Friday, November 23, 2012

Too Much

Oh my...really too much lah i ni kan. I have lots to tell but just couldn't find the right time to write about them. Baru nak on lappy, dah ada yg merengek nak itu ini. 

Lil Sophie just turns 2 yesterday. No celebration for her because she was down with high fever. When her fever subsides, she had hives attack. Satu badan mommy sapu Calamine Lotion. Sampai mata semua bengkak. I feel sorry for her because i know she got the hives from me. I had hives attack when i was pregnant with her. It's something in my blood. 

My parents will be here tomorrow, together with my two nieces. My dad was quite reluctant to come because of these:

The durians are ripening. So kena visit selalu.

This is the view of my longhouse (ruai). Yes, tengah banjir.

They'll be here for two weeks. My nieces' first time to KL. Kena pulak time aunty tengah pokai ni. Merasalah jalan2 tengok bangunan ye :P.

Other than that, i'm quite occupied buat dresses for my girl. Jahit sendiri uols. Gigih ni, sebab husband asyikla tanya bila nak rasmi sewing machine tu. 

Tak payah nak beli2 dress for the kids, u cuba jahit sendiri. Ok, i pun trylah jahit. Dah tu, tak agak2 beli kain chiffon. Dah sudah kena jahit dress yang ada lining. Tak cukup dgn tu, buat pulak yang ada zipper. Sangat tak padan dgn status 'beginner' kan? Sophie's one is done, now trying to work on Milan's one. Semalam baru belajar how to fix on the needle on the sewing machine. At the sweet age of 32! Hahahaha..kira lifetime achievement tu. Sepanjang menjahit tu la on 'google' memanjang. Sikit2 tanya En Google. Nanti dua2 dah siap, if sempat before balik kampung for christmas i tunjuk gambar. 

Ok, nak start menjahit balik. Milan ni sibuk nak suruh i jahit dia punya velcro tape on her cap. Macam mana dia boleh cabut pun tak tau.

Take care uols..

Monday, November 05, 2012

Still Here

Helloo... *echoes*

I am still very much here. Alive and well. Gotta get the mojo to blog soon, hopefully with more interesting stories.

Till then, take care.


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