tv off.

Hi weekend, xoxo

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Saya sangat rindu nak main masak-masak.

Walaupun busy dengan anak2, i still menyempat nak masak. To me, it is a theraphy. Dengan menggendong si Sophie, saya sempat nak goreng bihun. Buat nasi goreng pattaya pun boleh ye. Of course la telur dadar tu ala2 'telur hempap' instead of bungkus the nasi.

Tapi, lately i really feel like cooking. Cook and invite kawan2 dtg makan. Ramai lagi kawan2 yang tak sempat nak jumpa lagi. Masak the simple spaghetti ke kan. And nak sangat buat the berries panna cotta macam i buat masa Milan's 1st birthday. Buat cheesecake ke kan. Kalau dekat Bahrain, seronok nak main masak2 sebab senang nak cari bahan. Turun kedai runcit dekat bawah apartment pun dah cukup. 

* image courtesy of google

Hopefully this weekends akan digunakan untuk mengemas rumah. Senang nak panggil kawan2 datang. Birthday pulak lambat lagi. Tu je la alasan saya nak minta dibelikan oven :P. Saya kan kuli tanpa gaji.

Have a fruitful Friday. To me, Friday or any other day is the same.

Why Sophie...why?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Great? Not!

Last weekends, i had the hives attack again. Starting from Friday night and last until yesterday afternoon. So unbearable. But still i had to force myself to get out from the house. Went out to my cousin's salon at Sunway to trim my hair. And Papa too needed to cut his hair. Oh yeah, before that i went to a 'sensei' shop in SS15, Subang Jaya to get some remedies for my hives. I just want to look for an alternatives. I can't just rely on the anti-histamines alone. After that we went to search for a bike shop in Sg Buloh. Couldn't find it. Then, i saw "Desa Parkcity" sign board. So, off we went. Quite a nice place. A park where you can walk your pets. A huge neighbourhood with their own shopping mall, the Waterfront.

Gahh...the kiddos are screaming. Laters darlings, xoxo

The 'fugly' hives.     

The remedies for the hives  

Macam geli, sebab ada SEAHORSE!!!

Nevertheless, we had an awesome weekends!

Friday, April 08, 2011


I wanted to blog about something but the kiddos are kinda having their hard times. Milan is crying for a strawberries, which is kinda impossible for me to get it now.

Maybe some other day, i'll try to write again.

Enjoy your weekends! XOXO

Thursday, April 07, 2011


How would you feel waking up in the morning, looked at the mirror and saw this?!

Absolutely not SEXY!!!

Why? I don't know either...

This is the 3rd time this is happening

So macam2...grrr!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The internet is fine, i am done with the house chores (at least the important ones), but i'm so lazy to write now.


Friday, April 01, 2011


This reminds me of my pregnancies and cravings. A pregnant woman is surely mentally challenged by those cravings, but agak2 lah kan. The tired husband just got back from (i presumed) a long weary day at work, and maybe you could just put off the thoughts of the foods until the next day. Just my 2 cents worth;

Kitty Cat!

We have no plan for the weekends. Tapi 2 minggu sekali, adalah wajib restock formula for Milan yang kuat menyusu itu.

Till then, enjoy you weekends. XOXO


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