Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dragon Boy

Ramai orang yang i kenal dapat baby boy this year. Termasuklah yang tengah mengandung. Mostly expecting a baby boy. Ini termasuklah Ben Affleck and Jen Garner. Eh betul lah, diaorg kategori org yg i kenal jugak. Bukan kenalan, konteks adalah berbeza.

Cepatlah dapat kerja. nanti bila dah kerja, dah confirm position, baru boleh try 3rd baby. This time nak try pakai calendar cina untuk kira2 hari nak conceive. Nak try bagi dapat baby boy. Tapi kan, i jenis yg enjoy pregnancy masa tengah2 je. Only in 2nd trimester. 1st and 3rd memang tak best. First sebab sickness. Anyway, itu semua org pun tak suka kan. Tang last trimester tu paling tak suka. Sebab by 6th months je mesti kaki bengkak gila. Sakit nak jalan. Kalau kena pulak hives macam masa pregnant kan Sophie, adui la. Sakit masa bersalin tu takyah cakap la kan. Manada org bersalin rasa best.

Takpa, kita tengok macam mana lepas ni. Rasa agak2 ready nak ada newborn, bolehlah try lagi satu. Kalau tak, Cechomels dua orang ni pun cukuplah. Chenta hati.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Dalam Keterpaksaan

Wah, tajuk kemain kan.

Baru dah masak rendang ayam. Petang sikit kang, panaskan lagi sampai kering.

Macam rajinnya kan, masak rendang bagai. Hari isnin pulak. Bukannya encik suami balik makan tengah hari pun. Sebenarnya, hari sabtu 2 minggu lepas punya stok. Beli kelapa parut. Bila dah pegi ke pasar basah SS15, Subang Jaya, mesti cam gila. Gila tengok sayur2, daging, buah2an yg fresh2. Semua nak beli. Nasib baik fridge comel je.

Dah terbeli kelapa parut tu, kenalah fikir nak buat apa pulak. Dah seminggu lebih dah frozen kelapa parut tu. Barulah semangat nak masak tu datang hari ni. Tu pun, masak lambat. Lepas pegi PPL(Pusat Pos Laju) dekat Glenmarie sebab nak kirim headband untuk customer. Balik dari PPL, singgah Tesco Extra pulak. Beli diaper Sophie. Sampai rumah, siapkan lunch anak2 dulu, baru start masak. Terpaksa noksss, sayangkan kelapa parut punya pasal. Lama sangat kang, basi pulak. Tadi tu pun, dah macam kering sikit. And berais.

Ni anak2 tengah tido, bolehlah rest sikit. Lepas mop rumah. Sambil blogging. Kejap lagi diaorang bangun, kena layan they all pulak.

Ok, itu sahaja cerita saya setakat ni untuk hari ini. Banyak actually cerita lain dalam draft. Asyiklah tak siap2 nak karang. Sibuk dengan the girls. Btw, Sophie dah pandai cakap sikit2. Tadi bagi dia jelly, tiba2 keluar perkataan 'thank you'. Pastu kepala dia terhantuk dkt rak, dia usap2 sambil menrengek 'painful' kata dia. Ni bahasa mak dia je faham ye. Of course la tak clear sangat :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Just A Little Longer

Being a mother is never easy. And i am not the best mom, though every single day i try to be a better mom. Even dengan anak 2 pun masih tak pass lagi dalam banyak hal. Still tanya other friends on tips nak handle anak. Every kids is different. Banyak methods yang i used to train Milan do not work for Sophie. Milan is quite good in speech while Sophie is more towards motor skills and a little bit slow in speech. So, memang lain.

And how it is possible to handle 2 kids with different attitudes and attributes at the same time and not losing your coolness? Susah, memang susah. But ladies, i am not complaining. I am just saying. Good for you if you can handle your 'soccer team' kids and still looks cool. Still sempat nak komen about you being 'supermom' dkt FB wall orang. Eh, tersentap plak.

*ok, Sophie just put a toy in my vegetable soup. Hmmm..., breathe in, breathe out

The point is, i adore those moms yg cool. Yang tak tangankan anak langsung. How nak jadi macam tu?

After i read this from Redmummy, i broke down and cried.

Please dear Lord, grant me with the highest level of patience in handling my kids. And please let us love each other a little longer. Just a little longer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Satu Tiga Kosong

Kalau tengok astro, mesti perasan iklan yang Awie and Ella pasal their rock concert tu kan?

My girl is using this against me.

Everytime i get mad or feeling down, she'll come to me and say 'Mom, SATU TIGA KOSONG'. That never failed to make me smile. Always do the trick. And when she sees me smile, 'mom, you are happy. Your are not angry anymore'.


Monday, February 20, 2012


My monday is absolutely amusing today.

Last saturday, we came back to our home in Shah Alam, after few weeks staying at in law's in Brickfields. When husband opened our front door, there was a letter from the management. It was an account statement. Previously, there was a warning letter sent to us indicating that we have outstanding balance of RM300+. MIL and FIL were very sure that they have paid all the management fees while we were away. And when we too have been paying all the outstanding amounts. So, we keep on paying based on the month to date invoice sent to us. Though, everytime i go to the management office, the lady in charge (Pn Noorazlina) keep on asking about the outstanding amount. When it comes to money, anyone will be curious on what he/she is paying for. Right? And I'm from the accounting line. I talk numbers and legitimate evidence. Ie: paper or invoice with detailed information. As in how did the outstanding amount came about. Pn Azlina answer was simple. There was something wrong with their system, hence the amount which we have paid was somehow appeared as unsettled in the system. Very fishy and prawny too.

Ok, fine. My FIL normally will post a cheque to pay for the bill. And in return, the management will issue a receipt. All the time. Evidence! So, MIL photocopied all the receipts and give it the management. Then, done. Just like that. We now, owe only the month to date amount.

Nothing interesting much eh? Here's what spiced my monday. This morning, i went down to the management office with the girls. There was a long A3 notice on the office's door. Curious, as i always am. Took my sweet time reading it. Wished i have took a photo of it.

The notice goes like this ....'Noorazlina mengaku telah MENGGELAPKAN duit pihak pengurusan sebanyak RM500,000 dari tahun 2009 sehingga 2011... Diminta pemilik membuat laporan polis...'!!!

Just imagine if we have been foolishly paid the 'outstanding amount'? Before this it was a big issue for the management that they don't have sufficient fund to manage the building. There were notices put up almost every week, pleading to the owner to pay the bills. They were facing difficulties paying the electricity bills. Only one lift operates at a time. There was once, the water pump was broken. It costs them RM14k to replace it with a new one. And they can't afford! Not fund at all! How come, i wondered.

Apparently, this Pn Azlina has all access to the system. Which is very risky. Super risky. She somehow adjusted the amount paid. She took the excess. That was how some owners have outstanding amount shown in the system.She must have been carried away by all this fraudulent act. RM500,000k man!!! Lady, the auditor found you somehow. After 2 years je lah tapi, hehe.

I wonder what will happen to her after this. If i'm not mistaken she has a baby. If she is gonna be imprisoned, kesiannya her baby.

I'm quite suspicious about the fire incident at the office few months back. Like semua benda nak jadi at the same time. Could it be coincident? You know, just to cover up? Attempt to destroy all the evidence in the system? If big companies, this cannot be done lah kan. Ada back up system. After all, what she did was absolutely wrong.

To Pn Azlina, it was NOT NICE doing business with you.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Test The Water

Hello again darlings.

Here i am typing with the help of on-screen keyboard for the letter 'y' and sometimes get irritated because the key somehow becomes so smart and types on its own. A long non-stop 'yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy' will appear. And i will look like a furious mad woman, pressing the 'esc' key continuously and try to beat the speed of the 'invincible typist'.

Fuhhh...very challenging i tell you. I am trying to avoid using words that are made up with a 'y'. Kind of impossible though.

So, I have been sending 4 job applications. All companies are located back in Sarawak. Wish me luck darlings. And please pray for me to get any of these jobs, if not all! Tamak lettew...hehe.

Some have been asking why do i need to get a job. Just continue with my SAHM job. Apparently, it is the most dreamed job ever, they said. Well, i answer would be 'why not?'. Ok, that's actually a 'quanser'. Question+answer. Suka tau nak reka2 perkataan ni.

Let me tell you now, why i need to get a job. Shhhh...between you and me. I need some money to do a plastic surgery on my nose. Kasi mancung sikit. OF COURSE NOT lah! Well, i want to be financially independent. I have 2 beautiful girls and my husband (apparently there's only one) is working makan gaji. So, takda backup plan. And if i continue unemployed, macam mana if anything happen. Bukanlah nak mintak kan.  Lagi pun nak lah jugak ada duit sendiri. Even though, memang husband bagi allowance. Pastu, i have not fulfil my dream nak beli rumah sendiri. Adalah husband beli rumah, tapi tu rumah dia.  

And, nak cari kerja dekat hometown sebab ramai family member boleh tolong tengok kan anak2.

Hopefully dapatlah mana2 nanti.

Akhir kata, enjoy lil Sophie's pic. Taken when we were baking valentine's cookies. Apron and chef hat made by Mommy dearest.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Don't wanna know, seriously.

Someone aeriously needs to find a super great bestfriend to share all her 'domestic' problems with. I am the last person to know about your 'husband's infidelity', please. If not, the only one who doesn't know.

Seriously it is quite boring, or should i say irritating sometimes. The same stories being told over and over again. Plus, i do not want to take anyone's side. Like i've said, i don't need to know.

Sometimes we are the solutions to our own problems. Tang mana silapnya tu? I once shared her problem with another person who knows her better than i do. And the 2nd person response was very logic. 'Kalau orang rumah pandai layan suami, tak kan lah husband nak "makan luar" '. Unless, we did our best and still the husband buat perangai. Now, that kind of man is not worth fighting for.

To her, please do something about it. Talking alone can never solve anything. And please, i am overloaded with your secrets.


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