Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whose fault?!

Wow, where have i been? Honestly i've missed blogging so much. Simply because this is my favorite place to 'merempan'.

So, where to start now.

Kids are doing great. Milan is doing her second semester for year 1 kindy. Moms do exaggerate sometimes. Somehow i made that sounds like she's attending college.Bahahaha...

Sophie talks better now.Though she is a bit 'pelat'. Sometimes, we couldn't get what she was trying to say. Which sometimes frustrates her and she started to cry while repeating whatever she was saying. And that makes it even more 'un-understandable'. Still a very shy girl. We are thinking of sending her to a playschool next year, at the age of 4. Just to boost her confidence.

Brandon is 3 months old already. How time really flies. He babbles, sucks his fingers, trying to roll on his tummy, starting to develop separation anxiety. Like his sisters, he is quite lean. He was born at 3.2kgs. Month 1: 4.2kgs, month 2: 5kgs. Our appointment for month 3 vaccination is next week.

This post is supposed to be about my breastfeeding story.

Last Friday, the daddy and the girls left to Kuching for a family event. And that day, i noticed the milk don't really flow well. I mean, i don't feel the let down. The tingling sensation. Ada la, but last only for few seconds. And i noticed Brandon is having hard time suckling. Then he gets frustrated (i guess), and he started to bite and pull the nipple. My first thought, he is teething! Checked his gums, nothing unusual. Checked the mouth for ulcer, thank God, no.

That went on for about 3 days. I tried power pumping, and i managed to get 4oz in total after 2 sessions! Something is not right, i thought.

So i took out my stock pot. Made a half pot of fenugreek tea. Ergghh...i don't like the smell for real. Have to do it anyway. I eat rice,lots of it. Drink milo, horlicks. Eat oatmeal. And still,no change.

Am i missing the girls so much that this happens? I started to look for clue as to why it happens. Brandon looks alright despite all that. Wet diapers as usual. But the boobies. It's tender and 'dry'.

I find myself talk to Brandon. Telling him the situation. Tell him to suckle efficiently and be patient.

Just as i was about to blame this online shop for telling me i might need to order a plus size for their kebaya (hence the stress.Stress and milk production don't reconcile remember?'), BAM! I went to shower on Monday morning and saw stain. First menses! After 3 months+.

Googled 'menses and milk production' right after i stepped out of the shower. I finally find something to blame. It's somehow a temporary hormonal effect. Menstruation or days before that and ovulation period do caused drop in milk production.

Now, i'm on my day 3. Milk is coming back. The 'twins' (somehow unidentical, haha) are filling up happily.

When i was breastfeeding Sophie,i had my first menses after 6months.She was a fussy baby. She nursed to sleep. So, we basically nursing all the time. Brandon is starting to sleep through the night and he takes pacifier. I guess that contribute to the earlier first menses.

So, fret not mommies. It is temporary. Matter of days. If you are full time breastfeeding like me,just nurse your baby frequently. Don't bother to pump. Just feed directly at all time.

Till then,
Which i'm not sure when
(hey,it rhymes).

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Puteri said...

Kita tergelak awak tulis "suckle efficiently". And how exactly you do that mommy? haha!


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