Monday, October 07, 2013


I guess i better write something about my IUD insertion experience.

After discussing my the hubs on our family planning method,he suggested that we go for the one that has no (little if there's any) effect on my hormones. IUD it is. Something recommended by my gynae as well.

Dr Mazita told me to do the insertion as an when i get my first menses. Best is 3-4days after the menses.

When i had my first menses, i didn't get to book a slot with her.So,i waited for my 2nd one.

It was a fast procedure since we already discussed about it earlier.

There i was lying on the clinic's bed anxiously. 'Senak sikit ye puan. Kalau rasa senak, tarik nafas ye', the gynae said. To which i innocently replied, 'kira macam VE ye?'.Hahaha...very funny. And the not so happy moment started.

The metal tool with the screw was in and i gasped in terror! Freaking hurt! I am not kidding you. Dont mean to freak you out, but that was how it felt to me. I was breathing just like i breathed when i handled my contractions. I really hate that metal tool so much that i dont even bother to know what it is called.

The IUD was in and the doc did an ultrasound to show me that it is safely inside my uterus. I'll be seeing her again after my next menses just to check if the IUD is still there. There's a tendency that it might get 'expelled' from the uterus during your period. It's the body mechanism of getting rid of foreign object.

Just hope my uterus is smart enough to know that i am giving it a break for a good 3 years and keep the IUD inside. Because i dont want to go thru the insertion again,at least not too soon.

Now i know,why IUD is not so famous despite being the easiest to manage,less side effects and cheapest option.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whose fault?!

Wow, where have i been? Honestly i've missed blogging so much. Simply because this is my favorite place to 'merempan'.

So, where to start now.

Kids are doing great. Milan is doing her second semester for year 1 kindy. Moms do exaggerate sometimes. Somehow i made that sounds like she's attending college.Bahahaha...

Sophie talks better now.Though she is a bit 'pelat'. Sometimes, we couldn't get what she was trying to say. Which sometimes frustrates her and she started to cry while repeating whatever she was saying. And that makes it even more 'un-understandable'. Still a very shy girl. We are thinking of sending her to a playschool next year, at the age of 4. Just to boost her confidence.

Brandon is 3 months old already. How time really flies. He babbles, sucks his fingers, trying to roll on his tummy, starting to develop separation anxiety. Like his sisters, he is quite lean. He was born at 3.2kgs. Month 1: 4.2kgs, month 2: 5kgs. Our appointment for month 3 vaccination is next week.

This post is supposed to be about my breastfeeding story.

Last Friday, the daddy and the girls left to Kuching for a family event. And that day, i noticed the milk don't really flow well. I mean, i don't feel the let down. The tingling sensation. Ada la, but last only for few seconds. And i noticed Brandon is having hard time suckling. Then he gets frustrated (i guess), and he started to bite and pull the nipple. My first thought, he is teething! Checked his gums, nothing unusual. Checked the mouth for ulcer, thank God, no.

That went on for about 3 days. I tried power pumping, and i managed to get 4oz in total after 2 sessions! Something is not right, i thought.

So i took out my stock pot. Made a half pot of fenugreek tea. Ergghh...i don't like the smell for real. Have to do it anyway. I eat rice,lots of it. Drink milo, horlicks. Eat oatmeal. And still,no change.

Am i missing the girls so much that this happens? I started to look for clue as to why it happens. Brandon looks alright despite all that. Wet diapers as usual. But the boobies. It's tender and 'dry'.

I find myself talk to Brandon. Telling him the situation. Tell him to suckle efficiently and be patient.

Just as i was about to blame this online shop for telling me i might need to order a plus size for their kebaya (hence the stress.Stress and milk production don't reconcile remember?'), BAM! I went to shower on Monday morning and saw stain. First menses! After 3 months+.

Googled 'menses and milk production' right after i stepped out of the shower. I finally find something to blame. It's somehow a temporary hormonal effect. Menstruation or days before that and ovulation period do caused drop in milk production.

Now, i'm on my day 3. Milk is coming back. The 'twins' (somehow unidentical, haha) are filling up happily.

When i was breastfeeding Sophie,i had my first menses after 6months.She was a fussy baby. She nursed to sleep. So, we basically nursing all the time. Brandon is starting to sleep through the night and he takes pacifier. I guess that contribute to the earlier first menses.

So, fret not mommies. It is temporary. Matter of days. If you are full time breastfeeding like me,just nurse your baby frequently. Don't bother to pump. Just feed directly at all time.

Till then,
Which i'm not sure when
(hey,it rhymes).

Friday, June 14, 2013

One Month

Yesterday we went for Brandon's immunisation at DEMC. His pediatrician is Dr Ahmad. Nice doctor. If only i knew,i would have married a pediatrician. Senang kerja nak jaga anak. Ahaks.

My boy now weighs 4.2kgs. Comel je. I have petite kids. We asked lots of questions as if he is our firat child. Every child is an individual you see. The girls don't have rashes on their face other than on their cheeks. The girls don't throw up so much. For the throwing up, he was prescribed with a colic syrup. I didnt know there's such a syrup. Similar smell to the gripewater but according to the doc gripewater is too sweet.

Oh yeah,before that I went for my post natal checkup with Dr Mazita. All is well. Spent quite sometime in her clinic. Talking about breastfeeding and contraceptive methods.

At the moment,I am thinking if using IUD. Since the doc said this method is not going to affect the hormones and lasts for 3 years. She showed me the implanon needle and heck yeah,I almost peed in my pants. I am a chicken when it comes to needles. Big or small. And to me the implanon needle is huge!

I dont plan to take the pills anymore because there's high chances that i might miss taking one or two. And the injection is also a no-no because in most cases it causes weight gain as told by the doc. And the husband is against anything that has hormonal effect. So,I only have IUD in mind. In the early stage,the uterus might rejects the IUD and expell it out. Interesting eh. Foreign object alert! There'll be monthly trip to see the doc to check on it in case this might happen.

Hmmm..about weight loss. We'll work on that when the time is right. At the moment, all i care about is my 3 kids. Luckily my BIL comes and stays with us on the weekdays. He helps with the school runs and watch the kids when i'm doing the chores and taking showers.

I do miss my Itsy Missy. Been awhile. So many ideas but so little time. Till then.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Little Mr Brandon

Wow...i took the longest time ever to update this blog. Though not many would read it but i want to keep a journal for my kids.

Finally the little one is here. My EDD was on 14.May.2013. On my check up 2 weeks before that, Dr Mazita scheduled for an induced labor on the EDD. I was kind of 'pasrah' with induced labor already, since i had my first two induced.

On the night of 8 May i felt some contractions. But it came and gone and too far apart. I managed to sleep until about 4am when i felt the contractions becomes closer. 2-3 minutes apart. I got up and walked around our room. Woke husband up and asked him to help me to time the contractions. We have no experience with this natural contractions. So we both kind of panicking. "It's too close la baby. I think you are really in labor". I went straight to the washroom and took a quick shower. Hubs got ready and dlm kelam kabut sempat cari camera and i somehow misplaced the memory card. Lucky thing i still can handle the contraction.

Off we went to the hospital. I waited for hubs to park the car. Walked around the hospital emergency entrance. I refused to take the wheel chair and walked calmly to the labor room. Checked in, put on the hospital gown, nurse put a drip and enema (my first time too!). Wow, that enema really worked immediately. Tak menyempat2.

I was then 5-6cm dilated. was 5.30am. Somehow the contractions was bearable. In my own experience, contractions from induced labor is far too painful. I was chit chatting with hubs until the pushing stage.

Around 7am, Dr Mazita came and broke the waterbag. And then she went to attend another mother. In fact that particular morning, she had 5 mothers to attend to. I was no 4. Imagine the tension when you heard mother pushing and baby crying next door. The mother before me had somehow the shortest push. I heard she pushed and less than a minute later the baby was out. And she made the softest sound. Maybe about quarter of what i made.

Shortly after Kak Nora (the midwife) came and asked if i had any urge to push. And guess what, nada! She did VE again and told me that the baby is still quite high despite i am 9cm dilated already. And she wanted me to try to push. So i did. The baby went down and when i stopped pushing he went up again. Kak Nora then suspected the cord could be wrapped around his neck. And i wanted to cry when i heard that. Because the only solution to that is 'emergency c-sect'.

I guess the idea that induced labor is far more painful than the normal one is quite true. I was 9-10cm dilated and i still can still talking with my husband. My experience with my two girls (induced labor) were unbearable. I was crying when the contraction comes.

Back to the story. Dr Mazita came about 15 minutes later, and the pushing begins. And i am not proud to say that despite this is my 3rd baby, i still have difficulties to make the right push. Somehow, the baby's head was not in the right position. The ideal position is when the baby's head is at 12 and mine was at 9! The doc i think must have pull his head to 12 while i was pushing, did the episiotomy and then i felt the head is out. By then i was to tired to push. Seconds later my baby boy was out with the help of 'kiwi vacuum'. Poor boy had a long head but not too worry because it was just the skin.

The nurse put him on my chest and i kept on saying 'Mommy is so sorry baby'.

After the doc was done with me, we had to wait in the labor room for about half and hour because the room was not ready. Even after that half an hour i was wheeled to the normal ward and had my breakfast there. Poor hubs was too tired and sleepy. He took a nap on the sofa. About 15 minutes later we checked in to our room.

There goes my third birth story. And he is a month old already.

The birth announcement

Tahan contraction

Hi boy

Scream and shout

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

5 More Weeks.

Your uterus was entirely tucked away inside your pelvis when you conceived. Now it reaches up under your rib cage. There's more baby than amniotic fluid in your uterus now. Your ballooning uterus is crowding your other internal organs, too, which is why you probably have to pee more often and may be dealing with heartburn. If you're not grappling with these annoyances, you're one of the lucky few.

Breathlessness can be a problem at this stage in your pregnancy. Your uterus is pushing upwards into your diaphragm, the sheet of muscle that lies under your ribcage. Your diaphragm, in turn, presses on your lungs. It can be worse if you're carrying your baby high. Though you might feel a little like an engine as you huff and puff up a short flight of stairs, don't worry. This breathlessness is normal and harmless.

Most women who are pregnant for the first time find that their baby drops down into their pelvis, or engages, from about 36 weeks. This can help to ease some of the breathlessness. If your breathlessness is severe, or is accompanied by chest pain, heart palpitations or feeling faint, call your doctor or midwife immediately. Breathlessness can also be a sign that the iron levels in your blood are low (anaemia). Ask your midwife to check for this with a blood test, if it's not been done recently.

Talked to Dr Mazita on her take on induced labor the other day.I had my 2 daughter naturally but induced labor.This time,I really am hoping for a 'real' natural labor if God permits.

Dr Mazita said if by 14 May,the baby is still snuggling comfortably inside mommy,she'll need to induce me on the next day.My gynae in Miri gave me another week.But then again,the decision is mine to make she added.

So baby, Mommy is ready when you are.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Sudah Lama

Sudah lama tak update ini blog. No particular reason other than penyakit M tu.

I normally update my daily activities in instagram.Kadang2 sampai 3-4 pics sehari.

Pregnancy is doing great.Sekarang ni dah masuk week 34.Terasa lah kesaratannya.Dah start terbayangkan contraction etc.Semoga baik2 saja nanti.Seriously i cant wait to have my own little man.Tapi satu baby clothes pun tak cuci lagi.Week 36 lah buat.Cuaca pun panas je lately.

Oh yeah, do follow me in instagram if you want to be updated faster lah kan. Under mrs_sinned.

Till then lovelies. Take care and have  great weekends.

Friday, March 08, 2013


Dah lama dah nak tulis pasal isu bertuah ni. Pasal agak terasa dengan mentaliti some people yang suka memberi komen2 membina pasal jantina anak. Lantaklah orang nak kata apa kan, tapi dalam diam sentap lah jugak.

Kalau ada anak 2 then laki and perempuan, mesti mcm 'bertuahlah dapat sepasang'. Like?! Kalau macam kami2 ni, agak tak bertuah lah kot. For me, dah ada anak sendiri, sihat dah cukup bertuah.

Pastu bilangan anak pulak. Mesti ke no genap eh? Cukupkan 4, cukupkan 6. Woo jenuh lah. Dahlah mcm kami2 ni beranak anak first umur 28 tahun.

Oh well, free country katanya. Maaflah, ibu mengandung memang mudah sentap... ;)


I wanted to blog about 'SAHM 101' but maybe sometimes later.

As I was cooking lunch today, I think ' I know how to cook chicken curry. I don't really cook before I got married.

Me and my besties always have this masak2 session in one of the house. I normally volunteered to cook the greens. I have no idea how to cook meat.

Now that I am a SAHM, I really have so much time to try out recipes. Jadi ke tak jadi, different story. Every time anyone comments on the pic of the food I cooked, saya mmg tak pandai masak apa2 pun sebelum ni. Dah jadi surirumah secara automatic jadi 'hebat'. Tak pun perasan hebat. Terus kena label 'ala mak mak'. Haha.

Ni lah lunch iols hari ni. Hebatttttlahhh sangat Jan ;P

Thursday, February 28, 2013

PDA on Social Networks

On my way back from Milan's school this morning, heard an interesting topic on Flyfm. About showing PDA (Public Display of Affection) on social networks.

Since the 'P' is for public, I guess there's nothing wrong with that. Provided you really mean it and don't go overboard.

Some people see that as a 'show off'. Just to show the world that you and your partner is the most loving couple of the century. Ladies love to do this kind of thing. But not all partner would 'layan' such thing. I know mine would not. And I don't like PDA'ing' on social networks myself. My 'P' is for 'private'.

Kalau sampai 'hi sayang, dah makan ke?' pun nak letak dekat Facebook, takde maknanya. Nampak sangat spending times on Facebook instead of having quality time with each other.

Anyway, it's personal preferences. Some love it and some find it is annoying. Zher said she wanna puke! Lol!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Butternut Squash

Hello again dollies.

I am using this apps for pregnancy called "I'm expecting'. Ok, truth is darling hubs was the one who downloaded it for me.

Now I am in my 29weeks. Last check up my weight was 55kgs.This pregnancy I try to really 'watch' what I eat.I just don't believe in craving anymore. Of course there were few occasions where I just submit to it especially when it comes to nasi lemak. But I'll skip the telur mata. Lucky thing I don't fancy teh tarik.

Talking about the birth plan. We had 2 hospitals nearby our place. One is smaller and slightly cheaper. The other one is larger and I like their service. And of course I need to like my OB. I have experienced a male OB with my 2 girls. This time I am seeing a lady OB. The lovely and motherly Dr Mazita. Darling hubs did asked me once, why do I have to go to the 'slightly expensive' one. Not that he is being calculative or what not but just wondering. I told him, I need to have a great and supportive OB. And I jokingly told him, the costs don't even compensate half of the agony I will have to go through in bringing out his child to this world.

In case you are wondering why is the title of this post as such, that's the baby's size at 29 weeks. I am referring to infos given by the apps.I am one petite mom who will get sudden amnesia when it comes to pushing the baby out,so size does matter for me. When the time comes, I'll go 'which muscle to concentrate on again?'.

To the 11 more weeks to come, be nice. And that reminds me that we don't do much shopping for the baby yet. This time nothing much left for hands me down. Especially the daily wear.

Alrighty, I'll be back. If the daddy agrees we'll announce the gender in the next post. No guarantee though.

Have a nice day ahead. Much loves.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maid Madness

I guess semua orang pun dah tau and tgh bengang dgn kes maid yang lambung baby tu. I first saw it dkt a friend's punya Facebook newsfeed. Tapi memang tak nak click the video clip. Until last Sunday, terasa nak tgk Melodi. Tertengok dkt buletin utama.

Tak tau nak describe perasaan tu mcm mana. Nak mengamuk,marah2 tak tentu pasal dekat maid tu mcmlah dia rasa or dengar pun kan.So rasa sedih and kesian. Anak kucing pun orang yang berperikemanusiaan tak buat macam tu.Inikan anak orang.

Pastu macam biasa, some golongan yang 'concern' sangat ni suka la nak komen dkt Facebook kan.I read this guy's comment in bernama Facebook page.Something like,

'bukan salah baby tu.Yang salah mak dia sanggup bagi anak dibawah jagaan orang lain demi mencari kesenangan dunia..mencari rezeki tanggungjawab suami etc..'

Apahal pulak fikir macam tu? Not everyone's lucky to have the chance to stay at home and jaga their kids. Then darling husband pun cakap,dia pun pernah dengar a guy cakap 'apasal mak2 zaman sekarang TAKNAK jaga anak2 sendiri'. Taknak? Hello,bg statement tak agak2. With the cost of living zaman sekarang ni mmg susah. Kalau we as mothers tak nak jaga anak sendiri, we all takde nya nak beranak ok. Ingat senang ke nak pregnant pastu going through the excruciating labor pain.

Read that the baby is in HTAA hospital since he was not quite well. Be strong baby.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Pi Mai Pi Mai

Milan finally went to school today after skipped school since last Friday. The teachers at school told me,most kids are coughing too at school.

Now the bug got into Sophie's system. Poor baby. Dahla petite, so bila sakit and lost appetite makin mengeciklah si comel mommy tu.

Mommy too is having sore throat and blocked nose. The daddy too. Lucky thing, we didn't plan for any vacation for the upcoming CNY holiday. We'll just stay at home, quarantine ourselves and hopefully everyone will be up and running when the holiday is over.

Thursday, February 07, 2013


One thing about pregnancy that I like the least is the hormones changes. I find it hard to deal with my own self. I get too sensitive. And it's super hard when your surroundings or people around you just don't understand. Macam, ya ampun...senang sangat nak tersentap.

Macam mana nak deal with that? I seriously have no idea how. I try not to express myself through Facebook or Twitter sebab nanti macam 'menyusahkan' orang lain je. Menyusahkan as in 'apahal asyik up status meroyan'. The best thing I can do for now is to think of the happy thoughts.

But for now tengah sentap and tengah fikir apa 'happy thoughts' nak layan.

Maybe sebab anak2 tengah talk sihat so mind pun tak happy sangat. Lets just hope for better days ahead. Itu resolusi year 2013. Nak happy happy. Anything or anyone yang makes us unhappy, buhbye.

*gahhh...jiwa sentap lagi

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Little people Big love

I am in my 26 weeks. Tiny bub is kicking actively in my belly. This is the phase that I love the most.

The phase that you enjoy so much because the baby is moving. Your are not 'ballooning' that huge yet. No swollen ankles yet. No back pain yet. Aaahhh...babymoon phase.

The latest baby bump pic. I don't know how to play with Photoshop. Oh well, I have stretch marks alright. Nevermind, I carry them with pride :).

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Mommy Care Unit

I am trying to make a post from my mobile phone. Kalau berjaya,selalu lah agaknya update. Sambil tidurkan anak pun sempat rasanya.

Sophie is under MCU (Mommy Care Unit) tonight. Fever. So kesian that she needs to be up because I need to send Milan to school early morning tomorrow. Can't imagine my life in June. Takpe, lets just think of happy thoughts.

Goodnight dollies.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Hi Again

It feels like ages since i last update this blog. Life has been great, with my awesome girls. But right now, they are both down with flu and the eldest has slight fever.

Milan has started school. Kindergarten year 1. She loves going to school. She just doesn't understand that why she needs to stay at home on Saturdays and Sundays. The only reason that she can accept for that was "her teachers need to rest for 2 days". Yesterday morning, upon entering the school gate, a boy came and hugged her tight. With her school bag on her back, they held hands and walked to the school playground. When she came back from school,i asked her why did the boy hugged her and what is his name. Her answer was:

"Mom, boys like girls. And girls like boys too. His name is Ryan (or Rayyan). Like Firhan, he is a good boy"

I guess i'm cool with that. But, of course in few years time i need to start teaching her about 'the birds and bees' :). 

Sophie is in her 'Terrific 2' phase. Moms would know this. She's a no.2 and in the 'T2' phase. Enough said. Though i would love to think that it's so cliche but sometimes it's just true. Unlike her elder sister, Sophie is a little bit shy and talk less. And tiny in size too. At 2y2mos, she weighs only 10kgs. Well, i don't really mind since she looks happy and healthy.

For those who might not know yet (because i don't put this up in facebook. Only twitter and instagram), I'm pregnant with no3. Now at my 25 weeks. Yay! Went to have the detailed scan this morning. Everything looked 'cantik'. That was how the ultrasound specialist put it as she scanned every details. Praise the Lord. Hopefully everything goes well and the baby comes out healthy. This time, if everything permits, i plan to take epidural for the delivery. But then again, we never know ;).

The gender? Of course we know already. But, lets just keep it as a surprise until mid May. I can hardly wait for the D-day to come. Till then, here's some shots of the baby:


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