Friday, June 14, 2013

One Month

Yesterday we went for Brandon's immunisation at DEMC. His pediatrician is Dr Ahmad. Nice doctor. If only i knew,i would have married a pediatrician. Senang kerja nak jaga anak. Ahaks.

My boy now weighs 4.2kgs. Comel je. I have petite kids. We asked lots of questions as if he is our firat child. Every child is an individual you see. The girls don't have rashes on their face other than on their cheeks. The girls don't throw up so much. For the throwing up, he was prescribed with a colic syrup. I didnt know there's such a syrup. Similar smell to the gripewater but according to the doc gripewater is too sweet.

Oh yeah,before that I went for my post natal checkup with Dr Mazita. All is well. Spent quite sometime in her clinic. Talking about breastfeeding and contraceptive methods.

At the moment,I am thinking if using IUD. Since the doc said this method is not going to affect the hormones and lasts for 3 years. She showed me the implanon needle and heck yeah,I almost peed in my pants. I am a chicken when it comes to needles. Big or small. And to me the implanon needle is huge!

I dont plan to take the pills anymore because there's high chances that i might miss taking one or two. And the injection is also a no-no because in most cases it causes weight gain as told by the doc. And the husband is against anything that has hormonal effect. So,I only have IUD in mind. In the early stage,the uterus might rejects the IUD and expell it out. Interesting eh. Foreign object alert! There'll be monthly trip to see the doc to check on it in case this might happen.

Hmmm..about weight loss. We'll work on that when the time is right. At the moment, all i care about is my 3 kids. Luckily my BIL comes and stays with us on the weekdays. He helps with the school runs and watch the kids when i'm doing the chores and taking showers.

I do miss my Itsy Missy. Been awhile. So many ideas but so little time. Till then.

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Puteri said...

I miss Itsy Missy too!!


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