Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Inner Beauty

So we cut the cake after about an hour cooling it in the fridge. I was so suprised! Inner beauty much eh? At least i thought so. Both girls are under the weather today. And mommy is feeling like a 'zombie'. Badan pun sakit2 sebab kiri kanan ngek2 last night.

Laters, xoxo

Monday, May 21, 2012

Over The Rainbow

Since the rainbow cake is quite  a hit nowadays, i thought i might as well bake one for the girls. I think I'm getting so kiasu ever since i became a mother. I always want to be their first in everything. Kiasu kan?

So, here's their first rainbow cake from mommy with love (so much love that it was inspired by Tower of Pisa).

A friend is having her rainbow cake for May, please visit her website. I have always love and admire her works. Her cake are cantik and yummy too.

Find her here

Indoor playland

No 1 is down with fever and flu again. We noticed that she'll fall sick whenever we brought them to any playland. But, not any playland. Only the one in xxx. I guess the mall itself is quite hot inside. Twice. 

We've been to other indoor playland, she was fine. Seriously that mall panas sangat. But, she likes to go to that specific playland sebab ada 'bouncy castle'. 

No 2 immune system is stronger than the big sister's. After few days the kakak tak sembuh, then baru dia kena jangkit. Which i am so thankful to breastfeeding. Plus, it is a struggle to feed the meds to No 2. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Projek Kawan Kawan

Tadaa...Big Bow Satin Brooch.

Last three days busy buat benda alah ni. Kawan nak. Dia specified colors. I hope she likes it.

Ni brooch yang mcm Tok Ti pakai dkt baju2 dia tu. Wedding dress Mrs Jejai pun ada brooch ni.

In case lah kan, ada yang interested nak order :)

Mommy's Day 2012


This new blogspot layout is quite confusing for me. Well, anything new is. Is it not? That's why some people are resistant to change.

This year is my 4th year celebrating mother's day. I mean as a mother. This year, we went to Chillis in Citta Mall. The idea of going there was to avoid large crowd anywhere else. Oh boy, it was quite a crowd in Citta too. We got to wait for 15minutes to be seated. Kids started to get cranky. Took them to a pet shop next door. At least, that entertained them for quite a bit.

I had planned what i want to eat the day before from their website. Bila dah ada anak, it is better to be well prepared before hand. Kids are unpredictable. Kadang2 br nak order, dah ada yg menggelupur.

I had their Fajita Trio.

Husband had this.

The girls had Mac&Cheese and Quesadillas

I thought of getting the Molten cake for dessert, but the fajitas was to much for me. Citta Mall is quite warm, i guess. After walking around for few minutes, we went to McDonalds to get the Horlick Crunch McFlurry. Here are the rest of the photos. More of the girls actually :)

Saturday, May 05, 2012


Went to One Utama today, after so many years that is. We used to squeeze ourselves in Pu3's vitara just to buy pillows or for the buffet at Chicken Hartz. That was like 9 years ago? Dahla tengah sakit belakang. Layankan aje husband nak pegi. Main mission was to buy UMist baby, by Osim. We got it at Jusco for RM188. The reason we bought is because Milan has sensitive nasal. When sleeping in an air-conditioned room, she'll sneeze. The air is too dry. All the while, i'll put a small bucket of water in the room. So far, it works. No sneezing and such. Patut nak cerita benda lain. Dah cerita benda lain. Since i delivered Sophie, i noticed: 1. I am now wearing shoe size 7 (5 was the right size) 2. M size jeans is a bit lose in the waist but way too tight around thighs area And, the most annoying fact of all; 3. Grandma panties is the most comfortable lingerie (if it is even called one) ever! Well, those were my observations on today's shopping.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Nayati Is Home

When i first heard about Nayati's case, my heart ached. Any parents would have felt the same. I'm not too sure if it is just for me to say, this country, our beloved Malaysia is not safe anymore. Nayati was abducted on last Friday morning. Anyway, news about him are all over the internet. We went to Giant near our place on Sunday afternoon. There's this white lady putting A4 size paper on Nayati's news. I approached her and had a little talk. She gave me one piece, in chinese. When in the car, i talked to Mr Husband about it. I felt a sharp pain in my throat when i think about this boy. When the news about him returned safely home was out yesterday morning, oh boy...i was overjoyed. Praise the Lord.Tapi, memang menakutkan sangat kan Malaysia sekarang ni. Maybe, dekat mana2 pun sama. Tapi, maybe sebab we have lived in a safer society in the past.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Oh My Guard!

On one hot evening. Husband was telling me he had tummy ache. I asked, 'do you feel like going to the loo all the time?'. He answered 'no, it feels like having CONTRACTION'. Dengan confidentnya ok. Hello darling, tau ke rasa contraction tu macam mana? And, yesterday we bought a doll house for the girls. And the daddy helped them to unwrap it from the box. 'I don't know lah how to play with these things'. Aiyo, i quickly replied 'I'd be so suprised if you actually Know how to'.


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