Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Barbie Cake

The most difficult task (for me lah) as a full time mom is to constantly making your kids entertained. I need to think of new activities everyday. Or else i have to take them out. But, as a paranoid mom I don't quite like going out with them without the daddy.

Some days, I'll be in the store room. Looking for anything that we can use to make something. Anything at all. Any reusable food container, I'll wash it and keep for any 'potential' use. Which most of the time, i forget where did i put them at.

I baked Red Velvet cake on Sunday (second time. after the first one went straight into the bin :| ). The girls have been watching this video on youtube, about a lady making a princess cake. And they want to make one too! 

Perfection was never the main concern. I just want them to have fun. Tengoklah end product tu, kesian the Barbie (from McDonalds) :P

This is the best i could come up with

Covering the cake with cream cheese frosting, in pink of course. Lil sis is 'cleaning' the mixer

The barbie is wrapped in cling wrap. It's a doctor barbie, by the way.

Sophie's turn

Add some sprinkles

Sophie again.

End product. Poor barbie is stucked in pink 'quicksand'. Haha

Jalan - jalan

Ahoy there!

How was the weekend? I feel so bad for neglecting this blog for quite some time. Busy ye jugak. I dont on my laptop everyday. Kalau ada pics baru nak upload for Itsy Missy, then on. Kalau tak, mmg akan check email etc pakai handphone je. Tak, bukan sebab handphone canggih ke apa. Nokia E71 je pun. Tapi sebab kalau online dgn handphone lagi cepat. And 'mobile'. Tgh masak, tgh selongkar fridge, tgh laundry. Boleh je.

During the raya holiday, 2nd day, we went to Aquaria. We parked at Taman Jaya (Amcorp) Putra LRT station and took a train to KLCC. Just for the fun of it. The girls have always wanted to take a train ride. In fact, they want to have a bus ride as well. Wahh..we thought KL would be a ghost city during raya. Boy, we were wrong. If it wasn't for the girls, i wanted to balik je. Panjang nya queue nak masuk Aquaria tu. Dgn takde tempat duduk dlm train. And Sophie was terrified with the crowd i guess, that she refused to sit in the stroller. Dah jadi satu hal mommy nak kena kendong dia all the way. Oh ya, before that we went to the foodcourt at level 4 for lunch. After no success finding a spot dkt the other foodcourt. Nak masuk Chilis, same thing. Queue panjang jugak. Finally, we got a spot dkt meja yang macam bar. Makan je lah cepat2. Ada sekelumit rasa menyesal datang KLCC hari tu.

But nevermind, they had fun for having to see sharks. Except there's this fish yg ada mcm melekap dkt the glass and it somehow ada muka. Mata,mulut etc. Mommy pun takut tgk that fish. Tak tau nama apa. 

We didn't stay long. Keluar Aquaria, terus balik. Queue pulak lagi masa nak beli tiket LRT. Nak tangkap gambar pun malas.

So today, after 2 days of planning, we went to KL Bird Park pulak. This one i like, except it was quite hot today. Merasalah berpeluh2.

The kids seronok sangat sbb boleh kejar2 the birds. Kena pulak nampak the peacock bukak feather dia twice. Lucky thing that this place is 'stroller-friendly'. Tapi towards the end tu Sophie nak Mommy dukung pulak. The next day, merasalah sakit betis bagai.

We all sempat pg the parrot show dkt the amphitheater. Seronoklah tengok the parrot buat tricks, so very well trained. But bt this time, the girls macam dah penat. Before balik, sempat jugak diaorg main dkt playground dekat2 area amphitheater tu jugak.

Ever since dah ada anak, shopping mall are no longer my favorite place to go. I prefer to take them to places like this. Fun pun ya, and educational jugak. Kalau ikutkan the father punya plan, nun ha...nak pegi Flight Museum Sungai Besi.


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