Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Of Twitter

Darling husband is now on twitter.

When he told me that he's on twitter, i told him to not 'follow' me there. He asked why. I said, 'i still want you to ask me face to face'. All these social networking sites somehow make people less talking. They 'communicate' virtually. Some spouses even communicate through facebook though sitting opposite each other at home. Not a healthy relationship i would say.

But then again, some people just don't mind. A group of friends having lunch at a kopitiam on saturday afternoon, and everyone is busy with their handphones instead of talking to each other is such a normal thing nowadays.

For me, i prefer the old times. Long before handphones were invented. Semua berebut2 nak bercakap. Sekarang baru intro je, 'oh yeah, i saw it on facebook', or 'u mean, the one you twitted about that day ke?'. Bluarghhh!

Oh, we went to Cameron Highlands for our anniversary trip. I'll write about it in my next entry. Till then...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Be Thankful

i just got back from meeting one of our high school friend, Hazel. Hazel lost her eye sight few years back due to bleeding after retinal detachment.

Everytime i go back to Miri, i always make sure i go and visit her. But this time, it is quite different because i was visiting her at Malaysian Association of The Blind in Brickfields ( MAB).

It all started after watching Mentor6 last night. After laughing my a$$ off with Ella and Adam protege auditions, i was touched by 3 orang buta from MAB auditioned for Ramlah Ram's protege. I immediately thought of Hazel! Then, i tweeted about it. Then, Caroline Ubong tweeted about Hazel too. Mentioning Hazel is at MAB! And I am staying in Brickfields this week. MAB and my FIL's place is so freaking near!

So, i called Ubong and come up with a plan. That was after i called Hazel, asking if it is okay for us to see her. Hazel said yes. Hubby got home around 7, dinner and waited for Ubong as she went to the gym first. On our way to MAB, Sophia called Ubong. Timing cun! Told her that we were on the way to see Hazel. Sophia said she wanna come too.

Upon seeing Hazel being guided by another girl, i cried. I feel so sad. Seeing you friend not able to walk on her own because she could't see just unbearable for me. I was sobbing for few minutes when Hazel left to her room to get her card. At first, she thought are not going out from MAB.

Ubong parked her car at the parking space near the monorail station and we walked to the nearby Old Town White Coffee. Hazel is not used to walking stick, so we held her arms. And she is guided by the blind track. Ya, i just got the term 'blind track' from Hazel :). And Ubong just knew that those lines and dots on the walking pathway are meant for the blind :).

Sophie joined us soon. Waited for our drinks and foods for almost an hour. Service sangat slow. Only 2 waiters on duty. We learned a lot from Hazel. She told us about how they are being categorized based on their level of blindness. B1 to B3. B1 being the totally blind and B3 is for yang macam rabun2. And i asked her, which category she is in. She said B1++. Haha, boleh melawak. One thing that amazed us was, MAB even taught them how to repair a computer! Not programming la of course. Pasang parts etc.

Spending an hour with Hazel has taught the 3 of us lots of lesson. She is such a strong lady with positive minded. Sophia told her that (in tears). If i was in Hazel's place, i am sure i'll be crying like a baby. But, Hazel was calm and smiling, and laughing at all times. Yang nangis, kitorang.

Anyway, we are so looking forward to have an outing with her again. She said maybe not this month, as they are quite busy. They have classes everyday from 8am to 5pm. And on weekends, they sometimes has sports activities.

Oh yeah, they too have an activity called 'mobility'. Their 'teacher' will ask them where they would want to go. And they will try to explore the place with a walking stick and the 'teacher' walks beside them.

Hazel is our special friend. Now that she can't see, she is our super duper special friend!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Of Everlasting Friendship

Yesterday, we went to Bangsar Village 2. Was meeting some friends for our get together session. Actually, more to a birthday celebration for Ms Tiq. But most of the crowd were my high school friends. There were Magretta, Alicer, Caroline, Audrey, Sophia, Laura, Ms Tiq herself, Magretta's two sisters, her BIL, my husband and my two girls. The initial plan was to leave the girls with their dad and i was to go myself. But the ladies wanted to see them girls. So yeah, the girls were a bit moody and mommy had to entertain them. I didn't quite get to catch up with them. Banyak ketinggalan cerita. Al maklumlah status ibu :)

Our meeting point was at Delicious. I ordered Corn Beef Chili Padi spaghetti (something liddat). But i requested for a non spicy one. Sedap! Then drink, Lychee Tea Frosty. Of course, also sedap. Milan finished her Oreo smoothies. Dessert was Red Velvet.

After about an hour, Milan started to get bored and bugging me to go. So we excused ourselves. Took them to Kizsports for an hour. Dahlah mommy tak bawa socks because i was thinking only the dad je yang masuk and teman them. Dah, he said nak tunggu luar. So, i bought a pair of socks there. Then, he said..masuk sekali. Pulak!

Milan, being a friendly little girl. Dapat kawan dengan few girls. Lari, main hide and seek sampai nangis tak nak balik. Kesian. Adik dekat rumah tu, tak geng lah pulak. Sebab adik tak faham lagi. Ajak main hide and seek, adik ikut hide sekali. So, kurang fun. Hehe.

I wish i had spent more time with the ladies yesterday. Maybe we'll have another get together next month for Audrey's and Alicer's birthday. And we've been joking about having a karaoke session. For the love of Bryan Adam! Haha.

Friday, March 02, 2012


Eh bukan nak plan 3rd baby dah. Tengah planning anniversary trip. Dekat2 sini je. Ni lah salah satu bidang tugas seorang isteri. Plan family trip. Planning yang pening. Sebab si suami ni tak bagi firm date bila nak pegi.

Nanti nak kena present 'paperwork' bagai. Pening...

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Kesian :'(

Macam kecoh dalam FB semua pasal video ni. Mostly mothers la kan. Baru baca komen they all, i cried. Bila tengok video tu myself, i just couldn.t cry. Sebab...MARAH sangat! Who ever did that is so mean. Sangat kejam. Ok, sekarang baru keluar air mata. Macam manalah agaknya si comel tu semua struggle masa nak kena ikat tu. Mesti meraung2. Tu yang sampai tertidur2 semua. So kesian :'(. Paling kesian, tengok the one yang mulut dia kena selotape tu.

Can't imagine how the parents feel bila tengok anak2 diperlalukan macam ni kan. Sedih. Kadang2 i pun hilang sabar jugak dengan karenah anak2 tp tak sanggup nak sakitkan diaorang. Kalau 'ter'tangan, mesti i sekali nangis. Tak on the spot, malam karang bila tengok diaorg tgh tido, sedih..rasa bersalah, then nangis. They are kids, they know nothing. 

Back to the video. Siapa pulak yg tgh record video tu? I can't really hear what she was saying. We'll see apa tindakan yg diambil ke atas owner taska tu and manusia yang hilang akal tu nanti.

Tak sanggup nak imagine, 2 orang ni kena ikat macam tu. Kalau dia ikat anak i, i ikat dia sekali. Ikat kat leher.


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