Saturday, April 28, 2012

Handmade Sangat

I first thought of making handmade accessories just for fun. For my girls. Siapa ada baby girls tahulah macam mana rasa nak menghias anak2. And then, rasa macam syok pulak kan. Then, friends start to make orders. There are many ladies out there who are into handmade accessories. Especially, headbands. I did came across this blogshop selling so-called 'handmade' headband for babies. I was quite suprised to see the headbands she claimed was handmade are actually sold everywhere. It is not handmade! Those were headbands yang made in China yang wholesellers jual in bulk tu. Just that this seller attached her label on it. Maybe she is selling it at market price (considering handmade are quite pricey, errrr..because it is not mass produced). But, still the term 'handmade' is being misused. Memamglah handmade jugak, by the chinese from China. But, generally when we say handmade, it means we made it ourselves kan? I do sell some accessories too. Non handmade. But, i do make sure that i highlighted that they are not handmade by me. Personalised ribbon yang i order pun ntah apa khabar beritanya. E-mail tak berbalas. I request friend dkt fb pun tak accept. Nasiblah i jumpa dia sorang je yang print personalised ribbon untuk small scale. For bigger scale, say minimum order 500yards, you can easily find. And they are easy to deal with. As for now, I have yet to put any label on my handmades. Still thinking on ways to differentiate mine from others out there.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Under The Weather

I am still very much under the weather. Everyone was. But I can't really take medicine for Sophie is still breastfeeding. Makan vitamin C jer lah. Merangkak lah nak baik flu kan.

On Sunday night, we took Milan to a hospital near our place. I was quite worried about her since the night before i can hear her breathing sounded a little bit weird. And my cousin told me about some kind of sound her daughter make when she has asthma attack. We actually went to the hospital in the morning. Man, we waited for 2 hours plus for our turn. And it was way past mid day. Kids are hungry. Sophie needs to take her nap. So, we came back in the evening. Less people.

Upon loking at her chest, the doctor said she has to be admitted. I looked at husband, he looked at me. My mind went haywired immediately. She first went for a saturation test, to check on the oxygen level in her blood. Hers was fluctuating from 97-99. Best would be 100. The doctor was quite suprised to see her still talking a lot. She has some wheezing sound in her lung. I heard it too when the doc let me to listen through his stestoscope. She needs to be on nebulizer for every 2 hours and on antibiotic drip! Drip! She told me before we left the house that she doesn't want any injection. She was then on nebulizer. She went hysteric when she sees the nebulizer machine. With smoke. She ran and cried. 'We have to go', 'i don't like it'...kesian sangat. But we have to. Terpaksa jugak tangkap. I held her hand, one nurse held the nebulizer mask and another one held her head. Macam2 cara dah pujuk, still struggle jugak. At last, i had no choice that i told her "if you keep on crying, a nurse will come and give you an injection". That worked. She stopped all the struggling and crying immediately. Sampai penat dia nangis.

From her saturation test, the doctor then writes a referral letter to DEMC for admission. We then went to DEMC. While waiting for the referral letter to be done, i just couldn't help myself. I cried. I didn't know what went through my mind. But i was feeling so down. Husband asked what's the arrangement. Who gets to stay with who. We have 2 kids and both are too clingy towards me. They have never spent a night without me. First, i said i'll stay with Milan. But then, our concern was Sophie might gets so cranky since she needs me to sleep. And she is quite difficult to calm. While Milan can stay with the dad and it is much easier to calm her than Sophie.

Oh man, DEMC was packed with lots of people. Waited for quite sometime for the doctor to see us. And she was not the doctor that the other doc in the first hospital wrote the letter to. Anyway, it doesn't matter because she is quite nice. Soft spoken. She gave the same diagnostic as the first doctor. Except she mentioned the word 'viral'. And she gave us option to choose. You  nak admit ke? Looking at cheerful Milan, we opted to just go home and monitor her closely at home. With 2 kids, it is difficult to make a decision that involves everyone. And husband said, he would rather get a single room and everyone stays together if Milan needs to be admitted.

At DEMC, she was already a pro. No more crying.

It was almost 11pm when we finally got home. The doctor prescribed:

1) Ventolin (Salbutamol) for cough
2) Mucoflux (phlegm)
3) Clarityne (for flu)
4) Paracetamol (for fever)
5) Singulair (to clean airways)

And before we left, another round of nebulizer. That night she slept soundly. But still the wheezing sound was there.

The next day, we brought her to see Dr Mary Peter in Assunta Hospital. She is my favourite paed by far. Tu yang tak kisah nak pegi PJ semata2. She too said the wheezing was viral. And wheezing is not asthma. Because Milan has this when she is sick. Lega.

The next day at Assunta. Feeling very 'diva'lish.

Thanks to all friends who sms'ed' and tweets asking about Milan. She is all well now. And after the 'dramatic' series of going to hospitals, i know i am not that strong when it comes to my kids. Baru dengar nak kena admit, dah nangis macam nak rak. Respect to all mothers with ill children. And may God bless all of our children.

Friday, April 13, 2012

What About Now?

Saw a friend's fb status this morning. It was about how she might think her 3yo is a slow learner. Truthfully, we MIGHT think our kids are slower than others. With the current lifestyle and trend of sending your kids to learning centres as early as possible. My 3y3mos is not attending any yet. She is 'learning' mostly from DJNR shows. And suprisingly, that 'taught' her a lot. She can speak good english. Tak, saya tak bangga dengan itu. Sbb tu i don't like posting those things in FB. Like it or not, some parents akan rasa terasa and sedikit sebanyak pressured.

I believe in self learning, at their own pace. I don't like rushing things with my kids. No pressure. Do whatever you want. As long as tak kacau orang. Tak rude with the elders.

And even though some kids nampak smart, semua barang pandai. There are some fields yg diaorg tak master lagi. Their brain is designed to know simple things, suits their age. I guess. Maybe dia Panda shapes, colours etc..but motor skills?

So, i think macam tak payah risau lah kot. Like most kids yang hantar anak2 to school early pun sebab both parents kerja. Daripada duduk nursery tak belajar sangat, better hantar to playschool ye tak? Again, my 2 cents lah kan.

Like myself, got good results in all the national exams. Then, i used to dream to live in New York. That was my motivation when i was sitting for my SPM. Then, look at me now. I have no job. Let alone a career. Tiba2 rasa macam loser! Haha. Anyway, it was all my own decision and yeah, mungkin ada sedikit kekesalan di situ.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Tomato Susu

I've been thinking of weaning Sophie off breastfeeding for months already. Yes, it is advisable that your baby is breastfed for 2 years. But then again, i think we might as well stop earlier.

I've tried coffee. Nah, she wasn't bothered at all. And Sophie loves to eat. So, it is quite difficult for me to tell what type of food that she doesn't like. Until today.

After church, we were thinking of places to have lunch. It was already 1pm. Kids are hungry. The parents too, of course. And i made a super great mistake by promising Milan to take her to playground. Then, i realised none of us are wearing socks. So, Kizsports is a no-no. Not today, at least.

Then, the next choice is to check Citta Mall out. Nothing much to write about that community mall. Most units are unoccupied yet. For the love of quarter pounder, i suggested McDonalds. That was where Sophie tasted her first tomato ketchup and hated it.

A bulb appeared in my mind. Maybe i should try tomato ketchup to wean her? Back home, she keeps on bothering me when i started to do something. Pantang baring je, nak menyusu. Duduk tengah hadap laptop, dia selak baju. Not so much of breastfeeding actually. It work like pacifier for her. Thirsty, boobies. Bored, boobies. Cried, boobies. Boobies, boobies, boobies and boobies. Then, i went to the kitchen and put some tomato ketchup on 'you-know-where' and as soon as she tasted it, she backed off. She just stared and might be wondering, why is it tastes horrible now?

Then, i asked her to try the other one. She said no. By now, it's been more or less, 8 hours. She was off breastfeeding. Am i feeling happy? It looks like it's working.

Boy, i was so wrong. I feel so sad. I miss her so much. The bond. Me and her time. I Am actually crying writing this. I think we'll breastfeeding again tomorrow. I hope she still wants them.

All these makes me realised, I am not ready for a lot of things. I wasn't ready to let Milan goes to school and now, not ready to wean off Sophie. I am such a clingy Mom!


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