Thursday, June 16, 2011

Babies..babies everywhere.

Congratulations to friends across the globe on the birth of their newborns. Cornelia with her Marion in Shanghai and Junaidah with her Nawaal in Bahrain. Gorgeous babies. 

And guess what? I miss being pregnant already. Yes, that fast. Reading Puteri's entry on this, makes me wanting a newborn even more. Ngehehehe. And another yes, i had forgotten about the contractions pain already. Well, that was my heart talking. My body says otherwise. The cervic needs time to recover for an excellent pregnancy. God's willing, we'll try for another one in 2014. As for now. I plan to quit 'production' by the age of 35. Boy or no boy, close factory

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Being healthy

I always tell myself to watch what i eat. Eat healthily. I wanna be a healthy mom. So that i'll live long enough to watch my girls going to college, getting married, play with my grandkids. A woman full of mission and vision i am, yes.

Well, one can always talk. Here i am having rice with 'kasam ikan' goreng and tempoyak. Both, fermented food! When it comes to 'kasam', i can't say no. Bluarghhhh!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Them babies

Hi lovelies. I've been doing nothing, not even updating this blog. But i did stopped by your blogs though.

Gahhh...i'm still feeling dizzy from running with my 2 girls. So not fit i am.

We woke up around 9pm this morning. And i thought we'll go down to the management office and pay the bills. Plus, i need to get some kitchen supplies too. By 10.45am, we went down. Bought the stuff i need and brought them to the park until it started to drizzle. So, we went up. We are staying on 14th floor, top floor. Just as we settled down, suddenly i felt dizzy. Must be my blood pressure, so i thought. Until, i saw Sophie's hammock and the curtain are swaying to the left and right. Right then, the blood gushed to my head. TREMORS! I grabbed Sophie, and with Milan on the other hand. Get Milan to put on her sandal. Left the tv on and locked the front door. I rushed to the elevator and took us to the lobby. But, suprisingly, there were only us! Where's everyone? This is my 3rd experience with tremors. First was in March 2004, then the 2nd one in 2007. What makes it different and scarier now, is the two girls i have. I won't be so scared if i was alone. You know, motherly instinct and the feeling of protecting your kids.

I sms'ed' husband who is at the office and he told me this:

Earthquake in Sumatera

So much is happening around us. God, please protect us. Amen.

P/s: i hate living in an apartment. Being an acrophobic, i can't stand living here.

Monday, June 06, 2011


Ola sweethearts..*crickets sound*...

I've been leaving this blog for quite sometimes already. Blogging is by far the 2nd best way to express myself or share about whatever that is bothering me. The first would be talking to the besties.

Are you on facebook? Bet you are. Well, check this out.
House of Bambina

Nothing big really. But, at least i now have something better to do.

Laters lovelies.


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