Friday, August 17, 2012

Mung Beans Project - Day 1

No 1 woke up excitedly to check her beans. She was stunned for a while and asked "what happened? what are those white things?". "Where's the flower?". She was actually expecting a flower out of a bean!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mung Beans Project for Kids

My girls are spending too much time watching tv and of course with the ipad. I always try to make their day more fun. There are so much indoor activities. Tinggal nak google je.

Milan has been wanting to do some gardening. And i would love to do gardening with her too. But living in a tiny high rise home makes it almost impossible. Few days back, the daddy bought a plant but i don't know where it whereabouts is. Could be in the other toilet which now served as the sand 'playroom' for the girls. No worries, it is safe and they are closely monitored while playing in there.

So, today...after 15mins of water colour painting in the morning, i asked if they would like to plant something.   Milan said 'yes'! And i think she loves it. Keep on saying 'this is fun', 'awesome' etc.

What you need: cotton pad/ball, water,mung beans, empty container (that's an ice cream container)

Get them lined the cotton pad in the container and pour the water in. Just enough to wet the cotton pad.

Next is to put the beans in. I make them put it one by one. Just to kill time :P

Have their names written on a selotape and get them to stick it on the container.

And one happy girl, who keeps on checking her plant every 10mins :)
Try it with your kids. They'll be so happy to see the sprouts soon. Oh well, at least I am :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Martial Arts Class for Kids

Milan has been asking me to send her to karate class. "I want to hit and kick". Haa...ganas ko anak aku. Hantar ballet class dia tak suka pulak. Siap cakap dekat her art class teacher, "i don't like ballet class". 

So, I've been searching for places that takes kids her age for martial arts lesson. So far, i found none. Maybe better luck next year, When she is about 5yo. Until then, i just got to teach her karate myself  divert her attention to something else.

There's a class for 4yo by Kizsports, but hmmm...the fee kinda mahal to me. I found this place nearby our house with soooo much cheaper fee. Cheap ya ampun, sangat! Dah la dekat our house je. Oh, i mentioned that already kan.

It's KarateWorks. Here's their website. Dah la mmg ajar kids. But they only takes 5yo and above. You may enquire about the fees. Their contacts are in the website.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The other day, i got this question from somebody. "Penat ke? Tak buat apa2 pun penat?" (read: are you tired? Doing nothing makes you tired?). 

I am a stay at home mom. Doing some handmade accessories on order basis. Other than that, i take care of my 2 daughters. No 1 is gonna be 4 this December, and no 2 turns 2 on November. I am not sure how others perceive our 'career' as a full time mom. No doubt some think we are doing nothing at home. Hence, 'tired' does not apply to us.

I work around the clock. Bangun pagi, terus uruskan anak, sampaila ke malam. Maybe not physically tired, But i have to admit i am mentally tired. And some days i reached the 'burnt out' stage. Where i would cry in the shower, or just keep quite. Not feeling like talking to anyone. Just wanna be alone. But, my kids won't leave me alone. 

As at now, i feel like vomitting already. Gotta go :|


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