Wednesday, April 10, 2013

5 More Weeks.

Your uterus was entirely tucked away inside your pelvis when you conceived. Now it reaches up under your rib cage. There's more baby than amniotic fluid in your uterus now. Your ballooning uterus is crowding your other internal organs, too, which is why you probably have to pee more often and may be dealing with heartburn. If you're not grappling with these annoyances, you're one of the lucky few.

Breathlessness can be a problem at this stage in your pregnancy. Your uterus is pushing upwards into your diaphragm, the sheet of muscle that lies under your ribcage. Your diaphragm, in turn, presses on your lungs. It can be worse if you're carrying your baby high. Though you might feel a little like an engine as you huff and puff up a short flight of stairs, don't worry. This breathlessness is normal and harmless.

Most women who are pregnant for the first time find that their baby drops down into their pelvis, or engages, from about 36 weeks. This can help to ease some of the breathlessness. If your breathlessness is severe, or is accompanied by chest pain, heart palpitations or feeling faint, call your doctor or midwife immediately. Breathlessness can also be a sign that the iron levels in your blood are low (anaemia). Ask your midwife to check for this with a blood test, if it's not been done recently.

Talked to Dr Mazita on her take on induced labor the other day.I had my 2 daughter naturally but induced labor.This time,I really am hoping for a 'real' natural labor if God permits.

Dr Mazita said if by 14 May,the baby is still snuggling comfortably inside mommy,she'll need to induce me on the next day.My gynae in Miri gave me another week.But then again,the decision is mine to make she added.

So baby, Mommy is ready when you are.

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