Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm currently busy with something. Well, something 'mini', nothing 'mayjah'. Laters sweeties...xoxo

Monday, May 16, 2011


Last night, darling husband was expressing his feeling towards the little chaos at home. "I am living in a crazy world with crazy kids. The only person that is not crazy is my wife". I could only smile for i know i had way more than his so called la vida loca. And soon after that i told him "if only we can be sure that our next baby is a boy". Err...wait, i mean if i ever get pregnant again. He replied with a "thanks but no thanks" smile. 

It is a challenging life we are living in of course. Raising two kids aged 2yo and 5mos (if you are trying to tell me this, "baru 2 orang" go away!. Actually, Mak (my mom) warned me about having kids close to each other. She said give yourself some space. But, then again Mak...i started quite late. So, gotta adjust on the "equation" though. Even now i am complaining about my knee. Could be lacking on calcium. Being too ignorant too i guess. I only started drinking Anlene Lacta last night. Not to mention i have been slacking on my EPO + Fish Oil supplement intake. There goes my 2011 resolution to live a healthy life. Hopefully things, by all means, will get better. 

Ahh..lil Sophie will be 6mos in 6 more days. How time flies ay? *cliche, i know :P

Tomorrow, darling husband will be at home. Wesak day public holiday. See if we are able to get up early, we'll be going to MPH, Curve to get some books for Milan. Need to start teaching her to read intensively already. Pity her, all excited looking at the signboards as the father drove by. And all she can say is "Look, there's a letter P". Only letters, no spelling and reading yet. Mommy will try to get you to read sweetie. Lets train your sister to be more independent first. 

Oh yeah, gotta thanked Mrs Pearce for playing host at the Pearces' pad last weekend. Nice, cosy beautiful house.

The hosts

The buffet spread

The girlfriends

Meet Cha'mone. the Pearces' cutie beagle.

A high school friend asked in Facebook. "What occasion was this?". Well, when you have great friends like them girlfriends, you don't need to have any reason or special occasion to meet up.

Till then lovelies, xoxo


YES!!! Now put up some entries bloggers :). Gotta to do mine.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You Joker You

*Entry geram (bukan sebab i "macam bagus" yeah)

Someone from FB just sent me this message. A senior from high school. I'm not gonna do anything with it. Why would i, yes?

" morning,how r u...?
being a proud mother of 2 (correct?), u must be ok lah...blessed by God,mana boleh tk ok...hahaa...

msg u something loh, so we'll know each other better...
after grad. from UM did u work in kl?what course did u took?

tell me s/thing about ur hubby...oso from.miri?

dunno what else i should ask.we start from this little bit here and there lo..."

See the part i put in red. *Big laugh*. Why would i wanna introduce my husband to you? Nah... And "we start..", duh. Like, then what? Sibuk jer...rimas!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day

Last year's was this.

This year we got it right already, huhu. Despite FB messages already poured in since early of the week. Sent text messages to my mom and aunts. Why text? See, i love my mom but i can't quite express it by saying the "i love you mak" thingy. Paling2 pun hug jer. Guess, that was partly because of the way we were brought up. I even asked my grandma if i was an adopted child when i was 7 years old. My mom was quite strict with me. I was the only girl then, until my sister was born a year after that. I was quite close to my Bapak then.

I totally change that, in my relationship with my daughters. Every morning, first thing is hugs and kisses and the "i love you" thingy. Then. same thing, comes bedtime.

But, Mak surely loves us more than anyone else. I know it even though it was not expressed. She cried when she saw me rolling in contractions pain. She held my hand. She didn't take any food not until i came out from the labour room. 

Sadly now that i an not financially independent, i can't bought something for her. Sending her text would suffice i hope. She is in kampung, where the hp reception is quite bad. She has to call me first and i would return the call. 

Anyways, this is what them sweethearts have for me yesterday;

Certainly not for Mommy :)

Till then darlings, happy hoart is crying to bake cake (PlayDoh)

Thursday, May 05, 2011


This year is gonna be my 3rd mother's day celebration. Mr Husband was asking Milan (yes, my 2yo daughter), what to do on Mother's Day. As our small family are expanding, more and more annual celebrations to be celebrated. FIL is invited us to join him in Janda Baik this coming weekend. And i don't quite like the idea of spending nights at the hotel just yet. With Sophie, the crying baby. You know, lemah semangat baby. I even try not to take her out at night.

Anyways, that was not the point. I wanted to write about how i spent my days. Most of they days just passed by 'unproductively', besides entertaining my 2 kids and houseworks. Most SAHMs have their own income. Small home based businesses. I wanted to start one too. Somethinglah

Maybe i can request for a sewing machine for a start.

Laters darls, xoxo

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The 'Unrest' Labour

Well, Tuesday blues they say? We get that all the time don't we. I remembered exactly what a motivational speaker told us during a talk years back. When we are at work and keep on thinking of how nice it is to be at home or going on a holiday, we need to give our self a bit of time off indeed. Go for a short holiday. Anyways, short is never enough right ;)

Papa was on MC on Friday. So, we went to the clinics. Note the "s". We went to see Sophie's paed at Hospital Umra first. She too had fever. Then, we just rest at home the whole day. On Saturday, went to cut my hair at Ken's salon. Sunday night we went to a friend's wedding reception at Sri Damansara Club.And yesterday was stay-at-home-day too.

Laters darls, kinda 'challenging' typing with one hand. 

Us at the club's play area


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