Wednesday, November 30, 2011

God Bless

Still feeling sad on the demise of our beloved cousin sister. The doctor said she might have brain tumor. When i say might, it was the latest news i heard of last night. I am not so sure of the real story. And i don't think i should ask anyone about it yet. Maybe later.

Anyway, life has to go on. She will always be remembered and loved. I pity her older sister who is sitting for her SPM this week. Hopefully she is strong enough to go through this ordeal and at the same time paying attention to her exam.

God bless.

RIP dear cousin

Dear Lyn,

Rest in peace darling. You sure is happy on the other side of the world. Please don't worry about your mom and dad, And your siblings. You'll be greatly missed.

*my cousin just passed away at the age of 13years old. She was all fine and was having a dance practice when she complaint about severe headache and started to throw up. Rushed to MGH and pronounced dead upon arrival.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Redeem Rewards

I need an 'on-the-go' handbag. My good ol RM49.90, black, quilted, gold chained 'chanel-like' was worn out. I bought it last christmas at Merdeka Mall, Miri. Ever since then, it has been my travelling companion. Dah lencun sangat.

I've been hunting for a replacement handbag for quite awhile now. Too many to choose and i was being so indecisive. And i can't afford designer's handbag.

I saw one canvas handbag from Hush Puppies, 'longchamp' like. Quite nice and affordable. We mothers love canvas handbag. Easy to clean, in case of milk spill etc. So i thought i might get the HP one for christmas.

Then Mr Husband reminded me to check my credit card point if there's anything i can redeem with it. Kan hujung tahun, rugi tak redeem. Eh, check-check, i have enough points to redeem a pink canvas handbag. Woohoo! Though i am not a big fan of pink colour. Anything free (well, kinda) will do for me. Cheapskate much? :)

Have you redeem yours?

* my first girl is begging me to color her toenails. she is so into make ups already. Yeah, kids nowadays kan....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Potty Training a 2 years old

My mother, MIL and husband had been asking me to potty train Milan since she was barely 1 year old. At the time, i wasn't ready yet. Thinking, 'oh my, how am i suppose to clean the carpet if she pee or poo on it?'. So i took my own sweet time until she was about 2 1/2 years old. right when she knows how to speak fluently and understands instruction.

Firstly, i made her choose her favourite potty. She chose an apple green potty from Ikea.

Then, i chose a random but right, relaxing day to start. When i say relaxing, it is a day when I'm not too stressed and we are both in a tip top condition.

Start the day by not putting diaper on. Only a short pant. Or if you can afford a pull up diaper, that would be very much recommended.

Take her to the loo for every 10mins. The more the better. Because on the first day, she needs to get the idea that she needs to do 'her business' in the potty. Of course there are times when i was occupied with my 2nd girl, Milan missed her 10mins interval and i had to wipe the floor (thanks to whoever invented kitchen tissue, wet tissue and Febreeze).

Expand the time interval everyday until she gets the idea and be able to control her bladder. Thanked God, Milan is such a sweetie. She 'mastered' the potty training in a week. She's always easy to train. I had her off her pacifier in just a day!

Now she is diaper free when at home but wears it during bedtime or when going out. However, most of the time the diaper comes out dry.

There was one time, she was playing with the kids at her grandparents'. Diaperless. She needed to pee. I asked her to hold on. And she did! After few rounds of running around, she came to me and said this "Mom, i can hear water splashing in my tummy. It want to come out. I need to shee-shee". LOL! We went home immediately.


One thing i hate about travelling nowadays (apart of packing n unpacking) is the risk of not taking my mini pills. Last night i made Mr Husband went back to our place to get it. How many pills did i missed? 2! And i was unshielded!

I really need the goodluck for this one :).

A day after Milan was 1, I was so determined to have another baby (now Sophie). I immediately went off pill. But this time, lets just give my uterus a long break. That poor 'thing' deserves it. Maybe we'll try for another one or maybe we're happy with 2. Mr Husband jokingly said we'll go to Cambodia to adopt a boy and name him Marcus!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Harimau Malaya

Wow...this is the longest leave ever i took from writing here. Not tnat i am super busy. I was rather occupied with the girls. Now that Sophie is mobile and likes to put anything she can find into her mouth,i cannot 'layap' at all.

Today is my lil harimau malaya's (Sophie) first birthday. I really wanted to bake her cupcakes or the cute ladybug apam but i don't have the tools with me. We have been staying at in-law's since last Thursday. Masalah air dekat Brunsfield tu. It might have been resolved by now tapi i told my husband to just wait until Thursday.

I think the girls love it here. They have longer naps. Bother me lesser.

So, yeah. Happy Birthday Sophie darling. You have started walking when you were 10mos, 29 September 2011 to be exact. But Mommy was too 'glued' to twitter and facebook and slowly neglected to document your deevelopment in here. As at today, you have 6 teeth. 4 bottom and 2 at the top. You can only say 'Papa' and 'kakak', but never Mommy. You LOVE to eat. Your favourite line whenever you want something sounds like 'ketik ketik ketik' (repeatedly and fast). Still feeding from Mommy though Mommy tried to wean you off several times. And one more thing, you only smile to camera when the photographer is kakak. Though you love to eat anything, You are such a petite baby. Weigh at 8kgs only on your first birthday. That's considered as underweight.

We have planned a small picnic for your birthday this year. Let just hope the weather agrees to it. Mommy made you a tutu to match the ladybug theme.

Happy Birthday again sweetheart. Mommy heart you ( like a love song baby :) ).


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