Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I need You!

Lamanya dah tak blog. First reason, bukan sebab malas ye. Antara resolusi tahun baru ni adalah, takmo malas! Sebab utama adalah, laptop saya buat hal. Encik suami kata, itulah suka sangat biar anak2 main. Main problem dgn laptop tu adalah keyboard dia. Type sikit, terus huruf 'y' akan keluar dgn sendirinya. Non-stop! Annoying, irritating. So, everytime rasa nak update blog, terus tak jadi.

So, semalam encik suami dah cuba betulkan apa yang patut. Pastu, ingat dah ok. Tetiba, huruf 'y' tu pulak taknak keluar bila tekan2. Haishhh. 'Do you need the letter 'y'?'. Ya, haruslah perlu donk.

Ni nak taip resume pun tak siap2 lagi. Yes, another 2012 plan. Get back to work :). Tak, bukan tak suka dok rumah ke apa. But, keadaan ekonomi tak mengizinkan. Enough said.

Ok loves, till then. I dont fancy writing with a touch screen device :). Tata.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maybe yes, Maybe No.

I've been trying not to think much about sending Milan to a playschool or montessori. Other kids have started their 'school'. My baby Milan has just turns 3 few weeks ago. But, since she is a December baby, she is considered as a 4 years old. And January next year, she needs to go to a kindie already tho she will be then barely 4yo.

She's so keen in reading and we are trying to teach her. In term of speaking, she's all good at it. Shapes, numbers, connect the dots, drawing flowers whatnots. Our only concern is again her need to socialize.

I guess montessori does not have syllabus. Should i change my mind, i can always enroll her. But then, the question is "ada tempat lagi ke?". If takda, continue home schooled lg la. next year, masukla kindie terus. Playschool pun tak murah dek non.

One question: Is it even necessary to send her now?

Friday, January 06, 2012

Don't bite

Half an hour to midnight, and i don't feel like sleeping yet. The girls are soundly asleep. Guessed they are tired from our trip to the waterfront this evening.

Suprisingly Sophie just dozed off without breastfeeding tonight. I gave her a 5oz milk, then just rolling and mumbling and suddenly quiet. Oh, hallelujah! Dah tido rupanya. And Milan too. She was playing some games on Ipad and then passed the Ipad to me. After few minutes, she too has gone to lala land.

See that subject? I have been trying to wean Sophie off from breastfeeding. Ok, i got the idea that it is best to breastfeed your baby until they are 2 years old. But at this point, she is 1 year old and she loves to bite. Breastfeeding is no more fun. I hope it is not too much if i tell you breastfeeding gives me goose bumps!

Sakit sangat ke? Hewl yeah! It hurts so much that i cried most of the times. Imagine your nipples being twisted with a tweezer or being snapped by the rat trap. Something like that.

She likes to bite and pull. And if i shouted, she'll bite even harder. She gets excited. The 'shoved the boobies' onto her face doesn't do magic anymore as she knows how to free her nose and at the same time continue biting. Nor does the cover her nose. The best trick so far is to tickle her feet.

I have tried applying coffee before breastfeeding, nahhh...she just sucked them all. She might even love the taste of kopi susu. As much as i cannot stand the fear of her biting my nipples everytime, i am quite reluctant to stop breastfeed her.

Well, let see if we can reach the 2 years milestone. Should the biting worsen, sorry darling. Your younger siblings deserve their chance to breastfeed too. And Mommy won't be able to do so if Mommy is 'nipple-less'.

p/s: breastfeeding is difficult to start and stop. i think.

Fresh Start

Happy new year lovelies. Here's to the new and fresh beginning of 2012.

I sure have lots to write (well,actually I'm more interested in showing you photos) in the next posts. More of the girls' photos actually. As much as i wanna think i look just fine, my pics are too honest to show the otherwise. Ok, that 'losing baby fat' resolution is being carried forward again this year.

Went to Damai for few days and since there was no internet connection in the room, i went the 'ol skool' jurnal writing. The hard copy style. Pen and paper. That Damai entry, I'll postdate soon.

Till then, be safe.


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