Monday, July 30, 2012

Gold Coast Morib

The daddy bought the 'birthday' deal through Groupon. The deal costs about RM250+. Dinner and breakfast included. Birthday cake too. And 2 tickets to the waterpark. And we booked a junior suite room. The requirement is you have to check-in a day before,on or a day after your birthday. My birthday is on the 27th, so we checked in on 28th.

We checked in agak lambat, around 4pm baru sampai sana. Sebab settled few things dulu before gerak from PJ. Had our lunch first, then we started our 1hr+ journey. We took the Banting way. Passed by Banting town. We had our pre-U in Kolej Mara Banting. So, Banting town brought so much memories to both of us. Megah dah jadi kedai kain, pastu Gamma pulak jadi Gedung TenTen. Memang dah lain sangat. Talking about development. Dulu nak pegi KMB tu,senang je jalan dia. Sekarang ni flyover sana sini.

After checking in we took a rest for a while in the room then headed to the beach. We didn't plan to go to the waterpark on that day because it was already almost 6pm and the park closes at 7pm. The girls wanted to play sand. So, off to the beach. Low tide la. Merasa berjalan lenggang lenggok nak sampai to the gigi air. And the beach jenis yg agak berlumpur. Murky water. Pastu banyak siput and haiwan2 laut comel sekalian. Memang i pakai selipar je, sebab ada unsur2 kegelian di situ, hehe. Pastu masa tengah duduk bawah pokok, main pasir yg kering and putih tu...mak ai, banyak sand flies. Sakit sangat kena gigit. Until today, still rasa gatal. Nasib baik dia gigit we adult je. The girls macam tak kena pulak.

The girls suka sangat main near the water. Main sampaila sunset.  

The next day, awal2 pagi dah breakfast, barulah kita main dekat waterpark. Rasa seronok jugak sebab tengok anak2 seronok. Senyum2, gelak2 memanjang. Since we have 2 tickets free, so kena check Milan punya height. Barely lepas the line, so the lady yang jaga kaunter kata 'tak payahlah'. Yey! Kalau tak kena bayar another RM10 ke RM15 like that. I think the waterpark ni dulu was meant to be part of the facility of the hotel. And maybe ramai public yg abuse by coming to the hotel and have a 'free ride' kan, so dia charge. Sebab the just put a green rope netting tau surrounding the waterpark area. Kira macam when the hotel was completed, they didn't plan to close the area. Itu, teori akak je la kan.

Ada satu masalah masa we all checked in haritu. Banyaknya flies dekat lobby area. Lalat terbang sana sini. Huwaaa...silalah beli serai wangi liquid untuk mop lantai tu. Bagi the lalat2 lari. Sophie dah la takut lalat.

The Lobby

Some decoration in the lobby area

The dinner buffet was a-okay je. I think for the price we paid, kinda 'boleh tahan la'. Ada chicken rice, tempure, nasi putih, black pepper chicken, asam pedas pari, tauhu jepun, mix vege, kerabu ayam, kuih muih, fruits, jelly and ice cream for dessert.

For breakfast pulak, agak kurang menarik. I sempat makan bubur je (fevret akak tu, mana2 pegi pun cari bubur). Dinner dekat the 'kopitiam'. The place is quite big and the buffet table nun di hujung. Same case for the breakfast. Except breakfast was served outdoor. See the pic, the buffet table was at the other end. Right where the entrance was. So, mana orang queue nak ambik makanan, mana orang nak keluar masuk lagi.  So inconvenient. I thought it would be much better if the buffet line is in the middle.

Breakfast at 'The Venue'
Lupa nak ambik gambar our room. Tapi room dia mmg nice. Ada jacuzzi and rain shower. Toiletteries are provided. Tapi malam tu, banyaknya semut merah yg kecik tu masuk our room. Tahu tak what they were after? Our wet slippers! Gila punya semut.

Ok, the kids are up. Enjoy the rest of the pics.

The beach, dry white sand

The wet sandy beach

The Pier. They have a bar and live band performance. But they were singing chinese songs. So, we ended up watching rerun of Olympics opening ceremony in the room :P

The complimentary birthday cake. It came in perfect shape with 'Happy Birthday' writing that only lasts a mili-second.

Complimentary birthday gift, thank you GCM

The slide that gives me mild heart attack

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Itsy Missy First Sale

Yes, first sale ever. Wish me luck. Due to the nature of this business (handmade), there'll be waiting time. How long? Depends on the design of the item. Max is 3-4 days. Except bib necklace, i need at least 2 weeks time :)

Have a visit to my tiny shop. The sale lasts for 2 weeks but as the saying goes "early bird gets the worm". Some items are limited.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My oh my..

I am still here. Been quite occupied with i-dont-know-what. But all i know, i don't have the time to update this blog.

Selamat berpuasa to all muslims.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Penyaram Ram Ram

Yesterday was my attempt no. I-lost-count, making kuih penyaram. I saw in a friend's facebook once, the same kuih is called 'cucur jawa'. My mom is the master in the family in making this kuih. And in our culture, this kuih is a must to be served dekat rumah orang meninggal. Mom said it is like a symbol macam hat (the orang ulu hat) untuk menghantar orang yang meninggal tu ke dunia sana. Old folks tale la. Nothing to do with beliefs.

MIL sent me some gula apong from Kuching. So, i tried to make this kuih. Ya hampun, tak menjadi uols. Sebabnya, i thought i have 'i got it from my mama' skill la kan. Main campak je. Haaa...memang takda rupa mexican hat. Dah rupa apa pun tak tau. Nak tangkap gambar pun iols tak sanggup. Rasa memang boleh tahan, tapi keadaan fizikal adalah hazab. I still keep the mix in the fridge. Nak kasi husband makan pun macam segan :P

Source: google

Monday, July 09, 2012

Chocolate Chips Cheesecake Cupcake

Still quite freaked out, so i selongkar dapur. Buat choc chips cheesecake cupcakes. Google je recipe. Just to distract myself. Sekarang ni mcm sangat freaked out, tak tau where to start. Siap terfikir nak send Milan to Smart Readers ke Qdees ke, tp pastu takut dia stress sangat pulak. Not to mention, the ongkos lah kan.

Kalau dulu, kalau tolong mak mesti cikgu dah kata 'good'. Sekarang ni kena pandai tulis ayat 'saya menolong  ibu saya membuat kek cawan' haaa...

Sangat comot kan our cupcakes, diaorang bubuh too much in a cup

Kakak letak cake, adik letak choc chips

Placement Test for Standard 1

I just got back from the post office. Log in to facebook to update the customers on their poslaju tracking numbers. Then i saw a friend posted about how her daughter missed her placement test for standard one. Of which gives me instant stress. Ever since i became a mother i easily got stressed with anything to do with my kids. Sometimes, it's just a simple thing. But, mom being mom...i go beyond imagination.

That friend even wrote, the form has columns on extra activities. E.g: does your kid attends violin class, swimming class, art class etc. Oh my, my Milan is home schooled (decent lagi kot dr 'mommy yang ajar', hehe). She is not going to any soft skills classes. stressful even to think about it.

Gotta find more about this placement test. Is it a must in every school or only selected schools. I am so worried for my girl. Satu apa pun tak tau lagi tu. Baca pun tak pandai lagi. Satu habuk perkataan bahasa melayu pun dia tak tau. Ergghhh.

The daddy said we have to start register her for standard one, next year. As early as 5 years old. Tu pun nak kena survey which area nak send her to. Kesian nya anak2 sekarang ni. My only concern is she might feels left behind in school. Ye lah, just imagine, everyone else can do simple math and my daughter just kenal numbers je. Adoi.

Laters darling. Nak rehat jap. Terpening lak.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Terrible / Terrific Two?

Here i am at this phase again. Sophie is quite a handful. Anak second lagi pun. Tak tau la cliche ke apa,tapi mmg macam lain sikit peel dia. Kira banyak kasi mommy punya darah naik.

I don't know if it is me who doesn't have enough patience in handling 2 kids or my stress management or I am in this phase of 'too much already' or what. Not sure. Some days i'd wish i am in the office, in my own cubicle doing office works. I guess i need some space for myself. The night before, mister took the girls to see their grampa, though it was just for a while, i found myself feeling light-headed. Finally i got to have my 'me' time. 

I may sound like i 'hate' to be around my kids, but trust me sometimes you just need and want to be alone. I sleep at wee hours in the morning, just because i want to sit alone in the living room doing whatever it is to be done. I wonder how did my mom managed to handle 6 of us? I used to hate my mom for always yelling and smacking me. I was the only girl before my lil sister came 8 years later. The boys (my brothers) always got to escape the punishment. Agaknya, ni ada sorang ni yg tak reti nak melawan sangat. So, kena lah akak kan.

Sophie is in the phase where she would throw tantrums. Get in between my legs when i am cooking. She'd cry her lungs our just because i said there's no more coco crunch. The 'eye level' thingy doesn't work yet. Maybe she just doesn't understand yet. So, at the moment i'll just keep my cool. Breathing in and out. 

Kadang2 nak masak pun rushing. Kena tengok timing dia pulak. Kalau dia tengah meroyan ke apa, postpone lah dulu. Layan dia sampai dia macam dah boleh pegi main sendiri. 

She's 'pushing' herself in between the laptop and me as i am typing this. So yeah, laters lovelies.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Not So Young

I am not feeling too well since the past few days. Feeling dizzy and lost of appetite. Something like 'sickness' in the early pregnancy. Oh well, i was thinking 'yay, welcome baby no3' (though it was sooner than we expected). I was living with the idea that i am pregnant until i had my menses a week later than my usual cycle date. So, that ruled out the idea that we're having a baby.

I guess with the menses, i was actually feeling worse. Ok, next assumption, low sugar level. So, we went to see a doctor. She checked, everything was normal. Sugar level, normal. Blood pressure, normal. The doctor then asked, if i am breastfeeding. I said, yes. And do i take any supplement. To which i said, no. She concluded that i am lacked of certain nutrients. Hence, feeling weak etc.

Yesterday, Mr husband bought me some Essence of Chicken. 'You should take this too. Orang tua minum ni lah'. 'Orang tua' uols, akak pasrah je.


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