Monday, July 25, 2011


This entry is all about family planning.

We are not planning to have another baby so soon. Though i went all "wow..gugu gaga" with others' newborns.

I have been looking for methods of contraceptives. I wanted to do implant but my skin is so prone to keloid. So, passed. Condom? previous episiotomy had somehow turn to keloid. Not a good idea, seriously. And since we are still breastfeeding, i go for Noriday.

Some infos on Noriday:

- Safe for breastfeeding
- Start immediately (any day)
- take it everyday continuously

Gotta go...darling Sophie is not well.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Some of you might have noticed that i've been a little bit quiet in FB and of course in here.

One, for the lil Sophie now is mobile. She crawls, she climbs, she pulls etc. So, more time spent monitoring her. Second tooth is coming out. Ermm..what else ya? Oh yeah, i still can't wear my wedding ring. My finger somehow grew after having 2 kids. So do my feet. I can't wear most of my shoes. No size 5 anymore. I can understand the 'shrunken' clothes, but shoes?

Well, apart of the above, I have been busy crafting. I must admit that i got hooked to crafting. Somehow...addicted. I have made quite a number of hairclips and headbands. A tutu each for the girls. And I'm making more. And of course i have the girls assisting me messing with the ribbons etc. 

I got my birthday present early this year. On Monday, the daddy suprised me with this:

MSM10 by Tesco

I told him to just buy me a cheap simple sewing machine for me to learn and experiment. I guess this one will make do. Thanks darling. I plan to look for cheap cotton fabrics this weekend. I can't wait to make dresses for my little princesses! Woohooo!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


There are times where i wanted to write about how hard my days were with Sophie. Separation anxiety is coming in. But after reading some blogs and saw some pictures in FB about sick babies, i feel blessed. Blessed for my baby is just a normal baby and most importantly she is healthy.

Thank you Lord.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Something I Love

Whenever i have my me time, I'll be crafting. It was kind of therapeutics. Focusing on the details and such.

I have a different blog for my crafts. You can find it here.

See you there too?

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Here still

I am still here indeed. I have always been trying to 'steal' my 'me' time from the kids. And more often than not, i failed. Maybe that's one of the setbacks of being a SAHM. The kids have too much of Mommy that it is never enough. No one else but Mommy. Not even the daddy.

I have been feeling quite sick for the past few days. Feeling dizzy and giddy. The same symptom i had when i was pregnant with the girls. But, i did the UPT and it came out negative. Went to a GP and prescribed with paracetamol. The doctor said that my blood pressure is quite low. I think it might be because of lack of sleep. Somehow today, i feel better. I don't know how. Might be because of the EPO and Fish Oil capsule i took last night. Either that or i slept quite well last night after taking Piriton for the hives. Macam-macamlah sangat nak kena makan.

Sophie is progressing well. She can sit on her own already. I mean, from crawling to sitting position. She can stand up by holding on to something. That 'something' is always Mommy legs.

Okies, my 'me' time is up. I will try to 'steal' again soon :)

Sunday, July 03, 2011


Hi darlings,

Been awhile ya? Been busy with the kiddos. Sophie has turn 7mos and is growing her first tooth. Right bottom. So, she is a lil bit cranky and clingy. She is mastering the crawling skills. Moving backwards to start with. Loves to hold on you to get up and likes to poke your eyes, mouth, nose.

Milan on the other hand, has always been the happy and cheeky one. Favorite words are "are you sure?". Me and Papa can't really have a nice uninterrupted conversation nowadays. Tengah sedap2 borak, mesti ada suara2 halus cakap "shhh...don't talk. Quiet please". Aik?! Either that or she'll make some noise too. Which to her is part of our conversations.


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