Thursday, June 14, 2012

Itsy Bee

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy tending the shop.

Was making something for the shop, then told Mr Husband this, 'my xxx looks like the kek lapis'. His response was 'sempat nak admire sendiri punya barang'. Let me tell you mister, i admire all my handmade. Seriously. He always hears this "sayangnya nak jual', everytime after i finished making any.

Hopefully, the owner of my handmade appreciates them as much as I love them. That is much.

Laters darlingssss...xoxo

Thursday, June 07, 2012

We Are Family

"We are family

I got all my sisters with me
We are family
Get up ev'rybody and sing"

-Sister Sledge, We Are Family-

Milan asked me to take their picture. The little sister was just waking up from her afternoon nap. Hence, the 'mamai' face. That pink bunny, which she called 'Mimzy' has to be in the picture as well. As i showed her the taken picture, she said "now, that is a perfect family picture". Perfect? Family? How? Minus Mom and Dad, but plus Mimzy is perfect? How?

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Handmade is EXPENSIVE?

I have set a facebook page for my handmade. Find my precious 'babies' here. Don't forget to 'Like'. 

At first i was quite reluctant to set a page simply because i was a little bit worried for not being able to cope up with too many orders. Very optimistic eh? Hehe. Then, my 'babies' have admirers. Friend bought headbands for her daughters, then the friend's sister's friend likes them and add me in my personal fb account. Then, some strangers too. To which i couldn't differentiate if they are genuine 'potential buyers' or 'potential stalkers'. I guess it is wise to set up a page.

I'll manage on any bulk orders, if there's any lah kan.

To date, thanks to my friends for their supports. Really, really appreciate it. From the bottom of my heart. But, there's someone commented on my handmade as 'too expensive'. I have a degree in accounting. I passed 3 levels of Cost Accounting. And trust me, costing is no rocket science. 

Of course handmade are a little bit expensive than on the shelf item. Like mine, it is a 'one man' (or woman) show (not to forget, i have 2 little women who need my attention too). So basically, answering queries, replying emails, purchasing materials, cutting,designing, MAKING, shooting, editing, posting pic, checking payment, sending out goods and follow up...all done by me. Add that to overhead expenses. If i were to take into account the time i spend on all these, i could never sell an item for it is way too expensive. 

Some sellers offer free postage. Either they have 'postage' fund or they have incorporate the cost into the price of their item. Eg: An item cost RM10. Shop A sells at RM10 and you pay another RM9 for postage. Shop B sells for RM20 and gives free postage. Work both ways. And sometimes, you are paying more for those who offers free postage, but somehow the word "FREE" gets us everytime.

All i can say is, i priced my items reasonably. If you find it expensive, thank you for visiting. 

My ex boss used to tell me, "Cheap Thing No Good, Good Thing No Cheap". Pick one. And mine is more to Affordable Good Thing.

By the way, here's how you decide your handmade retail price. Now, go "Like" my page. Thanking you in advance, xoxo.

*credit to google

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Self Satisfaction

We went to a friend's daughter birthday party last Saturday. Macam biasalah, if dah jumpa. Salam2, laga2 pipi and what not kan. Among all, i am the only SAHM. So, another friend asked "u kerja mana sekarang ek?". I replied "i kerja dekat rumah". "Wow, bestnya. U ambiklah i kerja dengan u. Jadi driver ke". Hahahaha...funny Afti. I told her "alah, u boleh je kalau nak duduk rumah je pun". Dia cakap she gave up staying at home.

Yes, not all of us mothers can stand the SAHM routine. Honestly, me too. There are days, i find myself browsing through jobstreet or I started to make handmade items pun sebab macam dah tak tau nak buat apa duduk rumah. Of course la kena menghadap anak2, buat kerja around the house....around the clock. But the best thing is, if rasa cam "M", tak yah la buat apa2. Takda nak kena report dekat siapa2 pun. 

But dari segi income, memanglah takda. Like some friends yang teringin nak jadi SAHM tapi nak tunggu husband boleh bagi allowance sama macam monthly salary. Fuh...well, i don't get that much. That's why i can afford to be a SAHM. Living in KL with single income and 2 kids, what my husband gave me as monthly allowance is good enough. And the handmade yang i buat pun bukanlah untuk generate income sangat. It is more like a hobby and my interest. So, takda pressure if takda orang beli ke apa. Sebab memang seronok buat. Kalau ada orang beli, lagi super seronok. 

Ada jugak some SAHM friends yang sentap sebab ada some people look down on full time housewife ni. Well for me, i tak ambik 'port' dengan kata2 orang. I do what i feel like doing. As long as i tak menyusahkan orang. I will go back to working in the future. In the meantime, i'll just enjoy my SAHM life with my kids. 

Everytime i am done with my handmade, i'll take my camera and start shooting. And everytime i am done with that, ada perasaan puas hati. I am doing two things that i actually love doing. Handicrafts and photography. With that, i smile. Self satisfaction. Like they said, 'ko ada?'. Just kidding.

Monday, June 04, 2012

True Blue - Bib Necklace

Made this for her. I hope she likes it as much as i love making it. Janganlah tanya saya buat beading untuk baju ke tak. Sebab jawapan nya memang 'TAK'. Takutlah nak buat beading dekat baju, hehe.


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